The Answer to Life

Featured ​because, hey, what could go wrong? You can still enter too!

Hey guys​, Lucky Wing here! We all the answer to life and the universe. 42, right? If you said something else, why? Why would you do that?! XD I’m kidding! So what does this have to do with Poptropica? Literally nothing! But it is important! So I decided to look at my stats again.

Views 5-11-17

I really should do this more often. But here’s what caught my eye yesterday!


Curse the robots who both followed at the same time. Meh, forget them. I’m really excited! This all means a lot to me you guys! I’m even glad for the bots who followed me! So I’m going to throw myself under the bus here and I’m gonna draw a picture about the answer to life and the universe! AKA I’m just gonna draw a bunch of character’s taking a selfie. XP If you want in, send me your Poptropican in the comments! Let me know what pose you want to be doing in the said selfie. The deadline is Friday the 19th and I should have it out by the next Monday! Thank you all for being with me for this long peeps! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


57 thoughts on “The Answer to Life

  1. Congrats and Yes!! People call me the “Selfie King” … As you probably guessed no one has ever called me that, so forget what I just said.

    Poptropican: Sporty Boa (obviously)
    Pose: hands in the air

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  2. Holy Guacomole. Man your doing great!!!!!! Congratulations! Wow! You deserve it!
    Poptropican: Smart Flame (LMSEC) (That is username)
    Pose: Dancing
    I was about to say heel-clicking, but that would be hard to draw.

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  3. Good job, LW! And I would like either:
    Magic Sinker (user: shayshaygamer) dabbing while doing a split, or doing a back wallkover (if u can’t tell what a back walkover is, then draw her doing a cartwheel.)

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  4. Dang it I think I’m late 😦
    BUT if it still counts…
    Character: Friendly Whale
    Username: Justicefashion#1 (but since I’m redisigning her, use the outfit I posted on discord and her normal hair)
    Pose: Stuck out tongue+ Closed eyes lol

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  5. Idk if this is too late (probably is) but if you can just in case include me and Mia me having my younger sticking out and Mia with a playful face thanks!
    Users: LillySparkle$. babywheelie

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