Ask the Villains #4

Hey guys Lucky Wing here!! Och, I have a crazy day ahead of me. I have PC’s party that I really don’t want to miss, but I just might because I’m heading out to this thing whatzit, but I’m keeping my hopes high. I also have more homework, Joy. Anyways, enough of my griping, let’s get to the AtV!


Bendy Speck asks Black Widow: Yo big bug, what do you think of Bendy Flyer?

Black Widow: -_- OK, about that maiming rule…

Me: NO MAIMING. Wait, who are you maiming?

Black Widow: That one who’s calling me a bug.

Me: Bendy Speck? Eh, You can go find him, but NO MAIMING.

Black Widow: Fine!


Red Rider asks everyone a series of Qs. Here you go Red, we answered all of them. XP

Do you like naps?

Me: Can’t take them, my body just won’t work that way save I’m sick or tired enough to want to die.

Director D: You’ve been staying up past 11:30 since Monday the 24th.

Me: Uh… how do you know that?

Director D: You’ve been saying that a lot.

Me: … I’m watching you…. *does the eyes on you*

Director D: Whatever. I don’t have time for naps, I need to keep on my toes.

Dr Hare: I do it occasionally. Not a ton though.

Binary Bard: I’m more likely to stay up late at night than nap during the day.

Black Widow: Naps are for babies. And Crawfish, I guess.

*Captain Crawfish is asleep on the couch*

Me: He’s like a marathon sleeper.

Binary Bard: Naps every hour it seems.

Director D: On the hour.

Dr Hare: Every day.

Me: I do want my couch back at some point.


Do you like circle time?

Me: Circle time is that time in the Roleplay you dragged everyone to the cabin and made us talk about our pasts, right?

Dr Hare: It’s all about the Roleplay, isn’t it?

Me: Dude, someone fell off a cliff because she caught him off guard while getting everyone. Don’t dis the RP.

Black Widow: -_- I don’t even want to know.

Me: No. No you don’t. Answer the question peoples

Director D: Pass.

Dr Hare: Why?

Director D: Pass. Move on or I’m going to booby trap your room again.

Dr Hare: Dude, I couldn’t get in for weeks after that!

Director D: I know that. Move on.

Black Widow: How ’bout no. I don’t want people to have leeway over me.

Captain Crawfish: Argh, I wouldn’t mind recounting a few of ye youngsters with a few of me tales.

Me: I am going to lose it.

Dr Hare: Well, I’m next, and I wouldn’t mind too much. There’s not a ton to my story anyways.

Me: I wouldn’t mind doing circle time, but I tend to go off on all the tangents… I mean, when I have a normal conversation, I’ll go the weirdest places with it. This one time, Kix and I started talking about TMNT, and next thing I know we’re talking about lighting, and then I accidentally flashed this bright light in our eyes… Ah, we were seeing spots. Then we-

Dr Hare: *gently bringing her back to reality* E…

Me: Oh. Right. Sorry. *Blushes* Sorry guys.


Can I drive a train? 

Everyone: NO!


Do you like trainz?

Dr Hare: Didn’t we answer this one?

Me: Last time she didn’t ask anyone in particular and we answered, but this time she’s asking everyone.

Binary Bard: I rather enjoy the new technology.

Black Widow: There’s a train station a little ways of from E’s house. The trains don’t come a lot, but when they do, they’re loud.

Director D: Eh.


Captain Crawfish: What are trains?

Everyone else: …

Me: Oops.


Can I have a train?

Me: What would you do with a train?

Binary Bard: She’s the one who asked to be taught to evil, correct?

Black Widow: Yeah.

Director D: Perhaps not then.

Captain Crawfish: I still have no idea what’s going on.

Dr Hare: Can I have a train?

Everyone else: NO!


OK, pretty much everyone who read that last gave me a Good Luck and/or asked me how Prom went last time. You guys are so supportive, thank you! Anyways, i figured I’d tell, so here’s how it went! 

Me: *Blinks* Oooooo… Kay then….. Good heavens, that’s a lot of comments.

Dr Hare: Yeah E. Tell us about your date!

Me: Hush Rabbit. *sighs* Yeah, fine I’ll tell you guys about it, though there wasn’t a ton. So we went to the dance, on time and there was literally no one there.

Dr Hare: No one?!

Me: Yeah. 9 sharp. There was the DJ and that was it. As it turns out, no one comes on time. Ever. Most people come an hour late. Which is kinda dumb TBH. So we went and grabbed some Ice Cream at McDonald’s.

Dr Hare: I already like this guy.

Me: Yeah, I nearly gave myself an Ice Cream headache trying to finish it.

Dr Hare: Well, you’ve got your priorities straight.

Me: Meaning what?

Dr Hare: Nothing.

Me: Oh for cat’s sake… This was our first date, I’m 16, nothing “out of the ordinary” happened, OK? The kid’s shy anyways.

Dr Hare: So… you’re not romantically interested in him.

Me: I’m not romantically interested in anyone! You know that.

Dr Hare: Well…

Me: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Dr Hare: I’d tell you… but then you’d probably kill me for it.

Me: … *tilts head, confused*

Dr Hare: Look, I’m just saying, sometimes you’re not as secretive as you think you are. Thursday night?

Me: *goes bright red and covers mouth* You saw that?

Dr Hare: I’m not admitting to anything here. Back to prom?

Me: *squeaks* Back to prom. *Coughs* Well, uh, anyways. There’s not really a lot more to it. We danced, the DJ was awful…

Dr Hare: How so?

Me: … OK, picture going to the supposedly the best dance on the year, the one that’s supposed to have really good music and a buncha slow songs?

Dr Hare: Yes… Ok?

Me: Great, now imagine you get there and the DJ plays a bunch of remixes of about a million songs you don’t know,and it’s probably for the best you don’t know most of them because the ones with understandable lyrics are full of… interesting stuff. And the ones you do know are about 4 seconds long and a remix. And there are 3 slow songs.

Dr Hare: … Dang. That sounds awful.

Me: Eh, still had a good time.

Dr Hare: You seem to do that a lot.

Me: What?

Dr Hare: Make anything fun. You just have a knack for it.

Me: Aw, thanks! I try! *glances at watch* Oop, gotta run, got the other thing to do! *runs off*

Dr Hare: … OK then.

Something important I threw together! And apologizes, both Binary and I were in a testy mood and ticked each other off… It’s kinda funny. 

Me: OK guys, so I have news! I’m gonna give the theme thing a try! Basically because I didn’t get a lot of questions this time, mostly because I’m pretty sure everyone was like “OMC E’s going to PROM?!?”

Binary Bard: *Reading a book on a nearby chair* Whereas you were totally not freaking out about that….

Me: Shut it Mordred. You never told me how your date went BTW. Or if you even went!

Binary Bard: I went!

Me: Ugh…. K, so the theme for this next week is going to be animals! Why? Because I can!

Binary Bard: Or because you couldn’t think of anything.

Me: OK, you are trying to tick me off, aren’t you!?

Binary Bard: It’s certainly a plus.

Me: -_- OK Mr Smarty-Hat, you do this then!

Binary Bard: Alright then. So you can ask whatever you really want, but there is the basic theme, so stick to that somewhat. If you can’t think of something, use that too.

Me: … OK, then! Ya know what, I think we’ve got this covered​ then.

Binary Bard: Alright then. *Goes back to reading*

Me: Hang on, what are you reading?

Binary Bard: King Arthur. Why?

Me: *takes the book and opens it up* Oh. Oh wow.

Binary Bard: What?!

Me: This isn’t your copy. You stole Popular Wolf’s?!

Binary Bard: I did not! That isn’t hers, is it?!

Me: *Flips it for him to see* It so is.

Binary Bard: ._.

Me: … Well, field trip everyone!

Binary Bard: Please kill me now.

Dr Hare: Road trip!

Binary Bard: We are not taking him.

Me: I can’t exactly drive. Besides, we get there faster in the Rabbot.

Binary Bard: I want to die.

Me: Pff, it’ll be fine!

Binary Bard: Yeah, driving up to the house of a girl who has a mega-huge crush on me in a huge rabbot with a teenage fangirl and her rabbit bo… friend.

Me: -_-

Binary Bard: You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?

Me: After we return this book, absolutely.

Well, I gotta run now, but you guys should all go to the Clawtropica party! Like I said earlier, I might not make it, but I’ll try to come in late if worst come to worst. Can you believe it’s been a year? I can’t! Anyways, I’m off to my thingy-whatzit! I also have to apparently sort out my so called “life.” But whatever! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!!


43 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #4

    glad you had a good time 🙂 Your date sounds p cool lol MCDONALDS OVER PROM
    Also, tyvm Mordred ;^) you can keep reading it if you want
    also whAT NO HUGE CRUSH HERE *casually leans on air* totallynotdyingslowlyfromhappinessfromyoucomingoverwinkwonk

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