Ask the Villains #5, Not-really-about Animals

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Geez… I’ve had a crazy day today, sorry. I have a dance I need to go to in an hour Also, I’m hearing things about Pop Worlds… But whatever! The villains don’t even know about Pop Worlds! Will they ever? Good question. Hint hint. XD JK. At any rate, I didn’t really get a lot of Animal related asks, but screw it, let’s go, I got some fun asks. Also, I had some time to draw parts of a few of the answers, I hope you like them! Will this be a permanent thing? I don’t know, we’ll see, since school is ending for me next week, it’s finals and everything seems to want to throw my schedule out of whack.



Purple Claw asks Is Dr. Hare a furry?

Me: *Poink* PWA HA HA HA HA

Dr Hare: *sighs*  She’s gonna be a second.

Me: AH HA HA HA… *Sits up, face completely straight* K, I’m good.

Dr Hare: Good. Cause I have no idea what a furry is.

Me: Well, let’s see, Google Definition…

Dr Hare: So, wait, you don’t know either?

Me: Nope.

Dr Hare: Then why were you laughing so hard?

Me: Because… *covers mouth trying to keep from laughing* Furry. *Busts out laughing again*

Dr Hare: *Sighs* I can wait.

Me: *wipes eyes, still chuckling* I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s just… Anyways, Sorry…. according to Google a furry: “an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.”

Dr Hare: ._.

Me: … *Bursts out laughing again and collapses from laughing so hard*

Dr Hare: I’m never gonna live this down, am I?

Me: *jumping up and down* You’re a furry! You’re a furry!!!

Dr Hare: *smiles and rolls eyes* Fine, I’m a furry.

Me: He’s a furry!!!!



RedRider asks everyone: DO YOU WANNA KILL E?!? (SORRY NOT SORRY)

Dr Hare: Not really.

Director D: She allows us to stay at her home.

Black Widow: No matter how many times we nearly set things on fire.

Captain Crawfish: No matter how many times we plunder a Chuck E Cheese’s.

Binary Bard: All shipping aside of course.

Me: Aww, thanks guys! That’s probably the nicest thing you guys have said to me! And Binary, I said I’d drop it.

Binary Bard: Mmph.

Dr Hare: She was very nice to let you keep the book.

Binary Bard: Drop it…

Me: Plus, I ain’t exactly happy with your comment about me and Bunny Boy here, so don’t cross me.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

Me: Nothing. Nothing important.


ShayShayGamer asks Dr Hare: Favorite veggie? Apart from carrots?

Dr Hare: There is no alternative!! Carrots are the only-

Me: Sweet mother of cat Hare!

Dr Hare: *Sighs* Fine! Cucumbers and peas are alright… But carrots are the best!!

Me: Whatever ​bro.  I still can’t eat em.

Dr Hare: -_- They’re still amazing.

Me: Alright, alright, fine! Geez…

Dr Hare: Carrots are life!!

Me: I got that…


DJVampiGamer asks everyone: dare you to play Sonic 06 😛

(Recommendation, Google the thing before reading this. Then it makes more sense. Use the Wikipedia page too.)

Me: Hello Google my old friend… *pulls it up on phone* Wait… this is an actual video game.

Dr Hare: About a hedgehog?

Me: I thought it was like on Cool Math or something… I don’t have money. Screw it, let’s check out the description.

(2 seconds later)


Director D: What?

Me: Elise!!! I know someone named that! With an A mind… but what the cat?!!

Dr Hare: Seriously though, hedgehogs? Why not rabbits?

Black Widow: Because for some reason people prefer having bunnies star in horror movies.


Me: Uh… Let’s handle that later. K… description… came out in 2006, big surprise… came out around Christmas… the public wasn’t in the most favor of it… There’s a couple of multiplayer versions! That’s cool. Plot line…

Director D: E, please stop. Before I make you.

Me: OK, OK geez.

(5 minutes later, after they’ve read the plot)

*Long pause*

Black Widow: What is this junk?!

Director D: They unleash demons?

Captain Crawfish: What’s a chaos emerald?

Binary Bard: And how are they different colors if they’re emeralds?

Me: They screw up the timeline?!

Dr Hare: She kisses a hedgehog?

*Another long pause*

Dr Hare: OK, who else wants to leave this and go play Minecraft?

Captain Crawfish: Aye!

Black Widow: Screw it. Let’s go.

Me: And in conclusion… I have no idea what I just looked at.


Fierce Flyer asks LW: Besides Astro Knights, what’s your favorite Island?

Lucky Wing: I happen to have enjoyed Spy Island myself. E has yet to have published that part, but I did like it there. Counterfeit as well…



Lucky Wing: 😕

Me: Mystery traaaaaaaaaaaaain…



Dang it. There weren’t a lot of Qs this week. Oh whale, we’ll make due. Anyways, that’s it for this week!

If you want to ask a question, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate or else, put it in the comments or on Discord if you want and have fun! The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare, Director D, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Binary Bard, and, apparently, me, aka E, Lucky Wing or the Admin. You can ask about crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! Which brings me to the theme this week….


I know I’m gonna probably regret this, but that’s the theme this week! I’m probably gonna stop doing said themes after this because they aren’t really working out, but this is gonna be my final try, let’s see how this works. And (I may regret this) I’m gonna ask you to stick to the theme as much as possible. (I’m so gonna regret this.) So feel free to comment and send your ask! (I’m already regretting this.) Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


25 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #5, Not-really-about Animals

  1. To everyone: if you had to go on a date with someone here, who would it be. And Dr hare, you can’t say carrots, black widow, you can’t say anything about art.

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