Ask the Villains #6, They ships it.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! I’m sorry this is out so late! Also, I’m MAJORLY sorry about the Selfie, I’m working on it, expect a post on that later. But holy cat people. Do you know how many Qs I got on that one?! Well, OK, it’s only like 10, but they were crazy Qs… word count? 1600 words!!! Geez… This was a successful week! I had a great time writing these up! And… yeah, there was a lot of shipping Qs. Well done y’all. Let’s get to the torturing Qs Pop peeps!


DJVampiGamer dares everyone: Also dare to play super Mario crossover, and in any other question add on a rule where Dr Hare can’t say anything about carrots or rabbits.

Me: Wow. You ask a lot of the rabbit.

Dr Hare: I can’t say anything about-

Me: Yup! And I’m gonna keep you in line! *rubs hands together* Ha ha, this is gonna be fun!

Dr Hare: I hate my life so much right now.

Me: Heh heh. At any rate, I actually know this video game! My brother used to play it and, if I remember correctly, he was pretty good.

Director D: You and your brother play a lot of video games.

Me: Tell me about it. But I’ve never played it myself, so let’s see how we do! *Turns it on*

Computer: *blasts with music*

Dr Hare: Holy car-

Me: *covers his mouth* Loud. That was loud. Where is the volume on this thing?

Director D: *Mutes the computer* There. Problem solved.

Me: Except I’m completely deaf now. Yeah, besides that, it’s great.

Black Widow: Play the game already.

Me: Ok, ok fine. Play as… Samus!!

*3 seconds later, no kidding.*

Computer: Deup deup deup dup…

Me: -_- Slow person.

Black Widow: Lax player.

Dr Hare: Loud.

Captain Crawfish: Wait, what’s going on? I was asleep.

Me: What is with these controls?! I don’t know what I’m doing!!

Dr Hare: I’ll get the MaKey MaKey.

Me: Yus!!


Fierce Flyer asks Binary Bard: What’s your biggest fear?

Binary Bard: I’d honestly have to say my greatest fear is Nunya.

Me: Ugh, not this again…

Binary Bard: As in Nunya business.

Me: Answer the question!

Binary Bard: Fine! My worst fear is… Lizards.

Me: Lizards.

Binary Bard: *miserably* Lizards.

Me: Bro.

Binary Bard: I know.


Maroon Popper asks everyone: have any of you ever been in love? 😄

Me: This is gonna be awesome.

Dr Hare: -_-

Director D: You are very sensitive to our pain.

Black Widow: Ha, easy. The answer is no.

Binary Bard: To which?

Black Widow: Both.

Me: Really?

Black Widow: Mm-hm.

Me: Hmm. You might want to consider it! 

Captain Crawfish: Argh, once, but that was years ago. *Stares off​ into the distance*

Me: … *Snaps her fingers in front of his face* Wake up.

Director D: I don’t have time for love.

Me: *coughs* Yet.

Director D: Meaning what?

Me: I didn’t say anything.

Binary Bard: *sighs* Yes, I have fallen in love.

Dr Hare: Wait, what? With who?

Binary Bard: With Elyana.

*Everyone looks at me*

Me: Whoa! Not me! Other Elyana!

Black Widow: That makes way more sense.

Binary Bard: Shut up.

Me: Hare, it’s your turn!

Dr Hare: *goes light red* Yes. But… That was years ago.

Me: Meh.

Captain Crawfish: That leaves you Lassie.

Me: Don’t call be Lassie, I already told you Craw… *Goes bright red* OH.

Director D: *grins* You wanna tell us if you’ve ever been in love before, E?

Me: I… We… It’s​ just a crush!

Binary Bard: Wait… Really? Who was it?

Black Widow: Or, if I may, *grins slyly* who is it?

Me: ._. Nope. I’m not saying!

Dr Hare: So, wait. Do you have a crush or did you have a crush?

Me: Did do… does… I ain’t answering that. I’m out! *Books for it*

Black Widow: … So who’s up for going through her stuff?

Me: Widow, I will hurt you, OK?! I will!

Black Widow: Mm-hm. Sure. Totally believe you.

Me: 😡


Red Rider asks everyone: if it were a life and death situation, would you marry E?

Me: Red. You. Suck.

Black Widow: I am exempting myself from this question. If you need me, I’ll be downstairs.

Me: Alright then. *Takes a deep breath and turns to the boys* Go.

Captain Crawfish: Argh. I’ve lived a good life. Death is but the next great adventure.

Me: Not sure whether to be insulted or relived. D.

Director D: I would rather live, but we would probably get divorced within a week.

Me: I can live with that. Binary.

Binary Bard: Uh… Technically, if I marry Princess Elyana, who’s an alternate version of you…

Me: *thinks about it for a second* It’ll work, though you gotta accept that she’s really not interested in you before she lays you flat again. Hare?

Dr Hare: *ears drop and he goes red* Uh…

Me: Just say what you’re got to say and get this over with.

Dr Hare: I g-guess I’d rather m-marry y-y… *Trails off*

Me: …

Dr Hare: …

Me: Ok then. Red, if I ever find you…


Sporty Boa asks everyone: If you were stranded on an island with one other villain who would it be? 

Captain Crawfish: Argh, I wouldn’t need anyone. I would just take my boat and-

Black Widow: Your boat sank.

Captain Crawfish: -_- You know that’s a sensitive subject!

Black Widow: Which is why I’m bringing it up. Answer the question.

Captain Crawfish: *Sighs* Binary I suppose. He would figure a way out of there.

Director D: I wouldn’t​ need anyone else. I could handle it.

Dr Hare: I am gonna be so glad when you finally get a girlfriend. Hopefully you won’t be so arrogant.

Director D: Implying what?

Dr Hare: ._. Absolutely nothing.

Director D: -_- You’ve been talking with E, haven’t you?

Dr Hare: Maybe.

Binary Bard: Are you kidding me?! She won’t even let me see her published stuff!

Dr Hare: I’m not saying anything. But it’s your turn on answers.

Binary Bard: *Sighs* I suppose it would be nice to have Black Widow… she’d probably know how survive.

Black Widow: Crawfish.

Captain Crawfish: Why….

Black Widow: Because if worst comes to worst, I could use your jacket as a raft to get to mainland. What about you Hare?

Dr Hare: Well, I suppose…

Me: *opens the door, wearing headphones, completely oblivious and singing, sort of dancing as she goes about the room*

It’s been fun but now I’ve got to go
Life is way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road
I gotta know, ‘til then,
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can I see you again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
I gotta know,
When can I see you again?

Dr Hare: … *points at Me*

Me: Eh? *takes off headphones* Whaz goin’ on?


ShayShayGamer asks everyone: If you had to go on a date with someone here, who would it be. And Dr Hare, you can’t say carrots, Black Widow, you can’t say anything about art.

Me: ._. Sweet glory.

Dr Hare: Heh… Oh wait, she’s serious. Neef!

Black Widow: … Screw it. I am out of here.

Binary Bard: Well, all of us are actually…. straight is what it’s called, right?

Me: Yeah.

Binary Bard: Wouldn’t that mean we’d all have to pick Black Widow?

Dr Hare: *Subtly points at Me*

Binary Bard: … OH.

Me: What?! *turns around to stare at Dr Hare* What did you do?!

Dr Hare: Nothing.

Me: -_- *turns to Binary Bard* What did he do?

Binary Bard: Nothing.

Me: -_- I hate you both.


Popular Wolf asks everyone: opinion on Morra (Mordred x Petra)?

Dr Hare: *Snickers* It’s got a name?!

Binary Bard: *Goes bright red* Shut up.

Captain Crawfish: She seems like a good girl.

Binary Bard: Shut up….

Me: *sighs* OK, I’m gonna hafta be honest here. In my FanFiction, Binary here actually gets a girlfriend. Sorry PW, it’s not Petra. However… *glances behind her* We seem to have thrown all of my canons to the wind here, it could happen in the AtV.

Dr Hare: Whaddya mean?

Me: … I’m gonna shut up now.

Dr Hare: -_- This is why you won’t let me read the 24 Carrot one, isn’t it?

Me: … Maybe.

Binary Bard: Wait, who do I get together with?

Me: … I say nothing.

Binary Bard: -_- You suck.

Director D: *just watches everyone* You people are interestingly oblivious.

Me: Shut it.

Black Widow: This isn’t worth my time, I’m out of here!

Me: You didn’t answer though!

Black Widow: -_- Neither did you!

Me: I cheesed of everyone in this room, didn’t I?

Black Widow: Oh yeah.


ShayShayGamer asks Dr Hare if he likes Magic Sinker! Hoo boy.

Me: -_- Who is she?

Dr Hare: Magic Sinker… Didn’t I meet her at the… the Diner, wasn’t it?

Me: Heck if I know.

Dr Hare: Hmm… Let’s see… I think I know who this is…

Me: *folds arms* Just answer the question.

Dr Hare: Are you OK?

Me: Fine. Just answer it.

Dr Hare: Uh… OK… Well, I mean, she seemed like a really cool person… but I didn’t really… like like her, you know? *Avoiding eye contact with everyone* I moved on.

Me: … So do you have a crush on someone now?

Dr Hare: *goes bright red* Aaaaaaaand not answering that!

Me: *laughs* Alright, fine… Should we tell Magic Sinker about this Q?

Dr Hare: Does it say to?

Me: It says expressly not to… How’s that?

Dr Hare: Field Trip!


Friendly Whale What are your thoughts on Hamilton: and American musical??

Black Widow: The what?

Director D: Hamilton is that musical rap, isn’t it?

Dr Hare: What?

Me: I hear a lot about this TBH. I have yet to see any of it…

Captain Crawfish: Argh, it be the best show ever!!

Me: ._.

Dr Hare: ._.

Director D: ._.

Black Widow: -_- (Same as always)

Captain Crawfish: What?! It be a good show!

Me: This was unexpected.

Director D: I’ll be in the basement with my old James Bond films.

Me: … What chaos is my life?


So… I hope you enjoyed that! I’m sorry it’s so late, (It’s like 10:20 rn for me.) but it was a lot to put together, though I enjoyed it a lot! Feel free to keep asking shipping questions and don’t be afraid to do dares! Here’s the official information for those of you who are new!

If you want to ask a question, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate or else, put it in the comments or on Discord if you want and have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare, Director D, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Binary Bard, and, apparently, me, aka E, Lucky Wing or the Admin. You can ask about crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Saturdays unless I’m out of town for a straight week and can’t write them. Then I’ll let you know.

Yes, I wrote up an official set of rules. I regret nothing. It’ll come in handy. Well, I should head off to bed. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


38 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #6, They ships it.

  1. To All of the villains: Write a haiku about your (annoying) life! (A haiku is a poem with 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7, and the 3rd has 5.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No, don’t tell MS. She will go hysterical. To everyone: I dare you to… stay away from the things you like for, hmm, let’s see… one day? No. Week? No! Month! Yubadubadoo! This includes carrots and that bunny suit for Dr Hare, art and that black shirt with a red sand timer on it for Black Widow, hooks, eyepatches, peg-legs and pirate stuff for Captain Crawfish, Elyana, jestering and cyborg stuff for Binary Bard, bowties, suits and hair (fake wigs) for Director D. To E, I am sparing you, you can skip this dare! And sorry not sorry to the villains, you are paying back your wrongdoings.☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. haahahaaa yEs Morra shall slightly sail *thumbs up*
    I mean in Wolff’s Bane, Mordred and Petra are obviously going to be a thing with a loOong past. I do try putting other fan ships in there, though ;)))
    Question for Crawfish… Are you always sleeping, or are you always drunk? (sorry if it’s inapps, it just feels right)
    For Mordred (it’s clear that I’m going to shamelessly chase after this bean for eternity): *smacks that lovely booty of yours* hahahA JK PLEASE DON’T DISEMBOWEL ME
    In all seriousness, what would you say your greatest weakness is? Like, for example, James drinks too much, Harvey can hardly go without saying carrots, etc.

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