What’s up with the Wing

Well my titles still suck.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. This post is sort of an apology/update/news post. A lot has been happening, so I’ll just go, I just need to say it all.

#1 Poptropica Worlds

So Pop Worlds is out. No duh. It’s been out for ages, TBH. I’ve even played it for cat’s sake.

Yeah, that was fun! I honesty like the New Pop. I haven’t played Crisis Caverns yet, since I’m gonna do it for my YouTube. However, I have been having fun with my Avatar…

Dizzy Typhoon 2!

I think it looks good. That’s Dizzy Typhoon BTW. I made a new account as to avoid the Bleach Boy. He is coming… Beware…



#2 I’m. Freaking. Sick.

It’s technically “just a cold,” but it doesn’t feel like “just a cold,” it feels like heck. I’ve used up 5 rolls is toilet paper and a box of tissues and I can’t stop coughing so hard people think I’m gonna throw up.  But I’ve complained about this enough. I’ve had this for a straight week. It. Is. Torture. Basically, I’ve been partially dead for about a week… Now I hafta deal with it. Yay. I’m not even all the way up now, I’m just mentally a lot better. Which is good, but the sooner this is over…


#3 It’s Summer!!!

My summer vacation started last Friday, technically. But since I’ve been sick, there’s not really a ton I can do. Hopefully I’ll be better soon though, do I can do stuff. But I should be on more. I’m generally on Discord in the later part of the day, so if you want/need to talk to me, that’s a good time. I’m also gonna try to do more blogging, so maybe I won’t be so behind.


#4 I got bored.

Elyana for real

So… I made myself. It’s an actual account! It’s sort of for the Ask the Villains, since it’s me… and that’s what I actually look like. It’s actually shockingly accurate! Except that my glasses are purple and bigger, but whatever. And ya know, we has stuff happening on the AtV. I say nothing. At any rate, this account might name an appearance at some point in a party or something. IDK, but it’s fun to have around!


#5 I’m not a very good blogger….

I am so sorry I haven’t been doing normal blog posts or anything! I didn’t even post about Pop Worlds for Cat’s sake! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a big post with my insights and goofy comments. Hopefully. Nah, I’m kidding, I’ll do it. The good news is that it’s summer now, so I should be able to do more posts, especially on other blogs. I mean, when was the last time I posted on Luckily Bizarre? Or how about Clawtropica? Yeah, I’ll work on it.

#6 The Selfie. 


I am so sorry, I honestly have no idea when I’m going to finish it. I’m trying, but I can never get around to it, so… we’ll see. Once I’m feeling better, it should be easier. I’ll see what I can do.


#7 Who wants some stories?! 

Yeah, I’m writing a few stories too! I get bored! I have a couple I’ve been working on. One… embarrassingly enough is a story I cooked up for the Ask the Villains. It’s just a couple short stories, they’re pretty funny! Should I post em at some point of the week or do you just wanna forget about it and move on? Up to you peeps! Let me know in the comments!


#8 Blog Updates

So, after having and running this blog for 7 months, I finally ​figured out how to add the side bar. So I added a bunch of stuff! I hope you like it, I worked hard! As in spent who knows how long tinkering and hoping I didn’t break anything. Life goals people.


And… I think that’s it! Hope you liked my strange, long winded post. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!!


2 thoughts on “What’s up with the Wing

  1. I should probably just Reblog this post cause basically I’m going through the same thing!… Not really, but:
    1. I have a cold! (Advice especially since it’s summer, take lots of naps XD)
    2. I added some stuff to the sidebar and menu too!
    And… I think that’s it! (I even ended the same way! Totally intentional tho)

    Liked by 1 person

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