Ask the Villains #7,

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Hey, I know this is late, I apologize. I’ve had a crazy day, so… Yeah. I suppose we’d better get to it.


Bendy Flyer asks: Write a haiku about your (annoying) life!

Captain Crawfish: What be a haiku?

Dr Hare: Annoying?!

Binary Bard: A haiku is a-

Me: She gives a description, don’t get your hats in a tizzy.

(A haiku is a poem with 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7, and the 3rd has 5.)

Me: Ngh, the last time I tried to write a poem, I ended up with the single worst poem ever. But hey, this doesn’t rhyme. I’ll give it a shot.

Black Widow: Oh child, please, come on.
I can beat you at this easy.
Get haiku slammed.

Me: ._. D-did you just…

Black Widow: Haiku slam this Bendy Flyer? Yes. Yes I did.

Binary Bard: Hmm, let me try.

Man fused with machine
Nothing shall defy me again.
Binary Bard.

Me: *counts on her fingers* Yup, it counts. Geez, and I thought D was arrogant.

Dr Hare: Then don’t look now.

Director D: -_- Really Hare? Really?

Dr Hare: Heh heh… 😓

Binary Bard: Ok, This *points at face* is my remaining invention at this point, alright?!

Me: Dropping it.

Director D: Well, it is my turn now.
Haikus are not hard you know.
My life is secret.

Me: … *Counts on fingers, then groans* I’m getting owned here.

Captain Crawfish: Then don’t wait up for this, Lassie!

Terror of the seas
Sea Chicken rules the waters-

Me: Don’t call me Lassie!

Dr Hare: *counts for a second* Yeah, it works.

Captain Crawfish: What?! Aww, come on!

Me: Wait, I didn’t mean… Hare, just do yours before I do something drastic.

Dr Hare: Alright, alright.

Carrots are my life.
People try to make me stop but…
I say it forever!

Me: -_- I give up in advance.


Maroon Popper asks: What’s your favourite book and why?

Director D: I happen to like Sherlock Holmes, despite how old it is. And the original James Bond books are quite-

Me: I knew it! I knew you liked James Bond!! Ha ha! Now I have proof!!

Director D: … You know I don’t honestly care, right?

Me: I’ll- Wait, really?

Director D: Yes.

Me: … Dang it.

Captain Crawfish: I don’t need no sissy books.

Binary Bard: Basically whatever I can find.

Dr Hare: Yeah, I’m not picky.

Me: Adventure books with a hint of romance!

Binary Bard: You’re interested in romance?

Me: Hint of romance Mordred. Hint. And it sure as heck had better be well written.

Binary Bard: I did not see that coming.

Dr Hare: It’s her writing style too, actually.

Me: Heh. *Blushes lightly* I deny everything.

Black Widow: Eh, I don’t read.

Me: You do to.

Black Widow: No I don’t.

Me: Then why do I keep finding romance nov- *Black Widow tackles her*

Captain Crawfish: … Ok then.

Binary Bard: Ok, no one could have been expecting that one at least.

Dr Hare: Nope.


Popular Wolf asks Captain Crawfish: Are you always sleeping, or are you always drunk? (sorry if it’s inapps, it just feels right)

Me: Meh, it’s good.

Captain Crawfish: What do people take me for? Seriously, I’m a pirate, alright, fine, but I’m still a person! I am not a drunk!

Me: It’s the sleeping one!

Captain Crawfish: -_- Why do you do this to me?

Me: Because I’m trying to hit villain status. It’s because it’s mai job Crawfish.

Captain Crawfish: And you like watching us suffer.

Me: That too.


Popular Wolf also asks Mordred: In all seriousness, what would you say your greatest weakness is? Like, for example, James drinks too much, Harvey can hardly go without saying carrots, etc.

Captain Crawfish: I’m not a drunk!!!

Dr Hare: I can go without saying carrots!!

Me: Crawfish, we went over this last question! And Harvey, you say carrots all the freaking time!

Dr Hare: Do not!

Me: Do to! Now you two, out. *Shoos them out*

Binary Bard: Harvey?

Me: What, it’s his name.

Binary Bard: No one else calls him that.

Me: No one calls you Mordred. Unless you want me to…

Binary Bard: No. Just no.

Me: Well, make another crack at me and Hare…

Binary Bard: I get it. Remind me what the question was?

Me: Greatest weakness.

Binary Bard: Hmm… Let me think​ for a second.

Me: That’s a pretty good Q… Wonder what the others would say if I asked them…

Binary Bard: Ok, I’ve got something. You’re not allowed to use it against me.

Me: Alright, alright.

Binary Bard: I’m too trusting in technology​, especially if I built it.

Me: That… That makes sense. So like if I put you in a rocket or something, you’d trust that you’d be OK, even if you weren’t?

Binary Bard: Probably. But you still don’t have a rocket.

Me: It was an example. But that’s interesting… I usually don’t trust anything…

Binary Bard: Yeah, like the Climbing Wall Incident?

Me: *Flushes* Ok, shut up.


Red Rider asks: so let’s say that you were told that if E died then you guys would get the house to your self. In other words, would you kill E? Love you too 😉


Black Widow: Red likes watching you suffer, doesn’t​ she?

Me: Yes. Yes she does.

Director D: So if we killed E… We’d get her house…

Me: ._. *backs up* No. Let me live.

Captain Crawfish: It’s an interesting concept…

Me: *keeps backing up* Right…

Binary Bard: *gets the idea and grins* I suppose that means all her stuff too…

Me: ._. Good glory. *Hides behind couch*

Dr Hare: … I suppose we’re gonna tell her we’re kidding.

Black Widow: Oh yeah. But it’s nice to see her flustered…

Me: I wanna live…


poptropicaloversblog: I dare Dr. Hare to replace any and all carrots with a diet of peeps!


Me: And… He’s out cold.


G-Hopper asks: What is the meaning of life to you?

Me: Ooh. Good Q. I think… for me it’s to reach out and help as many people as I possibly can.

Black Widow: This is why you don’t have Villain Status you know.

Me: Eh. Don’t care.

Director D: I suppose if I had to say something, it would be to live it well.

Dr Hare: YOLO!!

Me: ._. Did you just…

Dr Hare: Use your catchphrase? Yes.

Me: … *laughs, then punches him on the arm* I see how it is!

Binary Bard: I want my inventions and the such to be there for the next generations.

Captain Crawfish: Live for the moment!

Black Widow: Who says there is one?


Me: Dang Widow! That is freaking depressing!

Black Widow: I aim to please.


Fierce Flyer has a picture rather than a question, but it speaks loads. It’s a Love Tester results. 

Me: Oh, it’s one of those Love Testers? I’m always scared to use them.

Dr Hare: Scared of the results?

Me: Yeah, pretty much. Load picture load!!

Dr Hare: Who’s names did he put in?

Me: We’re about to find out! Heh heh… They’ll never hear the end of it… *grins evilly*


Me: *goes bright red and covers mouth* OH.

Dr Hare: *Goes red and ears drop and says weakly* Oh sweet carrots.

Me: I don’t… what…

Dr Hare: 100… *glances at Ele* P-percent.

Me: *completely silent, staring at screen*

Dr Hare: Why did her search us up… *Scoots a little farther away*

Me: *Blinks* W-whadowedo?

Dr Hare: N-not sure.

Me: I m-mean… do we really…. Unless we have feelings for each other…

Dr Hare: *ears twitch*  Nice talking to you! Bye! *runs off*

Me: *goes redder and says in a small voice* OK then.


And then they were awkward for the rest of time. XD Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s AtV! I did miss a question if you noticed, one by ShayShayGamer, there is a reason. I really liked the Q and decided to draw up something for it, just cause! At any rate, it’ll either come out next week with the rest or I might write up a little something for it!! At any rate, if you haven’t heard of this it want to ask a Question, read this.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else), put it in the comments or send it to me on Discord and have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare, Director D, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Binary Bard, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin. You can ask about crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Saturdays save extremities. Go wild!

Well, looks like that’s it! I’d better head to bed. You probably should too, if you’re up as late as I am. XD Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


33 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #7,

  1. *whispers* E x Harvey is the new OTP y’all
    Aw, that’s kinda sad. Don’t you remember you crash landed and became a cyborg because of your tech, Mordred? Smh.
    To Black Widow: Do you have a significant other? You are a confusing lady of mystery, Miss Noire.
    To Harvey: sOOOOo YOU AND E HUH ;^))))))
    To Director D(ipwad): Why are you such a dingus? Seriously, you’re basically Saitama but a wannabe evil James Bond. Try harder.
    To Mordred: I did the love test. Our names got 85%… (v///w///v) Whaddya think?
    I can do the collab this next part. I’m gonna check my email soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all: YOU WILL DIE!!!!
    Question to Dr Hare: I dare and need to you kiss E. Also, tell black widow that I really do like go watch E suffer. Also tell BW I think she’s cool. K thanks bye

    Liked by 2 people

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