Official AtV Announcement!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Um, so… Yeah, I ramble. Rambles. Stuff. I’ll just get to it. So, I can’t post the AtV tonight unfortunately. Why? Because some of these Qs seriously deserve some pictures. Or just really need a picture/comic to fully get the awesomeness there. Or just to capture the snarkiness of my response. Red, I’m looking at you. (I deserve to live child…) At any rate, I was also thinking. I’m thinking about moving these from Saturdays to Mondays. Why? There’s a few reasons, first off being my Sunday absences. I don’t like handling a bunch of comments on Sundays when I can avoid it. But I’m not saying don’t comment! Comment! At any rate, I’d say it’d give me another day, but it honestly wouldn’t, so I won’t say it. XD It also gives y’all something to look forward to on Mondays. (Cause we don’t have meme anymore… Cri eevrytiem.) Well, I’ll make it work your while. Picture!!!!


I’m sorry for the cruddy res, but IDK.

So… I got bored writing up the AtV and was listening to music, the song came on and this exact image popped into my head. So I drew it. Boom. Harvey looks awesome in shades. 😎  FYI, the song is actually very depressing. And I love it to pieces because sad music is life. XD I’ll explain that later. So yeah, AtV Monday! Hope y’all enjoy it and I also hope you didn’t stay up to read this. Because A, it’s late for me, much less you, and B, ain’t that interesting. Anyways… Time for me to flail away, I need sleep. So Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!



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