☠ RIP Lucky Wing ☠

Still freaking bad at titles!!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Well, I know I haven’t posting a ton anyways, but this announcement is important.

See, people who avidly watch my Youtube and have for a while will know that this happened last year too, but this is bigger.

So… it’s called (Censored due to privacy reasons, lol.) and it’s a sort of camp. By sort of, it really is. I’m going camping. I’m going to be in a tent. I’ll be with people. We’ll be making our own food. (With grills and such albet, but still.) All the while without any WiFi. None. Nothing. Not even cellular data. (E, you don’t have a phone…) In conclusion… I’m just not really gonna exist for a week. I get back Saturday, but last time, when I walked though the door, I about collapsed, no joke. It… Was fun? Anyways, (Camp name again) is a ton of fun! I’m actually really nervous though… Big bundle of nerves. Whoo… I’ll be fine though. This generally happens, it’s the norm, I’ll be fine once I start.

So… The point I’m trying and generally failing to get to is that I will be away. Without any internet. So I won’t be responding to any messages on Discord, any blog posts, any comments or anything. When? I’m leaving early, early Monday morning. I’ll be home Saturday night, like I said, but I probably won’t do anything until the next Monday. Whoo. So… Yeah! I’m honestly gonna miss you guys! Hopefully, this year, the PHB doesn’t have a huge party while I’m gone!

Heh heh heh!


*cries in corner*

Last year, I’m over it. (Uh huh.) At any rate, I’m still going to post the AtV on Monday, I’ve got it all figured out, it’ll post itself. *rubs hands together* I love technology. Anyways, y’all have a good week! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

(Edited by Dr Hare. E, love you to pieces, you are gonna give away our location.) 

PS: Video!!



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