I’m back peeps!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here!


All the sunburn

Well, I’m back from my trip, but I’m so out of it, it’s funny​. I mean, technically, I got back Saturday, but I’m not sure that really counts, even if I did like and comment on everyone’s posts. Rambling of a tired teenage girl. Who’s sunburnt to a crisp. How bad am I sunburned?


I literally sunburned every inch of skin that saw the light of day.

Most of it’s minor though, but my face and back…. and legs… Le OW.

Anyways, so I just wanted to let those of you who didn’t know that I was back that I am. Also, while I was at said camp, (See Harvey, I can be careful with personal information.) I had some fun ideas which I personally can’t wait to put into effect. Heh heh heh… Anyways, expect something interesting to come out in the next two weeks. Hopefully. I’ll work on it. Also, if you didn’t put in a Q for the Ask the Villains, feel free, Qs are always open! I’ll put them all out next Monday, as per our custom. At any rate, I’d better​ get going. I have​ stuff to do and… Mother of cat, my email and Discord… I’ll be in my corner. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


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