Ask the Villains #14,

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Erm, so, uh… If I’m going away again, would you all hate me?

Dr Hare: Where are you going this time?

Me: Another camp. Without WiFi.

Dr Hare: How many places are you going this summer?

Me: This should be it unless you guys kidnap me and drag me to Australia or something.

Dr Hare: I literally never thought of that until now.

Me: ._. Fridge. ANYWAYS! Details are that I’m leaving tomorrow! I’ll get back Friday afternoon, so it’s not nearly as long as the last camp nor as physically exhausting. However…

Dr Hare: No WiFi. I take it none of us can come, right?

Me: Actually… There’s a 2% if I can convince Widow…

Dr Hare: What about the AtV though?

Me: I’ll be back on Friday… I think we can do them in 3 days, right?

Dr Hare: Um…. Maybe?

Me: Works for me! I won’t be able to respond to comments or any of that stuff. Whoo hoo. Anyways, to the Qs!


Smart Flame asks: What is your opinion on the google?

Me: -_- Google can… Well, I don’t wanna say go die in a hole, but… I’ve seen stuff man.


Binary Bard: Ok then. So-

Me: Onto the next Q!


Smart Flame asks Director D: Hook me up with your toupee man because my hair is currently untameable.

Director D: Well then comb it. Toupees are for people without hair.

Me: He could be bald. We don’t know. I can’t see through the screen.

Director D: He just said… E, you really aren’t terribly observant.

Me: Only observant on the internet. *Pause* It is my curse.


Smart Flame also, well, “asks” Black Widow: Your date with Captain Crawfish is Saturday, have fun!

Black Widow: Say what?!

Me: Holy cat… *Giggles* Yay, I’m not a the only girl getting thrown into dates.

Black Widow: -_- You suck. When are you going on that anyways?

Me: Sometime soon. I’ll keep you posted, but anyways.

Black Widow: Uh huh.

Me: Heh. I thought you were interested in D tho.

Black Widow: I’m not interested in anyone.

Me: Oh, I see.


Me: You’re still going on the date, right?

Black Widow: My heck!


Smart Flame asks everyone:  I’ve enlisted all of you to the CFFECOPAB (Center for fighting evil cows of poptropica and beyond) are you ready?

Dr Hare: Um, I think so.

Black Widow: I still can’t believe that this is a thing.

Captain Crawfish: Argh.

Director D: I am currently staying uninvolved.

Binary Bard: Um, sure?

Me: *pulls out potato bazooka* I’m ready!

Dr Hare: Holy carrots! Can you even shoot that thing?!

Me: *pause* I… don’t actually know. Most people just run when they see the thing.

Dr Hare: That works.


Smart also asks everyone: WHERE ARE ME FRENCH FRIES?

Me: What is this about French Fries?! I don’t get it!

Dr Hare: Were we supposed to buy him some?

Black Widow: *shrugs*

Binary Bard: We could just buy him some…



Maroon Popper asks: So what do the six of you get up to when you have nothing to do?

Me: Chaos.

Director D: We tend to go out and go things. For the most part though, we have things to do with our lives.

Black Widow: I have my art.

Captain Crawfish: I have sailing and naps.

Binary Bard: Dr Hare and I tend to build stuff.

Me: I just hang with these guys or go someplace with them.

Black Widow: Or drag us there.

Me: Oh come on, you guys have fun and you know it.

Binary Bard: My question is why you keep wanting to do things you’re scared of.

Me: *flushes, embarrassed* It’s not on purpose… I had no way of knowing that amusement park would have a roller coaster and in my defense you guys usually make me do that stuff.

Director D: We didn’t know about the climbing wall.

Me: *shudders* I tried to warn you… Anyways, we usually have something to do, needless to say.

Director D: And yet we took 10 minutes to explain it.

Me: Hush.


Maroon Popper asks again: Do E’s parents know that you guys are staying with E? If not, how do hide it from them?

Me: Well they… Um…

Black Widow: I didn’t think so.

Binary Bard: They don’t know?!

Me: *embarrassed* They kinda know! They know I go out and hang with my friends sometimes! And my mom knows Harvey, Binary and Wid, but that’s kinda it….

Director D: So no one knows you “hang out” with former Poptropican villains.

Me: Heh heh… Nope. I probably should tell her at some point…

Binary Bard: How does she not know?!

Me: Erm… Harvey usually wears a hat, we usually keep the tinkering in the garage or the such, stuff like that. It’s a little crazy and chaotic sometimes, but it’s worked this far!

Binary Bard: Um, we’re wanted criminals…

Me: Yup.

Director D: Us being here is again the law.

Me: Yup.

Black Widow: … Why isn’t she a full villain yet?

Me: Yus!


Do you like watching TV? What genre of film/ TV show is your favourite?

Me: I personally enjoy cartoons and the such. And I’m Marvel Trash. So… Next!

Director D: I like the James Bond movies.

Captain Crawfish: I don’t really watch TV.

Dr Hare: I like cartoons and that sort of thing.

Binary Bard: Um… I liked…

Black Widow: I liked the Avengers movies.

Me: We all loved the Avengers movies! They were amazing! I’mma gonna run and do a spoof on this! *Runs off*

Binary Bard: Uh oh.


Bendy Flyer asks Dr Hare: Are you hairy or are you harey? 😛

Dr Hare: Um….

Me: He’s Harvey!

Dr Hare: That doesn’t answer her question.

Me: It makes me feel better.


Binary Hawk asks: To those who went to Washington, I believe it was, on a scale of one to ten rate Vaca. Q #2 wat wuz ur fave part.

Binary Bard: Binary who?

Me: She’s a Villain now. Cyborg too.

Binary Bard: Why does everyone want to be a Cyborg?

Me: I am a cyborg, remember?

Dr Hare: *pokes her cheek* You don’t feel like a cyborg.

Me: *turns light pink* I’m not really, it’s a long story. Anyways, Washington.

Dr Hare: Right. I went, Widow went, Binary went. And obviously E went.

E: I kinda had to. The vacation was great! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of it! Well… minus that hurricane simulator…. *Shudders* That was… Awful.

Dr Hare: My favorite part was probably meeting everyone.

Black Widow: No offense, but I liked the drive home.

Me: When we were rocking out to music?

Black Widow: Yeah.

Me: Sweet.

Binary Bard: My favorite part was that amusement park we stopped by on the way home.

Me: That was cool.

Binary Bard: The roller coasters though…. *Grins at E*

Me: *goes red* Oh you dirty little…

Binary Bard: Told you I’d get you back.

Me: You suck.


Kat Girl asks: What do you think? Elyanvey. Sorry, I can’t resist a good ship name lol.

Me: *goes red and covers face in hands* I was wondering even they’d get around to this.

Dr Hare: You knew this was going to happen?

Me: It was only a matter of time… Holy cat.

Black Widow: No, just Kat Girl.

Me: I’m not even going to respond to that.

Binary Bard: I like it!

Black Widow: It kinda suits them.

Director D: This seems childish.

Me: Um, you know most of this community is children, right?

Dr Hare: She’s got a fair point.

Me: What’s your take on this?

Dr Hare: Nothing we can do now.

Me: I’m going to go spray myself with the hose now. Maybe this is all a dream… *Walks off*

Binary Bard: Uh, she knows this is reality, right?

Dr Hare: Oh yeah. She just generally doesn’t want to admit it.

Black Widow: You know this is why we ship you, right?

Dr Hare: -_- I’m out.




Dr Hare: She knows the whole song too.


Black Widow: Ok, you two go to bed, now! Your health is more important than the internet!

Me: 😛 Says you!

Dr Hare: E, you have camp tomorrow….

Me: *makes a pouty face* But All Star tho…

Dr Hare: You can do that tomorrow.

Black Widow: Why do you even know all the words anyways?

Me: Because I thought it was cool… And then I found out it was a meme and it got even cooler.

Dr Hare: Makes sense to me.

Black Widow: -_- GTB.

Me: Aww, now you sound like Kix…

Black Widow: Like who?

Dr Hare: It’s her best friend.

Me: Yeah, and… *Trails off and slumps against the table* Ok, now I’m tired.

Dr Hare: I’ll take you up to your room. Widow, can you end the post?

Black Widow: Uh, sure.


Black Widow: And thus, I get shunted with the post end. Whoo hoo.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin.🍀 You can ask about dreams, candy, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, their thoughts on each other, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild, but don’t kill me, please. I have so much to live for…

Black Widow: And now, I’m going home. (Dr Hare comes downstairs) There you are. I was gonna make you walk if you weren’t careful.

Dr Hare: Sorry, E was… Just being E, to be honest.

Black Widow: Meaning…

Dr Hare: She was gonna try and finish up a bunch of stuff even though it’s 11.

Black Widow: She’s gonna work herself to death.

Dr Hare: *sighs* Tell me about it.

Black Widow: Anyways, hope you guys liked the post. If you want me to do more posts, write it in the posts with your Qs. Black Widow out!

(PS: The double date will come out soon! Don’t worry!)


Ask the Villains #13, that almost happened.

Dr Hare: Hey guys, it’s Dr Hare. So we got back yesterday and it’s been kinda crazy. Which is why I’m doing the post. At 11 o’clock at night.

Me: But we’re back baby! Whoo hoo! I missed Idaho!

Dr Hare: Anyways, so E’s also entertaining guests so-

Me: I am sitting up here and being useless. My parents are entertaining guests.

Dr Hare: That works. Anyways, right I’ll until about… What, today?

Me: Yup. We didn’t have any Qs. Which was going to be… Interesting.

Dr Hare: Thankfully, we got a bunch of Qs from Sporty Boa, so we’re in the clear.

Me: Thank goodness. And now we’re gonna do the Qs. Hope you enjoy!

Sporty Boa asked all these, so I’m not going to label that part. 

To DD #1: pet peeve?

Director D: People insisting they are right, even when they’re wrong.

Me: I don’t do that. At least, I don’t think I do that. Do I do that?

Director D: Seeing as you’re still alive, yes.

Me: O_O Ok then.


To Director D #2. Why’d you want everyone to be bald bro?

Director D: So that I could take over while everyone was occupied with their baldness. Also as sort of a vengeance, but that was childish at the time. It is the one thing I regret.

Me: D, childish?! It sounds like one of those impossible riddles, like eating just one Fonzie or a stupid Hermione, or me not being busy.

Director D: -_-

Me: Wat.

Director D: *sighs* Never mind.


3. Would you rather have: the chameleon suit, or grappling bowtie?’

Director D: I already have a grappling bowtie.

Me: Everything just made sense!

Director D: Ha ha E.

Me: I’m actually not kidding this time! So that’s how you got in when I accidentally got locked myself in your apartment….


To CC: 1. Happy Shark week! have you had any fond memories involving one?

Captain Crawfish: One bit off my leg.

Me: O_O

Captain Crawfish: I be kidding! *Laughs loudly* You OK there lassy?!

Me: *weakly* I can’t get that image out of my head…


2. Sharks, Whales, or dolphins?

Captain Crawfish: Krakan.

Me: Not an answer!

Captain Crawfish: I have cast my lot lassie.

Me: I hate you all.


3. Ever sailed your ship to another island?

Captain Crawfish: Those be treacherous waters laddie. Most don’t sail out of Skullduggery, but I have once or twice.

Me: *looks up, then looks at him* Why….

Captain Crawfish: …. Argh.


To BW: 1. What’s with the straight face?

Black Widow: What about it?

*E starts making faces behind Black Widow’s back*

Black Widow: This is just naturally how my face rests. I do make other faces, but generally, this is how I look. E making faces behind my back doesn’t really make a difference though.

Me: *Freezes* How?!

Black Widow: Professional Cat Bugler, duh.

Me: …. Why do I even try?

Black Widow: *shrugs*


2. Can you tell us about your parents and why they let you steal stuff?

Black Widow: *Scowls* My parents are… gone.

Me: O_O Oh my heck I am so sorry. *Hugs her*

Black Widow: Um… what are you doing?

Me: Default helpful gesture.

Black Widow: …. Fine…

Me: Yay! I’m helpful!


Favorite and least favorite Color?

Black Widow: Gee, let me think…. Black?!

Me: Least too.

Black Widow: *Sighs* Pink.

Dr Hare: 😦

Me: I’m sorry. Pink is not these girl’s favorites evidently.

Dr Hare:

To DH: 1. Would you rather go a week without carrots or go a year without your bunny suit.

Dr Hare: Holy carrots.

Me: OK, pick wisely! Cause I’m gonna hold you to this!

Dr Hare: ._. What?!

Me: I’m kidding! Just pick one.

2. What’s your favorite candy?

Dr Hare: Nerds candy are really good.

Me: SAME THO! Oh my heck, I eat those things so much…

Dr Hare: But I can’t eat a lot of sugar or I’ll get hyper…

Me: I remember that. That was… Interesting.

Dr Hare: *blushes and looks away* Yeah…

Me: Hey, don’t feel bad! You’ve seen me around the house. Hoo boy.

Dr Hare: Oh come on, you aren’t that bad.

Me: *shrugs half-hearted* If you say so.

(Flashback to yesterday…)

Me: *gets out of car* HOME SWEET HOME! *stares at house* LITERALLY NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Which is how I like it. *Folds arms and smiles, satisfied.*

Dr Hare: Didn’t you say that someone was staying over?

Me: O_O HOLY CAT I FORGOT *spots cat* Smores! *Runs over* Hey kitty!

(End flashback)

Me: … Yup, I’m totally nuts.


Dr Hare: Anyways, hope you guys liked the post! Hopefully we’ll get more Qs next week.

Me: Yup! AtV comes out on it’s normal schedule from now on! Unless this happens again. At which point I will be better prepared.

Dr Hare: *laughs* E, you’re gonna work yourself to death.

Me: Eh. Worth. Anyways! I made it to a good deal of the Poppies today!

Dr Hare: Did we win?!

Me: Not by a long shot.

Dr Hare: Oh.

Me: But people did vote for me so that’s ok!

Dr Hare: *laughs* Ok, I’m sure you for great.

Me: It’s honestly a shame because it would been nice to get mentioned by BT.

Dr Hare: BT?

Me: Brave Tomato, she did a YouTube on the Islands, super successful. She’s also a PHB author and spanking good artist. In short, what I seriously wish I was.

Dr Hare: Um, ok.

Me: ANYWAYS, keep getting sidetracked! So I got this for getting nominated!


Dr Hare: Nice!

Me: I’ll add it to the header as soon as I can. I… Seriously need a better header at this point, I’ve had the same one for… *Starts counting on fingers, then eyes widen* Holy cat. I’ve been running my blog for an entire 9 months and… A week.

Dr Hare: Wow. That’s pretty impressive for you.

Me: I’m gonna go pass out now.

Dr Hare: Please do. It’s like 11:30 now. You’re going to hurt yourself.

Me: You should too Mr Stay-up-even-later-than-me-tinkering.

Dr Hare: *grins* Hey, I’m older than you. I can handle it!

Me: Yeah, by like four years! Which… Is kinda a lot if I think about it.

Dr Hare: I usually don’t.

Me: What?

Dr Hare: Um, nothing. You should probably go to bed now.

Me: Fine… You handle the exiro.

Dr Hare: I don’t think that’s a word.

Me: It should be. Intro, exiro. Perfect.

Dr Hare: Go to bed E.

Me: Fine! *Walks off*

Dr Hare: *shakes head* I swear that girl had no self-preservation. Anyways, if you want to ask a question, here are the the parameters.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to me on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin.🍀 You can ask about dreams, candy, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, their thoughts on each other, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild!

Dr Hare: And now… I guess I sign off. Have a good night everyone! Dr Hare is out!

Huge Stuff Happening!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So, besides my total lack of titles… Ya know what, just read. Please.

Me: *whistling happily and writing on the computer* Ooh look! Harvey, come here!

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* What?

Me: Your island is out on Pop Worlds!!!

Dr Hare: ._. What?

Me: 24 Carrot Island is now on Poptropica Worlds! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is so exciting!!

Dr Hare: Sweet! Have you done it yet?

Me: Nah, I’m gonna do it for my channel, same as ush. By my guess, I’ll probably put it out… *Glances at watch* Next Monday! Or Wednesday! We’ll see!

Dr Hare: Why do you keep looking at your watch for dates?

Me: Calendar feature, see? *Holds up watch*

Dr Hare: Nice. Anyways, have you seen this?

Me: Seen what.

Dr Hare: The Poppies results.

Me: Ooh! Clawtropica got in, didn’t it?! I nominated it and bet about 40 other people did too. I mean, I work there, so I’m kinda prejudice towards-

Dr Hare: Ele, you got in.

Me: ._. Like… into the Poppies?

Dr Hare: Yeah. Your blog is on there with Fierce Flyer, Smart Flame, Clawtropica…. Oh look, Thinknoodles!


Dr Hare: Yeah! Wow, that’s really impressive! Congratulations E!

Me: *softly* I can’t believe it. I… Cannot believe this. How… How did this happen…

Dr Hare: Your blog is pretty popular! Um, no pun intended. But it’s pretty awesome! You have 5000 hits now!.

Me: I have say what now?!

Dr Hare: You didn’t know? Well, it’s just barely 5000 today. Maybe we should throw a party.

Me: Maybe this is all a weird hallucination. Or, wait. I actually died in that Log Plumbe Roller Coaster Wednesday and this is heaven or something. Did you die too?

Dr Hare: E, I was on the ride with you and we didn’t die.

Me: I am suddenly having doubts.

Dr Hare: You screamed like a banshee through half the ride, we bought the pictures, then went to the next ride. We both lived.

Me: Ok, ok. Maybe I haven’t died. But HOW?!

Dr Hare: *shrug* People like your stuff. AtV is pretty popular.

Me: I-I’m gonna go lay down now. Before I pass out.

Dr Hare: Ok. *She leaves* And congrats BTW!

Me: Thanks.


So… yeah. My mind is blown. I honestly still can’t believe that I didn’t just get into the Poppies, I’ve also hit 5000 views. 5 freaking thousand views. Dang. Uh, so, I guess if you guys wanna vote for my blog, I would be really happy. It’d make my day better. Or, IDK, read more of my blog if you like it. I’m still just in shock… 5000…. Wow… Ok, time to go lay down. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Ask the Villains #12, while on Vaca

Update: Why the fridge does this say I uploaded 5 hours ago when I just posted? 

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. I’m not too late, right? Only… 3 days.

I’m good at this.

ANYWAYS, let’s get to the Qs, you guys have been waiting long enough.

White Hawk: And Binary Bard, I’m not head-over-heels for you like say, Popular Wolf (No offense) if that’s what you think, your just cute in a nerdy sort of way, ya know?

Binary Bard: -_- E, if one more person asks about my love life…

Me: *Snickering*


Kathy: I have no part in this. I don’t have anything against B.B., but I think Harvey’s cute!

Dr Hare: Oh. Uh, thanks, I guess.

Me: -_-

Dr Hare: Are you OK?

Me: I’m fine! Totally fine!

Dr Hare: Are you-

Me: I’m sure! *Sighs* It’s just… Ah, never mind. *Storms off*

Dr Hare: ._. OK then.


Also Kathy: Q 4 Harvey: U like strawberry 2? My fav type of Ice cream!

Dr Hare: Yeah, it’s my favorite.

Me: Best part of Neapolitan.

Dr Hare: Don’t let Crawfish and D hear you saying that!

Me: Eh, I don’t care. I like a little pink in my life.

Dr Hare: … What?

Me: Uh, nothing.


Kathy, again to Dr Hare: Is it tiring watching countless players defeat you, and calling 24 Carrot Island “easy”? And do you not like the creators for putting u in such an EASY island (no offense intended)

Dr Hare: *Sighs* It is a little annoying that no one takes me seriously.

Me: …. Um….

Dr Hare: Yes, I know, bunny suit. But the point was that I’d succeed with my plan and sort of surprise everyone with my brilliance, you know?

Me: Makes sense to me. What went wrong?

Dr Hare: My assistant quit.

Me: *snaps fingers* Right. Well, now here comes round 2! Pop Worlds 24 Carrot!

Dr Hare: Can’t wait.

Me: Cheer up, it’ll be fun! Maybe it won’t be as easy!

Dr Hare: One can hope.


Fierce Flyer asks: Besides yourself, who’s your favorite villain? Whether it be Crusher, Myron Van Buren, etc.

Black Widow: Probably Gretchie Grimlock.

Binary Bard: Dr Hare, seeing as he’s my colleague.

Dr Hare: Thanks Mordred!

Captain Crawfish: Lucky Wing.

Me: I am not having this conversation again. No.

Director D: I suppose I respect Sir Rebral.

Me: Harvey.

Dr Hare: E.


Me: Wait, am I a Villain yet?

Black Widow: Still in training I think.

Me: I’m so confused. Uh… Next Q?

Dr Hare: *blushes* Uh, sure.


For All: Out of you all, who do yo think would win in a game of Monopoly?

Me: Oh yeah… We’ve played Monopoly before… Holy cat… So Gretchie came by and we were bored so… You wanna picture? *Pulls out picture from wallet* Monopoly Madness

Me: … I have no other explanation.


For DD: Have you ever heard of Silver Raptor aka Agent Raptor?

Director D: Naturally. I have heard of all the agents that have been in my office.

Me: I’m pretty sure he came in after you, ah, left.

Director D: *sighs* E…

Me: I’m also pretty sure you have no idea who that actually is, but you’re trying to save face.

Director D: E.

Me: Wat.

Director D: Stop please.

Me: -_- But-

Director D: Ele, need I remind you of a certain incident involving a hurricane simulator?


Director D: Alright then.

Me: Haaah…. You suck.


Bendy Flyer: To: Captain Crawfish:
Do you eat crawfish? If not, then why is your name Captain Crawfish?

Captain Crawfish: I don’t eat a lot of crawfish. And because I am Captain Crawfish, Lassie! Argh.

Me: Because it’s his last name.

Captain Crawfish: How do ye know so much about us?

Me: Because I’ve read your papers. I’ve got you guys out of jail how many times?

Captain Crawfish: Ah.



Me: … That… Sounds pretty fun actually.

Binary Bard: Wait, what? You are not setting me up on another date!

Me: Oh yes I am.  Oh come on, we’ve been partially planning this thing for ages! *Pulls out phone and started dialing*

Binary Bard: It says double date too. Stop trying to hook me up.

Me: *looks at Q* Drat, you’re right. *Puts phone back in pocket*

Binary Bard: *sighs in relief*

Me: And I’m not trying to hook you up, I’m trying to get a few of us out of the house. *Pauses* Hey Harvey!

Dr Hare: *in the other room* What?

Me: Do you feel like going out on a date?

Dr Hare: *pause* With who?

Binary Bard: See what I mean?!

Me: Oh hush. Um, me!


Dr Hare: Ok.

Me: *smiles and pulls out phone again* And thus.

Binary Bard: *Stares at her*

Me: *looks up at him and smirks* This is gonna be fun.


Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii… Problem solved. Mostly.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else I will burn you), put it in the comments or send it to me on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing, the author, the Creator or the Admin.🍀 You can ask about dreams, candy, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild!

Ok look, I honestly don’t know when next week’s AtV will come out. I’ll be driving all day Monday AGAIN, since that’s when I’m heading home. So Tuesday or Wednesday is a huge possiblity. I’m super sorry about all this! I promise it’ll be back to normal the week after next. Hoo boy. Anyways, hope you guys liked the post! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

I sorry!!

The AtV will come out soon, not sure when! I’m super sorry about this guys, but I have been all over the place. I am currently in freaking Oregon. Just saying. Really super sorry guys! LW… Ah whatever, I’mma go sleep now.

So um yeah it happened again.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! AAII HOW DID THIS HAPPEN

I sorry. So, um, I’m going out of town.

Random Viewer: Oh that’s cool. When is this?

Me: Wednesday.

Viewer: Oh. That’s not too bad.

Me: Um…. Try tomorrow.

Viewer: What?! Why didn’t you say anything?!

Me: Because I forgot! I told NO ONE! I didn’t even tell Kix and she’s my BFF. I tell her EVERYTHING.

Viewer: Everything?

Me: Oh yeah. So… I just had to throw everything together. I need to put out a Discord message, though I might just ask Kix to do it.

Viewer: Why didn’t you tell us before?

Me: BECAUSE I HAVE THE MEMORY OF A LEAKY SIEVE! Anyways, there are some really important things about this. I mean, I’m gonna be gone a full blown 2 weeks.

Viewer: WHOA! Why so long?!

Me: Because it’s my cousins are in Washington and I only get to see them once a year. But don’t worry! I will have WiFi and my computer! And phone I don’t really own! So I will respond to comments and posts, just not nearly as much! I’m still doing the AtV and all that! But… Ya know, don’t except my “3 seconds after it came out” comments that I usually have. 

Viewer: You have no life.

Me: And now I will have no life and will be busy too. It’ll be great. Anyways, I won’t be on Wednesday at all. Just expect that. 

Viewer: Why do you keep bolding your text?

Me: Because it’s uber important. Like, seriously important. On the plus side…. I won’t hafta deal my my screwy WiFi.

Viewer: Screwy WiFi?

Me: It’s been throwing me a lot of curve balls. Anyways, I hafta go. I still hafta pack my activity bag and I’m probably gonna need a good night’s sleep…. and it’s 11:30, so I’ve already failed…

Viewer: Geez E, you’re going on a lot of vacations.

Me: Tell me about it. They aren’t really vacations as much as trips so… Lawl. Anyways, you live in the West and you see a Blonde girl in a probably green shirt with bright green streaks in her hair, wave to me! *Starts to walk off*

Viewer: You have green streaks?! Since when!?

Me: Since today. I bought hair chalk! It’s seriously temporary, so they’ll wash out in a few days. Then I’ll probably do blue because I’m like that. Anyways, wave to me! Serously, I’d love to see you guys! Probably not talk, since I’ll probably be in a hurry, but wave! And I’m out! Lu-

Viewer: But what about your YouTube?

Me: I already did a vid. Can I go sleep now? Please?

Viewer: Yeah, I guess, but-


Ask the Villains #11, ALL DA Qs!!!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Um, anyways, I really ought to give myself a time to put these out…

Nah! XD

So this week I got 18 Qs! 18!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I’m happy. To the Qs!


Bendy Flyer asks Black Widow: Are you a real widow?

Black Widow: No.

Me: Then why do they call you that?

Black Widow: Because it’s my name.

Me: But… That’s not your real name. I have absolutely no idea what that said name is, but *shrugs* I know you have one.

Black Widow: *pauses, then looks up* Mk, fine. My real name is Charlotte. Happy?

Me: Little bit.


Purple Claw asks Captain Crawfish: who’s your crush?

Captain Crawfish: Um…

Me: *ducks behind a chair* Invusuble.

Captain Crawfish: -_- I don’t really have a crush, since I be a grown man.

Me: I doubt you!

Captain Crawfish: You ain’t a very good spy.

Me: I am too! *Tries to lean against desk and misses* Totally am!

Captain Crawfish: Uh huh.


Maroon Popper asks: What’s your favourite thing about summer?

Binary Bard: The freedom.

Captain Crawfish: The calm waters.

Black Widow: The long days.

Dr Hare: Lots of time to hang out with people.

Director D: The travel is nice.

Me: It’s freaking hot!

*Everyone looks at E*

Me: It’s like 108 degrees outside and I was at a 3 hour picnic, mk? I feel like I’ve been boiled alive.


Maroon Popper also asks: Also, do you all like ice cream, and if so which flavour do you like the most?


Black Widow: Fudge is amazing

Captain Crawfish: Chocolate!

Director D: Vanilla.

Binary Bard: Swirl.

Dr Hare: Strawberry!

Me: *mutters* Not surprised Pinkie.

Dr Hare: Hey!

Me: Heh heh heh! *runs off*


Smart Flame took what I said about multiple questions to heart. *Applauds* I approve of this. 

To All: If you a goat horn on you’re head, would you eat it?

Director D: Would we what?

Me: *Throws hands in the air* Randomness FTW!

Dr Hare: That was random, even for us.

Me: *turns to him, arms still in the air*  I know, but enthusiasm!

Dr Hare: Sounds right.

Captain Crawfish: No, I wouldn’t.

Black Widow: Me neither….

Binary Bard: Same.

Me: I think it’s fair to say that none of us would.

Dr Hare: Yeah.



To Black Widow: What shampoo do you use, because my bed head needs something to jazz it up like yours.

Black Widow: I don’t.

Me: Say what?!

Black Widow: I just sleep on it.

Me: I have to wash my hair every flippin two days and you don’t even wash it!?

Black Widow: I’m kidding.

Me: Are you- Oh.

Black Widow: I just use E’s brand.

Me: Wat.

Black Widow: It’s true.

Me: Maybe we need a new brand.

Black Widow: *Tries to hide a smile, but fails a little* Uh huh.

Me: I knew it! You can smile! I KNEW IT! *Runs off*

Black Widow: *Rolls her eyes and smiles* Whatever Wing.

Me: I KNEW IT!!!


To Captain Crawfish: When are you going to by me a ship? Tomorrow, perfect.

Captain Crawfish: You certainly are talking to the right pirate. I’ve already got just the thing. Now, it’ll cost you about 50000 doubloons.

Me: ._. Dang.

Captain Crawfish: I have steep rates.

Me: Since when have you been a businessman?


To all: Do you play an instrument? And where are my french fries?

Binary Bard: I played piano a while back.

Black Widow: Clarinet when I was 10.

Captain Crawfish: Argh, I didn’t have time fer music.

Director D: Violin.

Me: I’m a flutist, pianist and guitarist. Come at me.

Dr Hare: Why so many?

Me: Because I get bored. Now what’s this about French Fries?


To all: How amazing am I?

Me: Smart’s pretty cool. So… How are we rating this? Like 10/10 or something else?

Black Widow: Please tell me it’s something else.

Director D: He is amazing. Done. May I go now?

Me: … Fine.

Binary Bard: That was easy.

Me: I hate you all.


To all: You better fight the cows, or so help me you’ll be grounded for a century

Director D: Last I checked, you are not our mothers.

Me: I can ground you tho.

Black Widow: And we could tie you to a chair.

Me: Hey!


Fierce Flyer asks Dr Hare: What do think about having fingers now?


Dr Hare: E, you OK?

Me: Fine.


DjSakuraStep asks: what’s the best rap you can?

Me: I’d die for you, that’s easy to say…

Black Widow: I don’t really listen to rap.

Me: We have a list of people that we would take…

Director D: Me neither. It’s rather… Loud.

Me: A bullet for me, a bullet for you, a bullet for everybody in this room…

Captain Crawfish: Don’t look at me.

Me: But you don’t seem to see any bullets coming though, many bullets coming though…

Dr Hare: Same.

Me: Metaphorically I’m the man, but literally I dunno what I do!

Binary Bard: I haven’t heard any. I don’t listen to a ton of music.

Me: I’d live for you and that’s harder to do-

Dr Hare: You do too.

Me: Even harder to say when you know it’s not true….

Binary Bard: Ok, maybe occasionally I listen to some music…

Me: I don’t really know this part! It’s always this part dangit why?!!

Dr Hare: It’s Pop music. Like, the quiet love songs!

Me: But you ignore them still, all the questions that roll in!

Binary Bard: *alarmed* Ok, Harvey, we get it.

Me: Like who would you live for, who would you die for-

Dr Hare: Ele, is that-

Me: Would you ever kill?!! *Rocks on her feet, grinning.* There ya go!

(Long pause)

Dr Hare: Well then. I think we can honestly say that’s the best rap we can.

Me: Sweet!


Red Rider has a follow-up: E AND HARE SHOULD GO ON A DATE AND KISS!!! IM NOT ASKING!!!! 

Dr Hare: … Hey E!

Me: (hasn’t seen the Q) Yeah?

Dr Hare: I’m gonna go grab some food, you wanna come with?

Me: Sure! Lemme go grab my shoes first! *Runs off*

Dr Hare: And that’s how it’s done. *Whispers* Uh, no promises on the kiss though.

Me: What was that?!

Dr Hare: Nothing!



Me: -_- *goes red* My heck.

Dr Hare: People really do ship this.

Me: Oh yeah. And he’s not my bae!

Dr Hare: E, calm down.

Me: I mean, could you at least say boyfriend?! Bae is just flat out weird. And not in a good way.

Dr Hare: …

Me: What? It’s a fair complaint.

Dr Hare: Nothing.


Popular Wolf asks Binary Bard:  So, uh, yeah? Ready to go out?

Binary Bard: I actually have to follow though with this?

Me: He’ll be there! It’ll be great!

Binary Bard: I actually have to follow though with this.

Me: You are making me and Harvey double, so yes, you are.

Binary Bard: Oh my heck…  *Facepalms* I was kind of joking…

Me: Too late! This gonna be fun!


Popular Wolf also asks Director D:  If you could, would you change your hairstyle?
oh wait
you only have a toupee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Director D: *sighs* My good heavens. I could actually change my hair if I do wanted. I think you’re missing the point of the toupee. Also, E?

Me: Neep! *Drops sketchbook* Yessir? Not hiding anything!

Director D: Do you know why this Popular Wolf doesn’t like me?

Me: Uh… Not off the top of my head.

Director D: Hmm. Look into it.

Me: Right, sure! Yeah! *Runs off, clutching sketchbook*

Director D: … Time for some investigating I see. *Walks off*


White Hawk sends an Ask: K, um, this is kinda embarrassing, but, um, would you give this to, um, Binary Bard? Stares dreamily at pictures of Binary Bard on bedroom wall. Um, I would appreciate it if you did. Bye. Runs off.

Me: Mordred! You ladies man!

Binary Bard: Oh no. No no no no.

Me: It’s kinda crazy!  Honestly though, kinda glad I’m not the only person into nerdy guys. That’d be a little weird.

Binary Bard: If you’re saying you like me too…

Me: -_- M8. No. Like I said, I don’t even have a crush!

Binary Bard: No one believes you E.

Me: ._. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Binary Bard: *Facepalms* Concentrating on what’s on hand, not your thing with Harvey.

Me: I am gonna hit you with a stick.

Binary Bard: Concentrate please! Why does this keep happening?! First Popular Wolf, then the girls at the store, now White Hawk… Why??

Me: Admittedly, it was funny when they recognized you and Harvey at Walmart.

Binary Bard: *sarcastically* Yeah, hysterical.

Me: *snickers* Well, they were very friendly.

Binary Bard: I’m done here. *Walks off*

Me: Now what happens when Popular Wolf finds out about this? Ooh hoo… cat fight. *Grins* Time to find the ol camera!


White Hawk also sent me a fanart and wanted a responce. Sweet. 

Being our usual derps. Titled by me, drawn by White Hawk

Me: It’s me! With… Harvey, you’re giving me literal bunny ears.

Dr Hare: So I am.

Me: I can actually see this happening. And there’s Lucky. Geez, I feel short.

Dr Hare: You’re like 5 8.

Me: When I’m not slouching. And Lucky’s 5 9, curse her forever.

Dr Hare: *laughs* Wait, you’re kidding right? (He’s 5 9 and a half.)

Me: Yeah yeah. Sure. *Grins slyly*

Dr Hare: 😓

Me: 😁


Well, I hope you guys liked it! I hafta go (again, go figure) so I’ll cut to the chase.

 If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else I will burn you), put it in the comments or send it to me on Discord and above all have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare, Director D, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Binary Bard, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin. You can ask about dreams, candy, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild!
And now I’m gonna go draw more fanart! Whoo! Lucky Wing signing out bai guys!

Ask the Villains #10! We made it to this!

Hey guys Lucky Wing here! I’m sorry it’s late, but I didn’t forget! But can you believe this?! I’ve made it 10 whole weeks without losing interest or being too busy! WHOOOOO-

Binary Bard: But didn’t you miss a week from cam-

Me: *throws pillow at him* Hush child. Anyways! Let’s get to the Qs!


Smart Flame asks: Who of you are going to help us fight the evil cows?

Black Widow: The what?

Me: Evil cows! *laughs* I was a conspiracy theorist a little while back!

Binary Bard: Why…

Me: Because it was fun. But…. They are taking over.

Director D: Cows.

Me: Yup. They’re taking over by making humans fat and killing the atmosphere so we all die. Plus something with aliens.

*Dead silence*

Captain Crawfish: Something be seriously wrong with you.

Dr Hare: Eh, I’m in.

E: Pff!


DJSakuraStep (geez bro.) asks: What kind of soap does everyone use?

Captain Crawfish: Uh…

Binary Bard: The non-flammable kind.

Me: Why do I get a feeling that’s been tried and tested?

Director D: Because it has.

Dr Hare: I have no idea…

Black Widow: Whatever’s on sale.

Me: … Whoo hoo! Teamwork!


DJSakuraStep asks Binary Bard: If you had the chance to turn back into a human, would you do it?

Binary Bard: I…  don’t know, actually! That’s an interesting thought… Being a Cyborg has it’s advantages, but going to lie, but it also has disadvantages, like magnets and the such.

Me: Metal detectors. Ooh, that must be awful!

Binary Bard: There’s a reason I don’t fly. Anyways, would I change back… Hmm…

Me: I wouldn’t.

Binary Bard: This coming from the girl who wishes she could painlessly become a cyborg? *Sighs* Dare I ask why?

Me: Because it would hurt like heck.

Binary Bard: … Ok, that’s a good reason.

Me: Thank you. *Does an exaggerated bow*

Binary Bard: Don’t make me regret my thanks.

Me: Alright, fine…


DJSakuraStep also asks Dr Hare: what’s your favorite type of music?

Dr Hare: I listen to a lot of Pop music, of that helps.

Me: That’s just popping.

Dr Hare: As does she.

Me: We’re POPtropicans.

Dr Hare: And she tries to make puns about it.

Me: I’m not very good at this.


Red Rider has a dare-ish for me and Harvey again: Great, they didn’t get married because I CANT SPELL!!!! Follow up on the follow up, get actually married with a certified priest and everything, I CAN SPELL THIS TIME! And it has to be legit. Like legit legit!!!!!

Me: ._. Holy cat. *goes red*

Dr Hare: … How you wanna handle this?

Me: I don’t.

Dr Hare: OK,  then I have good news.

Me: What?

Dr Hare: It turns out it’s illegal for a minor, such as yourself, to get married to an adult, that being me.

Me: Wow. Easy solution. How long have you known about this?

Dr Hare: About 3 days. I got bored.

Me: Clearly. Well, guess that’s the end of that, sorry Red.

Dr Hare: Technically, we can’t date either.

Me: … We’re not dating. Are we?

Dr Hare: I… I’m honestly not sure.


Dr Hare: *chuckles* Alright.



Me: Wait a second…  *Starts counting* We only got 5 Qs.

Dr Hare: Really?

Me: Yeah! We usually have more than that! I’m pretty sure that’s an all time low!

Captain Crawfish: Argh, what be going on in here?

Me: Crawfish! Haven’t talked to you in a while!

Captain Crawfish: That be true.

Me: Uh… there a reason why?

Captain Crawfish: People don’t ask me questions.

Me: That’s fair. Usually people ask random Qs for all of us or are shipping random stuff.

Captain Crawfish: Fair enough Lassy.

Me: -_- No.

Captain Crawfish: Fine.

Me: OK, so….. I’m gonna count the other AtVs, i wanna see.

Captain Crawfish: Alright then. *E wanders off to the computer*

Dr Hare: Where have you been James?

Captain Crawfish: Around.

Dr Hare: -_- Answers please.

Captain Crawfish: Fine. I’ve been trying to find myself a new ship.

Dr Hare: Really? You found anything?

Captain Crawfish: I might have.

Dr Hare: That’s great! Congrats!

Captain Crawfish: Thanks matey.

Dr Hare: Can I ask you something weird?

Captain Crawfish: Go right ahead lad.

Dr Hare: Do you really talk like that all the time or are you doing an accent?

Captain Crawfish: …. *Drops the accent* How long have you known?

Dr Hare: It was a guess. E’s guess, actually.

Captain Crawfish: To answer your question, it’s a bit of both. I have the voice, but I generally put on the accent.

Dr Hare: Weird.

Captain Crawfish: Please don’t tell anyone.

Dr Hare: I won’t.

Me: OK I lied, here’s another one with only 5. Complete with complaint about lack of Qs.

Dr Hare: Cool cool.

Me: *Swivels chair to look at them* So anyways. I guess we should have honestly excepted this, since I was at camp and that kinda screwed up everything. You guys wanna do something?

Captain Crawfish: Sure.

Me: … I VOTE POOL PARTY! *Stands up and walks off* I’LL GET THE OTHERS!

Captain Crawfish: Not one for indecisiveness, is she?

Dr Hare: *Smiles* Actually, she’s the opposite. She just makes quick decisions sometimes so she doesn’t have to deal with that.

Captain Crawfish: Argh, she be an interesting girl.

Dr Hare: Agreed.


ANYWAYS, I hope you guys liked the AtV! I’m sorry about the whole camp chaos thing, that kinda messed things up. This next week, I want ALL the Qs! Alright, here is the information for this jazz stuff!

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else), put it in the comments or send it to me on Discord and have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare, Director D, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Binary Bard, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin. You can ask about dreams, candy, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, things that are completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extremities. Go wild!

Interesting fact! I actually change this a little bit every week! Not by a lot, but I make a minor edit or two. *Shrug* I get bored. Anyways, so because I’ve made it 10 whole weeks, I want you guys to go all out here! Send as many Qs as you want, no limits! (Not that there were limits last time, but whatever.) Anyways, I get, gonna actually get some sleep.

Ha! I almost had you going! XD Nope! But I’m pretty much calling it a night. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!