Ask the Villains #15,

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Aah I’m sorry it’s so late!! I was doing things all day!

Binary Bard: She played the guitar all day.

Me: It was only 3/4 of the day! I’m still sort of just starting, don’t judge!



Smart Flame to Black Widow and Binary Bard:  How’s Blinary Ward?

Black Widow: And that is…

Binary Bard: I have no idea.

Me: Nothing on Google.

Black Widow: Well then. Why did he-

Me: Aup! *Flushes suddenly* I just figured it out.

Binary Bard: What…

Black Widow: Explain.

Me: It’s a ship name. Pls don’t kill me.

Black Widow: -_- I’m done here. *Leaves*

Me: *waits until she’s really gone* Binary, You ladies man.

Binary Bard: The heck!

(To answer your question, it’s evidently not doing so well.)


Smart Flame to DD: Miranda sings is perfect for you, ever seen her?

Director D: Miranda who?

Me: I’ve listened to the Where my baes at and, um….

Director D: Where my what.

Me: Erm… Bae is supposed to mean boyfriend/girlfriend, but shorter and weirder.

Director D: Oh, so like you and Dr Hare?

Me: *flushes* No! Will everyone stop bringing that up?!

Director D: Probably not.

Me: -_- Whatever. You hafta do watch Miranda Sings now, ok?

Director D: -_- Fine.

(10 minutes later)

Director D: What did I just watch.

Me: Miranda Sings.

Director D: And this Smart Flame thinks she’s perfect for me.

Me: Apparently.

Director D: -_- *walks away*

Me: … Hope Smart has a bunker or something.


Smart Flame to Dr Hare: ELYANVEY is your life now, you must forever sit so I can remind you every second of it. If you don’t I’ll cut off all the carrots in your diet.

Dr Hare: Say what? But… I have work I need to go do…

Me: Da wha

Dr Hare: And I kind of need those carrots….

Me: -_- I need him to help me move stuff. *Sighs* I’ll give you your carrots Harvey.

Dr Hare: *ear twitches* So… I can move?

Me: Yeah, it’s boring without you.

Dr Hare: Um, Ok.


Smart Flame to all: Who/s the worst?

Me: It’s me!

Dr Hare: What?!

Me: I am the all time worst super Villain here. Don’t deny it.

Black Widow: She’s got a point.

Binary Bard: That was easy.

Me: I didn’t want another duel to the death in my living room.


Smart Flame to all again:  I am perfect (not) so give french fries. I need the, I need them. i need them right now, yeah, i need them right now, so don’t let me. don’t let me, don’t let me down, I think I’m losing my mind now.

Director D: What.

Me: *starts humming absently*

Captain Crawfish: What be that chaos?

Black Widow: I legit have no clue.

Binary Bard: That last part’s a song.

Dr Hare: That El is humming to.

Me: *looks up* Hmm?

Dr Hare: Never mind.


Sporty Boa to E: Would you rather live in the woods for a month or up in the mountains for 2 weeks?

Me: Hmm…. Well, technically, since I’m in Idaho, I technically already live on the mountains. But I get what you’re saying. Hmm…. Probably mountains, just cause I’m used to it and cause it’s shorter. But I’m done with trips and camps this summer. I’m just gonna chill.

Dr Hare: Um… You do know school-

Me: Doesn’t get to even be thought of til next week!

Dr Hare: That’s what you said last week.

Me: Crap, it’s Monday. *Sighs* I’ll be in the higher mountains. Call me when winter starts.


Sporty Boa to E: Would you rather go skydiving, or go on a crazy roller coaster?

Me: O_O What sort of devilish options are these?!

Dr Hare: *Laughs*

Me: Um…. Roller coaster I guess?! I can handle turns and all that but the drops….

Dr Hare: You survived those roller coasters we did in Oregon.


Dr Hare: ._. Calm down…


Dr Hare: This is why she couldn’t do the skydive one.

Me: OH GOOD HEAVENS NO. Ya know what, I’ll be in my corner now.


Sporty Boa to BW: Sorry about asking about your parents… I dare you to smile for the entire post 🙂

Black Widow: Eh, it’s fine. Why do I have to smile during the whole post?

Me: Because the almighty Questioners decree it! We must do as they command!

Black Widow: How about… no.

Me: How about… ye.

Black Widow: -_- Do you want me to smile like death does when it’s reaping a victim?

Me: ._. Never mind.


Sporty Boa: What would you guys do if you were lost in space?

Me: They’ve already been in space tho.

Black Widow: I haven’t. Neither has Crawfish.

Me: I meant the nerdy boys. And D.

Binary Bard: Hey!

Dr Hare: Eh, she’s got a point.

Me: What was it like out there?

Dr Hare: Black. Like you were trapped in an endless void.

Binary Bard: And you’re completely weightless, so add a lack of control.

Me: So my worst nightmare?

Binary Bard: *thinks* Yeah.

Me: Joy. So the conclusion is that we’d do pretty much the same thing we always do, except that I would be having a nervous breakdown the whole time?

Dr Hare: *laughs* Pretty much.


Sporty Boa: I dare all of you to do a dance for 1 minute! XD

Me: …*turns on radio* LET’S GO PEEPS!

Captain Crawfish: What-

Dr Hare: May I E?

Me: Huh? Oh! *Flushes* Sure!

Binary Bard: So we just dance?

Black Widow: -_- No. I do not dance.

Director D: I’ll be in the apartment.

Me: Y’all not very good at this!

Black Widow: Aw shut up and dance with your boyfriend!

(Long pause)

Me: I hate you Wid.

Black Widow: *smirks* Love you too E.


Fierce Flyer to DD: If you had a chance to become a hero would you?

Director D: … If it was beneficial to me in some way.

Me: It’s called being an Anti-Hero, if you were wondering!

Director D: A what.

Me: Author girl knows stuffs.


Fierce Flyer to DH: How high can you jump?

Dr Hare: Pretty high. Higher than El at least.

Me: Hey!


Fierce Flyer to CC: How many of your crew members did you force to walk the plank?

Captain Crawfish: -_- None of them. I’m not a bad Captain, just a pirate.

Me: And I’m a spaz.

Captain Crawfish: … So be it.


Fierce Flyer to DH: Why’d you go back to your evil ways in Poptropica Worlds!?

Dr Hare: Erm… I didn’t.

Me: Ooh ooh! Can I do the dimension lecture?! Please?!

Dr Hare: *smiles* Go ahead.

Me: So! There are several alternate dimensions of existence. Ours is Earth it whatever, Harvey’s is Poptropica. And then we have Poptropica Worlds. So it’s technically another form of Harvey here.

Dr Hare: End result is that I haven’t gone back to villainy, but there’s another form of me who is.

Me: And they’re both cute smol fuzzy bunnies.

Dr Hare: Hey! I’m an inch and a half taller than you!

Me: *laughs* I know, I know. Thanks for not being a villain though.

Dr Hare: Welcome.

Me: You know what we should do? Go to Poptropican World’s and meet alternate you!

Dr Hare: *laughs* We said we wouldn’t interfere…

Me: I won’t! We’ll just, you know, hang out, watch, see what happens. It’d be fun!

Dr Hare: Or dangerous.

Me: Or both!

Dr Hare: *laughs* Ok, ok, fine.

Me: Yay! XD



Me: *looks at Dr Hare* You wanna?

Dr Hare: *grins* Oh yeah.

Black Widow: No. Don’t you-


Black Widow: -_- I’m done. *Leaves*

Director D: This is childish.

Captain Crawfish: What is going on?

Binary Bard: Trains?


 DJSakuraStep to Binary Bart (not autocorrect): what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? (lucky, don’t Google it)

Me: Don’t Google it he says. NOW I WANNA GOOGLE IT!

Binary Bard: Well, the swallow-

Me: You know what happened the last time I was told not to Google something?! I did it anyways! Actually, I Googled it before he said not to so… Less guilty.

Binary Bard: *pinches forehead* E, why.

Me: Because it was a weird word and the way he used was weird!

Binary Bard: -_- You have weird conversations.

Me: Tell me about it.

(No I’m not explaining.)


Oh my heck I’m sorry I hafta to sleep now I’m tired plus this is nearly dead here’s the info:

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin.🍀 You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, water, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild, but don’t kill me, please. I have so much to live for…

Ok now I am done time to sleep love you all LuckyWingSigningOutBAIGUYS!!


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