Ask the Villains 17, Fun with Trauma.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So, um, insane crazy day and second post in 3 hours. (Clawtropica) Anyways, I’m gonna cut straight to it since I need sleeps.


Purple Claw to Dr Hare: 

dr hare im ashamed of you this isn’t a diet.

where are all the carrots 😦

you’re grounded son

Dr Hare: 😕 Who is this?

Me: Purple Claw.

Dr Hare: Can I question the “Son” part?

Me: Sure.

Dr Hare: Please explain.

Me: Apparently you and Buren are his sons.

Dr Hare: Wait, Myron Van Buren?

Me: I do not speak of him.

Dr Hare: Why-

Me: *covers his mouth* Because he sucks. Nough said. Sorry PC.

Dr Hare: Mmph.


DJKeikoYokoyama to Binary Barter Kings: What are the limits of your technological knowledge?

Binary Bard: Is that a challenge?!

Me: Oh sweet glory.


DJKeikoYokoyama to Black Widow: What do you think of the nickname Spiderwoman?

Black Widow: -_- No.

Me: *sings/raps* Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does everything that a spider can.

Black Widow: Why.

Me: Because I’m gonna hopefully see Homecoming soon! Whooooooo! Wait, you haven’t gone by Spiderwoman before?

Black Widow: Um, no. Why would you think I had?

Me: *pulls out index card and reads* “The White Widow, the Sand Spider, the Twilight Tarantula, the Creepy Crawly Canvas Criminal, the Evil Eight-Legger, the Art Appropriating Arachnid and the Thief With a Thousand Names!” *Looks up* Because you’ve gone by quite a few.

Black Widow: -_- Why do you have a list of my old nicknames?

Me: Because I can.

Black Widow: You’re weird.

Me: I know.


To Director D: Why did you choose the letter D?

Director D: Because D is a superb letter.

Me: Also it’s what his name begins with.

Director D: *sighs* So help me Elyana, if you say my name, I will personally destroy everything you hold dear.

Me: 😐 Um…

Director D: That includes your sketchbooks.


Director D: Thank you.

Me: *clutches sketchbook and mumbles* Precious…


Sporty Boa to Everyone: Sup dudes and dudettes!

Dr Hare: The sky.

Binary Bard: The sun.

Me: Coupla clouds.

Black Widow: Birds.

Director D: I question you all.

Captain Crawfish: Argh.


Sporty Boa: What’s your favorite season?

Me: Haven’t we done this one? I feel like we have…

Dr Hare: I don’t think so.

Me: *Disturbed* Huh. I have to go check something really quick. *Sprints off*

Dr Hare: Um… Anyways, mine is spring.

Captain Crawfish: Fall.

Black Widow: Winter.

Binary Bard: Summer.

Director D: Autumn.

Me: *comes back, holding a binder* I was wrong! We haven’t done this Q yet, I was thinking of another Q & A. Whoops.

Binary Bard: How many have you ever done?

Me: Erm. *Thinks for a second* Done 2, made up my own for my characters for other stuff, nearly made a 4th… *Pause* In conclusion I have too much time on my hands.

Black Widow: Good conclusion.


Have you ever looked yourselves up on the internet?

Me: Um…




(Back to E)

Me: -_- Yeah, that’s just one example. And they still look themselves up sometimes. It’s slightly annoying TBH, especially since they’re from a kids game and, um… *Lowers voice* Little more innocent than you think.

Dr Hare: *from other room* Hey El, we found a story about us online!

Me: Um, cool!

Binary Bard: What’s Yaoi mean?

Me: O_O HOLY CRAP GUYS WAIT! Be back on a sec! *Runs off*

(And it was from that day on that I set up parental controls.)


Sporty Boa: If you had to dye your hair any color what would it be?

Black Widow: Black.

Me: I declare redundancy.

Captain Crawfish: Brown.

Director D: -_-

Me: Green or purple.

Dr Hare: Pink?

Me: It’s already pink though…

Dr Hare: Yeah, but it’s not actually dyed.

Me: Really?

Dr Hare: Well, yes. You see, the accident that turned me into a rabbit hybrid mutated my hair pigment genes as well as turning me into a rabbit.

Me: Ooh.

Black Widow: English please?

Me: His hair mutated pink.

Black Widow: You could have just said that.

Me: What’s the fun in that? 😜


Sporty Boa to CC: Do yo know any modern- day slang? like lit, dope, ect.? lol

Me: …

Captain Crawfish: What do”lit” and “dope” mean?

Me: Promise me you’ll never use the ones that are drug reference again and I’ll teach you modern day slang.

Captain Crawfish: 😐 Ok?

Me: Sounds great.


To DD: Ever thought of being a detective? Detective D sounds pretty cool!

Director D: Hmm. I never thought about this.

Me: You could be a Psychic Detective.

Director D: Beg pardon?

Me: 😐 PSYCH 4 LIFE! *runs off*

Director D: 😕 Alright then.


Red Rider: what is your opinion on the robot jibo? Look him up on HE’S SO CUTE I CANT EVEN I WANT ONE SO BAD!

Black Widow: Sounds cool.

Captain Crawfish: It reminds me a bit of Mordred here.

Binary Bard: I’m indispensable though. Right?

Director D: Mmm hmm.

Me: *eyes get really big slowly* I LOVE IT. CAN WE GET ONE.

Binary Bard: Says the girl who hates robots.

Me: No, I just don’t really get along with female ones. This is different.

Dr Hare: So how do you get along with male robots?

Me: *Blushes lightly* Generally fine. I don’t really like the male Siri,, but whatever. I like this Jibo!

Dr Hare: So, wait-

Me: *covers his mouth* LATER!

Black Widow: *smirking* Well this is interesting to watch.*



Kat Girl To BB:
1. Does Whitney scare you?

Binary Bard: No one scares the Binary Bard. Not even E, who’s hiding behind that chair. (Nothing happens) Um… Or not. Never mind. *Starts to walk off*

Me: *jumps up from behind a desk* RAWR!

Binary Bard: *jumps* Holy grommets! E!

Me: *laughs* Gotcha sucker!


2. What are the ups and downs of a metal face?

Binary Bard: Upsides are that it doesn’t hurt if something hits you in the face. Downsides are metal detectors and if it’s magnetic.

Me: Wait, it’s magnetic?! *Pulls a magnet out of her pocket and grins evilly*

Binary Bard: Don’t you dare.


3. What is your favorite invention?

Binary Bard: I would say the computer interface was extremely helpful when creating my inventions. I feel-

Me: Translation, computers are cool. You’re welcome.


To CC:
1. What do ya think about Pirates of the Caribbean?

Captain Crawfish: I haven’t been to the Caribbean yet, so I don’t know.

Me: … It’s a movie.

Captain Crawfish: Oh. *Pause* Argh.


2. Don’t you agree that people come up with ridiculously terrible pirate jokes?

Me: How do pirates know that they’re pirates?

Captain Crawfish: Because we plunder people and-

Me: Because they ARRRRRRRRR!!!!

Captain Crawfish: -_- Why.

Me: *sniggering*


3. Ever been to Hawai’i? 

Captain Crawfish: I’m currently in a landlocked state so, not yet.

Me: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?!

Captain Crawfish: A parrot?

Dr Hare: A carrot!

Me: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! *High-fives him*

Captain Crawfish: -_- I’m done.


To BW:
1. Who’s your favorite artist of all time?

Black Widow: Myself.

Me: Give an actual answer child.

Black Widow: I’m 9 years older than you.

Me: Answer.

Black Widow: *sighs* I like the classics, especially Da Vinci.

Me: Makes sense. Did you know he was an inventor too?

Black Widow: Kind of.

Me: *gasps* We should go meet him!

Black Widow: Meet who?

Me: Leonardo Da Vinci!

Black Widow: *crinkles nose* What, go to the PopArt Museum?

Me: No, back in time! I have an idea!

(Seconds later)

Lucky Wing (RoP): No, I will not let you use my pocket watch to travel back in time to meet a famous artist.

Black Widow: Aw…

Me: We won’t break the time-space continuum too much!


2. What is ur opinion on digital art?

Black Widow: It’s pretty cool. I’ve never done it, but I’m a traditional artist myself.

Me: Same, but I wanna drawing tablet!

Black Widow: *sighs* Comic strip artist.

Me: Paint fanatic.

Black Widow: What’s wrong with that?

Me: What’s wrong with comics?

Black Widow: … Fair enough.

Me: Thank you.


3. Who’s more annoying, BB, or DH?

Black Widow: Hare.

Dr Hare: *gasps overly dramatically* You don’t like me?!

Me: *echoes the gasp* How dare you!

Black Widow: -_- You know the only reason you’re not my pick is cause you’re not in the options.

Me: *does an even more dramatic gasp* HOW DARE!

Black Widow: -_- I’m done. *Walks off*


To DD:
1. Since the ‘turn everyone bald’ thing didn’t work, would you rather have hair than a toupee?

Director D: Yes.

Me: 😐

Director D: You think I like this?

Me: No.

Director D: Then I don’t understand your surprise.

Me: That was a little less composed than your usual self. Also please don’t kill me.

Director D: -_- Why would I kill you?

Me: Erm. I don’t know…. Just please don’t?

Director D: *sighs and pinches forehead* I… Just go. Just… Go.

Me: Out.


2. If you DID make everyone bald, what next? Facial hair on women?

Director D: Are you mocking me?

Me: Are you gonna make me bald?!

Director D: What?

Me: No, you’re gonna make me grow a beard! *Gasps* That’s your plan!

Director D: *raises eyebrows* What are you talking about?

Me: I want to keep my hair normal! Back off!

Director D: -_- *sighs* Next Q then.


3. Which is cooler, bowties or tuxedoes? (I opt for the first)

Director D: They are both “cool” in my opinion.

Me: Send you’ll probably never see me in either.

Director D: -_- Why.

Me: … I’mma girl tho…


To DH:
1. Is it OK if I write a book about you? ( This is the last time I unconsciously take a bet from my brother.)

Dr Hare: Uh, yeah! Sure! I’d be OK with that!

Me: *Peeks head up from behind couch* Am I in it?

Dr Hare: *pats her in the head* Sure.

Me: Yay.

(Random Harvey is random.)


2. What’s your favorite part about being a rabbit?

Dr Hare: Um… It’s honestly kind of a pain sometimes. I can’t really go out in public or eat meat and, you know, have freaking bunny ears.

Me: *walks by* But he’s still a cute smol bunny.

Dr Hare: … Cuteness factor.


3. When you turned into a rabbit, why pink?

Dr Hare: Well, I explained it earlier, it mutated the pigments, so now my hair is pink and eyes are baby blue.

Me: *playing video games* Your eyes are blue?!

Dr Hare: Yeah…

Me: Huh. It’s hard to tell with your goggles. So what color were they before?

Dr Hare: I had green eyes.

Me: *pause* Huh. That’s cute. *Flushes and drops remote* I MEAN COOL!

Dr Hare: ._.

Me: I’m going to go die of shame now. *Leaves quickly*

Dr Hare: Um, Ok?

(Awkward E is awkward.)

To E:
1. Is Lucky annoying? Cuz Whitney sure is.

Me: Nah, Lucky’s great. If anyone’s annoying in our relationship, it’s me. Anyways, she’s really sweet and helpful, even if she is a bit lost with technology.

Lucky Wing RoP: I’m not that bad…

Me: Sorry.


2. If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be, Harvey, or art? DUN DUN DUN………….

Dr Hare: That’s a weird question.

Me: Well I’d… *Pauses* Um… Holy cat… Harvey or art…. I can’t decide!!

Dr Hare: ._. Oh.

Me: I’m freaking out here! I can’t pick one or the other! I hafta have art AND Harvey! *Blushes* Holy cat that came out weird.

Dr Hare: *goes red* OH.

Me: I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’ll just leave ok sorry *runs off*

Dr Hare: *bright red* Um. Ok. Not sure what she picked. But OK then.


To LW:
1. If you could design a new island, what would it be like?

Lucky Wing RoP: Oh, I suppose I would create an island in which I would be able to adventure with my friends the whole time, as well as it would be intellectually stimulating.

Me: And people accuse me of talking weird.


2. Is E annoying? Cuz I sure am! *grin*

Lucky Wing RoP: Sometimes she can be, but for the most part, she’s rather fun to have around.

Me: Yay. I have a purpose.

Lucky Wing RoP: Please tell me it’s not being annoying.

Me: Um… No. Unless you want it to be.

Lucky Wing RoP: No.

Me: Ok.


Binary Hawk to BB: do you remember shooting me in the face with a laser gun? You’re lucky I haven’t pounded you yet. Most likely cuz punching a metal face hurts. I figured that one when I got mad at myself and almost dislocated my fingers….. Then I got a metal hand so…. meh……

Binary Bard: O_O WHOA WHAT DID I DO?!

Me: She just said. Please tell me you didn’t, I’m tired of this paperwork.

Binary Bard: Then maybe you shouldn’t have become a Villain-in-training.

Me: No regrets. So you shot a girl in the face with a laser?

Binary Bard: *head in hands* I have no memory of this.

Me: Hmm. Yay, more paperwork. My fav.

Binary Bard: So that’s why she became a villain.

Me: I no longer trust you or Harvey with lasers. I’m gonna go tell him that now.

Binary Bard: OK then. It


That was fun! And… Over 2000 words long. No complaints here.

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