Sad announcements

No, I’m not dead!

Neither is Harvey!

You morbid humans.

Anyways, Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. I’ve had kind of a crazy day and have kind of bad news.

It’s called school.


OK, not really, I should probably explain at least a little. So if you didn’t know, I’m a high schooler. I’m a junior (Technically) and that means CHAOS. Like, more than my actual life I mean. It’s fun sometimes, but my Lucky Wing luck isn’t always good luck. My day kinda sucked today, but tomorrow is always better, right? I hope so. I just ranted out all my feelings in another blog post that I will probably never post. (When your day sucks so bad that your rant is over 500 words and your hand is pure pain. #RELATABLE) Anyways, I need to go sleep, but basically, what this means is that I’m not going to be on as much, I’ll be in class a lot. However, when I’m in off time, I’ll probably be more focused as a result. (But focused on what? IDK.) Anyways, sleep for me. I hafta wake up early. Lucky Wing signing out bai guys.



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