Executive Monday stuff. (Yay)

Dr Hare: El? *Knocks on door*

Poptropica: *opens door* Hi Mister Hare!

Dr Hare: Oh, hey Pop. Where’s El?

Poptropica: She’s upstairs, I can get her.

Dr Hare: That’d be good.

Poptropica:  *calls upstairs* Miss E! Your boyfriend’s here!

E: Wha- WHO?!*comes downstairs, holding a giant stuffed rabbit*  Oh! Hi Harvey.

Dr Hare: Uh… hi. Nice rabbit.

E: Eh? Oh, right. *Holds it up* I was shopping with my aunt, grandma and cousin and I got too attached to a stuffed animal. It’s name was Lucky, but that was my sister’s idea, so it’s name is Techno. You like it?

Dr Hare: Yeah, it’s nice.

E: I kind of bought it for Pop too, but he might have to leave so…

Dr Hare: Yeah…

Poptropica: So are you guys gonna do something?

Dr Hare: Right, got distracted, sorry. *Shuffles unconfortably* Are we doing the AtV today?

E: I was sort of planning on it, but I was also wondering if we should wait so Pop get’s more Qs.

Poptropica: Did anyone send me a Q?

E: I don’t think they have yet…. *Pulls out phone and starts flipping through notifications* Nope, nope, nope- *Freezes* And… not really? *Shoves phone back in pocket, blushing furiously* It’s good. But don’t worry Pop! You get to answer our questions with us!

Poptropica: Oh. Ok. *wanders off*

E: Also they should hurry because we have a child and he wants more Qs.

Dr Hare: That sounds weird when you say it like that.

E: I meant the Poptropica child! We’ve only got a few days, then we might have to send him to Vampi.

Dr Hare: Alexa?

E: Yeah. *Sighs* I can’t keep track any more, I’m old and senile.

Dr Hare: I’m still older than you.

E: I’m still nuts, what’s your point?

Dr Hare; Fair enough.

E: I haven’t decided if I want really want to send him home. He’s such a sweet kid!

Dr Hare: Yeah, he is.

E: Anyways, so I was thinking, Halloween is on a Tuesday, maybe we should just move them all to Tuesday just in case! But you said you had plans and I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to if you don’t want to.

Dr Hare: No, I’d be Ok with that.

E: Alright, I’ll tell the blog. You want to stay for dinner?

Poptropica: Do you want to stay forever?

E: Uh… We watched Mulan, just the two of us. He’s just quoting, aren’t ya bud? *ruffles his hair*

Poptropica: Yeah. But he can stay, I’d be Ok with that.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Yeah, I’ll stick around for now, just for the kid.

Poptropica: Yay!

E: Awesome possum!

(I’m too lazy to write an actual post, enjoy our fabulous conversation.)