New thing!

HeyGuysLuckyWingHere and guys! There’s something new on Pop Worlds.

I know practically nothing about it.

😅 Honestly, I only know about it because of my YouTube notifications. They pretty much sum up the whole thing.

So I got these yesterday and here about what happened.


Me: Whaaaaaaaat?! A new island?! Yay, BT is alive! I wanna play it so bad!

*Goes downstairs*

Me: Mom, can I make a video or something?

Mom: We’re going someplace and you have homework.

Me: Shoot.

Then I checked my YouTube on the phone to see what it was.



Y r u calling

At any rate, I sent my sisters on an information gathering spree. Basically, they had to figure out what it was without spoiling the island. (I just ran in while they were both in computers and shouted “There’s a new island!” They were more than willing to find out.) The island is called Dr Hare’s Revenge, it’s the beta version, there’s apparently a new movement… thing (I dunno, but pumped!) and…

It’s membership only.


See, I don’t haaaaaaave Membership per say? I’m being cheap currently and I’m planning on buying it for my channel later in time. For now? I’m being cheap and lazy, sorry guys. (Though there is a chance my mom gets it for me for Christmas or my birthday, lol.)

So… Yeah. In conclusion, I have no idea what the island has in it, I just know that there’s a new one.

And I have first post on it yes!

Lucky Wing signing out bai guys!!


5 thoughts on “New thing!

  1. Wait, hold up… If I remember correctly, doesn’t Pop Original membership port over to Pop Worlds? If that’s the case, I’ll try it out on my profile sometime this weekend and if it works, I’ll let ya temporarily try it out!

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