Ask the Villains #24, Point A to Point B and back

Black Widow: I just realized I haven’t seen E in a while.

Director D: Alright.

Black Widow: That doesn’t mean anything good.

Dr Hare: What makes you say tha-

E: *bangs open the door* HEY GUYS we have some mystery guests!

Black Widow: See what I mean?

Dr Hare: Is that why you were gone the other day?

E: Heck freaking yes it was! See, you remember that thing I said I needed to email Vampi about?

Dr Hare: Yes.

E: Well, 2 dimensional jumps later, I brought guests! I showed up on their Q&A with Pop, so now they’re over here to do this weeks AtV!

Dr Hare: So you went on a extremely dangerous dimensional journey, risking your life despite the fact that you’re basically defenseless and if you die about 16 dimensions are thrown into chaos.

E: Maybe?

Dr Hare: And you don’t invite me?!

E: *laughs* I would have if I could have. We’re trying not to cause any more potential dimension rifts.

Binary Bard: Do they have another group of us?

E: They do actually! They were pretty cool, but you guys are my peeps.

Poptropica: It was fun!

Dr Hare: Was there an alternate form of you?

E: Pretty sure, but I didn’t meet or mention her. I thought about-

Black Widow: Enough nerd talk, who are the mystery guests?!

E: Right, sorry, sorry.

Itch: That aside, WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

Alexa: Itch! Now’s not the time.

Nephri: But let’s get into it, nya! I can’t wait!

E: Here they are.

Dr Hare: Oh.

Alexa: Yup. I’m Alexa, to the right of me is Itch, aka the one who drops fridges, and to the left of me is my girlfriend Nephri.

E: You guys started dating? I suppose that should have been obvious.

Alexa: Yep. But let’s start.

E: Yup. You know who my peeps are, so I don’t have to introduce, right?

Poptropica: That’s Mister Harvey, that’s Miss Charlotte, That’s Mister Crawfish, that’s Mister Mordred, Mister D and you know Miss E!

Alexa: Miss Charlotte…? *sighs* Nagdabbit, I’ve gotta give Blackie a piece of my mind when we get back for not telling me that.

E: It’s probably different between dimensions, IDK.

Black Widow: Is this why you called me Blackie last week E?

E: Maybe. I plead the fifth.

Itch: I plead the 27th… Wait, which one is that again?

Alexa: Doesn’t matter. Shut it unless you’re needed.

Dr Hare: Wow… it’s always so cool to meet people from AUs!

E: That’s what I am. Bro.

Dr Hare: I know. But we haven’t been to a lot of dimensions, so I think it’s cool when we-

E: It’s fine man. I’m gonna go find my cloak, brb. *Walks off*

Itch: TBH, I wish TAS followed us so he could pass the time with the Jeopardy theme.

Binary Bard: Who’s TAS?

Alexa: *sighing* My mute baby bro. He uses soundboards and text to speech a lot.

Dr Hare: Wow, that’s cool. I haven’t met anyone mute before, but I think El has…

E: What, no I haven’t. Minus TAS I mean.

Dr Hare: Your cloak’s in my room, I hung it up.

E: Thanks.

Nephri: What’s this about a cloak, nya?

E: I have this black cloak and it’s majestic and I think I left it over here before I went to your place.

Alexa: Sounds neat. Anyway, shall we begin?

E: Yeah, I’ll just find it later.


Purple Claw: captain crawfish broke my heart :,(

E: I’m so sorry PC. My deepest condolences.

Alexa: I am sorry as well…

E: Someone stop me wanting to ship this pls.

Alexa: Trust me, E. Nobody would want to stop a shipping boat from sailing. The only thing that can destroy them are the author icebergs.

Itch: Right about now, TAS would be doing something about the Titanic theme, knowing him.

E: No Titanic. I don’t want to feel obligated to actually watch it.

Nephri: Duly noted, nya…

E: And I don’t wanna…. So onto the next Q!


DJAlexaHattomi To E: are you hype for the mlp movie

E: Frigg yeah! I got pony fever. *Does little dance*
Alexa: Heck yeah! Which pony do you think will appear first?

E: Pinkie Pie,easy.

Alexa: I wanna see Vinyl first, but I’m betting 5 bucks to myself that won’t happen.

E: Vinyl has to be in it tho.

Alexa: Exactly. If she’s not, I’m suing Hasbro for a dollar.

E: We’re getting extreme in here peeps!

Itch: Wubba lubba dub-

Alexa: *puts his hand over Itch’s* No.

E: *laughs*


To everyone: who here watches teen titans go

Alexa: Geez, I kinda wondered why I asked this Q to begin with…

E: Probably cause I asked you guys about Miraculous Ladybug. Which incidentally someone should ask me about. *coughs subtly*

Alexa: Touché. So, who besides my group does?

E: Uh… I don’t, sorry. I watched like half an episode once, but that’s it. Anyone else?

Black Widow: I don’t usually watch TV, except art shows and YouTube.  

Dr Hare: Nope, sorry.

Director D: I don’t watch TV.

Captain Crawfish: Watch what?

Binary Bard: Busy with my other show.

E: Guess not. Sorry bro.

Itch: I mean, I figured Crawfish wouldn’t, but… Wow.

E: I’m usually the one who infects them with these things and I don’t watch it so… my bad.

Itch: Probably gonna need to disinfect my brain with The Night Begins to Shine when we get back after hearing that.

E: Because I infect my friends with cartoon show loves?

Alexa: Not entirely sure. But whatever. Next Q, I guess.

E: Next Q.


to Black Widow: parallel universe question, but are you interested in relationships

E: *Shoves Black Widow towards Alexa and runs off*
Alexa: E, you daughter of a Hawaiian pizza…

Black Widow: What the heck El?!

E: This is revenge! Also I’m a fangirl, dunno what you guys expected. *Hides behind couch*

Alexa: Well, you could’ve at least told us.

Nephri: Now I’m mad, nya. And you won’t like me when I’m mad, nya.

E: I do gut instinct things. I still totally ship you and Alexa, Neph, I just wanted to torture Wid a little. Because clearly she’s been so generous to me!

Black Widow: I stopped shipping you aloud, chill out.

E: -_- Why are you like this.

Itch: Note, never take Nephri to parallel universes again.

E: I take back my ‘No Regrets’ scream on Discord Saturday.

Itch: Next Q. This is getting out of hand.

Alexa: But I never even got an answer!

Black Widow: I’m vaguely interested in someone, but not with this guy. I don’t even know him E.

E: This was a bad idea. I’m gonna go hide under someone’s bed now.

Alexa: Vampi texted. He said he’s got spare room under his bed, but to excuse the smell of Szechuan sauce.

E: Tell him thanks, but Harvey’s is closer! *Runs off*

Dr Hare: Wait, what?! El, wait!

Binary Bard: Were you hiding something under there or something?

Dr Hare: Not exactly…

Alexa: Definitely not hiding more Szechuan sauce. And in 3… 2… 1…


Alexa: Called it. Neph, you know what to do.

Nephri: *nods, going to Itch and clawing a tally mark on Itch’s neck* Alright, number 21, nya!

Dr Hare: What the heck?!

E: Waif, where did you say my cloak was? *Comes back in* Did you guys scar my friend?

Alexa: Note, remind Itch to step down on the R&M references.

Dr Hare: I’m a little scared now.

E: *Waves in front of his face* Aaaaaaayee….

Alexa: Vampi asks if we can please go to the next question now…

E: Right. *Whacks Dr Hare on the arm*

Dr Hare: Ow!

E: Sorry, sometimes it helps. To the next Q!


to everyone: nya? nya!

Nephri: *bouncing on her heels*

E: NYA~ *Puts on cat ear headband*

Alexa: *takes two cat-ear headphones, forcing one on Itch* And in 3, 2, 1…

Nephri: *screams “NYA~!” very loudly*

E: ._. Wow.

Dr Hare: My ears are ringing.

E: Sorry.

Dr Hare: What?

Alexa: I don’t know how I can feel these things happening from a mile away… Am I psychic?

E: Worth investigating.

Dr Hare: I can’t hear you guys.

E: Not at all?

Dr Hare: What?!

E: Hmm…. Idea. *Walks out*

Itch: Hmm… I think I have a solution… *Itch walks up to Dr. Hare and moves his arms around, Alexa live translating it to “Do you know sign language?”

Dr Hare: What?!

Itch: Guess that’s a negative.

E: *come back in holding up a whiteboard* How much of my crap did I leave over here, geez. *Writes “We’ll get this sorted, don’t worry.”*

Dr Hare: Uh, OK. *Smiles weakly*

E: On the plus side… I can do things without him hearing for a little while.

Alexa: Like reveal your feelings about him?

E: My… *blushes* Oh. Gosh, no. I mean, I don’t have feelings! I mean for Harvey! Well, friendship, but not, uh, I mean! Oh gosh…

Itch: I find that contradictory, but it needs no concern now.

Dr Hare: Why are you blushing El?

E: I don’t know!! You can’t even hear me, why am I- Ugh! I’m going to go scream into a pillow now.

Alexa: *as E walks away* How much you wanna bet we’ll need the headphones again, Itch?

E: Don’t make me come in there and cream you with the pillow.

Itch: I’m trained in Shaq Fu, you probably won’t even hit me. Neph will probably claw open the pillows-

Alexa: Stop over-analyzing things. You ruin the mood.

E: *Comes back in, still blushing* I’m good.

Itch: Next Q?

E: Please.

Dr Hare: What is happening?!

E: *writes on board “nothing, next Q”*


Bendy Flyer to all: What is the most annoying song you’ve heard?

Alexa: By far, Hampsterdance. Most annoying song I’ve heard, 10 outta 10. Vampi says any meme song that hasn’t been memed a hundred thousand times already.

E: Uh… Huh, I’m sort of the annoying one sometimes, so I tend to be the one who screams The Little Einsteins theme song willy nilly until Kix whacks me with a book folder. So… hmm, I hafta think on this.

Nephri: Nyan Cat, nya. It may be annoying, nya, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like it!

Itch: I dunno. Probably that one Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.

E: I think I’ve heard that. *snaps fingers* Got it! Bad Romance, Lady Gaga. Stuff of my nightmares that song.

Alexa: Agreed. Lady Gaga kinda sucks, in my opinion.

E: I don’t disagree with that opinion.

Alexa: Good. I’m ready to hear the Villain’s thoughts on this.

Binary Bard: Uh… Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.

Dr Hare: This might sound weird, but Heathens gives me the creeps.

E: Thank you!

Alexa: I mean, Heathens is kinda cool to Itch. Not too big a fan of the artist though. The only good song they ever made was Stressed Out.

E: I liked Ride. Not Heathens. At all.

Dr Hare: Same.

Alexa: Arguments about twenty one pilots aside, what else do people think is annoying?

Black Widow: Love me like you do.

Director D: All Star.

E: Killjoy.

Alexa: But that’s the best meme! Eh, whatever. I’m down for next Q.

E: To ze next Q!


To CW: Because you didn’t answer my question for all… HOW OLD ARE YOU???

E: He’s 62.

Captain Crawfish: I am not!

Alexa: I’m 15, Itch is 17, Nephri’s 16, Vampi says he’s as old as the average of the age of everyone in our universe that isn’t a Poptropica villain. So about 18.

E: Mine is a surprise to none, I’m 16. But in actuality, Crawfish is like 38, right?

Captain Crawfish: Yes.

E: Yay.

Alexa: My guess, Wid’s probably in her 20s, same with D and Hare.

E: Yeah, I think we covered that last week.

Alexa: Oh. Should’ve read that.

E: XD Yeah, it’s fine. It was Harvey’s birthday so…I still haven’t gotten anything.

Alexa: Not for your birthday?

E: No, haven’t gotten anything for him, my birthday’s ages away. Ish.  Well, I mean, I guess I got him carrots, I guess, but I wanted to get something more meaningful.

Itch: *trying to hold back a smile*

E: What?

Itch: Nothing…

E: -_- What is it.

Alexa: Trust me… It’s nothing… *also trying to hold back a smile*

E: What… Just tell me, seriously.

Nephri: You liiiike him, nya… *also holding back a smile*

E: *blushes furiously* What?! No!!

Itch: Go ahead, confess. Not like he can hear. *his hand’s behind his back, pressing the record button on his arm tech*

E: *Totally bright red* No! I don’t… know… if… *sighs* Ya know what?! Fine.

Nephri: What, nya?

E: *goes redder* Maybe I do have a crush on Harvey, but I’m not telling him, k?! Just no!

Itch: Oh, I promise I won’t tell him. *he hits the stop button on the tech behind him, and puts his arms back to his sides*

E: Hope you’re all happy, geez… I don’t usually follow through with crushes, k? It’s embarrassing.

Alexa: No worries. We all have embarrassing moments…

E: My life is embarrassing moments, I just draw a line somewhere. I’m not telling him and I have no plans on extending this. He probably likes someone else anyways.

Alexa: You never know. Harvey, did you hear all this?

Dr Hare: *walks in* What? Did I miss something?

Alexa: Exactly.


Alexa: Ugh. Vampi texted saying Mizana needs us back home. Nephri’s due for another mission with the team.

E: We should do the conclusion and whatnot, I’ll go grab it.

Alexa: Alright. Itch, set up the transporter. *she starts messaging back Vampi*

Itch: Already done.

E: And here I was thinking we’d have to send you back ourselves. That’s a relief.

Nephri: Ready to hear it, nya.

Alexa: Actually, Vampi texted me back saying Mizana wants us NOW. Time to go.

E: Aw, Ok. I’ll polish up here!

Itch: *presses a button on a remote, making a green portal appear on the floor, and showing a trampoline in the backyard on the other side* Later, guys! *everyone jumps through, and the portal closes*

E: Bai guys!

Dr Hare: See you!

E: They have a trampoline.

Dr Hare: So do you.

E: It’s more fun with multiple people though.

Dr Hare: Fair enough.

E: That was fun though. We should do more crossovers more often.

Dr Hare: *rubs ears* Yeah, but next time, less yelling I think.

E: Heh, sorry bro.

Dr Hare: *smiles* It’s fine, it’s not your fault.

E: Yeah, but still. Anyways, we have to cover a couple things from last week.

Black Widow: Like that rejection story.

E: I hate you.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: It’s nothing! Just a stupid story! What I was going to ask about was what people said about keeping Pop around or not. Where is he anyways?

Dr Hare: Um…

Poptropica: *runs past, wearing a black cloak* Whooooooooooo!!!

Dr Hare: Found him.

E: Found my cloak too. If he becomes an evil Villain, I’m blaming you.

Dr Hare: *smirks* Whatever Lady Voldemort.

E: Pff, please. Anyways, so… *pulls out phone* I think we had a bunch of people do the little poll, that’s good.  *Taps screen* Oh. *Tears up* Oh wow.

Dr Hare: What?! What did they say?!

E: They wanted him to stay. *Looks up* All of them.

Dr Hare: Oh that’s great! *Hugs her* Congratulations!

E: *flushes* T-thanks. We didn’t even tell him…

Dr Hare: *lets go* Right! *Calls* Poptropica!

Poptropica: Yes?

Dr Hare: How’d you like to stay with us a little while longer?

Poptropica: Yes!


Dr Hare: *smiles* Would you look at that. She-who-never-cries is crying.

E: Oh shut up. I’ll post the info.

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Dr Hare: No more dimension jumping for now. Remember Japan?

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