The Winner… S?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! I’m here to finally announce the winner of the Header Contest!


I’m really sorry this took so long. I keep getting sick and I’m swamped in homework. I’m really sorry! I’m working on it, promise! Anyways, to the headers! So if you didn’t know about this, it was pinned to the top of my blog for a month (I really should have taken it down, geez.) and was exactly what it sounded like. A blog header contest for my blog!

Header contest… Thing.

That’s it. It technically ended in September, but someone did ask me if they could send in a late entry! I said yes, duh. But the great thing about this is since then…




After much SHOCK….

Anyways, I should get to the point. I got 3 entries and I loved them. Loved. Them. They are beautiful. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut….

I can’t decide.

I’m sorry! For the life of me I just can’t! I loved them all so much so… I’m thinking I might have to let you guys decide.

Random Viewer: So you’re substituting a poll for your lack of time?

No, and if you say that again, so help me I’ll kick you to New York. I actually can’t decide. So yes, I am doing a poll. I’m not saying who made each header (Yet) so we can avoid prejudice or something, so yeah.


Here are the 3 header options. I tried to put them directly into the poll, but it didn’t like me and I didn’t know what I was doing. So… ye.




Ye boi

I still can’t really decide which one to do! XD It’s down to you peeps! Do ze poll! Enjoy! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!