Ask the Villains #25, I don’t wanna name it…

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! OK, before we start this AtV, you need to see this to understand the phone call conversation. So…. check this out.

Lairs or liars 1

Featuring the fabulous Bendy Flyer and Sporty Boa!

So… Naturally I called the guys and Wid.

(On the phone)

E: Hey guys.

Black Widow: What.

E: Did the 4 ppl call work?

Binary Bard: Hi.

Director D: I am here.

Dr Hare: What’s going on?

E: Not much, but I have a question for guys!

Black Widow: I’m leaving.

E: No you’re not! Get back here!

Black Widow: *Sighs* Fine…

E: So I had this discussion with a couple of friends online, OK?

Binary Bard: I’m not sure what I think of this.

E: Hush. Anyways, so the question of the hour is… *Coughs importantly* Villains: Liars or Lairs?


Black Widow: What.

Dr Hare: Um, well, I’d like to think of myself more on the “Lair” side. Now D, D is totally on the Liar side.

Director D: What are you implying?

E: Bro. You’re known as the biggest traitor in Poptropica.

Director D: Fair enough. Continue.

Binary Bard: Uh, I’m more “Lair” too, but what about Black Widow?

Dr Hare: Um…

E: Well, technically I think she’d be on the Liar side too, because of the police officer jaunt.

Black Widow: Are you really taking this seriously?

Dr Hare: Have you seen Wid’s old lair?

E: True. I still question how she kept that up.

Binary Bard: She had the money for it, trust me.

E: Makes sense.

Black Widow: I’m done. *Beep!*

E: *laughs* Whoops. I’ll be over soon enough for the AtV. Tell Pop I say hi! See you peeps so! *Beep!*

Binary Bard: … What just happened?

Dr Hare: You learn to roll with it.


E: you’re welcome for the whole CandE thing – vampi 

E: I think we have 3 people to blame for that. Me, the Google Keyboard and you for making me use it. Admitibly, I love the name. But still.

Dr Hare: Candy?

E: *Spells it out* C a n d E. *Thinks* That also spells “C and E” now that I think on it… Holy crap!

Dr Hare: What-

E: C is my brother’s nicknames! OMC Illuminati confirmed!

Dr Hare: Crazy?

E: Ye.

Dr Hare: Oh, ok. Can I call you CandE?

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: Sweet.



Dr. Hare: How many carrots can you eat in one sitting, nya? -Nephri

Dr Hare: I don’t know.

E: Do you want to find out?

Dr Hare: Kind of?

E: I’m in! I’ll go buy some or something. IDK, I’ll figure it out, be back in a sec! *Runs off*

E: Can we not?

E: Nah, we can watch Miraculous while we wait!

Dr Hare: Stop making it tempting!

E: Nu!

(Your number is an entire bag. I don’t know how much that is though, sorry.)


Everyone: What’s this about alternate world Japan? -Alexa and Itch

E: Oh that? Pff, You guys can head, Harvey and I can handle this Q.

Binary Bard: But…

Dr Hare: You guys weren’t even there!

E: Let the professionals take the stage people.

Black Widow: Uh huh, whatever. I heard what you said last week by the way.

E: *beat* What.

Black Widow: Last week, when those other guys were over. Remember? If I remember correctly, the cat girl was saying something about “You liiii-”

E: *goes beet red* No! I mean, What? No. You’re hallucinating.

Black Widow: *holding back a smirk* Knew it.

E: I don’t know what you’re talking about… You guys better leave tho.

Black Widow: Fine, but we need to talk later. *Smirks*

E: -_- Out.

Dr Hare: What was she talking about?

E: Uh… Just… Something she overheard me telling Alexa, Itch and Neph. It’s really nothing important.

Dr Hare: It sounded kind of important…

E: *flushes* It’s not, really.

Dr Hare: Wait. Are you trying to become an super villain again?

E: What? Nah, why?

Dr Hare: Phew! You sort of have a child to take care of, I figured you’d want to be there to raise him.

E: Oh. Right. Uh… What was the Q about again?

Dr Hare: Japan.

E: Sweet glory, I got so distracted…

Dr Hare: *laughs* We really did.

E: *giggles* My bad, sorry. Anyways, Japan! Technically, alternate universe Japan.

Dr Hare: It was like this strange mix of Poptropica and E’s universe.

E: I assure you this is Earth. Like, actual Earth. Long story, anyways, we did some kids a favor in this alternate PopEarth, one thing led to another and next thing we knew we were in ancient Japan!

Dr Hare: It was a lot of fun. We had a good time.

E: I think I got a picture with us in the kimonos. It was epic, though I do question how my phone worked…

Dr Hare: It still was fully functional, there was just no service.

E: Fair enough. But anyways, we ended up having a lot happen after that, we got arrested for all of 30 seconds, there were ninja, something about a dragon…

Dr Hare: Wouldn’t it be mean ninjas?

E: Ninja. Trust me, I’m the Ninja Nerd.

Dr Hare: I’m not sure being a fan of Ninjago counts…

E: Oh pish!  You learn some things after obsessively Fangirling over it. For 6. Long. Years.

Dr Hare: Wow.

E: It’s been a while. A fun while albeit, but still. But yeah, anyways, we had a fun time in Japan. You have have heard about it a little, I wanna see who gets it. *winks at camera*

Dr Hare: Gets what?

E: Long story, I’ll tell you some time. Anyways, so that’s the ancient Japan trip in a nutshell. Whee. *Jazz hands*

Dr Hare: Lesson learned. Be careful when traveling through dimensions.

E: Also make sure the cool down time isn’t about 3 days. That version of Japan is one of the nicer places we’ve been.

Dr Hare: Remember that detective kid?

E: I’d rather not.


Everyone, from TAS: table vs chair, who would win

E: I would.

Dr Hare: No, you wouldn’t.

E: It hurts because it is true.


Red Rider to everyone: 1. Do you watch miraculous lady bug

E: *Laughs* I’m a huge fan, clearly. My friends at school love it too! I really like the dynamics of the love square and how well it fits in with the story! There’s a ton of action, a good amount of romance (mostly) and it’s just epic! Like the T? The other one says Lady, for LadyNoir, ya know? I gave it to someone tho, not saying who, but keep an eye out for it. *gives the camera a finger gun*

Black Widow: What the heck E.

E: What?! Maybe I should have given you the shirt…

Black Widow: I don’t watch that show.

E: Well you SHOULD Miss L’araignée!

Black Widow: I’m sorry what?

E: Iz French.

Black Widow: I know French, stop using Google Translate.

E: Miraculous is French.

Black Widow: It is?

E: Well yeah. It’s a French show. Some of my friends actually watch it in French with subtitles.

Black Widow: Weird.

E: So are my friends. Anyways, it’s set in Paris, about 2 teens who get powers and have to save the world on a practically daily basis while trying to juggle their daily lives and their crushes. On each other. But… It’s complicated. You’d really hafta watch it…

Black Widow: -_- Fine… Just one episode…

E: Yay! I did a good thing today!

Black Widow: Sure. Let’s go with that.



E: Well, we’re doing what we can! We had to call a normal week this week and I already promised something I’d do it with them next. Don’t worry Red, I can’t wait to do a round with you! To pretty much everyone else, if you want to do some with me, by all means contact me! I might not be able to do it right away or even for weeks, but I’ll figure something out! I think. *Looks down at paper and sighs*

Black Widow: *leaning against door MframworkThahersoun even to me.

E: Yup. I sound like a make up ad. Harvey!

Dr Hare: What?

E: Can we go blow something up now?

Dr Hare: Sure? I guess I’ll go set up. *Heads into garage*

E: Sweet stuff!

Black Widow: *smirks* Did you just call him Sweet Stuff?


Beautiful. (I was in a hurry, sorry.)

E: No. I hate you.

Black Widow: No you don’t.

E: See if I ever tell you about a crush again.

Black Widow: Uh huh. With any luck, you won’t need another crush.

E: You’re a bad person.

Black Widow: Reformed evil Villain honey.

E: I still hate you.

Black Widow: No, you don’t.


Dr Hare: *pokes head back in* What’s going on?

Black Widow: My work here is done.

E: *head in hands* Can we blow something up now?


Bendy Flyer to all: What is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20? No calculators and you all have uh 45 seconds!

E: Oi, Binary!

Binary Bard: What?

E: Human calculator aren’t allowed, k? You’re disqualified.

Binary Bard: -_- Fine…

Poptropica: I don’t wanna do math… *Walks off*

Black Widow: I’m with the kid. *Follows*

E: Uh uh uh um calculating…

Dr Hare: I think it’s…

E/Dr Hare: 210!

*Long pause*

Black Widow: *smirks* Uh huh.

E: Shut it you.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing. *Shoots Black Widow a look*

Black Widow: Totally nothing. At least, it might be.

E: -_- I hate you. You’re a bad person.

Black Widow: Mmm hmm.


To all(again): How long do you guys sleep? 

E: Ha ha, what is this thing you call sleep?! *Laughs, then sighs dejectedly* I’m dead inside.

Dr Hare: I sleep alright, but E… Less so.

E: Sleep is either my mortal enemy or my greatest friend. Depends on if it’s after midnight or no.

Black Widow: I sleep ok.

Poptropica: I sleep alright, but I wish Miss E and Mister Harvey would let me stay up later…

E: I’m not subjecting you to the torture I have inflicted upon myself.

Dr Hare: Maybe when you’re older.

Poptropica: *pouts*

Binary Bard: I’ve needed less sleep since I became a… You know. *Points at face*

Director D: I suppose I sleep alright.

Dr Hare: Like a cat more like. He’s such a light sleeper, you can’t even sneak past his door!

E: Aye, I remember that day. *Sighs* And I never tried to pull an all-nighter at their house again.

Dr Hare: You feel asleep in my desk at 2 in the morning.

E: I was kind of close.

Dr Hare: Please never do that again.

E: Fine… But it was woooooooorth it.

Dr Hare: *smiles* You keep telling yourself that.

Black Widow: Just wait til you get to college. Hoo boy.

E: Aw… Maybe I’ll come and live with you guys full time when I go to college.

Binary Bard: How about… no.

E: *laughs and rolls eyes* Thanks, love you guys too.

Black Widow: We’re already hoping we don’t get kicked out ya know.

E: Bleh.


To all(last time!): Vote for a one of you guys, but not yoursleves! Tell me who got the most votes! 

E: Ooh! So it’s like a vote to see who we all like the most! Minus ourselves because 5/6ths of us will pick ourselves.

Black Widow: Who’s the 1/6th who wouldn’t?

*E and Dr Hare raise their hands*

E: … Well… Ne’er mind. 2/3rds. Anyways, we could all write down who we think is the coolest most bestest besides ourselves down on a slip of paper and then I could read them.

Black Widow: Eh, ok. But then couldn’t you be able to tell everyone wrote what?

Binary Bard: Right! Because of their handwriting?

E: I don’t know your guys’ handwriting that well. Touched you think I would tho.

Black Widow: *sighs* You’re welcome.

Poptropica: Do you know mine?

E: I… Yeah! Sure kiddo!

Poptropica: Yay!

E: Sweet! Go grab the others then, let’s do this!

(10 minutes later)

E: So looking at the votes… *Rifles though the papers* Da da dun da da… *Looks up at Black Widow* You suck.

Black Widow: Eh?

E: *sighs* Ok, so we have a tie, actually.

Binary Bard: How?!

E: We got 1 for you, 2 for Widow, 1 for D, 2 for me and 2 for Harvey.

Black Widow: What.

Binary Bard: That doesn’t add up though.

E: Someone wrote two names. *Gives Black Widow another look*

Director D: Who voted me perchance?

Black Widow: Me.

E: What? Then who wrote… Wha… Oh never mind, I give up. 3 way tie, I’mma figure it out later. I’m doing the next Q… *Walks off*

Black Widow: *high fives Poptropica* Nice job kid.

Poptropica: *grins* Thank you!


To DD: Because you don’t seem to be related to an animal, what is your favorite animal?

Director D: I am not sure. A cat, I suppose.

E: NYA~ *runs off*

Director D: -_- What.

(Hope you’re proud of me Neph, I have done thy work.)


White Hawk the awesome cyborg of awesomeness: to BB: 11101110001111001111110011101100011111???

Binary Bard: That… Does not compute.

E: Dude, if you’re not understanding Binary, I swear you will never live this down…

Binary Bard: It’s not normal words though.

E: Here, write it down. I speak fluent Gibberish.

Binary Bard: *writes it down and holds it up for her to see*

E: … Dude.

Binary Bard: What?

E: You. Are a ladies man.

Binary Bard: I am not!

E: I’mma leave now…


To CC: Your daughter(ish) says you get seasick. Is that true?

Captain Crawfish: She does?

E: I can explain!

Captain Crawfish: *thinking aloud* Aye… I haven’t spoken to Bonnie in a while….

E: *completely thrown off* Wait what?!

Captain Crawfish: What?

E: You actually have a daughter?! In this dimension?!

Captain Crawfish: Argh, that I do. She lives on the mainland of Skullduggery.

E: Why didn’t you say anything?!

Captain Crawfish: Most Villains don’t have children ye know.

E: Most of them are, like 20! *Sighs* So… Wait, does that mean you’re married?

Captain Crawfish: Argh, I was…

E: Oh… Sorry.

Captain Crawfish: It’s fine lass.

E: I want to meet this Bonnie though.

Captain Crawfish: I’m sure you would get along great.

E: *writes on arm* Go… 2… Skulldug. Do your Q.

Captain Crawfish: I haven’t gotten sick since me first pillaging at age 12.

E: Ooh. Cool. Argh.


DD: Fave food.

Director D: Spaghetti.

E: Same fam.

Director D: *raises eyebrows* Ayyyyyyy…

Director D: What are you doing?

E: Being a living meme. You?

Director D: *sighs*

E: Ye


Lucky: Do you like gameshow? JW.

Lucky Wing (RoP): What does JW mean?

E: Just wondering.

Lucky Wing (RoP): Wondering about what?

E: -_-

Lucky Wing (RoP): Oh… I curse the day you people invented text speak.

E: You’re not the only one, but I love it. Answer thy Q!

Lucky Wing (RoP): Alright, alright. Well… I’m not actually sure if I’ve been there.

E: Eeh hee hee hee. That’s my bad, again. You should go though, it’d be fun.

Lucky Wing (RoP): I’ll think about it.

E: You should doooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit….

Lucky Wing (RoP): I’m retired.

E: *Hangs upside down* No you’re naaaaaaaaaaawt….

Lucky Wing (RoP): Who have you been talking to?

E: Many people. Why?

Lucky Wing (RoP): I mean why are you talking like that?

E: Oh. That. That’s my RP friend’s fault, I guess. We were talking last night.

Lucky Wing (RoP): Does she always talk like that?

E: It’s a guy. And yes. Yes he does.

Lucky Wing (RoP): *Pauses* You talk to men?

E: What the heck, Yes I talk to guys! Why is that so hard to believe?!

Lucky Wing (RoP): I thought you swore off dating.

E: I… *Sighs* Sort of? I still talk to guys, I’m just as a general rule not interested in dating.

Black Widow: Don’t tell Dr Hare that.


Lucky Wing (RoP): Beg pardon?

Black Widow: Well, it just so happens that E here…

E: No. I only told you because you made me, I am NOT accepting this crush and the minute I admit it again, I will have!

Black Widow: I don’t think that’s how it works.

E: It is!

Lucky Wing (RoP): I hate to say it, but I think your friend is right E.

E: *Slumps* Guuuuuuuuuuuuh I hate you all. I’m not accepting the fact that I have a crush.

Black Widow: Good luck with that.

E: I hate you.

Black Widow: No you don’t.

E: I quit life.


E: R we allowed to ask Pop Qs?

E: Well, yeah. Why wouldn’t you be able to- HOLY CRAP

Poptropica: What is it?

E: I didn’t put that in the info/descrip! Aah! *Hugs him* I’m a terrible parent.

Poptropica: It’s OK.

E: I’m a terrible parent.

Poptropica: No, you’re not.

E: I feel like I am tho… I’m so, so, so, so sorry.

Poptropica: Momma, you’re fine…

E: This is why you haven’t been getting any Qs… Ugh… This is all my fault.

Poptropica: It’s OK! She gave me a Q, right?

E: Yup.

Poptropica: Can I go do it?

E: Yeah, yeah, sorry.

Poptropica: It’s OK. Love you.

E: Love you too.

(SO THAT’S MY BAD SORRY GUYS -E the editor person)


To Pop: Noice overalls! Where did you get them?

Poptropica: Thank you! They’re my lucky pair! I guess I got them from where I came from. Plus now it’s got a green patch on the knee! *Points*

Dr Hare: Who put that on?

E: Me. I has skills.

Poptropica: I don’t always get to wear them though, Momma says I can’t wear them to bed…

E: You can’t wear the same pair of pants non-stop, trust me.

Poptropica: *Pouts*

E: Aw come on kiddo, you look cute in your PJ pants…

Poptropica: *Pouty face* I am not cute!

E: *Smiles* If you say so…


E: … Pop, how long have you been playing video games tonight?

Poptropica: Dunno.

E: What, didn’t Harvey give you a limit or something?

Poptropica: Nope.

E: Dangit, HARVEY!

Dr Hare: What?! Did something catch fire again?!

E: No. At least I don’t think so. You didn’t set up a time limit for how long Pop plays video games?

Dr Hare: I thought you did.

E: *sighs* Nope. I didn’t.


E: It is hard trying to raise a child in two home.

Dr Hare: Yeah…


Poptropica: Then why don’t you get married?

E: *blushes crimson* Sweet glory. Child, I’m 16!

Poptropica: But you love Mister Harvey. Isn’t that why people get married?

E: *presses palms against her eyes and mutters* Oh this hole is so deep rn. *Sighs* Pop, who have you been talking to?

Poptropica: What do you mean?

E: *flushes* I… Never mind. I’m too young to get married. Harvey and I aren’t even dating.

Poptropica: Why not?

E: *pauses* YEAH, I’m done. *Turns to Dr Hare* Your turn. Good luck.*walks away*

Dr Hare: Wait, what? Where are you going?

E: To go dump a bucket of cold water over my head! *leaves*

Dr Hare: …. Um, Ok? *Looks down to see Poptropica staring at him* Hi.

Poptropica: So why can’t you marry Momma?

Dr Hare: *Blushes* Uh…


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