The final results!

A whole year and I STILL can’t write titles diddly-squat. 

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! We’ve had a ton of stuff going on at the blog, so now it’s time to finally post who won the header contest methinks! So, if you don’t know what’s going on….

Go read this post gosh darn it. The Winner… S?

So the results weren’t actually visible to the public, and I made it that way on purpose! It’s a bit more nerve wracking if you can see the whole thing if you ask me. If you didn’t know, the 3 people who entered were….


Whitney Hawk


Purple Claw


And Sporty Boa!

Thank you all for these amazing headers, but there can only be one winner! (Sadly) So… the results were pretty close, but one was in the lead for most of the time, even if not by much. And that winner was….

The suspense is killing me here.

The winner is PURPLE CLAW!!! Congrats my friendo! Your prize is… I didn’t have a prize, didn’t I? OK, I mean, minus the fact that I’m going to put it on the top of my blog for probably forever. So… Ye. Virtual hug for the PC. Also major congrats to Whit and Sporty! You guys actually TIED on second! That has literally never happened over here. (Albeit I haven’t done very many….) You guys will also get a prize! (Ish) I do use things like headers in other places too, like that poll I did Thursday! (Click the link if you haven’t done it. Don’t retake it if you have pls!) So I will be using those headers in various places, don’t worry! I will send you your virtual hugs shortly! Let me know when you want those! I’m sorry this post is short, but I’m working on homework today. Plus side I’ll be on Discord for most of the day to deliver the hugs. So… ye! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!