Executive Monday stuff. (Yay)

Dr Hare: El? *Knocks on door*

Poptropica: *opens door* Hi Mister Hare!

Dr Hare: Oh, hey Pop. Where’s El?

Poptropica: She’s upstairs, I can get her.

Dr Hare: That’d be good.

Poptropica:  *calls upstairs* Miss E! Your boyfriend’s here!

E: Wha- WHO?!*comes downstairs, holding a giant stuffed rabbit*  Oh! Hi Harvey.

Dr Hare: Uh… hi. Nice rabbit.

E: Eh? Oh, right. *Holds it up* I was shopping with my aunt, grandma and cousin and I got too attached to a stuffed animal. It’s name was Lucky, but that was my sister’s idea, so it’s name is Techno. You like it?

Dr Hare: Yeah, it’s nice.

E: I kind of bought it for Pop too, but he might have to leave so…

Dr Hare: Yeah…

Poptropica: So are you guys gonna do something?

Dr Hare: Right, got distracted, sorry. *Shuffles unconfortably* Are we doing the AtV today?

E: I was sort of planning on it, but I was also wondering if we should wait so Pop get’s more Qs.

Poptropica: Did anyone send me a Q?

E: I don’t think they have yet…. *Pulls out phone and starts flipping through notifications* Nope, nope, nope- *Freezes* And… not really? *Shoves phone back in pocket, blushing furiously* It’s good. But don’t worry Pop! You get to answer our questions with us!

Poptropica: Oh. Ok. *wanders off*

E: Also they should hurry because we have a child and he wants more Qs.

Dr Hare: That sounds weird when you say it like that.

E: I meant the Poptropica child! We’ve only got a few days, then we might have to send him to Vampi.

Dr Hare: Alexa?

E: Yeah. *Sighs* I can’t keep track any more, I’m old and senile.

Dr Hare: I’m still older than you.

E: I’m still nuts, what’s your point?

Dr Hare; Fair enough.

E: I haven’t decided if I want really want to send him home. He’s such a sweet kid!

Dr Hare: Yeah, he is.

E: Anyways, so I was thinking, Halloween is on a Tuesday, maybe we should just move them all to Tuesday just in case! But you said you had plans and I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to if you don’t want to.

Dr Hare: No, I’d be Ok with that.

E: Alright, I’ll tell the blog. You want to stay for dinner?

Poptropica: Do you want to stay forever?

E: Uh… We watched Mulan, just the two of us. He’s just quoting, aren’t ya bud? *ruffles his hair*

Poptropica: Yeah. But he can stay, I’d be Ok with that.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Yeah, I’ll stick around for now, just for the kid.

Poptropica: Yay!

E: Awesome possum!

(I’m too lazy to write an actual post, enjoy our fabulous conversation.)




Happy Birthday to Pop!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So hey! It’s been 10 years of Poptropica!

Random Viewer: You’re still late. It’s not even September any more.

SHH! It is too! In… Washington!

Random Viewer: Not really.

Yeah, well it’s only 10, er, 11 in Alaska! So there!

Random Viewer: Are you just using that as an excuse?


Shut up.

Anyways! So I finally decided to celebrate! I mean, if Pop is 10 years old! Which is… Younger than me.

I’m old.

Anyways, you could get a free hat, but I’m not sure if you can anymore. I got one.


Credit to the actual Poptropica Blog for this picture, because it’s late, I’m tired and I haven’t touched the computer all day.

Yay. Monkeys. (Sweet glory I hate monkeys.) At any rate, I’ve been thinking about what to do for this and honesty, I don’t know. So I’m just pulling stuff outta nowhere… I’m efficient. Anyways, 10! That’s double-digit-BIG! I remember my tenth birthday…

I think that’s when my great grandma’s funeral was.

Wow. Depressing.

But, seriously, if Pop were human, he’d be a little 10 year old! If it were a guy. I think it would be, TBH. But IDK, we’ll never know. Anyways-

I hope it looks good

Text: “Scuse me miss, can you help me?” “wut” (Please take the time to behold this picture, I put in some good detail. Also my knee-high shorts and knee-high boots. Cause I refuse to care sometimes.)

E: What the hay there is a child in my home. I mean, hi. Who’r you?

Kid: I’m Poptropica.

E: Wut.

Poptropica: Who are you?

E: Uh… E? Who put you up to this, Harvey? No, it was Binary, wasn’t it?!

Poptropica: No.

E: *pauses* Really?

Poptropica: Yeah…

E: *pauses again* Well cat. Did someone make you or was there a portal or what?

Poptropica: *confused* What?

E: Never mind, not important. What’s important is that I currently have a child in my house who doesn’t live here and is actually a video game! And that makes no sense!

Poptropica: *even more confused* What?

E: I’m calling my friend, give me a sec. *Pulls out phone, dials, then puts it to ear*

Dr Hare: (on phone) Hello, Dr Hare speaking.

E: Hi, I know you, there is a child at my house.

Dr Hare: *pause* What?

E: Geez people, this isn’t rocket surgery.

Dr Hare: It’s rocket sci-

E: I know, I know. Point is… Um… I think I did something bad. But the kid is nice. Help.

Dr Hare: You need help even though the kid is nice?

E: Yes. No. The child is fine.

Poptropica: I do have a name.

E: Fair enough, he says to tell you his name is Poptropica.

*Long pause*

Dr Hare: I’ll be over in 5 minutes.

E: Ok, Bai.

Dr Hare: See you soon.

E: *Hangs up* Ok, sorry, had to call an expert.

Poptropica: Who was that?

E: Just a friend. Who hopefully knows what he’s doing.

Dr Hare: *walks in* I generally don’t.

E: Well, that makes two of us.

Poptropica: How… But… You’re mine, right?

Dr Hare: Did I just get called someone’s by a ten year old?

E: Dang, is there something I don’t know about Harvey?

Dr Hare: -_- Ouch.

E: Kidding! Do you think we can send him home?

Dr Hare: Us? No, not until Monday. Tuesday. Ugh, I had plans for Tuesday…

E: Why not?

Dr Hare: *gives her a puzzled look* Um… You of all people should know about the recharge time on the inter-dimensional sorter.

E: Right, my bad. I thought it’d be recharged by now.

Dr Hare: Nope, sorry.

Poptropica: What?

E: Random science gibberish. In short, we won’t be able to get you home for a few days, but you can stay with me or Harvey if you want!

Dr Hare: Uh… Probably not my place. It’s a crowded apartment full of once-evil villains, remember?

E: Fair enough. Ooh, idea moment!

Dr Hare: Uh oh.

E: My idea moments are perfectly safe! Most of the time! Hey kiddo, you want to be part of a Q&A for a day?

In short, kiddo said yes, he’s camping at my place, it was fun to explain to the parents… Heh. So yeah, I guess little Pop here is going to help us answer the Qs this week! Feel free to send him some Qs too, here or wherever, though I might need to move the AtV to Tuesday again, so you guys have time…

Poptropica: Can I go to bed now?

The internet never sleeps kid. Anyways, kid’s right, I need sleep. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


Do what you love, love what you do.

-Somebody smart