Ask the Villains #35, After Christmas Day

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, coming to you live from Washington, here I am trying not to die coughing! (Did you know the pollution in Washington is worse than it is in the part of Idaho where I live? Now you do. Also dust sucks.) Anyways, AtV! I texted Harvey the Qs, so it’ll be mostly the squad over there, plus a little speakerphone shenanigans. Hope you enjoy!


Purple Claw to bw: do you suck the blood of flies and mosquitoes? :0

Black Widow: No. No, I don’t.

Director D: Shame. It’d have helped with summer bugs.

Black Widow: First off, that is disgusting, second off, it’s winter.

E: *on speakerphone* You went to camp with me, I had a bug bite in the middle of my forehead. Tell me how much I like insects.

Black Widow: *sighs* You don’t like them, but they don’t disgust you. You only told me about a million times.

E: Darn right.


fizzlesnoofson to everyone: Do you guys play video games? If so, which is your favorite?

E: *on speakerphone again* AY! It’s this guy!

Dr Hare: Who?

E: He was reading all my AtVs, now he’s caught up! Yus, people actually read my stuff! *Does a victory fist pump*

Black Widow: You have problems.

E: Thank you for noticing. Yes, I play a lot of video games. I can’t play them as much as I’d like, due to the parental restriction of not letting me play video games for 4 hours straight, but I like Poptropica, obviously, Minecraft, Xbox is preferred, pretty much all Mario games that I’ve played(which is many), PvZ heroes, cause yeah, Pixel Dungeon, I beat that once, trying to again, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the Lego Star Wars for the original 4-6 movies. It’s one of the first video games I’ve ever played…

Black Widow: That was way too detailed.

E: You’re way too detailed.

Poptropica: I like playing Super Mario World and Mario Kart!

Dr Hare: Which one’s Super Mario World?

E: It’s on my Super Nintendo from like the 90s, also a huge part of my childhood. I taught him that one.

Binary Bard: I thought you were born on this side of the century.

E: I am. My parents weren’t.

Binary Bard: Ah. Well, I like basically whatever I can play.

Dr Hare: Um… I like Mario games, Zelda games, Overwatch, Minecraft, and… Honestly, whatever I can play, yeah.

Black Widow: Nothing here.

Captain Crawfish: What?

E: Where’s D?

Black Widow: Don’t know.

E: Lovely.


To E: How many AU versions of yourself are there?

E: Oh, many and varied. Let’s see… *counts on fingers* Ele, Lucky, Elenor, Eva, Echo, Eli… I need to talk about when we met Eli at some point, that was fun.

Dr Hare: I liked Eli, yeah.

E: And who am I forgetting…? Violet, maybe, Ella, Erica, Elyana, Elyana, El, a different Lucky… And… Eve.

Dr Hare: That’s who it was, wasn’t it.

E: What?

Dr Hare: That girl we met caroling.

E: Oh. *silent for a minute* Yeah, it was.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Yeah… That’s why I freaked…

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, I understand.

E: Yeah… ANYWAYS! Technically, I haven’t met them all, not by a long shot. Heck, you know Vampi’s universe? Haven’t met her there. Or him. Or them. Heck, I dunno. That’d be interesting.

Dr Hare: If we ever get the dimensional problems sorted…

E: You never did tell me what was happening there.

Dr Hare: I’ll tell you when you get back.

E: You’re putting it off…

Dr Hare: Well, I… Um…

E: Eh, it’s fine, I don’t mind.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Well if it ain’t gonna blow us up in the next week, I think it’ll be fine.

Dr Hare: Yeah, it won’t.

E: Ok, good!


To BB: Do you have a human heart, or robotic power source keeping you alive?

Binary Bard: I have a human heart which, obviously, powers my human side, but I also have a power source to allow my robotic side to have power as well.

Dr Hare: Yay science. I don’t have anything funny to say, sorry.


To LW: How do you feel about getting Qs? I know E says it’s okay, but do you ever feel inconvenienced or happy when you get them?

*Through a 3 way video call*

Lucky Wing: I actually don’t mind people asking my questions. I do wish E would continue publishing the stories we worked on, so people can know a bit more about me.

Dr Hare: You both worked on those?

E: Well… I didn’t exactly know all the details of what happened to her… Since I wasn’t there…

Lucky Wing: *laughs* Yes, we did. We’re still working on them now, trying to get all the details sorted. It was certainly interesting.

E: Fun to write…

Lucky Wing: Less so to experience.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Life’s an adventure!

Lucky Wing: That it is.


To BW: Totally on board for operation Harveyana. 😉

Black Widow: *winks* I’ll add you on the group chat.

Binary Bard: Please don’t.

Black Widow: Why not?

Binary Bard: Trust me, as admin to the group… Well, let’s just say, I’ve seen things…

Black Widow: Oh. Well, anyways, glad we have people onboard.

Binary Bard: Yeah, pretty much.


Sporty Boa to Everyone: 1. What do you think lurks at the bottom of the ocean?

Captain Crawfish: The kraken.

Dr Hare: Um… What?

Black Widow: Let’s just go with that. Next.


2. Do you think plants have feelings?

Poptropica: Yes! And if you’re really nice to them, they’ll grow!

Binary Bard: I am thinking Steamworks. So yes.

Dr Hare: What is happening.


3. If you decided to grow a garden, what would be in it?

Poptropica: Momma says the last time she tried to grow plants, she discovered that her windows were tinted. But I’d like to!

Dr Hare: Carrots!

Black Widow: Well that was a no-brainer.


To DD: 1.What do you wear when it gets cold?
A tux?

Director D: It’s cold right now. I am still wearing this. There you go.

E: 20 degrees outside isn’t that cold.

Director D: Maybe not in Celsius.

E: I don’t use Celsius.

Director D: Exactly.

E: It’s not that cold, cheese and crackers.

Dr Hare: Says the woman who’s lived in frigid Idaho for years. It’s 15 here right now.

E: Fine, I guess it’s cold. Ish.


2. Where in the world have you been??

*Binary Bard is holding the phone currently*

Director D: Well, I’ve been rather busy setting up preparations for a rather secret organization.

Binary Bard: You’re setting up your spy organization again?

E: He’s visiting his girlfriend.

Director D: I am not.

E: Video calls count too.

Director D: -_-

Binary Bard: Whoa, wait, what?

E: Plus, I’m pretty sure you’ve been visiting her.

Director D: You don’t know that.

E: *smirks* Maybe I do…

Director D: Excuse me?

E: You know I text her, right? We’re in contact.

Director D: … *leaves*

Binary Bard: I’m scared now. How much do you know about us?

E: *winks* Author rights.

Binary Bard: Wait a minute, then why don’t you know about Hare’s crush on you?

E: -_- Oh whatever. He totally doesn’t like me like that.

Binary Bard: My goodness.


To DH: Can you explain why you kidnapped and mind-controlled little children to work for you?

Dr Hare: Heh heh… funny story, actually.

E: I’m laughing hysterically.

Dr Hare: Sorry…

E: It’s fine, just joshing you.

Dr Hare: Ok, phew. So, these 4 kids. Magic Socks, Crazy Comet, Sleep Bird and…

E: Why must you make me suffer.

Dr Hare: *laughs*

E: Shy Sky. I almost always brutally slaughter her name, I’m terrible with tongue twisters. Anyways, these 4 kids…

Dr Hare: Right! So they broke into the factory on some dare. That’s illegal if anyone was wondering.

E: And we cared about that so much at Hare Inc.

Dr Hare: El’s just bitter.

E: Yes. Yes I am. It’s also how we met the first time, if you were wondering.

Dr Hare: I honestly don’t see the fun in breaking into an abandoned factory! It’s just a factory!

E: I needed somewhere to sleep, cut me some slack.

Dr Hare: *laughs* I haven’t killed you yet.

E: Aw come on Harvey. You wouldn’t do that. You love me.

Dr Hare: *flushes suddenly* W-what?

E: *pauses* I was being funny, sorry. Too far?

Dr Hare: *covers face* You’re fine.

*Awkward silence*

E: I… I probably oughta…

Dr Hare: I… Well, I guess we should finish up…

E: Yeah…


If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, kiss, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall BURN DESTROY you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (I am known by many names…) on Discord or whatever and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that from the first sentence. The main 6 7 people to ask are: Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, El, Elyana, argh argh argh argh this is the ballad of Badbeard, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game who is currently living with me and the guys! (SEND MY CHILD Qs) Plus Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams(*cough cough*), candy canes(Merry freaking Christmas), crushes, ships, hair, opinions, Poptropica, rocks(DO ROCKS), pancakes, experiences we’ve had, Webcomics, never have I ever, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica(the game and the person, and or)… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Or homework. Then I’ll reschedule or something. (LET’S JUST HOPE THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN, OK?!) Ask away!

E: So I hope you guys liked today’s semi-shoddy AtV! It’s been a little crazy with me in Washington, but we’ve been getting by.

Dr Hare: Yeah. When are you going to be back?

E: I dunno, Saturday? There were discussions of a dance, but I might just be tuckered out. We’ll see.

Dr Hare: *ears droop* Oh, ok.

E: Don’t worry, I’ll still text you and what not! I just… Won’t always be able to and… Yeah.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok…

Black Widow: Are you talking to E?

Dr Hare: *nods*

Black Widow: Put her on speakerphone, I want to talk to her.

Dr Hare: Um, Ok. E, are you Ok with being on speaker?

E: I wasn’t before?

Dr Hare: That’s a yes?

E: Apparently.

Dr Hare: *puts the phone on speaker* Here she is.

E: Hi world.

Black Widow: Just me today. You made it there OK then.

E: Yup, no thanks to the roads that tried to kill us. Multiple times.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?!

E: It was fine, we were fine, it worked out. What did you need to ask?

Black Widow: Why didn’t you two kiss last night?


Dr Hare: *speechless*

E: What.

Black Widow: I saw you two last night. Under the mistletoe. *Smirks* You should have gone for a kiss. I think the fans were disappointed.

Dr Hare: Well… Um… What…

E: I-I-I… I dunno what you’re talking about.

Black Widow: Uh huh. *Sighs* If only…

E: SO I need to go guys!See ya bai! *Hangs up*

Black Widow: *smirks* Figures.

Dr Hare: *blushing* Wid why…

Black Widow: I don’t think you two realize how cute you are together. Plus, I’ve seen how you look at her.

Dr Hare: *goes redder* W-what do you mean?

Black Widow: *smirks again* You can’t deny it.

Dr Hare: I… Don’t know what you’re talking about!

Black Widow: Uh huh.

Dr Hare: *huffs and walks off*

Black Widow: Figures. Those two will never learn.



Writermas 2017, the one we’ve all been waiting for, 12

You guys because it’s mistletoe, me because I’m tired.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Merry freaking Christmas y’all! So… I’m tired! Let’s just get to it!


E: *kicks open door* HOWDY HOWDY EVERYONE!

Dr Hare: *looks up* El? I thought you had family in town.

E: I did, they left yesterday. So yeah. Here I am! *Smiles and shuts the door* How’s it going over here?

Dr Hare: I don’t think Pop is awake yet, but-

Poptropica: *runs in, still in his PJs* Did Santa come?!

E: Hey kiddo! *Ruffles his hair* Yeah, I’m here for a minute, then I gotta head out.

Dr Hare: Head out?

E: Yeah, the family’s going out of town. I wanted to take Pop with, or maybe even… Well, anyways, it was too last minute, I didn’t want to bother you.

Poptropica: What about the AtV?

E: I’ll vid call or text we’ll figure that out. It’ll be Ok squirt, we got this.

Dr Hare: How long is it going to be?

E: Well… I think about a week?

Dr Hare: Oh. Wait, if this the family who lives in Washington?

E: Maybe. Ok, yeah. We should gifts tho, we don’t have much time!

Dr Hare: That’s not a verb E.

E: Never let that stop me before! *Sits down on the couch* Come on over guys! Where are the others?

Black Widow: *walks downstairs, yawning* What’s all that noise?

E: Merry freaking Christmas to you too! Come unwrap presents with us!

Black Widow: … Ugh, fine. *Comes downstairs*

E: Yay! I hate to push, but let’s just start! I gotta go in a minute.

Black Widow: You know it’s like 6 in the morning, right.

E: It’s a 13 hour drive in good weather, we wanted to get there this side of the century.

Dr Hare: Anyways…

Poptropica: Presents!

We had a lot of fun opening presents. Pop didn’t get a ton of gifts, but I could tell he loved every one of them. The others trickled downstairs, yawning. We had all gotten each other at least something, (Widow made a comment on putting together a Secret Santa next year, if there was a next year) and we had fun unwrapping. Harvey loved the scarf I had made him.

Dr Hare: You made it yourself?!

E: Yup! Hope it’s the right size!

Dr Hare: It’s perfect! *Hugs her* Thank you so much!

E: *flushes* Aw, it’s not that good. Pop, how’d you like your gifts?

Poptropica: They’re awesome! Thank you Momma! And Santa!

Black Widow: Santa?

E: Trust me, he’s real. Lucky met one of his reindeer.

Binary Bard: You still contact Lucky?

E: Well, yeah. You wouldn’t contact another version of yourself?

Binary Bard: Seeing as I have never met any, I wouldn’t know.

E: Fair enough! *Looks at watch* Eep! I gotta go! *Stands up* Love you guys, bai! *Heads out the front door*

Black Widow: She forgot her phone.

Dr Hare: Oop. Here, I’ll give it to her. *Grabs phone and heads after her*

Black Widow: *smirks* Here’s where it gets interesting.

Captain Crawfish: What?


Dr Hare: *pokes head outside door* Elyana!

E: Eh?

Dr Hare: *holds up her phone* You need this?

E: Aah! *Runs over* Yes. Yes I do.

Dr Hare: *hands it to her* That was almost bad.

E: That was almost really bad.

Dr Hare: Yup. So how long are you going to be gone?

E: Like a week.

Dr Hare: Oh…

E: I’ll text you, don’t worry! *Holds up phone* Because now I can.

Dr Hare: *laughs* Yeah.

E: I’d better get g- *looks up and stops abruptly*

Dr Hare: What?

E: *points above the door frame wordlessly*

Dr Hare: Is there a- Oh.

*There’s a spring of mistletoe above the door*

E: “Oh” is just about right.

*Awkward silence*

Dr Hare: So… Go our separate ways and never speak of this?

E: *still staring at mistletoe* Um… Yeah. *Looks at him* You’re Ok with taking care of Pop?

Dr Hare: Yeah?

E: And you liked the scarf?

Dr Hare: I loved it, yes. Why-

E: Good! *leans forward, kisses him on the cheek* Merry Christmas Harvey! *Runs off*

Dr Hare: *stunned*

Poptropica: Are you Ok?

Dr Hare: Fine! *Turns and shuts the door* What’s up Pop?

Poptropica: Nothing! *Smiles* Merry Christmas!

Dr Hare: Yeah… Merry Christmas.


The end of Writermas 2017! Whoo!

Crap, now what do I do with my life.

Oh yeah, be in freaking Washington!

So I wasn’t kidding, I’m in Washington RN! I was traveling all day today! (Minus a little to open presents.) I’ll post a picture or 2 while I’m here, I got time and phone! (Thankfully) I honestly won’t be on for as much as I’d like, but I’ll do what I can! I also haven’t been on Discord in 2 days. *Sad* Anyways! I love you guys and MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS Y’ALL! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: Merry Christmas to you too Bug, you stalker you. XD

Writermas 2017, #11, scarves

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Happy Saturday! (Dangit I wanna read my Mondo Mango why is it not out) So I’ve had some family in town and they’ve been having some fun sledding and stuff, since they live in Hawaii. I say they because I haven’t anything.

Because I’m sick.

One day I’ll get over this. So anyways, it’s been pretty fun in the Wing household. Then I’m going out of town soon… Hoo boy. I’ll post on that later. (The beauty of auto publish shall be my Ally.) So here we go! I got a story for y’all! It’s a bit short, but it’s cute in my opinion. Featuring the AtV squad! Well, a couple of us. Hope you enjoy!


Poptropica: Momma, can I go outside and play?

E: *looks over from her book* Yeah, sure. Don’t forget a scarf though, it’s pretty cold.

Poptropica: Ok! *Runs off*

I glanced outside. The snowman was still there. Weird. I stood, stretched, then walked over to the coat closet. There was a few scarves in there, but not enough. I pulled one out from behind another coat. It was a mix of turquoise and teal and way too small for me. I smiled. My mom had made it for me when I was in 4th grade. I remembered how nervous I had been. Pop wasn’t nearly as anxiety ridden as I was as a child, that was nice. But maybe it was time to pass the scarf down.

Poptropica: *runs back in* Momma, I still need a scarf!

E: Yeah, come here, I got one.

Poptropica: Ooh, it’s nice!

E: Ok Pop, this scarf has a story, K?

Poptropica: It does?

E: When I was your age, I didn’t ever want to leave home, not even for a few days. I was scared. So my mother made me this, so I knew she’d always be with me. *wraps the scarf around him* Now, I know you’re not like that, you’re a brave kid. But I want you to have this, Ok? Just so you know I’m always with you.

Poptropica: *smiles* I know Momma! That’s why I’m not scared! *Hugs her and runs off*

E: *completely speechless*

Dr Hare: *walks in* Uh… Are you OK?

E: I did not deserve this child.

Dr Hare: Oh whatever. Do we have any extra scarves lying around?

E: Don’t think so.

Dr Hare: Huh. Remind me to get one after Christmas.

I remembered what I had made him for Christmas. A bright green scarf I had crocheted myself.

E: I can remind you of that, yes.


WOW OK, THAT WAS SHORT. Why? I wrote this and it was too good to change and I didn’t want to try and add more, so how you enjoyed this little snippet!

I felt guilty that Pop haven’t gotten a story featuring him. Behold my video game child.

Incidentally, this is true. I do have that scarf. It’s apparently somewhere in the abyss of my house, since I couldn’t find it, but it’s a real thing. I’ve had it for scarf years. Whoo. I’mma split, since I probably ought to ATTEMPT to socialize, even tho it’s going to hurt. I have the hope of Doctor Who later and talking to my friendos. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Writermas #10, Ice Skating

I know it’s past midnight, I was talking to people. Shamelessly.

I’m a total night owl.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So, fun fact about ice skating! I’ve only been once. Another fun fact, I had a dream earlier this year. And it was really weird and I woke up confused. Still am. (It involved me falling a lot, despite being an Ok ice skater and someone I know online, who didn’t look anything like he does in real life in the dream.) Dang, my stores aren’t long and rambling at all, no sirree. (Also this story will probably suck I was out of ideas ha ha) I’m really pumped for the 12th day, I already know what I’m gonna write there… Hue hue hue. So anyways, I decided to write another little story with Lucky, it’s kind of interesting. I hope. (Doubt) I tried. I’m sorry this is a day late, if it hadn’t been, well. No. Just… No, ultra tired El isn’t a good thing.



I looked around, seeing if there was anyone I knew in the rink. There wasn’t. Good. I pulled my scarf around my mouth and went inside. The girl at the front desk was on her phone, but hurriedly shoved it in her pocket. Everyone was on their phones these days.

Girl at desk: Hello, may I help you?

Lucky Wing: Yes, I would like to go in.

Girl: Oh, well, 5 dollars, another 2 if you want to rent a pair.

Lucky Wing: *gives her a 5 dollar bill* No thank you, I have my own.

Girl: Oh, Ok. I like your hat by the way.

Lucky Wing: Thank you. A friend made it.

Girl: It’s nice. Anyways, enjoy your time. *Gives her the receipt*

Lucky Wing: Thank you. *walk out*

Well, no one had recognized me yet. That was good. I sat down on a nearby bench and slipped on my skates. I tied up the laces and glanced around again. I sighed and stood. I walked over to the ice and started to skate. It was nice, honestly. People skated past, but I didn’t mind. I wasn’t going terribly fast anyways. Why bother? It was nice to just relax sometimes. Suddenly, I heard a yell. I yanked up my scarf and turned, startled. Someone had slipped on the ice it seemed. Apparently it was pretty bad too, they weren’t moving. I quickly skated over. The person was about 16, with his hair all tucked into a beanie. Despite this, I did recognize him. He worked at the spy organization that I used to work for. My friend, Nice Coyote, happened to currently be running said organization now. That alone was mildly terrifying. The boy was blinking up at the sky, seemingly confused.

Spy boy: Wha- what’s going on?

Lucky Wing: Are you alright?

Spy Boy: W-what?

Lucky Wing: It’s Ok, just lie still. I’m going to get some help, Ok?

Spy Boy: I… Ok?

Lucky Wing: Can someone please call an ambulance?!

Random onlooker: They’re on their way!

Other random onlooker: What’s wrong with him?!

Lucky Wing: Mild concussion, shock. He’ll be fine after medical attention.

Spy Boy: Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Lucky Wing: Erm… You might…

Spy Boy: *Tries to sit up* I… Yeah, you used to work at-

Lucky Wing: SO, when is the ambulance going to be here?

Spy Boy: Whu… Aren’t you dating that one guy? With the dark hair and-


Random onlooker: Why are you yelling?

Lucky Wing: Beg pardon?

Random onlooker: Hey, waitasecond, you look familiar. Have we met?

Lucky Wing: Haven’t had the pleasure. Ooh look, the ambulance is here!

I hurried away as quickly as I could. Of course someone recognized me. What has I expected?! Everyone always knew me, it was like being Bucky Lucas worldwide. I didn’t like it much, but at the same time, it had been worth it. The ER workers rolled up, picked up the boy and put him on the stretcher. Someone came over to me and just stood next to me. I looked over to see Nice Coyote, wearing a beanie over her blue hair.

Lucky Wing: What are you doing here?

Nice Coyote: Checking up on stuff.

Lucky Wing: He is one of your men, correct? Why is he here?

Nice Coyote: Long story. From what I’m hearing, there’s so dimensional rifts and I’m trying to figure out what’s happening.

Lucky Wing: Like what?

Nice Coyote: Well, that snowman for instance. Occasionally, I decide to do my job for real.

Lucky Wing: You do your job well.

Nice Coyote: Not as bad as some of the previous people.

Lucky Wing: Oh, so that’s why you’re here!

Nice Coyote: What?

Lucky Wing: Dimensional rift. Your “friend.” You want to see him.

Nice Coyote: *flushes* No! I’m not!

Lucky Wing: *smirks* You are!

Nice Coyote: *huffs* You’re impossible. You and Ro.

Lucky Wing: Shamelessly.


Nice Coyote: He should be fine. Besides, the insurance should take care of the payment.

Lucky Wing and Nice Coyote: We should know.

Nice Coyote: *laughs and whacks her in the arm* I’m starting to remember why I keep you around.

Lucky Wing: You had better. *Sighs* All I wanted was a normal day.

Nice Coyote: We never have those Wing.

Lucky Wing: That is true.

Nice Coyote: Yup. Ya know, Berry and I were gonna hit the Carrot Cafe if you’re interested. Just the 3 of us, since the others are busy.

Lucky Wing: That… That actually sounds nice.

Nice Coyote: Well then, let’s head!

Lucky Wing: Let’s.


Did I just type a bunch of dialogue and call it a story? Yes, yes I did. *dabs* ANYWAYS so I hoped you liked it! I don’t know what it was or where it was going, but it took itself places. I’m gonna go crash now, since it’s nearly 1, but there was something else I wanted to add! See, someone commented on the sweaters post that they wanted a picture. They said it a lot nicer than that, but still. Well, I had some time, so here’s a Christmas picture for y’all! (Ooh, I should put it on Community Creations…) Anyways, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Writermas 9, The Fireplace

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! What time is it?!!!!



Well, here’s the story for day 9 of Writermas! I won’t waste your time with introductions today, let’s get to it! Hope you enjoy!

Day 9, fireplace

I scooted a little closer to the fire, my teeth chattering. Why was I so cold? I felt someone drape a blanket around me and turned to see Harvey sit down next to me.

E: Hey.

Dr Hare: Hi. You looked cold, sorry.

E: No, appreciated. I was cold.

Dr Hare: I could tell.

E: *Smiles* Yeah… it’s kinda cold outside.

Dr Hare: I gathered. Why were you out there so long in only that thin Christmas Sweater?

E: Well…. It was ugly sweater day in school… and… Beans needed to talk, so I walked over to her house with her, it was only up the street, I thought I’d be fine…

Dr Hare: You need to take better care of yourself. You’re sick, remember?

E: Hard to forget. *blows nose on tissue*

Dr Hare: I noticed… Just… Please just take care of yourself. I can’t be around all the time to make sure you are.

E: I’m fine…

Dr Hare: Not really.

E: *laughs* What, you don’t believe me?

Dr Hare: No.

E: *laughs again* Ouch!

Dr Hare: *smiles* How’d that drama thing go?

E: It was fun! Only messed up one line, and people were laughing, so it was good!

Dr Hare: That’s great! I’m sorry I couldn’t come!

E: It’s Ok Harvey, it happens. *Coughs*

Dr Hare: You Ok?

E: Fine, fine.

Dr Hare: You sure? You sound like you’re going to… well…

E: Keel over and die? Sounds about right. *Sighs* I’m fine…

Dr Hare: You’re not though! *puts an arm on her shoulder* Do me a favor and stop over-extending yourself.

E: Meh.

Dr Hare: Don’t you “meh” me!

E: *laughs*

Dr Hare: *smiles*

E: So how are you doing?

Dr Hare: Alright, but I’m more worried about you.

E: Life’s not all about me. I prefer to concentrate on other people, honestly.

Dr Hare: True. I’m doing alright, I guess.

E: You guess?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Is something wrong?

Dr Hare: Oh no, no. Which… I don’t know, nothing is happening, but at the same time everything is happening?

E: Same tho. I feel ya.

Dr Hare: Yeah… Well, it’s honestly not anything interesting.

E: *leans against him, looking tired* I wanna hear about it.

Dr Hare: You do? Why?

E: Cause… *Yawns* Cause I like you Harvey, I like talking to you.

Dr Hare: Oh. Waitasecond, what?!

E: Yeah, we’re friends, aren’t we?

Dr Hare: Oh. Yeah, friends.

E: Unless something changed recently, should I know about that?

Dr Hare: No, no, we’re still friends.

E: Ok, good. Hate for that to end.

Dr Hare: You would?

E: Definitely. *smiles* Sorry, I tend to get honest when I’m tired.

Dr Hare: Oh no, that’s fine!

E: *yawns again* Do you wanna watch Doctor Who with me sometime?

Dr Hare: Sure.

E: Yay. We might have to skip the first/pilot episode. It’s got…. Mannequins… That… Live…

Dr Hare: Scared of mannequins, loves robots.

E: I’m a special girl.

Dr Hare: Yes. Yes you are.

E: *smiles, her eyes closing* You’re sweet. But… Remember Ripley’s?

Dr Hare: Do I ever. No offense, but I thought you were going to faint.

E: So did I…

*There’s a long pause*

Dr Hare: Elyana? I wanted to… to ask you something. *No response* El? *Still nothing, he looks over and she’s nodding off* Oh.

E: I’m good…

Dr Hare: *smiles and puts an arm around her* It’s Ok El. Just enjoy the fire.

The end.


And then about 10 minutes later my phone goes off and I have to go to my youth group. XD Today’s was a little sappy, no regrets tho, tomorrow’s won’t be though, so don’t sweat it. I hope you liked it, now I’m going to bed. Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


Ps There should be an eye roll in the Pop ctl+shift+1-4. Ya know, the emoticon faces your Poptropican does? NM.

Ask the Villains #34, Blergh

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I mean hey guys, Lucky Wing here. I’m so sick I want to cry! Whoo hoo! (I should not have gone to school today cats and dogs.) So yeah. Gotta cold. On the plus side, someone who hasn’t talked to me in a while due to a sickness of their own. It’s an adventure. Anyways, here we go! AtV time y’all! Hope you enjoy!


Mizana to E: I just noticed how many times you put apostrophes to replace letters… Are you Irish?

E: No, American, I just suck at English. People from Idaho actually do have an accent, fun fact for y’all, and that accent is terrible English, I guess. So there you go. That’s what I talk weird. See, I picked up English from a bunch of people who lived here their whole lives, my mother, who grew up with German influence, my dad who traveled quite a bit, cartoons and Shakespeare. Literal Shakespeare guys. Plus my stutter and ramblings… My English is trash, despite living in America my whole life. There you go.

Dr Hare: I like your English.

E: Thanks.

Dr Hare: No, really! I do!

E: *flushes* I, uh… Thank you then!

Dr Hare: You’re welcome.


Itch to E: Just reminding you, I still have it.

Dr Hare: He still has what? El, Are you OK? You look pale.

E: *mutters* That freaking sonofabutternutsquash.

Black Widow: What’s going on?

Binary Bard: E, were you cursing?

Dr Hare: She was cursing in E dialect.

Black Widow: That’s not saying much. What is “it?”

Binary Bard: Does it involve clowns? If it does, I’m leaving.

E: … I hate you Itch.


Itch to anyone who asks what “it” is: E, you say it or I’m sending you the file for it next AtV.

E: *shrieks* NO!

Everyone else: ._.

E: I mean… Um… Well… All you get out!

Dr Hare: But-

E: Harvey, you’re going to have to trust me on this. I need to talk to our audence and Itch in private.

Black Widow: You know I’ll be able to read your blog, right?

E: -_-

Black Widow: What.


*everyone but E leaves*

E: Ok.. *takes the camera and puts it up close to her face* Not gonna lie guys, this is hard.  But I don’t want to confess to Harvey. We’ve been friends so long… I just… I don’t want to ruin that friendship? I really… I really do like him, but… I just can’t. Besides, I doubt he likes me anyways. Not like this.

Black Widow: Wrong again E.

E: *jumps and drops camera* WID!

Black Widow: I didn’t even know we had a camera. That’s not how we usually do it.

E: It’s… usually… not? How long were you listening in?

Black Widow: Basically the whole time.

E: *flushes red* You can’t tell him, you just can’t! I… I can’t do that!

Black Widow: *sighs* Daft. You’re completely daft.

E: I… I just don’t want to screw up my friendship with Harvey…

Black Widow: And you’re being stupid! How can you not tell he likes you?! Heck, scratch like, he is totally head-over-heels for you! He’s totally in love with you! Smitten! How many synonyms do you want?!

E: ._. But-

Black Widow: But nothing! *shoves her into the other room* Say it!

Dr Hare: ?

E: ./////. Hi.

Dr Hare: You OK? You look all flushed now.

E: Yeah… I… I guess I need to tell you something.

Dr Hare: Really?

E: I… I… I can’t do this.

Dr Hare: Do what?

E: Do… Ugh! I can’t tell you right now, I promise it’ll make sense later! *runs off*

Black Widow: -_- This is never gonna work.

Binary Bard: Hare?

Dr Hare: *confused* Yeah? What was that all about?

Binary Bard: Look man, we all know you like her. And she, clearly likes you back!

Black Widow: Like 300 percent.

Dr Hare: *flushes* There is no way that’s what that was about.

Black Widow: Trust me, it was.

Dr Hare: Look guys, I appreciate you guys trying to make me feel better, but it’s fine, I can handle the fact that she’s not into me, OK? Thanks, but I got it. *walks off*

Binary Bard: And he’s just an idiot.

Dr Hare: Hey!

Black Widow: We might need Itch to directly send me this file.


Vampi to everyone: I got 2 new peeps for the AtG, should I bring them in or nah

E: To the AtG? Yes. Here? No. Why? Because dimensional reasons. Honestly, I don’t even want to begin to deal with the current dimensional problems we’ve been dealing with. We’ve had a few rifts over here since you guys left, not because of you, but they are there.

Dr Hare: Um…

E: Yeah? What’s up?

Dr Hare: Never mind, it’s nothing.

E: Are you sure?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: *starts going pink* Is… is it about earlier?

Dr Hare: What? Oh! No, not that, it’s… honestly, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.

E: That makes me worry more.

Dr Hare: Seriously, it’s fine.

E: Is it about the dimension thing?

Dr Hare: *ear twitches* No.

E: Your ear twitched.

Dr Hare: I… It’s been hurting.

E: *raises eyebrows* You sure?

Dr Hare: Uh… I need to go. *leaves quickly*

E: ._. Well that’s reassuring. Guess we’re both holding secrets.


TAS to everyone: opinion on world of warcraft

E: World of Warcraft, often called WoW.  Multiplayer gameplay with raids and raid groups. Much like D&D, actually.

Dr Hare: Do you play it?

E: Nah, I don’t, actually. I just know crap.

Dr Hare: Oh.


TAS to everyone: opinion on leeroy jenkins

E: Is this a video game character?

Dr Hare: I guess so.

E: I’ll go ask my brother. Be back in a moment.

*10 minutes of E walking home later…*

E: Hey bro, who’s Leroy Jenkins?

Bro: E, I’m trying to sleep!

E: Fine.

(Who goes to sleep at 10:30, cheese and crackers Bro)


Alexa to Binary Bard: Alright, hard math question for you, ready?

Binary Bard: Bring it on.

E: Bring on the pain.

Dr Hare: What?

E: You’re in on this too. I now dub this a challenge. 1v1v1, let’s go!

Dr Hare: Ooh!


Alexa to Binary Bard (if he said yes): Albert and Bernard just became friends with Cheryl, and they want to know when her birthday is. Cheryl gives them 10 possible dates, which are May 15, May 16, May 19, June 17, June 18, July 14, July 16, August 14, August 15, and August 17. Cheryl then tells Albert and Bernard separately the day and month of her birthday. The following conversation then occurs: Albert says “I do not know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know that Bernard does not know too.”; followed by Bernard saying “At first I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know now.”, and finishing off with Albert saying “Then I also know when Cheryl’s birthday is.” So when is Cheryl’s birthday?

E: What the frigg.

Binary Bard: This isn’t math, this is word play.

Dr Hare: El, that’s your forte.

E: Is not.

Dr Hare: Is too.

E: Um… *pulls out phone*

Binary Bard: Hey! No cheating!

E: Ugh, fine. I’d bet money he got it from the Interwebs anyways.

Dr Hare: I thought you said you’d seen everything on the internet?

E: HA! -_- No. Just… yeah, no.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Harvey, your innocence is one of the things I like the most about you. Lightly put, even mentioning that side of the internet would probably make you lose that.

Dr Hare: I’m not innocent.

E: Compared to the internet you are. Anyways, I’ll drop out, I give up. I’ll get the answer, good luck.


Alexa to E: Email me when you’ve got the Qs ready and I’ll give you the answer, but don’t tell Mordred.

E: Ok! Hey guys, does this mean I win?!

Dr Hare and Binary Bard: No!

E: Thought not.

Dr Hare: You already dropped out!

E: Fine. I’ll tell you guys next week. Prize to whoever gets it! *Winks at camera* That includes our audience, but no cheating! Or Google!

Binary Bard: -_- Did this just become 1v1vEveryone?

E: Yes, yes it did.


Itch to the Villains: More math — how many people does it take to get enough iron to forge a longsword?

Binary Bard: Depends on who you ask. If you ask one of the Knights of Arthurus, never.

E: Lazer lance to the head

Binary Bard: Yup.


Anonymous to E:  

E: … Wut. Who sent this?

Black Widow: Ech, too cheesy for me.

E: I know it’s too cheesy for you, I don’t know who sent this!

Black Widow: *stares at it* Uh…. no idea.

E: I’m so confused… Whatever. *walks out of the room*

Black Widow: *looks at Binary Bard* Did you send E a picture?

Binary Bard: What?

Black Widow: *sighs* No then?

Binary Bard: No, sorry.

Black Widow: Contact the rest of team Elyarvey then.

Binary Bard: Nothing from them, they’re still plotting the jump.

Black Widow: Remind me to never group with people who are in different dimensions.

Binary Bard: PurpleNinja14 wants to know why the group chat is called Elyarvey when she thought this was team “Get-Elyana-a-boyfriend-for-goodness-sake”.

Black Widow: -_- I figured out why I go solo again.

Binary Bard: Yeah, pretty much.


So there you have it. I didn’t get many Qs, I’m sick and I spent most of my existence working on Writermas. Mind you, I freaking love doing Writermas and will undoubtedly do this until I die. Now, I gtg, I is tired and I used up my night RPing with me friendo. Love you all, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: it’s 1603 if anyone cares

Writermas 2017, 7 and 8, snow day and hot cocoa!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. You guys wanna tip for auto publishing? Actually do it. There you go. That is why this is posted at 11:30 at night.


Snow day

I stared at the board, wanting to just go home. It was the last class of the day, history. Usually, I didn’t mind this class, but I was so tired after a long day, I just wanted to go home. My writing teacher has gotten mad at the class, math was ugh, lunch had just been chaos, English and Drama hadn’t been bad, but tiring. I was tired and I wanted to go home. I glanced at the clock. 68½ minutes to go. I sighed. Why.

Suddenly, the lights flickered. The entire class locked up, surprised. Was it going to be another power outage?! The last one was only a couple weeks ago. This couldn’t be a coincidence. Not that I was complaining, mind.

Random student: Please, I wanna go home!

E: *muttering* I wonder…

*The lights go out entirely*

The entire class minus E: Yes!

E: *jumps* Loud.

Mr I(the teacher): Ok, calm down everyone! I’m sure they’ll find the problem soon! In the meantime, we can-

*Another teacher pokes her head in the door*

Teacher: Um, so they can’t figure out what cut the power. You can let the kids out, there’s nothing we can do.

*All the other kids start cheering while E hurriedly crams her notebooks into her bag*

Girl next to E: I wonder what happened.

E: I honestly don’t know. It’s weird, isn’t it?

Girl: Oh yeah. But hey, now we can go home!

E: Heck yes.

I picked up my phone and texted the guys.

*On the text*

E: I’m getting out of school early! Boo-yah!

Dr Hare: Meet us out front!

E: Wait, what?

I stared at my phone, confused. Outside? I shouldered my backpack and hurried out the door. I ran into Kix on the way there.

E: Heya Kix!

Kix: Hey El.

E: We get outta school early! I’m so pumped!

Kix: The buses probably won’t show forever tho.

E: Yeah, that is true. Except… I might be getting a ride? I really dunno.

Kix: You don’t know?

E: Nope.

Kix: Eh, Ok. I’ll see you later then.

E: Okie dokie, see you tomorrow!

Kix: Tomorrow is Saturday.

E: I’m tired! Don’t judge!

Kix: *laughs* Ok, see you.

E: Bai! *Runs off*

After 2 stairways, 3 people waving and nearly slipping and dying on the slick, wet floor, I made it to the front doors. I went outside and looked around. I didn’t see the van. Then a snowball flew past me. I turned to see some framiliar faces grinning at me from a snow fort.

E: You guys!

Binary Bard: Hey E!

Dr Hare: *laughs* Gotcha!

E: *scoops up some snow* Oh, it is ON! *Throws a snowball at them*

Binary Bard: *ducks* Ha! You missed!

E: Not for long! *Throws another one and hits him in the face* Nailed it!

Dr Hare: It’s just 1 v 1 now!

E: *scoops up more snow* Just how I like it!

Dr Hare: You’re going down!

E: Yeah right!

Binary Bard: *laying on the ground* Can you hurry up with the bravado already?

E: *throws another snowball at him* No!

Dr Hare: Ha! *Throws a snowball at her*

E: Ay! *Ducks* Unfair!

Dr Hare: This is so fair!

E: Well excuse you! *Throws a snowball at him*

Dr Hare: Nice shot!

E: Really?

Dr Hare: Ish. *Throws his own and hits her in the gut*

E: I have been hit! *Staggers away and gasps dramatically* Tell my son… I love him! *Falls over as if dead*


Dr Hare: *stands clapping* Brava, brava!

Binary Bard: *Claps too*

E: *starts making snow angels*

Dr Hare: *walks over and offers her a hand* Nice game.

E: *takes it and stands* Thanks. How long you guys been here?

Binary Bard: 30 minutes of bitter cold existence.

E: Pish posh, it’s maybe 30, you’ll live.

Dr Hare: Really? It didn’t seem that cold.

E: I checked earlier, but yeah. I mean, I’m used to it. Anyways, what were you guys doing here an hour and a half before my school got out?

Dr Hare: It was snowing. You can’t waste your life working.

E: I was in school tho.

Dr Hare: *grins mischievously* You were.

E: Waitasecond, was that you?!

Dr Hare: Maaaaaaaaaaybe.

E: Oh my gosh! *Laughs* You broke into my school’s electrical system just for a snowball fight?

Binary Bard: I was promised cocoa.

Dr Hare: Answer is yes. Shamelessly.

E: *laughs again* Oh my gosh! *Hugs him* You guys!

Binary Bard: Do I get a hug?

E: *let’s go of Dr Hare* Sure, I don’t care!

Dr Hare: *smiles* Snow day!

E: *spins* Snow day!

The end!


Hot chocolate(with Lucky Wing)

I stirred my hot chocolate, dropped in a few marshmallows, then sat down in my favorite armchair by the fire. Finally, a day to just relax. I pulled some blankets around me. It was so calming to just sit there and enjoy my cocoa. I smiled happily. This was nice. Suddenly, the front door banged open. I sighed. There it was.

Nice Coyote: Lucky! Someone stole our snowman!

Lucky Wing: Beg pardon?

Nice Coyote: This isn’t Greek, Wing, geez.

Lucky Wing: People do not just steal snowmen.

Nice Coyote: Well apparently they do! *Throws arms in the air* What is this world coming too?!

Lucky Wing: Coyo, how does one steal a snowman? They are huge!

Nice Coyote: I dunno! I didn’t walk over to them and go “Oh, how are you stealing this snowman? Can I get tips?!”

Lucky Wing: *giggles* If anyone would do that Coyo, it’d be you.

Nice Coyote: Fair enough, but this is not Ok!

Lucky Wing: I gathered. Were there tracks or scorch marks?

Nice Coyote: No! Nothing!

Lucky Wing: Coyote, calm down. The farmer probably moved it, it will be fine. May I go back to my cocoa please?

Nice Coyote: Fine… Lemme know if you hear anything tho.

Lucky Wing: I will.

She left and I sat back in my arm chair. She almost had a point. A snowman didn’t just disappear. I sipped my cocoa again. It was nothing, right? It had to be. I blew on my drink and smiled. Might as well enjoy a bit of calm. My phone buzzed. I looked over at it. It was a message from Neat Berry.


Neat Berry: I take it NC told you about the ⛄?

Lucky Wing: Yes

Neat Berry: Well, now she’s trying to set up a search party.

Lucky Wing: Oh no.

Neat Berry: Pretty much. Be prepared.


I went to slip the phone in my pocket when I received yet another text, this one from Nice Coyote herself.


Nice Coyote: LUCKY

Lucky Wing: Yes?

Nice Coyote: Can I set up a hot cocoa stand in your yard?

Lucky Wing: No

Nice Coyote: BUT LUCKY

Nice Coyote: THE SNOWMAN

Lucky Wing: How does the cocoa help?



Lucky Wing: Do you even have cocoa?

Nice Coyote: UM

Nice Coyote: WELL

Lucky Wing: No.

I put the phone on the table before it buzzed again. I looked at it balefully. A text from E. I sighed and opened the phone. Fine. There was a picture of Dr Hare, standing perplexedly next to a snowman. A framiliar looking snowman. The text read:

E: So I think we’ve been pranked.

E: Someone put a snowman in my yard

E: Dunno when

E: or how

E: or why

E: So yeah.

I stared at the phone, then threw it across the room. No more of that tonight, I thought as I sipped my hot chocolate. It will sort itself out.

The end!


That’s all I really have, I hope you guys liked this! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys,n



Writermas 2017, Days 5 and 6, Caroling and snowmen.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Good morning/afternoon/evening/tomorrow everyone! How are you guys doing?! Good, good. How am I? Oh, I’m absolutely terrible!

*Smiles winningly*

I almost didn’t post this tonight. I know, this was supposed be from yesterday, but I’ve been sick at home with a painful cold. I physically can’t even talk most of the time, which is… Fun. I’ve been in a bit of a blue funk anyways, I didn’t feel like, well, anyone read this it cared. Yeah, I’ve been feeling down, like I said. I’m honestly lucky I have people like you that’s got my back. I got an uplifting comment and it helped a lot. Comments are a beautiful thing that are honestly very helpful. If you ever feel like helping me, there you go. So, let’s hop to it!

So this is the Christmas Caroling story, AtV, ‘set’ in when I had a voice. It was fun! Hope you enjoy!


Day 5, Caroling

*Doorbell rings*

Dr Hare: I’ll get it. *Opens door*

E: *standing there, holding a bunch of papers, wearing her hat and beaming* Merry Christmas!

Dr Hare: Um, thanks? What’s up?

E: I wanna go caroling!

Black Widow: *Puts down newspaper* No.

E: Oh come on! My youth group isn’t doing it #Ever and I wanna go sing at people!

Black Widow: Why can’t you go alone?

E: Because A: you’re not supposed to do it that way and B: I can’t sing. I need people to drown me out.

Dr Hare: E, your voice is fine.

E: *sighs* Not really. I don’t sound like I’m dying, but I sure don’t sound good.

Dr Hare: El…

E: I don’t. Sorry. But I like singing, so… yeah! I make sense. You guys wanna come carol with me?

Dr Hare: Um…. sure?

Black Widow: No.

E: Yes.

Binary Bard: What?

Poptropica: Me!

E: AWESOME Where the flip is D.

Black Widow: I still have no idea.

E: I haven’t seen him for weeks! Where is he?!

Binary Bard: Well… He showed up last week for a Q, but he just hasn’t been around.

E: He wouldn’t… no flippin’ way… Could he have… Whoa.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Oh, nothing! *Giggles* Oh gosh… I’ll tell you guys later. So… Let’s do this!

Black Widow: *sighs* I’ll get ready. *Walks off*

Binary Bard: Same. *Walks off in the other direction*

Poptropica: Me too! *Runs off*

E: Okie dokie then. *Walks over to the couch and sits patiently*

Dr Hare: *Pauses, then walks over and sits next to her* Do you want me to go with?

E: Of course! Why wouldn’t I?! *Pulls a guitar case from next to the couch*

Dr Hare: Well… It’s just… I don’t really sing, so…

E: I’d bet money you sound amazing.

Dr Hare: I wouldn’t.

E: *opens case and pulls out guitar* Eh, if you really wanna think low about it, stick with be, I’ll try and play the guitar loud enough to drown me out. *strums it* I’m kinda out of practice, but bring it on!

Dr Hare: How are you this confident?

E: I’m not.

Dr Hare: Then how…

E: Uh, false confidence I guess? I don’t really have any self esteem to lose, sot I guess there’s that. I just like being happy.

Dr Hare: You don’t have any self esteem?

E: Not really.

Dr Hare: Well, why not?

E: Dunno.

Dr Hare: Wow.

E: Yup.

Dr Hare: But… doesn’t anyone tell you nice things to make you feel better?

E: Eh, occasionally. It helps a little, but I just haven’t ever had a real self esteem. It doesn’t really show most of the time, but sometimes… *sighs* Eh, it’s fine.

Dr Hare: But… that’s not OK. You shouldn’t feel down all the time.

E: Yeah, I know. Whatever, it happens, don’t sweat it.

Dr Hare: But-

Black Widow: *walks back in with a coat on* Ok, here.

Poptropica: *from other room* Momma, where’s my coat?!

E: On the back of the door! What were you saying Harvey?

Dr Hare: Nothing.

E: Oh. Ok.

*10 minutes later*

We tromped down the street, me stumming my guitar. As we knocked at each house, we got a ton of smiles and applause. One family tried to offer us a little money, but I turned them down. (Despite Wid’s objections.) As we finally reached the end of the street, my throat was aching. Binary knocked at the door.

Black Widow: What are we singing?

E: Silent Night sound good?

Binary Bard: Um, I don’t-

*The door opens and an older girl, who looks a lot like E, in a yellow scarf appears*

E: *eyes widen and she stutters* U-um…

Girl: Hello. What are you here for?

Dr Hare: El?

E: *visibly shaken* Right! Carols! *Strums guitar and sings* Stille Nacht… Heil’ge Nacht…

Black Widow: Is that German?

E: I don’t know anymore!

Girl: Um, may I help you?

Black Widow: Yes, apparently we don’t know music.

Girl: Oh.

E: I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! We’ll go! Sorry for disturbing you!

Dr Hare: But-

E: *walks away quickly*

Binary Bard: Uh, sorry, I guess.

Girl: *confused* It’s fine.

*E ducks behind a nearby wall, breathing shakily*

Dr Hare: El? Are you OK?

E: I’m fine…. You?

Dr Hare: I’m… I’m fine. Did you recognize that girl?

E: *puts hands to head* I.. yeah, I did.

Dr Hare: Who was it?

E: I… Oh gosh, please, I can’t talk now.

Dr Hare: *pauses* Would you like a hug?

E: Sweet glory yes, I would love a hug.

Dr Hare: *hugs her* It’s going to be OK.

E: I hope so… Did you figure out the dimensional thing?

Dr Hare: I… Sort of. I’ll tell you about it later, you’ve got enough on your plate.

E: I’m fine…

Dr Hare: It’s fine, I will tell you later. You gonna be OK?

E: Yeah…

Dr Hare: Ok, good. Do we just need to go home?

E: *coughs weakly* Yeah, I just… I don’t…

Dr Hare: If you don’t want to talk about it right now, that’s fine.

E: Thank you. *Pulls away, embarrassed* Sorry…

Dr Hare: It’s ok El. Seriously, it’s fine.

E: Yeah, El losing it and singing German is fine.

Dr Hare: I liked it.

E: You did?

Dr Have: Yeah.

E: But why?

Dr Hare: You have a nice voice!

E: Not really. Your’s is so much better.

Dr Hare: No, I’m not.

E: Harvey, you sound like amazing. You sound like an angel.

Dr Hare: No, I really don’t.

E: Please Harvey. You do.

Dr Hare: I really don’t.

E: You really do.

Dr Hare: We should head back, are you gonna be Ok?

E: Y-yeah.

*They walk out and look around*

Dr Hare: Where are they?

E: I dunno. *Pulls out phone and taps on it* Uh… They went home, apparently.

Dr Hare: Ditchers.

E: *hoarsely* Yeah, pretty much.

Dr Hare: Are you losing your voice?

E: Guess so.

Dr Hare: *puts an arm around her* Come on, let’s get you to the apartment.

E: That’d be good.

We walked back to the apartment, talking aimlessly. It was a pretty good way to end a day.

The end!

(Does anyone recognize the girl? Lemme know if you do.)


Day 6, Snowman ☃️

So, these characters are from my mostly unpublished Rulers of Poptropica stories, (I’m promise I’m working on it!) so these characters may be a bit unfamiliar to you. I’m really sorry, I’ll do what I can, but you’re not going to know most of these characters! And… I can’t really explain? But you should get the story. Now, just like the AtVs, this is after all their adventures. Aka, present day. (Yes, the Rulers of Poptropica stories are in the past. It’s a tad confusing, I’ll cover it later.) So… Just like basically all my work, it’s going to be a bit confusing. So… good luck!


My phone rang. That was odd, I didn’t often get phone calls. I picked it up and looked at the display. An unknown number. Hmm. In spite of this, I answered.

Lucky Wing: Hello?

Garbled Voice: Hello! Lucky!

Lucky Wing: Yes…?

Voice: I need you to… Hang on, what’s today?!

Lucky Wing: December 14th?

Voice: Ok good! Can you do me a favor and make a snowman outside?! Have your friends help you out too!

Lucky Wing: E, is that you?

Voice: Um… no. Can you even call her? It’s like, another freaking dimension!

Lucky Wing: Hello Nice Coyote. How are you.

Voice: Dangit. How’d you know?

Lucky Wing: Trust me, it was obvious. Who’s phone is this?

Nice Coyote: *Sighs* Payphone outside the shop on Counterfeit.

Lucky Wing: *smiles* I see. So what you are saying is… You want to build a snowman with me?

Nice Coyote: Don’t you dare Wing, or so help me-

Lucky Wing: *sings into phone* Do you want to build a snowman?

Nice Coyote: *hangs up, fuming*

I laughed. For the life of me, I did not understand what she had against Frozen. It was a sweet movie and E has brought it for us to watch, but Nice Coyote thought it was too girly for her. It was interesting being friends with a total tomboy like her.

20 minutes later, I was sitting on 24 Carrot, right in front of the farm house. I had asked the farmer before and he had said he didn’t mind. I would have done it in front of the factory, but I had no way of talking to the owners and there was no way I wanted that rabbit mad at me. Or his “assistant.” I saw two shapes trudging towards me in the snow. One was so bundled up in coats that I could barely see her face. The other was only wearing one coat and mittens. I waved to both and they waved back.

Lucky Wing: *Calling over to them* Coyote, you are going to smother your sister, you know that, right?

Nice Coyote: (The one in just the one coat) *calls back* This was her idea!

Neat Berry: (The one who’s layered) Hello Lucky.

Lucky Wing: *smiles* Hi Berry. Where’s the others?

Neat Berry: Visiting family.

Nice Coyote: Shouldn’t you already know that? I mean, come on, you’re dat-

Lucky Wing: *interrupting her* As a matter of fact, I did know that, but I wasn’t sure if Ro went, much less where Cheetah is.

Neat Berry: I’m afraid I’m not sure where she is.

Nice Coyote: That bodes well.

Lucky Wing: Oh hush you. So… *sings lightly* Do you want to build a-

Nice Coyote: AY! *covers ears*

Neat Berry: *Laughs softly* Honestly Coyote…

Nice Coyote: I didn’t like that movie, deal!

Lucky Wing: *laughs* Anyways, shall we?

Nice Coyote: YUS Should we build a mega-huge one?

Neat Berry: Coyote, it’s not a contest…

Lucky Wing: Well, you see… I haven’t built one yet, so….

Nice Coyote: Wait, ever?!

Lucky Wing: Beg pardon?

Neat Berry: You mean you haven’t ever built a snowman?

Lucky Wing: Well… not really.

Nice Coyote: OK, new challenge! We’re going to build Lucky the bestest snowman ever!

Neat Berry: Coyote, that isn’t a word.

Lucky Wing: Coyote’s existence is a mockery of the English Language methinks.

Nice Coyote: Nah, you two are just nerds. Come on Wing, it’s gonna be fun!

Lucky Wing: I have no doubt, but how do we do it?

Nice Coyote: Here, I’ll show you how to start off a section.

She bent down in the snow, which I thought was brave, considering she was wearing jeans, and scooped up a good handful and a half. She packed it down, then started rolling it in the snow.

Nice Coyote: See, this way you get your snow packed on well. This only works well if you have a lot of snow, but still.

Lucky Wing: I see… How many do we need, 3?

Neat Berry: For a classic one. Coyote likes to be… Special.

Nice Coyote: The alien thing was perfect, don’t know why I didn’t win.

Neat Berry: You were 8.

Lucky Wing: *laughs* You two are great.

In no time, we had rolled up 3 balls of snow. Coyote picked one up as if it were Styrofoam.

Nice Coyote: Then, ya know, we stack em. Pretty straight forward there.

Lucky Wing: Erm… I am not that strong.

Nice Coyote: They’re honestly not that heavy.

Neat Berry: Says you.

Nice Coyote: Fiiiiiiiiiiine… *stacks up the snowman* But you guys have to do the decorating.

Lucky Wing: That is fine.

Neat Berry pulled a scarf off out of her pocket and wrapped it around the snowman’s neck. We gave him eyes with some coal that Coyote had brought. (Or created, I had no way of knowing.) I took off my hat and put it on top.

Lucky Wing: I think it looks rather nice.

Nice Coyote: It’s not going to win a weird award, but that’s good, right?

Neat Berry: For you, yes.

*Long pause*

Lucky Wing: Anyone else feel like something else should happen here? Such as the snowman comes to life and tries to kill us?

Nice Coyote: I feel like everything should come to life and kill me.

Neat Berry: It’s an unfortunate side effect of a job as an adventurer.

Lucky Wing: I gathered.

The end!


WELL OK I AM TIRED NOW I hope you like the mild introduction of two more characters from Rulers of Poptropica. I’m sorry this is out late and 7 and 8 will come out Saturday/tomorrow. Love you all! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: Also, picture I drew on my desk and made digital while I was thinking up the stories. E should not be trusted with a dry erase marker.

Cold Walk.png

Writermas 2017, Day 3, Decorating AND Day 4, Sweaters!

Freaking long title today.


HEY GUYS, Lucky Wing here. Where have I been this week?

*flashbacks to past weekend of chaos*

ANYWAYS so I am so, so, so sorry that these are late! It’s not just one story missed, it’s two! Argh…. This is all my fault… Anyways, I’ve done my best to bring you these stories! I really have! So to make it up for you guys, I’m combining 3 and 4 into one post so you have both. Tomorrow will be 5 and 6, then we’ll revert back to normal schedule if all goes well! (Whichitalmostneversoesok) But yeah! I hope you enjoy this at least!


Day 3, Decorating!

E: *singing absently* On the third day of Christmas… *pauses* I realized it’s day three! Aah! *runs off into the living room* GUYS WE FORGOT TO DECORATE!

Black Widow: *jumps* E!

E: Sorry! Gather the peeps, we have needs to do things!

Black Widow: We have to do what?!

E: DECORATE! I’m gonna go see who I can find! *Runs off*

Black Widow: … What even…

Binary Bard: *walks in* I heard the shrill cries of a teenager in distress. What’s going on?

Black Widow: *Sips coffee* E wants to decorate.

Binary Bard: Uh oh.

Poptropica: *opens the front door* I’m home! Hello!

Black Widow: Welcome home kid.

Poptropica: Is there hot cocoa?

Black Widow: Maybe in the cupboard.

Poptropica: Well, what are you drinking?

Black Widow: Coffee.

Poptropica: Can I have some?

Black Widow: Um, no. *Sips coffee*

Poptropica: Why not?

Black Widow: Because your mother would flay me alive.

Poptropica: Aww, but-

E: *walks in carrying a box* And it tastes naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty.

Poptropica: Oh.

Binary Bard: Where’s the Hare at?

E: Where’s… Dangit! *Runs off*

Black Widow: *smirks and sips coffee*

Binary Bard: *opens the box* Holy grommets, she’s got a lot of Christmas stuff.

Poptropica: Ooh, can I see?! What are we doing?

Black Widow: Decorating for Christmas, apparently.

Poptropica: Ooh! *eyes sparkle*

Black Widow: Like mother, like son.

E: *runs in, dragging Dr Hare in with her* Okie! *takes a deep breath* Ok! Chaos.

Black Widow: There you are.

Dr Hare: So… we’re decorating?

E: Yup! *Notices that she’s still holding his hand, coughs nonchalantly and lets go*

Black Widow: *Raises her eyebrows over her coffee*

E: *Shoots her a don’t you dare look* Anyways! So, hey guys. Hey Pop!

Poptropica: Hi Momma!

E: So… you guys wanna decorate?

Black Widow: Can we say no?

E: No, since you’re drinking a peppermint latte.

Black Widow: Fair enough.

E: So I got a box of Christmas stuff, got some lights, baubles, couple of garlands… Dibs on lights BTW.

Dr Hare: Dang it.

E: You can help me tho, in case I set something on fire.

Black Widow: Oh boy.

Binary Bard: Fire extinguisher is under the desk.

E: Your faith in me in promising.

Black Widow: You said it, not us. I’ll put some of the garlands outside.

Binary Bard: I can set up the tree.

E: Snickerdoodles, I knew I forgot something.

Binary Bard: You forgot the tree?!

E: Well… Mine was fake this year, OK? I was gonna bring you that, but we ended up using it so… Sorry!

Binary Bard: *Sighs* I’ll make a trip then.

Poptropica: What should I do?!

E: You should definitely put the ornaments up, but for now…

Black Widow: *picks up enormous ornaments* Why don’t you help Aunty Charlotte put some baubles by the door?

Poptropica: Ok!

E: Good idea.

Black Widow: *smirks* I figured you’d want that.

E: ._. *Flushes* WID!

Dr Hare: *jumps* El, what is it?!

E: Don’t mind me, just gonna smite someone with a yule log. Let’s just start.

Dr Hare: OK?

Poptropica: Whoo hoo! *follows Black Widow outside*

E: … Yeah, I’d say he probably takes after me.

Dr Hare: *smiles* If by probably you mean totally.

E: Nah, it’s not all me. I can’t take credit.

Dr Hare: Dunno about that… *picks up a strand of lights* It’s all tangled up.

E: Here, I’m pretty good at untangling things.

Dr Hare: *hands it to her* Really?

E: You’d be surprised. I do yarn projects a lot.

Dr Hare: You do?

E: Yup.

Dr Hare: Learn something new every day.

E: i.e. El does weird stuff. *tugs on light end* Ugh, it won’t come undone.

Dr Hare: Don’t break them!

E: I won’t! It’s just… it really should have come undone at this point! There are literally no knots! Look, it’s just wrapped normally!

Dr Hare: *looks at it* Ok, so why…

E: *tugs on other end* Ugh, come on!

The lights suddenly flickered and suddenly, to my shock, and Harvey’s horror, the lights wrapped around my wrists, snakelike. I pulled at it, but I was stuck fast.

Dr Hare: El!

E: I’m fine, it’s not painful!

Dr Hare: *grabs at it and tugs* It won’t come off!

E: I… Huh. *tries to pull arms apart, can’t* I don’t quite… *squints* This doesn’t seem real.

Dr Hare: -_- Says the woman who spends half her day out of reality.

E: Oh hush. Well, look at this! This is more like a Dr Who episode than an El’s life episode.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Unless you usually get attacked by random Christmas objects and don’t tell me.

Dr Hare: Can’t say I have… How are you calm right now?

E: Complete detachment from reality helps. Now if I just… *flips wrists upside down* Try and… *shakes them* Ok, I’m stuck.

Dr Hare: No, really?

E: Hush. *in a British accent* Quick! The Sonic Screwdriver!

Dr Hare: E!

E: *still in the accent* Sorry! Grab some wire cutters or something!

Dr Hare: Right! I have some in the lab, wait here! *runs off*

E: *yells after him* You’re funny!

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing! *stares at wires* Ok, look. I don’t know if you’re alive or what, but I’m done with you, K? I was trying to have fun. Either let go of me or I’m going turn you into scrap!

*nothing happens for a three count, then the lights tighten around her wrists*

E: *yelps* Ow!

Dr Hare: *runs back in with the clippers* What?! What happened?!

E: I’m fine! I’m… fine!

Dr Hare: No, you’re not! *looks at it* E, are you nuts? Did it tighten or something?!

E: No! Yes… Maybe?

Dr Hare: El!

E: I’m fine! Please, just… Cut it off please.

Dr Hare: I… Here, just let me… *Takes her hand and snips a wire*

E: Ok… That wasn’t too bad…

Dr Hare: Please don’t jinx us.

E: Sorry! *Winces* I’m fine.

Dr Hare: *cuts off the remaining wires* Got them!

E: *Pulls her hands out and shakes out her arms*Oh my gosh… That was quite a scare.

Dr Hare: Are you Ok?!

E: Fine now. Thanks.

Dr Hare: Here let me see your hands.

E: They’re fine. I’m good.

Dr Hare: *takes her hands and looks then over: Yeah, El, it left marks.

E: I’m fine…

Dr Hare: *raises an eyebrow*

E: *sighs* Mostly fine. What was that stuff?

Dr Hare: I don’t know… *reaches for the wires*

E: Don’t!

Dr Hare: *pauses* Why not?

E: What if it wraps around you?!

Dr Hare: Oh. *stands back up* That’s at fair point.

E: *breathes a sigh of relief* Thank you.

Dr Hare: You OK?

E: *rubs wrists* I’m fine, why?

Dr Hare: You seem… I don’t know, nervous all of a sudden.

E: Oh. I just… didn’t want you to get caught by those.

*awkward silence*

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: *coughs* ANYWAYS! *kicks the wires away* Well, now what.

Dr Hare: I don’t know, honestly. Are the other one’s rigged?

E: I don’t know if those one’s were rigged even. That one seemed almost… alive.

Dr Hare: *voice squeaks* Alive?!

E: Nah, I’m probably hallucinating. *picks up the wires and dumps them in the trash can* Problem solved!

Dr Hare: El!

E: What?! It didn’t kill me!

Dr Hare: What if it did though?!

E: I’m fine, see?

Dr Hare: -_- I swear, I’m going to have to wrap you in bubble wrap.

E: Hey! I’m not fragile!

Dr Hare: *raises eyebrow*

E: Not that fragile! *pouts*

Dr Hare: Here, just let me see your hands.

E: They’re fine…

Dr Hare: El, please?

E: *sighs and holds them out*

Dr Hare: *Takes them* They look fine, minus the cinching, no blood at any rate… There’s definitely going to be some bruising….

E: I figured…

Black Widow: *opens door* OK, we’re done in front.

E: *pulls back her hands, blushing* Ack! I mean, oh, great!

Black Widow: *smirks* You two want some privacy?


Dr Hare: *flushes and looks away*

E: Look, I scraped my wrists up, OK?! Can you shut up and stop smirking?!

Black Widow: Fine!

Poptropica: *pokes head in* What’s going on?

E: *shoves hands in hoodie quickly* Just setting up lights Pop. Just… setting up lights.


That took twists, didn’t it? Onestamente, ero fuori di idee, ma il delirio genera idee. Anyways, things have been pretty crazy. Some weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird stuff has been happening. Let’s get to the next story tho!


Day 4, Christmas Sweaters!

“Ding dong!” I looked over at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, but then again, no one I knew was. I opened the door to see a package labeled “To Lucky Wing, Merry Xmas! From the E!” I stared at it for a good three count. What had she done this time. I picked it up, brought it inside and laid it on my coffee table. It was light and not terribly big, though that didn’t mean much. With my luck, it would be a cleverly disguised bomb. I shook it lightly, no rattle, then pulled out a knife and cut it open. Inside was a red sweater with a note. I picked up the note first, naturally. It read:

“To Lucky, again. Lucky, this is an ugly Christmas Sweater. During the holidays, they’re quite common on Earth. The joke is to see who can wear the ugliest one! (I looked apprehensively at my gift.) But don’t worry! Rather than shame you, I bought a good one that I figured would suit you pretty well. Hope you like it!”

It was signed with a backward E. Of course. I picked up the sweater and it unfolded. It was deep red with a simplistic Christmas tree in the front. Instead of a star on top, there was a veil tied to it’s tip, blowing in an imaginary breeze. I sighed. Why did she do this to me? I slipped it on regardless. It was actually quite comfortable. It even had holes for my wings. E often joked that I was her “favorite Wing child!” It made me wonder what her other “children” were like. And how many had wings… I glanced at the mirror and shrugged. I didn’t look half bad. E probably wanted a… what was it called? A personie? No, a selfie. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of myself. I sent it to her, shaking my head. That girl. She didn’t make sense sometimes.

*Meanwhile, on Earth 442*

E: Hey! Guess who texted me!

Dr Hare: Kix.

Binary Bard: Perfect Cheetah?

Black Widow: D’s supposed girlfriend.

E: -_- They are totally dating Wid, shut your face.

Black Widow: Proof or no press.

E: *mutters* I find that rich coming from the woman who ships me with a rabbit.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing! Anyways, it was Lucky! I sent her a sweater, see?! *shows them the phone*

Binary Bard: She looks good.

E: Good, I’ll tell her you said that.

Binary Bard: Do me a favor and don’t.

Black Widow: What’s up with the sweater?

E: Momma E takes care of her favorite Wing child.

Dr Hare: It sounds really weird when you call alternate forms of yourself your children.

E: Sorry.

Black Widow: Stick with the one kid for now E. Later, maybe.

E: What, WID!

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: *fuming*



So there we go! That’s my thrilling story which was basically about me! Mi sentivo giù, mi dispiace. Anyways, I should probably call it here. I hope you enjoyed the story that took nearly a week in the waiting and 3 friend related crisis! (I’ve had a day. For a week.) Anyways, tomorrow you have things to look forward to! I think Vampi’s posting the next AtG! Oh, and I’m publishing things. I guess you could be excited. ispacehadspaceaspaceday. So yeah! See y’all tomorrow then! (My life is chaos.) Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Ask the Villains #33, Invasion of the Antics

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Look, I need to-

Random annoying viewer: Where have you been?! I thought you were dead!

Neef! Don’t shoot! I can explain!

Random annoying viewer: Then explain!

Uh… I’ll explain later!! *Runs off*

Viewer: HEY!


*cough* So anyways! Today’s AtV is here! As it should have been yesterday, but I was inishally going to post some of Writermas, so… Fail. All of the epic fails. ANYWAYS! So here’s today’s AtV, with some help from Vampi and his squad! Hope you enjoy!


(Over on Earth-2319:)

Itch: *sniffing the air*

Alexa: What is it this time, Itch?

Itch: I sense a dimensional disturbance. Gather the team.

Vampi: On it. *he grabs a walkie talkie* Calling all Dimension Jumpers, repeat, calling all Dimension Jumpers.

*Thali, Arisu, Tech, and TAS walk in and form a line, and Alexa and Vampi join in on each side.

Itch: Alright team. A disturbance is in the dimensional rift. I need to see our best efforts, people! Alexa, status report.

Alexa: Disturbance occurring in or near Earth-442.

Vampi: Isn’t that where E is?

TAS: *plays an inception sound effect*

Itch: My Gaben, you’re right. TAS, weapons ready?

TAS: *pulls out airhorns and smiles*

Itch: Arisu, enough mana?

Arisu: Enough to do what I need, but I have backup mana potions just in case.

Itch: Perfect. Vampi, would you do the honors?

Vampi: Yes, sir! *Vampi takes Itch’s portal gun and fires it, and they all jump through*


(Meanwhile, on Earth-442:)

E: Whaddya mean you’re never heard of the butterfly effect?! It’s one of my favorite crazy theories!

Black Widow: *rolls eyes* Sorry, not all of us are nerds you know.

E: Pish posh, everyone should know the butterfly effect! Harvey, you know it, right?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Good, I was going to be concerned. So the butterfly effect-

*knocking is heard*

E: What the flip…. *Opens door*

Itch: Someone said butterfly effect?

E: Someone is a nerd, apparently. What’s going on?

Itch: Heh. Perfectly explains why I felt a disturbance in the dimensional rift…

Alexa: Aaaaaaaaaanyway, we brought some new faces!

*Arisu, Tech, and Thali come out from behind Alexa*

E: Ooh! *claps hands* Awesome, come inside you guys!

*the group comes inside*

Arisu: Greetings, m’lords and m’ladies. *she bows*

E: Nice to meet you! *Closes door*

Black Widow: We are being invaded.

E: Yup. Get o’r it.

Alexa: Anyway, I’m guessing we’ve Qs to answer?

E: Sure, if you guys wanna do it! I mean, it’s time for it anyways.

Black Widow: Joy.

Dr Hare: To the world. So can all you new people introduce yourselves maybe? I’m kind of confused….

Arisu: The name’s Arisukiama Trigan, world class demon.

Alexa: We just call her Arisu.

Tech: I’m Alexa’s cosmic clone, but since we have the same name, I go by Tech.

Thali: And I’m Thali, the Overwatch agent with a varying number of nicknames.

Dr Hare: Overwatch is everywhere.

E: OK, that’s my fault and freaking Zeus’s fault. And Bug a little. Anyways… Yeah, for the new guys, this is Dr Harvey Hare, that’s Black Widow, Binary Bard’s probably in the lab, Pop is at scouts again, Crawfish is probably asleep somewhere and heaven knows where D is. So there you go.

Alexa: So, Q time.

E: Yup. You seem eager, did you slip me a weird Q or something?

Alexa: Nah… Maybe… Your job to find out.

TAS: *plays the Seinfeld theme*

E: -_- Hoo boy. To the Qs then.


Itch to everyone: What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

E: Didn’t we already…. Huh. I think I did this one, or at least B did… I’mma go find him. *walks off*

Dr Hare: ._. Ok…. what kind of swallow are we talking about here Itch?

Itch: Whichever kind you want.

Dr Hare: Well… I’ve never really studied birds… That’s more E’s thing than anyone’s, and it’s not her thing, so I don’t know.

TAS: *silently laughing during all this*

Dr Hare: I… Oh… Oh ha ha. You’re playing me the fool, aren’t you.

Itch: Less fool, more you don’t understand the reference.

Dr Hare: *Sighs* Whatever, I’m used to it.

Alexa: Got an answer yet, E?

E: *Walks back in with popcorn* Eh? I got distracted, there was popcorn.

Alexa: Ooh, can I have some? Heard it’s really good with Red Robin seasoning, and I always carry a thing of it with me.

E: There’s more in the kitchen, just don’t put any in the rest, I like mine pure and pure butter.

Alexa: *rushes into the kitchen, pours some popcorn, pours a bunch of Red Robin seasoning on his popcorn, and adds a tiny, tiny sprinkle to the rest, then rushes back in* Next Q.

E: How darest thou.


Arisu to everyone: Is there science in magic?

E: Naturally! Heck, Harvey, B and I were trying to make this thing that was technology that controlled animal magic, but it’s been going crazy places. It’s a WIP. 

Arisu: You have a point, but naturally, animals don’t have magic.

E: Well… Simply put, there’s some pretty crazy stuff out there, you’d be surprised. I think it’s just in general animal magic, not a particular one. So… yeah.

Arisu: You have a point there. But I’m not talking animal magic, I’m taking like magic tricks and all that.

E: Erm. No, not those. Like… actual magic.

Arisu: Explain.

E: Well… There see different types from dimension to dimension… like fairy magic in one, necromancy in another… it’s a little complicated and I’m not the best at explaining, but there you go.

Alexa: *googling it* She did sum it up pretty well.

E: I hope so.

Arisu: My question’s answered to its best ability, I give permission to go to the next question.

E: Permission to… um… ok then. Next Q.


Vampi to Dr. Hare and Binary Bard (and E if she wants to): Mind over matter debate, go!

E: Ay, this always gives me a headache, but BRING IT ON!

Alexa: Arisu, spotlights on DH and BB.

Arisu: On it. *a white aura shines from her hands and lights appear near Dr. Hare and Binary Bard*

E: Hmm. *Runs up and skids to a stop next to Dr Hare* I’mma be helpful!

Dr Hare: *jumps* El!

E: Sry!

Vampi: Anyway, let’s hear it. Surprise me.

E: … Never mind, this was a terrible idea.

Vampi: Noted. Answer given, next Q, let’s go.

E: I meant m- Never mind, yeah! Next Q!

Binary Bard: Aw… but…

E: Shh!


TAS: *plays a standard rap beat*

E: OK, who know who’s good at rapping?

Tech: I am, but we’re leaving this one up to you guys.

E: Fair enough, but Harvey’s pretty top notch at rapping.

Dr Hare: Not really…

E: Nah bro, you really are.

Vampi: Whatever, let’s hear it.

Dr Hare: I’m really no good…

E: Please?

Dr Hare: *flushes* Maybe later.

TAS: *shrugs*

Alexa: Next Q, then. :V

Dr Hare: Thanks…


Thali to everyone: If you were in Overwatch, what would your codename be?

Dr Hare: The Rabbot.

E: Didn’t see that coming from a mile away, nosirree.

Dr Hare: *Sticks his tongue out at her*

TAS: *using text to speech* TASBot.

Tech: UKWN.

Alexa: 0ne.

Arisu: Heckbent.

Vampi: Fangtooth.

Itch: Drump.

Black Widow: Black Widow.

Binary Bard: Not sure. Robort.

E: Dunno… maybe… I have a couple ideas, but they aren’t very good…

Vampi: Aw, c’mon, you gotta have SOMETHING!

E: Nothing good…

Alexa: Just say something!

E: Um… I’ll just go with Lucky, I guess. The other idea was stupid.

Thali: Say it in private?

E: It was just… yeah, anyways.

Dr Hare: I’m sure it was great.

E: I’m sure it wasn’t.

Thali: Next Q, then…

E: Thank you.

Mizana to everyone: 2319!!!!! 2319!!!!!

Itch: *sigh* What now? Did Abridged Sans come out of Alexa’s computer and leave his sock on the floor?

Alexa: Texting her… Nope. TAS did, apparently.

TAS: *facepalms himself*

E: Beg pardon…?

Alexa: More problems at home, I’m sure the people there are dealing with it. Should we end off here so we can go deal with it?

E: When you say we…

Vampi: Yes, you’re joining in.

E: Sweet! Holy fridge I’m gonna die!

Arisu: Don’t worry, I’ve got barrier spells.

E: And I have a high mortality rate and extremely low HP! Oh well, should be fine, right?

Thali: Glad we have a Reinhardt on the team.

Vampi: Wait, what?

Thali: Nothing…

E: Reassuring.

Dr Hare: C-can I come?

Itch: Not if you want the world to be destroyed… :/

E: What? Why can’t he come?

Itch and Vampi: We don’t want a hole in space and time because a person wants to go to a different dimension.

Alexa and Arisu: Plus, the chances of the AtG Dimension villains may be rising soon.

Tech and TAS: We just wanna keep ourselves safe.

E: Oh.

Dr Hare: Oh… OK.

E: It’ll be fine Harvey, I’ll come back. I’ve gone to other dimensions before, it’s safe this time. *looks at others* Mostly.

Alexa: Mizana texted; she says no promises on what Nephri’ll do.

E: Reassuring.

Itch: Anyway, go ahead and do your end card. I need to fix a setting in the portal gun real quick.

E: Yeah… Alright, OK….


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Dr Hare: Hey, El?

E: Yeah, what’s up?

Dr Hare: You’ll come back, right?

E: Yeah, why wouldn’t I?

Dr Hare: It’s just… the last time you travelled dimensions…

E: Right… Fair point. I’ll come back after a few hours, it won’t be that long.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but… well, I need to show you some things. Some stuff is… I think I know why the dimensions are screwed up for us.

E: You do?!

Dr Hare: I might… No guarantees, but… Just come back, OK?

E: I will, don’t worry. *hugs him* I’ll be fine… It’s just a quick jaunt, right?

Dr Hare: Yeah…

Itch: Wait, dimensions screwed up? Oh, no… Ignore it for now, let’s gooooooooo!

E: You are not reassuring.

Itch: I never am. *Itch opens a portal*

E: I’ll be fine. Nothing could go wrong! *pause* Right?