Who’s your attraction?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! And today, I’m going to ask what’s probably the most asked question in high school, middle school, junior high, elementary school, homeschool circles, and Truth or Dares.

*Gets close to you*

Who do you like?

Black Widow: Something’s wrong with you Wing!

E: There is not! Mostly!

So, yeah! It may sounds ridiculous, but I legit want to know here. Because… we are a fandom. And fandoms have crushes.

Facts of life.

So I’m curious, what are they? What people do people think are the coolest/hottest/most attractive. This is more informative than “TELL ME YOUR DARKEST SECRETS,” so I set up an anonymous poll. (It also took me forever, but ya know.) It’s pretty simple and you won’t have to connect yourself with it in the slightest. Or even do it, but hey, if you do, it’ll make my life easier. I’ll post the results in… ooh, 2 weeks! Feburary 1st! That’s perfect!

Random Viewer: What about the other poll from like September?!

E: Shut it you!

That… I decided I wanted to draw up a few responses for that and… I need to do that or man up and not do that. I dunno.

Anyways, here’s your poll!

A lovely little poll

I’ll post the results soon! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


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