Ask the Villains #39, Chaos.

Dr Hare: Where’s El at?

Black Widow: Dunno, she’s your girlfriend.

Dr Hare: You guys are impossible. We’re not dating.

Binary Bard: Sure.

E: *Run in and slams the door behind her* OK HI GUYS

Black Widow: What happened to you?

E: *panting* Fine… I’m fine!

Dr Hare: El, you’ve got a huge cut down your arm! What happened?!

E: Well… I kinda… Got… lost… *sighs* There’s these… Stormtroopers? Literal. Freaking Stormtroopers.

Black Widow: Cosplayers.

E: That charged me and yelled “Get her!”

Black Widow: Insane college cosplayers.

E: The blasters that nearly killed me seemed pretty real!

Dr Hare: Oh my gosh, are you OK?!

E: Fine now. I lost them, but why they were coming after me is in question.

Binary Bard: Why Stormtroopers?

Black Widow: Did they say anything else?

E: Um… Let’s see… *stands up straight, points and says in a gruff voice* “There she is!” *put on a toneless voice* “Just like the Dark Lady said!” *goes gruff again* “Get her!” *relaxes body* There you go, that’s when I ran.

Dr Hare: Weird… Are you alright?

E: *waves* Don’t worry about me, I’ll live. It’s Monday, right? We need to do the AtV!

Dr Hare: You sure you want t-

E: Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?!


Sporty Boa To Everyone: Can you wish my sister a happy 18th birthday!

Black Widow: Happy 18th. Good luck. You’ll need it.

E: You’re a ray of sunshine Wid. Happy bday to your sis SB!

Binary Bard: 18 is a big mile marker in life.

Dr Hare: Yeah it is. Wasn’t actually that long ago…

E: Why am I nearly 17 right now.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.


(Excluding E & Pop) What were you guys up to when you were 18?
E: Ouch. Why can’t I be picked…

Black Widow: You’re not 18, you’re 16.

E: I just like to be included. I’m kidding anyways, you guys are good. Carry on.

Black Widow: Might have been in jail, not sure.

E: How many times have you been in jail…

Binary Bard: Anyways… I was working for the king, just starting out.

E: Cymbeline.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing, just thinking about… nothing, never mind.

Dr Hare: Um, 18… That’s not too long ago… I think I was graduating college? Yeah, sounds about right.

To BB: Is your face water-proof? (Weird Question)
Binary Bard: No, it’s a fairly good question. Mine is, it’s easier that way.

E: So you can have pool parties. Dangit I miss summer.


To BW: Can you teach me some french?

Black Widow: Meh, peut-être un jour.

E: Wid, why.

Black Widow: Parce que je peux.

E: Light you.

To DD: You need a cat.

Director D: What?

E: Frigg. Yes. So help me I will get you a cat.

Director D: Why…

E: Because you need a cat! Road trip y’all!

Fizzle to E: Hey, I only called DH by his real name once when sending to Heather, and that was ‘cus it just seemed to make sense since the two are family.

E: No, you’re fine. Most people are pretty good about it. Honestly, he doesn’t mind that much. It’s kind of me… I’m just being… I dunno, picky? I just… *sighs* Being stupid.

Black Widow: I know what this is.

E: What?

Black Widow: It’s called, you’re in love.

E: What?! *Flushes* Are you nuts?! This is just a crush!

Black Widow: First step is denial.

E: Wid! This is not one of those 5 step things!

Black Widow: Anger.

E: *groans* I’ll freaking pay you to shut up about this.

Black Widow: Bargaining.

E: Ugh! *Storms off, fuming*

Black Widow: And… *calls after her* Depression is next!

E: Shut up!

To BB: How many languages do you know and can speak fluently?

Binary Bard: Latin, English, Italian, and a little bit of Spanish.

E: Der Mann ist… is something. Ugh, light this.

Binary Bard: German not going so well?

E: Shut up.

To E (Again): Dangit, E. her name is Heather, and you keep writing her name as Harriet in parts of the AtVs. -_-

E: What does he- OH GOSH DARN IT

Heather: Don’t worry, it happens.

E: See Heather?! This is what happens when I’m up stupid late after writing about meeting Eli! Heck, I wasn’t kidding about not being functioning either… Oh well, it’s not as bad as the DA thing. Coulda been worse. 

Heather: Wait, what?

E: Nothing. I fixed it, won’t happen again. Ugh, I can’t get anything right today.

Heather: Don’t worry about it, really. I’m sure you’re not messing up everything…

E: Girl, don’t get me started.

To E (Again again): When did you first get Poptropica (the game.) and what were your first impressions?

E: I first discovered the game clear back in about 2007, maybe 2008, and my first impression was that it was really cool. I was also obsessed with Webkinz at that time, but… only one of those stuck. So here I am, being a huge nerd to this day! *smiles* Worth it!

Dr Hare: Best game ever.

To DH: Been working on any gadgets lately?
Dr Hare: Always! I’m always working on something, I love creating stuff! El helps me out with most of them nowadays… *goes lightly pink* She’s great to have around, I couldn’t have asked for better. Seriously, I just… wow. *Shakes head* Oh gosh, distracted, sorry.

Binary Bard: No, please continue describing your crush’s beauty.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Shut up.

The Dolphin Violinist To Natasha (Black Widow, yes I’m a fan)

Black Widow: I’m not Natasha.

E: You’re close. Ish. Just go for it!

1. Fav Avenger?

Black Widow: I would think this is a given.

E: Besides Black Widow! The alternate Dimensional one I mean.

Black Widow: Fine… I liked Spiderman alright. He didn’t entirely about me and sort of reminded me of E.

E: Boo yah!

2. How’s Bucky (Winter Soldier)?

E: He be froze bro.

Black Widow: Right.
3. What’s Loki up to? 😅😆

Black Widow: He’s undoubtedly creating trouble.

E: Remind to get Harvey to take me to a Marvel universe. Ooh, maybe I can convince him to take me to 1234…

4. Whatever happened in Budapest with you and Hawkeye?

Black Widow: I’m not that Black Widow… but I don’t know, it’s all just speculation at this point.

E: *shrugs* I dunno, and I’m the biggest nerd here. Sorry.


E: So! That wraps up! *looks around and sighs* Anyways, yeah, hope you guys liked that!

Black Widow: Do you know what comes after depression?

E: More… depression?

Black Widow: Acceptance.

E: -_- Oh, you’re referring to the name question. I see how it is.

Black Widow: Yup.

E: I just nearly died and you’re still on about my crush.

Black Widow: I’m sure you’ll be fine.

E: We hope. I don’t even care right now, I’m kind of salty.


If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, kiss, injury, timeline, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (Dirty Sinners), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (I am known by many names…) on Discord or whatever and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that from the first sentence. The main 6 7 (8?) people to ask are as follows: Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, El, Elyana, Phineas and Ferb guys, come on, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game, and Heather, Dr Hare’s sister, who’s staying with us for now. PLUS Lucky Wing🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Since, you know, she’s in another dimension. Hence video calls. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. (Again, video calls.) You can ask about dreams(HI), candy canes(Merry freaking Christmas in 11 months), crushes, ships, hair, opinions, Poptropica, rocks(DO ROCKS), pancakes, experiences we’ve had, Webcomics, never have I ever games, Reality TV, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica(the game and the person, and yeah.)… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Or homework. Or holidays Then I’ll reschedule or something. (Or just be dead, whatever.) Ask away!


E: Hmm. Harvey, you familiar with Grammarly?

Dr Hare: A little bit, why?

E: Well, it was bugging me on my school computer earlier today.

Dr Hare: What did it tell you?

E: Let’s see, every single ‘coulda shoulda woulda’ I include because that’s how I talk, every Dr without a period, the like. I know all my grammar, it’s only bugging me about the things I’m already aware of.

Dr Hare: So you’re a grammar nerd?

E: Yes. Absolutely. Well, I’ll wrap up, I gotta go!

Dr Hare: You’re always in a rush El.

E: Tell me about it… *sighs* I’ll be quick, don’t worry. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


18 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #39, Chaos.

  1. that moment when you forget to post Qs in previous episode -TAS
    New ATG Character 1 to E: Why do you have rocks as a question prompt in your outro? Yes, they’re useful when making a weapon in the Stone Age, but otherwise, they’re not important.
    Vampi to Wid: If I were to reference you in the ATG, can I make a joke that combines your name and stuff that references my favorite game? (TL;DR: Permission to make a joke with your nickname?)
    New ATG Character 2 to Dr. Hare: I think if Kali and Tech can assist Cyree, PK, and I, we may have a way to fix your whole “dimensional problems” scenario with the ATG Crew.
    Alexa to anyone who asks about the “Kali and Tech assisting Cyree, PK, and I” phrase: Apparently, New Character 2 knows another Cyree and another Tech. It’s a long story; next ATG will explain.
    TAS to everyone: beep beep imma sheep i said beep beep imma sheep

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh that’s not the Black Widow I’m thinking of 😅my bad.

    Ok, to all: any advice for being a 16yr old?
    (I just turned 16 so idk what to expect)
    Do you like…..NINJAGO 😃

    Ever seen the show Sherlock?

    Do you like 1D?

    To Binary Bard: ever considered becoming a nindroid? (I’m assuming your a robot I have literally no clue..)

    Black Widow: any cool hair style and fashion suggestions?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post, E, but I didn’t send that Q about D needing a cat (Even if it is the kind of Q I would send. XD)
    Speaking of Qs, I’ve got a ton this time! (Arleen is one of my OCs if you’re curious. She’ll make a proper appearance on my blog, soon.)
    To BW: Dare I ask what you were saying in French?
    To E: Do you know Smore’s breed?
    To BB: Are you still getting admirers or has that finally died down?
    To E (Again): Mind if a friend of mine sends in some Qs?
    If so:
    Arleen to everyone: Hi! I’ve been hearing about you guys, you all sound like nice people!
    Arleen to E: Crush on the bunny, huh? Hope that works out for ya one way or another.
    Arleen to BB: Does being able to speak Binary ever come in handy, nowadays?
    Arleen to Heather: Has it ever been awkward to have a bunny as a brother?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve got da Qs:

    To Everyone: 1. In the end segment to the AtVs, E really wants us to ask about rocks so… Your opinion on rocks? 2. Where do you see the world in the year 2118? 3. What do you wish for in the future?

    To DD and CC: To the pet store! Maybe we can get you a bird or fish Captain C!

    To DH: *Ships box of carrots with note from Random Guy* “Sorry for calling you a floss of cotton candy and a fake, but to be on the safe side, return the box with something inside to prove you are actually the real Dr. Hare.” -RG

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  5. Questions!

    Everyone 1: I dare you to read all of the Atv posts together

    Everyone 2 : would you want to stay single or get married

    Continuing everyone 2:who do you want to get married you must answer cus if you don’t. I will personally use my laser lipstick to kill u

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