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Ask the Villains #43, titles are overrated.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. So this AtV kind of has a story. So I’m sitting at a school computer, typing the AtV. I get to the bottom of the document and that’s it. I had everything done! I sat there for a good 2 count, not sure what to do.

Then I realized that I hadn’t added the Qs from the technical post. And then I got back to work. XD Hope you enjoy!

Fizzlesnoofson to E: I guess that makes four weird nerds around here, then? (Me being one as well.)

E: Yep. As is Binary. And Nice Coyote. Huh. We have many weird nerds round here.

Dr Hare: Yes, yes we do.


To Heather: How much do you like carrots, and have you ever tried pink carrots.

Heather: Ah, I’ve been expecting this question. For most of the AtV. I’m not huge on carrots like Harvey is, but I’m alright with them. And… No, I haven’t had a pink carrot. Harvey doesn’t share.

Dr Hare: I do too!

E: No, you don’t.

Dr Hare: Hmph.


To Everyone: Do any of you play any sports?

E: Theatre.

Black Widow: That’s not a sport.

E: I think running up and down a stage and shouting counts.

Black Widow: No.

E: I dunno, but my heart was going a mile a minute when I went on the other night.

Binary Bard: What?

Dr Hare: She had a performance Wednesday.

Binary Bard: Ah.

E: Coulda gone worse. It’s not our best, by most standards, but still.

Dr Hare: I thought it was great.

E: They put me in a freaking sailor costume! For a guy!

Black Widow: At least it wasn’t a girl’s.

Binary Bard: What’s wrong with that? You don’t usually mind a little cross-dressing.

E: I was a female nurse.

Binary Bard: Oh.

E: Yeah. I was cheesed. Oh well, it worked out.

Dr Hare: You looked fine, you sold it.

E: Thanks! So anyways, let’s see before I got sidetracked, it was sports.

Black Widow: Didn’t we do this one before?

E: Yeah, it was Sporty Boa. Oh hey, I remembered that without checking. Whoo. Anyways, re-asks are fine Wid. Sometimes answers change and heaven knows that people remember who sent what Qs before.

Dr Hare: Unless you’re El, apparently.

E: Nah, I just remember weird things. I have no idea which AtV it was. I’ll check.

*30 seconds of El on a computer later*

E: Well I’ll be… it was #3.

Dr Hare: Man, that was forever ago!

E: And look where we are now! We’re… *glances at Dr Hare, blushes, and looks away* Gosh darn it me.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.  

Black Widow: E is just infatuated, don’t worry about it.

E: *whacks Black Widow with her phone* No, I’m not! Shut up!

Dr Hare: *goes pink and facepalms* Oh gosh… Can we just have a day where we don’t get teased, please?

Black Widow: No.



To BW: I’m an artist too, and I think you gave some fantastic advice!

Black Widow: Thanks.

E: Art is fun. Wid, didn’t you say you had a DA once?

Black Widow: No, I said I did Inktober. Why?

E: No reason.


To E (Again): Don’t start a war with the Gang, E. We don’t want ANOTHER fridge dropped on anyone, after all.

E: Fiiiiiiiiine…

Dr Hare: Thank you. We really don’t want more fridges dropped on you.

E: I dodged it, it was fiiiiiiiiine…

Dr Hare: El, last I checked, we liked those guys.

E: Fair enough. Fine, I won’t declare war.

Dr Hare: Thank you.

E: War is still declared on Itch tho.

Dr Hare: You never told me why, I hope you realize this.

E: *goes red and facepalms* Um… Yeah.

Dr Hare: So…

E: So… what.

Dr Hare: Why are you two at war?

E: Long story. Tell you later. I’m going to go soak my head. *leaves, almost flustered*

Dr Hare: I’m so confused…

Black Widow: Who isn’t.


To DH: Wait, Crawfish went to another dimension? How??
Dr Hare: There’s been quite a few dimensional rifts opening up as of late. I think he’s on Poptropica 13, but still, no word.

E: It’s kind of scary… The Rulers are totally gonna kill me…

Dr Hare: No, they’re not. They like you, they wouldn’t kill you. 

E: UGH… I’m dead. I’m dead.

Dr Hare: El, breathe. Seriously, you’re going to pass out.

E: I… I’m fine.

Dr Hare: Well, we don’t know how he swapped, so… *ear twitches*

E: You OK there Harvey?

Dr Hare: Fine.

E: You know, don’t you.

Dr Hare: *ear twitches again* No.

E: Yes.

Dr Hare: Maybe.

E: Eh, whatever, if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s OK. I’ll be in the other room, I need to msg someone. *leaves*

Dr Hare: ._. I’m not worthy.

Binary Bard: You’d better hurry.

Dr Hare: You’re no help.


Arleen to E: If anyone wants to hurt you, I have… w a y s of making sure they don’t.

E: Aw, that’s sweet of you, but I think I’m good. Usually people don’t want to hurt me.  

Dr Hare: Usually. Hooded figure?

E: Heh… case in point.


Arleen to BB: Has being a cyborg ever hindered you in some way? For how cool being a cyborg sounds, I figure it’s gotta have some downsides.

Binary Bard: Well, nothing is perfect, so yes. I have massive problems with Metal Detectors, so I don’t fly much. Also, certain people like sticking magnets to me.

E: Heh. You’re like a refrigerator. It’s too fun!

Binary Bard: Yeah, until I decide to go outside and realize someone’s put magnets that say “Half of my heart is in Havana” on my back!

E: You wouldn’t be judged that much. Wonder what would happen if I got a Sonic Screwdriver…

Binary Bard: -_- I’m going to go tell Hare to never let you near one of those things.

E: Aw…


Arleen to LW: What’s the farthest place you’ve ever flown to? (Also, I just wanna say that you being able to fly is so cool! 😀 )

E: Got the vid call up.

Lucky Wing: Hello! So… The farthest place I flew was from Super Power to… I believe it was Cryptids. That was extremely tiring. My wings are not very strong and they haven’t ever been much to brag about.

E: Minus freaking MAJESTIC

Lucky Wing: They’re not that cool.

E: Pff, totally. Just MAJESTIC

Lucky Wing: *laughs* Stop screaming, you’re going to break someone’s eardrums.

E: They don’t really mind, honestly. I mean, they’re all in separate rooms anyways, this one here’s sound proofed. I think.

Lucky Wing: Wonder why they would do that.

E: Oh hush it…

Lucky Wing: *Smiles* Alright, I need to-

Nice Coyote: E! *shoves up next to Lucky Wing* How the heck are you?!

E: Hey NC! I’m doing OK, you?

Nice Coyote: I’m doing pretty good.

Lucky Wing: Hello Coyote.

Nice Coyote: Hey Lucky, fancy meeting you here! It’s like you live here or something!

Lucky Wing: Fancy that.

Nice Coyote: But how’s my favorite homie human girl pal?! I haven’t seen you in ages!

E: *laughs* I’m fine Coyo, like I said. And I saw you in November, that wasn’t that long ago.

Nice Coyote: Yeah, it’s OK 4 months ago, nearly 5. Happy birthday soon, BTW.

E: Oh, you remembered?

Lucky Wing: It’s 17 for you, right?

E: And 20 for you! Are you excited?

Lucky Wing: A little bit…

Nice Coyote: Remind me to get you two matching t-shirts.

E: Don’t bother…

Lucky Wing: Anyways, we need to go, we have a dress party we’ve been invited too.

E: Oh really?

Nice Coyote: Uuuuuuugh… I don’t wanna wear a dress.

Lucky Wing: You will survive somehow. Heaven knows how your sister does it every other day.

Nice Coyote: That’s cause she’s Berry and I’m not.

E: What does that have to do with anything?

Nice Coyote: Skill at wearing dresses.

E: It’s not that hard, you’ll live.

Lucky Wing: I used to have to do it every day, you’ll be alright.

Nice Coyote: Ugh, fine…

E: Quick question before you go… Have either of you seen Crawfish?

Lucky Wing: Why…

Nice Coyote: No, we haven’t.

E: No reason, just… curious.

Nice Coyote: Is he gone?

Lucky Wing: Oh no, are you OK? Did something bad happen?!

E: No, I’m fine, I’m fine. But… Crawfish disappeared last month! I’m worried that… it’ll happen to the rest of the Villains and…

Voice from off the screen: And you don’t want to lose your bunny boyfriend?

E: S-shut up!

Neat Berry: *appears on screen* Why is everyone yelling…

E: S-sorry.

Nice Coyote: Same old Robin, same old shipping.

Lucky Wing: This has turned into a visiting call faster than I could have stopped it.

Nice Coyote: We can always have more people in here.

E: How about no. I need to go, I have more AtV.

Nice Coyote: You should do Ask the Rulers again.

E: No. That was painful for my health. If I do ever do that again, then holy frigg I’m re-vamping. Also, my art was bleh.

Lucky Wing: Your art was fine.

E: I don’t think anyone actually knew what was happening.

Nice Coyote: I wasn’t even there so…

E: *laughs* It’s OK. I gotta run, talk to you guys later.

Lucky Wing: Goodbye!

Neat Berry: Take care of yourself.

E: I will, bye! *shuts the computer* Phew. OK.

Dr Hare: *peeks inside* You done?

E: I am now. *Leans back, hands behind her back* Um… incidentally, how much did you hear?

Dr Hare: Just the last bit. See, I told you they wouldn’t kill you.

E: Nch… Light this. I’m going to go play video games until I feel better…

Dr Hare: *smiles* Alright then.


Arleen to DH: What or who would you want to clone and why? Your response to the question about clones last AtV got me curious.

Dr Hare: Well… I was… OK, so I did do some studying on cloning, but I wasn’t allowed to experiment on it, due to the laws in place.

E: While you were at NISS?

Dr Hare: Yeah. How did you…

E: I’m good at guessing. Well, that sucks. But it’s also good, cause it’s kind of sketchy knowing someone could have a physical copy of me. For multiple and varied reasons.

Dr Hare: Fair enough. What reasons?

E: Um. Yeah, never mind. Who and why Harvey.

Dr Hare: Oh. Well, originally I wanted to start cloning rabbits…

E: Fair enough.

Dr Hare: And I wanted to try cloning myself too, but… *shrugs* Never got to.

E: Man, I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s alright. It’s not the end of the universe.

E: What would happen if you cloned someone?

Dr Hare: Hmm… It depends. Would they be like the person or have no soul?

E: Or would they not remember anything at all. Hmm.

Dr Hare: I feel like we’re overthinking this, but at the same time, this is brilliant.
E: Overthinking things is my profession.

Dr Hare: I suppose it’s mine too.

E: Sweet stuff. Job buddies.

Dr Hare: *laughs* You never cease to amaze me.

E: *grins* Thanks.


Arleen to E (Again): Remember to say my name more often. 🙂

E: *laughs* Duly noted!

Dr Hare: *distractedly* You have a nice laugh.

E: *just about chokes on OJ* Beg pardon?

Dr Hare: *looks up from newspaper* What? What did I say?

E: …

Dr Hare: No, seriously.

E: Nothing. It was just a random comment.

Dr Hare: Oh, alright.


Incredible Kat to DH: Hey, what a coincidence! I can sing too! Oh wait, that probably isn’t a coincidence, is it. Meh.

Dr Hare: I can’t sing that well. I just sing a little bit.

E: PSHAW Harvey, you sound amazing.

Dr Hare: I’m not that good.

E: Yes you are! I love your voice!

Dr Hare: Thanks, but… I’m really not-

E: Shut up! *Laughs* Harvey, seriously, your voice is one of the best I’ve heard, and I’ve heard a lot of voices! Just take the compliment!

Dr Hare: Al-alright, but-

E: *pecks him on the cheek* But nothing! I need to go pick up Pop, but just accept my compliment and roll with it!

Dr Hare: *goes bright pink* Oh… ok.

E: *smiles and walks off*

Dr Hare: *rubs his cheek* Oh. Oh gosh.

Binary Bard: She’s on a roll this month, geez.

Dr Hare: Um… how long have you been there?

Binary Bard: Not even a minute. But dang, the look on your face was priceless.

Dr Hare: S-shut up. I doubt… she… it…

Binary Bard: Uh huh. I’m sure.


CC: Oh. Wait. He isn’t here. Darn it. I wanted to blackmail him into giving me a hat.

E: *typing frantically at laptop* Working on it!


BB: Can you believe people actually use BINARY TRANSLATORS? For SHAME! Oh, wait. I use them too.

E: Same.

Binary Bard: Im tam confuse…

(Hint, it’s Latin! -E, the hapless editor)


DD: Your spirit animal is a cat, right? So… like a hairless one? A sphinx, yeah?

Director D: *coldly* No, it’s not. However, if you insult people, they won’t tell you things you want to know.

E: AAAAAAAAND we’re moving on before someone dies.


BW: Have you ever been to the Louvre? Have you ever STOLEN anything from the Louvre?

Black Widow: Where’s the Louvre, Spain?

E: France, Earth France.

Black Widow: Oh. eh, never bothered. I’m stuck here, in the states. Besides, I don’t steal art anymore. I’m reformed, thanks.

E: Mostly reformed.

Black Widow: Whatever, same thing.

E: Eh… not really.

Black Widow: Just nod your head and we can move on with our lives.

E: Okie then.


BW: (Again) Are you secretly emo, and can you or can you not make a good omelet?

Black Widow: I’m not emo. And no, I can’t make omelets. What does that have to do with being emo?

E: Geez, who cooks around here?

Black Widow: We swap out. Didn’t you already know that?

E: It was rhetorical. Rhetorical!

Black Widow: Whatever.

Lucky: Green? Are we being stereotypical here? Why not red? Red is a lucky color for the Chinese! Wait. You probably aren’t Chinese, are you? But are you IRISH….

Lucky Wing: I’m… British.

Nice Coyote: I’m sort of a ninja, but those are Japanese.

Neat Berry: That is true. Where did you learn that?

Nice Coyote: Weapons are my business sis.

Lucky Wing: You run a spy agency.

Nice Coyote: Same thing. I’ll send this to E then.

Lucky Wing: Alright then.


E: You may or may not have another ship in your garage. I have no shame. I shipped you two again. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You can’t deny it…..

E: Wait, what? I’m confused.

Dr Hare: We don’t have a garage.

E: I do. At my house.

Dr Hare: Honestly, you spend so much time here, I sometimes forget you have a home outside of the apartment.

E: I’m now concerned about the ship. Hope it was a ship-in-a-bottle size.

Dr Hare: Which kind of ship did she mean? Like just the boat or…

E: …

Dr Hare: …

E: Next Q it is!


Pop: Do you prefer to be called Poptropica, Pop, or Popcorn? BTW, I admit, I think you won the candy contest. Rematch sometime?

Pop: Yay! The candy contest was good!

E: Never again, Sofos Nera as my witness.

Pop: But I go by Pop nowadays! It was kind of confusing with Poptropica being my name and a game, so everyone just calls me Pop now!

Dr Hare: Who’s idea was that?

E: His, actually.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: You’re still miffed about the no parents thing, aren’t you?

Dr Hare: A little bit…

E: *puts a hand on his shoulder* It’s alright Harvey, it’s perfectly OK to be miffed about something like that. Now we’re in charge of Pop, so we’re the ones who get to keep him safe.

Dr Hare: Yeah… you’re right…

E: Occasionally.

Pop: Hey Mom, can we go get ice cream?

E: Only if Harvey feels like driving.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Sure.

Pop: Whoo! Family ice cream day!

E: *grins* Yup!


Everyone: HA! THERE! I just sent everyone Qs! BOOH YAH! YEA BOI! UH HUH, OH YEEAAAH! But next week come…. *drumroll* THE DARES! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Heather: You missed me. Oh well.

E: Dis gonna be good.

Dr Hare: Oh no…

Black Widow: You know, if anyone could send some dares that are specific and to the point, that’d be great.

E: Like what?

Black Widow: Like you know what.

E: -_- Light you.


The Dolphin Violinist to everyone: describe (in detail) the perfect sandwich.

Pop: You put peanut butter on one slice, strawberry jam on the other, then you put them together and eat it!

Dr Hare: Carrots.

E: Anything else?

Dr Hare: No.

E: Okie.

Black Widow: I don’t really care.

E: See, you put Miricle Whip on both pieces of bread, then you put lunch meat, turkey usually, on both sides, 2 on each, then you put cheese in the middle, microwave it until the cheese melts, then you cut it diagonally.

Pop: Whoa…

Dr Hare: What if you can’t eat meat?

E: I… I have no idea.

Binary Bard: I’ll just eat whatever.

Director D: I don’t care for sandwiches.

E and Pop: *gasps* What?!

Director D: *Rolls eyes* It’s not the end of the world.

E: Yes it is!

Dr Hare: E, calm down.

E: This is calm!

Black Widow: Aaaaaaaaaaand… next Q.


Destiny’s Bounty or the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.

E: Destiny’s Bounty! Please!

Dr Hare: I’d like a Helicarrier…

Binary Bard: Same.

E: But the Bounty tho!

Black Widow: I think you just want the ninja on it.

E: Well… just a little bit. I just wanna meet them, you know?

Binary Bard: Careful what you wish for.

E: Ach, what’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: Please don’t jinx it…  

E: Fine…


Ireland or Scotland

E: I went to Ireland when I was 5. No, 4. Somewhere around that age. Can’t remember a thing. I’d like to go back.

Dr Hare: Not much preference.

Binary Bard: Scotland.

Director D: Neither.

Black Widow: France.

E: That wasn’t an option.

Black Widow: It is now.

E: … OK then.


To E: if you’re dimension jumping, can you jump to a few dimensions and pick up some friends for me? 😅 Let’s see….Lloyd and the ninja, Hiccup, Toothless and the HTTYD gang, Star Wars (ORIGINAL) gang…..oh and if you can pick me up a sandwich that’d be great. 😅😂

E: I wish! I don’t really get much choice in where I turn up. At all. As in I have none.

Dr Hare: Yeah. Unless… Hmm.

E: What?

Dr Hare: Just an idea. Anyways, you’re not allowed to got dimension jumping, OK?

E: Aw, come on!


And Dr. Harreeeee😏😏😏
I dare you to sing another Niall Horan song, anything you like😆

Dr Hare: But… But I don’t think…

E: Aw, come on Harvey, what’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: I mess up.

E: Nah, not likely. You sound great!

Dr Hare: I… alright, fine.

E: Yay!

Dr Hare: *takes a deep breath and sings*

Waiting here for someone
Only yesterday we were on the run
You smile back at me and your face lit up the sun
Now I’m waiting here for someone

And oh, love, do you feel this rough?
Why’s it only you I’m thinking of

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?
Is it too much to ask?

Someone’s moving outside
The lights come on and down the drive
I forget you’re not here when I close my eyes
Do you still think of me sometimes?

And oh, love, watch the sun coming up
Don’t it feel messed up we’re not in love

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?

It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?


E: *sighs romantically* Harvey, you really do have a nice voice.

Dr Hare: T-thanks.

E: I think that I would honestly… nah, never mind, I’d sound silly.

Dr Hare: No, I want to hear.

E: It’s nothing.

Dr Hare: I won’t judge you, I’m just curious.

E: Well… I just thought… just that I really do love your voice Harvey. You should sing more.

Dr Hare: *bushes* Nah, I’m not that good.

E: Sure you are! Besides, even if you only sang to me… anyways, I just love hearing your voice, Ok?

Dr Hare: T-thank you.

E: *giggles* Is it too much to ask Harvey?

Dr Hare: Ha ha.

E: *dissolves into giggles*


I’m just going to quick post this, I’ll add the info later. Love you all, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

A very technical episode

Yes, this is completely canon for the AtV plot line. Yes, it does have a plot line. I know, it’s kind of shocking. It didn’t start with one. This is massively technical, but it does sort of explain the dimensional stuff going on. Sort of. Anyways, hope you enjoy!


*Somewhere in another dimension, far away*

Alexa: Alright, guys, status check. Itch?

Itch: Everything’s stable, only a small amount of dimensional imbalance, about .15%.

Alexa: That suffices. Tech?

Tech: Got more tech, and the large scale Duplicator is working fine.

Alexa: Great. Kimiko?

Kimiko: Currently busy. One last thing I gotta do. Can it wait?

Alexa: Grr… Fine. Cyree?

Cyree: Music launch across dimensions is a go.

Alexa: Great. I bet Alex is doing fine…

Alex: *portaling in* OHJEEZOHJEEZOHJEEZOHJEEZ… *out of breath* Never… Let Sequoyah… Help you out…

Alexa: Duly noted…

Itch: Uh-oh. Dimensional imbalance levels rising fast. Looks like someone’s coming over here!

Alexa: Oh, heck. Everyone, look busy!

Itch: Alright, the levels have stood still for a while… Readings show the target’s far out.

Alex: Great. Kimiko, can you and Tech help me out with Sequoyah for a bit? She’s having trouble giving LVS a tour of the dimensions.

*A pale blue portal opens up above the bed, spitting a blonde teenage girl out next to it*

Girl: Ack… Couldn’t have hit the bed…

Itch: Well, they were closer than I thought. The three of you helping out Kali can wait. Help us out here.

Alexa: *rushing over to the girl* You OK? Wait a minute…

Girl: Ow… *sits up, rubbing head*

Alexa: E? How’d you get here? Usually Itch picks you up!

E: Yeah. About that… where am I, exactly?

Alexa: Alex’s base, Dimension Earth-1D0.

E: Awesome. Can you do me a favor?

Kimiko: Whatever you need, Ms. Elyana.

Alexa: What’s up?

E: *grabs her hand* Make sure a Cyberman doesn’t get me. *collapses*

Alexa: Oh, for the love of… Cyree, Song of Healing.

Cyree: *clearing throat* Arattzattza ya ribiraririn raba rittan rindam denrandu waba rittatta parippari pariri ribiribi risutan denrandu yaba rindan tenran deiaroo waraba dubudubudubu deiebu ra rittan dinran denrandu tatatataduuduu deiabuu.

TAS: *rolls a 20-sided die and it lands on 14*

E: *twitches, but doesn’t wake up*

TAS: *sighs silently, then grabs a piece of pizza and a stick, repeatedly poking E with both*

*20 minutes pass*

TAS: *still poking a non-moving E with a stick*

Alexa: Well, while Tech drags E to the medical bay… and while TAS keeps poking E… let’s figure out why this is happening… Alex, can you contact Sequoyah with any theories?

Alex: Working on it… *into earpiece* Mmhmm… yep… that makes sense… alright. *to others* Dimensional rift, Sequoyah says. Our best bet would be to figure out what dimension all this is happening in.

Itch: On it. Tech, help me with calculations?
Tech: Sure.

*2 minutes, 37 seconds, and 18 milliseconds in exact time later*

Alex: Calculation check…

Tech: *to Itch* No, no, 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd, ya dolt. *to Alex* Still-

*shrill scream from medical bay*

Tech: *sighing* …working on it…

*Alexa, Tech, Cyree, Alex, and Kimiko rush over to the medical bay*

E: *Sitting up with her head in her hands* I’m fine. I’m fine.

Alex: Yeah, well, screaming contradicts that.

E: I’m fine.

Cyree: Tech, scan her.

Tech: On it.

E: I’m fine… just a nightmare. Don’t worry about me.

TAS: *comes in rolling another D20, it lands on 15*

Tech: Scan complete…

E: I don’t need a scan, don’t worry about it… *tries to get out of bed, but sits back down hard* Ow.

Alex: Like I said. Contradictions.

E: I’m fine.

TAS: *pulls out a whiteboard and draws on it, then turns it to reveal an X inside a circle
and the word “doubt” next to it*

E: I’m fine, I told you. I… just need a sec.

Tech: Anyway, my scan’s results: loss of energy. Apparently the jump she made expelled a bunch of energy.

TAS: *rushes out of the room and comes back with a pizza box, opening it as if to offer E a piece*

E: What, for me?

TAS: *nods in approval*

E: Oh. Thank you. *takes a slice and starts eating it, crust first* Thanks bro.

TAS: *slightly confused as to why she ate the crust first, but nods back as if to say “you’re welcome” anyway*

E: So what’s going on? I’m… K, I have no idea. How long was I out?

Alex: About… carry the five… 29 minutes. Long enough for TAS to poke you with a stick a bunch.

E: Ok then… That’s way better than last time… That was 12 hours. Did you guys do something? *takes another bite of pizza*

Alex: Had my bud Sequoyah theorize what’s happening. We’re thinking while my dimension’s versions of Tech, Michi, Cyree, and Kimiko are out, Sequoyah could join us and help us fix this.

E: I mean to me.

Kimiko: Ah, that. Well, we did drag you all the way from the main room to the medical bay… That’s basically it, other than TAS’s poking with a stick thing.

E: Oh. It’s just… 12 hours is very different than 9 minutes… Oh well, not that I’m complaining. *keeps eating pizza*

Itch: Wait, did you say 12 hours?!?

E: Yeah. That’s what Lucky told me at any rate. *finishes pizza* Don’t suppose I could grab another slice TAS…

TAS: *hands her the box*

Itch: Oh, geez… Well, the fact that the time shortened from 12 hours to nine minutes is fine, but… Well, our trip’s happening sooner than we all expected.

E: What trip?

Alexa: *sighing, facepalming* The most chaotic dimension travelling trip ever. Assuming you probably won’t want to join?

E: No, I probably shouldn’t… I… well, we were going to go grab lunch… but… Somehow… I ended up here. I… don’t actually know… how… I… oh no.

Alexa: What’s wrong?

E: Everything… I was with Harvey, we were talking… oh man, I hope he’s alright…

Itch: He’s probably fiiine…

E: He’s probably worried sick. Wonder if I could call him… *pats pockets absently*

Alexa: What, did you lose your phone?

E: *sighs* Left it in the lab more like. So much for that.

Tech: Hm, let’s see… *reaches deep into a utility bag, pulling out E’s phone*

E: *blinks* What witchcraft…

Tech: Spatial Utility Belt, allows me to grab anything from anywhere as long as I know what area it’s in.

E: I can’t decide if that’s really cool or just sketchy. Maybe both.

Alex: It’s one of the things my Tech gave her. Heck, my Tech even gave me glasses with another version of Cattomi inside.

E: Technology is fun. Most of the time.

Everyone else: Indeed.

Alexa: Anyway, you need help getting back to your dimension?

E: I… don’t know. *mutters* It’d help if I actually knew the dimensional chaos status… *sighs* I’ll call Harvey, he’ll know what to do.

Itch: Lemme just stop you right there. Regular calls can’t go through dimensions.

Tech: Hmm… Can I see your phone real quick?

E: *nervously* Mine runs calls through dimensions all the time. It’s what I use to call Lucky and NC.

Itch: *in unison with Tech* Well, assuming you only have ways to contact just those dimensions, along with your own, if we do a small bit of rewiring and add an app that Alex’s version of Tech coded, then you can contact not just those dimensions, but any dimension possible. *Itch and Tech notice they were just talking at the same time and attempt to say jinx first, but they keep saying it at the same time as well, eventually giving up*

E: *blinks* Sweet glory.

Tech: Anyway, permission to do what Itch and I were talking about?

E: I… mmph, fine, but no snooping.

Tech: *takes E’s phone, opens it up, moves a wire, closes it back, then unlocks her phone with a “secret admin code” and downloads the app, handing it back to her* Just FYI, you had a notification from YouTube. Didn’t read what it was.

E: Probably the new sub one from yesterday I forgot to deal with. *checks* Yeah, it is. I think.

Tech: Ah, alright. Now let’s hope the large-scale Duplicator’s bug fixed…

E: What happens if it’s not?

Tech: Let’s take a look see. *walks over to a room where a large ring is standing, flipping a switch and making an energy appear in the ring* Hey, TAS, mind tossing me a slice of pizza for a test run?

TAS: *throws her the box of pizza*

Tech: *throws the box of pizza through the energy, making two*

TAS: *runs over and catches them, giving Tech a thumbs up*

Tech: Alright. Alex, your iPod?

Alex: I got it. *Alex tosses the iPod through, catching and making a second, tossing the second one to Tech*

Tech: *catching the second iPod, plugging it into a computer and recoding it, then unplugging it from the computer, tossing it to E*

E: *awkwardly catches it left-handed* Awp! Oh, thanks.

Tech: No prob! Tech 2 made that for Alex, and I recoded it to where if you take it and select Home, it’ll take you to the last place you were at in your home dimension. Added Alexa’s place and this base on it as well. Need any help, I added Alexa’s number to your phone while I was downloading the app, and I’ll fix whatever it it you need.

Alexa: …too much explanation, Tech. -_-

Tech: Apologies. *bows in respect*

E: It’s fine… you didn’t see anything else on the phone, right?

Tech: Other than the YouTube notification, the app store and your wallpapers, no.

E: At, knew I shouldn’t have had a Draw the Squad background. Oh well. You sure about the iPod?

Tech: Yup. Need to add any dimensions on there, just select “IS Base” and look for me. If I’m not there, try “Alexa’s Humble Abode.” Otherwise, you’re great to go home.

E: *hesitant* I dunno… Technology is kind of…. Been… going haywire in my presence…

Tech: If you need, I think Tech 2 made an extra copy of N.E.P.H.R.I..

E: No, no, it’s fine. I’ll… *pockets phone and stares at iPod* Oh boy.

Tech: What is it?

E: I… It’s probably nothing. Here, let me… *pushes the button and nothing happens* Um… *pushes it again* Why is nothing happening…

Tech: Hm… Lemme take a closer look. *she grabs the iPod and opens it up* Oh. Right. I accidentally took out the battery. *Tech grabs a battery from her utility belt and puts it in, handing it back to her*

E: Oh, thanks. *takes and and pushes the button again* Still nothing.

Tech: That’s… Oddly peculiar. Alex, mind letting her try your glasses?

Alex: *takes off his glasses and hands them to her*

E: Um… Ok. *puts them on* What the heck…

Alex: Do you see a bunch of random information popping up?

E: Yes…

Alex: Hmm… Must have that effect only on dimensional travel-related items…

Tech: Which is odd… Even with those who have no access to stuff like this normally, and have no electricity, can make this work fine…

E: I’m not sure… *Takes off glasses and hands them back to Alex* I’m gonna call Harvey. If worst comes to worst he can pick me up, right?

Itch: We’ll have to move bases, since I REALLY do not want ANYONE getting the dimensional coordinates of our base.

E: You gave them to me. Ish.

Itch: You just guessed them. Plus the iPod doesn’t show it.

E: Fair enough and I honestly don’t care… Can I just call him now?

Itch: *sighing in anger and frustration* Sure…

E: Thank you… *pulls out phone* Sorry, I’m just… losing my mind over here. *calls the number and puts phone to ear*

Itch: *quietly mumbling* I am too with this dimensional stuff going on…

E: Welcome to my world. *to phone* Hello? Harvey? It’s El, I- *winces* Yes, I’m OK. I’m fine. No, I… yes, I’ll send you my dimensional coordinates. *pauses* You OK? No, I’m fine, it’s you I’m worried about now. No, I’m with the AtG peeps. I’m fine. Yes… Ok, see you soon then. *Hangs up* Wow. OK then. He’s coming, apparently.

Itch: Oh, juuuust great…

Alexa: Itch, shut your mouth or you’re getting you-know-who taken away.

E: *Sighs* I’mma go sit down, I’m getting dizzy… *sits on bed, hard*

Alexa: Dangit, not again. Cyree, Song of Healing again.

Cyree: *repeats the song of hearing*

TAS: *rolls another D20 and it lands on 20*

E: Oh that’s what you did earlier. Now it makes sense… Seriously tho, I’m fine…

Alexa: Making sure, making sure. Shouldn’t be dizzy anymore, though.

E: I’m fine… *rubs forehead* Just… stressed? Tired? More stressed and tired?

Alexa: Well, Cyree’s healing song usually fixes that. But if that’s the case, let me get Michi 2 on the phone.

Tech: She makes potions. They’re useful.

E: I’m fine….

Itch: *quietly mumbling again* If by fine you mean technically trapped in this dimension until Harvey infiltrates our base, then sure, I’ll believe you.

E: Itch, if you want to take me elsewhere, I haven’t done the coordinates. I understand privacy.

Itch: It’s fine. Just make sure Harvey deletes the coordinates. I don’t want him coming back here again.

Alexa: …You know what, I’m not going to talk about what I just remembered because Itch probably just remembered it as well.

E: I’ll just… I’ll tell him to delete the corrds.

Itch: Alright. In exchange, I have the package for him.

E: What… package…

Itch: You know… it starts with the letter D and contains something you may not like.

E: No. What is wrong with you.

Itch: TAS, victory song.

TAS: *eating a piece of duplicated pizza, dropping it in the box and playing Itch’s victory song*

E: -_- That’s just cruel.

Itch: You’re talking to a person who’s life is mean. I’ve only been nice on occasion, and it stresses me out HEAVILY to be nice.

E: Ok then. *shrugs* Don’t look at me, I don’t have anything interesting to say.

Alex: And now we just wait for your friend Harvey to get here.

E: Yeah… *texts something on phone* He should be here soon.

Alex: Alright.

(Sooner or later…)

*A blue-green portal opens up in the middle of the room and Dr Hare steps out*

Itch: *immediately turns himself invisible*

Dr Hare: Came as soon as I could… sorry it took so… long…

E: Harvey! *hugs him* Thank you!

Alexa: Hey, DH…

Dr Hare: Hi then. El, you OK?

E: I’m fine, I’m fine… *lets go of him* You?

Dr Hare: I’m fine.

Tech: Glad she is… And if you could find a way to make the iPod I gave her work when she’s using it, it’ll allow her to go to different dimensions without the loss of energy.

*E and Dr Hare exchange a look*

E: I… don’t know how I got here. I just somehow ended up in another dimension.

Dr Hare: And the only device that seems to work around her is this… *holds up a small device* The others ones have all shorted out.

Tech: Well, I wired it to where it doesn’t short out ever, so there’s that. Just don’t use her iPod for dimensional travelling. Or Itch will hurt you… *mumbling* or so he says.

Itch: *now visible, slinging around Thumb Chucks in his hands*

Dr Hare: ._. Duly noted…

E: Pls don’t threaten him. We usually don’t dimension travel if we can help it. Which… I can’t.

Itch: And I respect that, just… Don’t go crazy with it.

Dr Hare: We don’t…

E: I… just keep getting slung into random dimensions, I guess.

Dr Hare: *looks away* Anyways, yeah. We won’t use it if we can help it.

Tech: I will make the simple request that you find a way to make it work when E uses it, but otherwise, it’s for emergencies related to E’s accidental dimension travelling.

Dr Hare: I’ll try, yeah.

Alexa: For now, i guess this is a “see you all later” type deal?

E: I guess… Thank you all so much for letting me stay here, even for a few minutes…

Itch: *checks watch* An hour, actually. Took a while for Harvey to get here.

Dr Hare: Sorry…

E: It’s OK man…

Alexa: Anyway, it’s goodbye for now, I guess.

E: Yeah, thanks again.

Itch: Oh, that reminds me! *Itch throws a CD package at DH*

Dr Hare: *catches in awkwardly* Oh. What… what is it?

Itch: Remember that disk we keep talking about? This is yours.

Alex: Yeah, goodbye now.

E: *pales* Oh no.

Dr Hare: He is right, we need to go now or we’re trapped here for a while.

E: Ok, fine… See you guys!

*Dr Hare opens up the portal and he and El jump through*


*Meanwhile, back on Earth 442*

Binary Bard: They should get back soon…

Black Widow: Give them a minute, E talks a lot.

*The portal opens up and Dr Hare and E step through*

E: *breathes a sigh of relief* Oh hallelujah.

Black Widow: E, you’re back.

E: Yeah.

Binary Bard: Where were you?

E: I’m not sure… Another dimension.

Dr Hare: It was dimension 1D0, at least, according to them.

E: Isn’t that like an anime?

Black Widow: Don’t know, don’t care.

Binary Bard: Yeah, but where was she?

Dr Hare: I’m not sure. The gun didn’t actually use the coordinates, it was using El’s dimensional presence.

Binary Bard: That’s new.

E: *leans against couch* Yes, yes it is.

Black Widow: It all seems way too technical to me.

E: Probably is for most of our readers too.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: El, are you OK?

E: I’m fine, don’t worry about me.

Dr Hare: *takes her wrist, checking her pulse* Your heart is going about a mile a minute! You need to lay down.

E: I’m fine… * her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses*

Dr Hare: *Catches her* El!

Black Widow: What’s wrong with her?!

Dr Hare: Not sure, but… I’ll take her to her room, she should be OK… I hope.

Binary Bard: Yeah…

*Dr Hare picks E up and carries her away*

Binary Bard: That’s scary.

Black Widow: Yes. What’s going on with the dimensions?

Binary Bard: I’m sworn to secrecy, sorry.

Black Widow: Wonderful. The end of the world could be happening and I wouldn’t even know why.

Binary Bard: Sorry.


Plot twist, plot twists everywhere!

So I hope you guys liked that! Special thanks to Vampi and his gang for lending a hand! If you so desire, you may ask additional questions! Ye. Alright, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Ask the Villains #42, Sorry Excuse of a 42

Update: Fixed the link, my bad. 



The Dolphin Violinist to BB: Planes or trains?

Binary Bard: Planes.

E: Trains! Ain’t going nowhere off the ground!

Binary Bard: This isn’t your Q.

E: Fair enough.

To everyone: Valentine’s day is coming up, got anyone special? 🙄

(This Q was done with the ‘Villains’ all being interviewed separately. For privacy reasons. Mostly mine.)

Black Widow: Pff, no.


Binary Bard: Sort of…? It’s… complicated. I’ll get back to you.


Director D: That’s my business.

E: *off screen* HE TOTALLY DOES!


Pop: Ew, gross! I don’t want to get cooties!

E: Heh… Oops.


Heather: Not this year, maybe next time. Plus I don’t really know anyone here so… yeaaaaaaaah…


E: I… well, I was going to… But! *Shoves cup off table* Never could do it.

Black Widow: *off screen* It’s cause you’re a chicken!

E: I am a Scootaloo I’ll have you know!


Black Widow: *off screen* What.


Dr Hare: I… um… well… I was going to… ask… someone… special… but… well, didn’t… didn’t quite make it.

E: Really? Who?

Dr Hare: *goes red* I’ll just… I’ll just leave now. Quickly.

E: What?


Again to BB: 1010101010101010101110000110101010101001010101010100000111001010111001101010101000101000101010001001010101010010101010010010

Binary Bard: I… can’t seem to translate that. Did you just enter 0s and 1s?

E: I think one of the online translators is screwy. It probably just that. Tip to people who use this, if it doesn’t give you spaces, please use a different one. I have a nice one right here. (LINK)

Binary Bard: They use online translators? That’s not fair.

E: *laughs* Vampi and I used to have translate wars on TC’s blog, I remember that. That was fun.

Binary Bard: That’s called cheating.

E: That’s called being successful.

To DH: I dare you to sing This Town, and (if you want, pweeaasseee do it) any other Niall Horan song

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: Harvey, you totally got this. You’ve got a great voice.

Dr Hare: *flushing* You don’t know that!

E: Carolling, this last Christmas. Yes, I can honestly say I know that.

Dr Hare: *goes red* I… It’s embarrassing, I’m really not that good.

E: Nonsense! You can’t be worse than… crum, who do I know who’s bad at singing.

Dr Hare: You’re not helping

E: Sorry. Here, you sing, I’ll make it up to you somehow.

Dr Hare: No, you don’t have to…

E: Just sing bro. I’ll help out if you need it. You know the song, right? It’s one of your favorites.

Dr Hare: How did you… right, crossover.

E: *smiles * See, I remember things.

Dr Hare: Yes. Yes you do.

E: Look, if you need me to, I could always leave.

Dr Hare: No, no, you’re fine. I’ve just got to… *takes a deep breath* I’ll do it, fine. Do you remember how it starts?

E: Vividly. *starts singing* Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there…

Dr Hare: *picks it up and sings* The smell of your perfume still stuck on the air…

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard
Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars
And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now
If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard
And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now
As if the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
And I know that it’s wrong
That I can’t move on
But there’s something about you
If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

Everything comes back to you.

E: *singing the last note* Ooo-ooh ooh. *smiles at him*

Dr Hare: Was it good?

E: *nods* Yes. It really was.

Dr Hare: *embarrassed* T-thanks.

E: You’re welcome. You should sing more.

Dr Hare: *goes red* Thanks.

E: *hugs him* You’re welcome Bunny Boy. I gotta run, I have memes to respond to.

Dr Hare: So you did like it?

E: I loved it. You really are a great singer Harvey. Now, I gotta run. Talk at ya later b- Harvey. *walks off*

Dr Hare: See you.

Binary: She totally likes you…

Dr Hare: Whatever.


Fizzle to E: Be honest. SOMEONE had to make that meme a Q at some point. (Even if I’m technically in a tribe against them. (Long story, don’t ask.))

E: Do I look like I’m complaining? I am da wae.

Binary Bard: No, you’re not!

E: Yes, I am!

To DH: Since your lab and your bedroom are the same thing, does anything ever blow up and wake you when you’re sleeping?

Dr Hare: Sometimes.

E: Ugh, you kidding? I slept over the other night, the guest room is next door to his lab, I about died, it startled me so bad!

Dr Hare: I’m sorry…

E: It’s Ok, it’s to be expected. Besides, you can’t sleep in the lab at 24 Carrot, you have to sleep in a soundproof room.

Dr Hare: Or you could be chicken and sleep in an apartment 4 blocks down.

E: I had a down payment, I couldn’t just leave it.

Dr Hare: Chicken.

E: *sticks out tongue* Whatever Bunny Boy.

Dr Hare: You know I’m right Pixie Girl.

E: *laughs* Fine, you win.

Dr Hare: *bows* Thank you, m’lady.

E: *curtsies* You’re quite welcome my dear sir.

Black Widow: Are you two done flirting yet?

E: Shut up! This isn’t… we’re not…

Dr Hare: *goes red* Were we?

Black Widow: *facepalms*

E: I’m done! Next Q!


To BB and BW: You DID hear what happened between E and Hare, yeah? With the… the Q that just asked her to… and then she just… I need to lie down…

Black Widow: Well, E just blew a fan’s mind.

Binary Bard: I’m sure she’s thrilled. Hey E!

E: *pokes head in* wat

Binary Bard: You blew a fan’s mind.

E: Sweet. Doing what?

Black Widow: Long story, tell you later.

E: Okie. *walks off*

Binary Bard: *waits for her to leave* He meant when E kissed Hare, right?

Black Widow: *spits out her coffee* What?!

Binary Bard: She didn’t tell you?

Black Widow: Are you freaking kidding me?!

Binary Bard: It was only on the nose, but-

Black Widow: D***mit E.

Binary Bard: So, no.

Black Widow: Yep.

Binary Bard: Well, Hare told me about it. Imagine how he feels.

Black Widow: I take it he didn’t expect it.

Binary Bard: Not in a million years.

Black Widow: Figures. If he can’t tell she’s head over heels over him, he wouldn’t.

E: *pokes head in* Hang on a second, what was your Q?!

Black Widow: Nothing relevant to you.

E: Is it really tho?

Binary Bard: Yeah.

Black Widow: Definitely didn’t involve you and Hare.

E: -_- I’m never going to hear the end of this ship, am I?

Black Widow: Pff, no.


To E (Again): One a scale of 1 to 10, how big a problem is Crawfish’s disappearance? O_o

E: MAJOR! For one thing, I just had one of my friends go missing! And… something tells me this isn’t like D disappearing every once in a while. Crawfish had been gone almost 20 whole days!

Dr Hare: Do you want me to go look for him?

E: *almost guiltily* Y-yeah, that would be nice. Thank you.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. *leaves the room*

E: *takes a deep breath, then sighs* Ok, so… there’s something else. Well, I’m not really supposed to talk about this, but, well… I mentioned the Rulers? They put me, well, not in charge, but sort of. Ish. Kind of here to make sure nothing goes wrong, I guess? It wasn’t my idea, but I almost had to accept. I… I don’t want to tell the others, I don’t want them to think I’m only here because of that. I started the Q&A because I wanted them to have fun and I wanted to get to know them better. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but… I dunno. I like the Villains, they’re some of my closest friend and I-

Dr Hare: Wait, what’s going on?

E: Aah! *Falls off chair* When did you get here?!

Dr Hare: Just a second ago. What’s wrong, is someone going to die?

E: What? No, why?

Dr Hare: *sighs in relief* I… Never mind, it’d sound silly.

E: Ok… Next Q then.

Dr Hare: What were you telling them anyways?

E: O_O Next Q!


Arleen to E: Sorry I didn’t send in Qs last week! I had to chase down a demon. With the chaos you go through, I hope you understand. -_-

E: Oh course Arleen! It’s completely understandable, just last week… well, you all read the crossover. That’s… shockingly fairly normal. It’s a really good week if nothing’s exploded and it’s a bad week if someone’s sent to an alternate dimension.

Dr Hare: Uh oh.

E: Uh oh? I don’t like Uh oh! What’s does it mean this time?!

Dr Hare: Um… I’m going to call some people.

E: You’re not saying Crawfish is in another dimension, oh please tell me you’re not.

Dr Hare: Well….

E: Oh no. Oh no no no… *starts hyperventilating*

Dr Hare: El, breathe. It’ll be OK, we can find him.

E: Can we tho?!

Dr Hare: Yes, we can. Breathe, you’re ramping up.

E: Ok, breathing. *takes a deep breath* We are clearly not having a good week.

Dr Hare: Pretty much, yeah.


Arleen to DD: Does your secret organization still do anything besides stand around? A yes or no would be fine, I understand if you don’t wanna specify.

Director D: -_- I do not currently run the spy organization. I was… well, removed-

E: Arrested.

Director D: -although I do remain in contact with the woman currently running it.

E: He’s dating her.

Diretor E: -_- Hare, would you please remove your girlfriend from the room?

E: I’m not his girlfriend!

Director D: Oh, really?

E: Yes!

Director D: Hare, would you please remove your significant other from the room?


Dr Hare: What did you do now?

E: *fuming* Nothing…


Arleen to BW: I hear there was massive progress towards Elyarvey. Ya think it might actually happen soon?

Black Widow: Probably.

E: I’m right here you know.

Black Widow: Please. I’m surprised you two haven’t already started dating.

E: I’m not in love!

Black Widow: You are totally in love.

E: I- *stops* Oh sweet glory. What if I am?

Black Widow: Well. Wasn’t expecting that.

E: Oh no. Oh no no no… this can’t be happening. Please tell me I tripped and whacked my head and I’m actually experiencing lucid hallucinations!

Black Widow: You’re not.

E: I can’t be in love, you kidding me?! I’m not good at love!

Black Widow: Would you say that… you’re bad at love?

E: Glory Wid, this isn’t a joke! I can’t have this happen!

Black Widow: What could possibly go so wrong?

E: Um, everything! He could reject me, which I honestly expect and would probably recover from but still-

Black Widow: He wouldn’t reject you, he’s head over heels for you.

E: Yeah, right. I just… I don’t want to ruin what I do have. Harvey’s one of the best people I’ve ever met and I don’t want to ruin that friendship!

Black Widow: Head over heels.

E: Yeah. Right. Like that’d happen.

Black Widow: You’d have to be blind not to see it.

E: I’m not blind! I just refuse to make that mistake again! *Slaps hand over mouth*

Black Widow: Excuse me?

E: I didn’t say anything.

Black Widow: Explain.

E: I didn’t say anything.

Black Widow: Either you explain or I’m going to go tell Hare you told me you’re in love with him.

E: Is that blackmail?!

Black Widow: Yes, yes it is.

E: Rude. *sighs* All I meant was, well, *sighs* I… This has happened before, OK? I crush on this guy and he’s just… not interested. I think he is, but he’s not. I misread people. A lot. It hurt the last time more than I’d care to admit… and it’s happened almost every time. I don’t want it to happen again and I don’t want to throw Harvey off either. It’s just… I dunno.

Black Widow: E?

E: Yeah?

Black Widow: Come with me.

E: Ok…?

*They go into the living room*

Black Widow: Hey Hare.

E: *squeaks* Oh no.

Dr Hare: Yeah?

Black Widow: *shoves E towards him* She needs a hug. I’m not a hug person. Dr Hare: Yeah, of course! *Hugs E* What’s wrong?

E: N-nothing.

Black Widow: Thank you. *walks off*

E: … *hugs him back and mutters* Thanks Wid.

Dr Hare: What was that?

E: Nothing.


Arleen to E (Again): That salty sea dog went missing, did he? I could help track him down if you want. 🙂

E: I… well, Harvey is helping me find him, so that’ll be good. We should be alright, thanks Arleen. Arleen. Arleeeeen. Dang, I like that name. Remind me to say your name more often.


Alex to E: We haven’t cloned you. I’m just saying we can. Tech2 made a cloning device.

E and Dr Hare: No!

Black Widow: One E is enough.

Dr Hare: Two.

E: I’d like to say that Elizabeth is different than me, also a ray of sunshine. Just saying.

Black Widow: Would complimenting her technically just be complimenting yourself?

E: Nah, we’re two different people. Plus, she’s cooler for multiple reasons, including that she’s from a dimensional abnormality.

Dr Hare: Which is pretty cool. So is El.

E: *flushes* Thanks.

Black Widow: You two really need to up your flirting game.

E: You mean like “Did it heard when you fell from heaven(change)” or “you’re so hot I forgot my pick-up line”?

Black Widow: Yes.

E: Hmm, let me think, um, NO. I don’t do flirting. *walks off*

Black Widow: Shame, she’s not too bad at it.

E: *in the other room* NO!

TAS to E: yes me steal ur memes especially rarest of pepes

E: You can have the pepes, but if you come near my da wae, I shall declare war upon your entire clan.

Dr Hare: Does that mean you declare war on Itch twice?

E: *folds arms* Yes. Yes it does.

Dr Hare: I really don’t think he ever took you seriously there.

E: I could always threaten to beat him up when the AtG comes back.

Dr Hare: Please don’t.

E: Harvey, it’s war.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but you could get hurt pretty badly. Itch kind of has a metal arm.

E: I fear nothing.

Dr Hare: Minus heights and mannequins.

E: *shudders* That’s a low blow Hare.

Dr Hare: Just proving a point.

E: Fiiiiioooooone… I won’t try and beat him up.

Dr Hare: Thank you.

E: But war is still declared.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Alright, that’s fine. Aren’t you a little busy with two wars declared?

E: Nah, the war on Jish is pretty straightforward. We just yell at each other. With kindness and friendship.

Dr Hare: *laughs* You never cease to amaze me.

E: Aw, thank you.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. Now, we’d better do the next Q.

E: Next Q it is!


Vampi to everyone: So, how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? I got denied by my crush.

E: Aw man! I read your post about it and I’m so sorry! Rest assured that you’re not the only one this has happened to. I’ve been rejected before, be strong! If you need the squad to come and bring you chocolate, we always could! Or at least I could. But it’s a good thing you guys are still friends! It’s always say when a friendship is ruined because of things like that. Just remember, friendship is magic.

Black Widow: Elyana, I swear, if you start singing, I will show your boyfriend your diary from 8th grade.

E: You wouldn’t dare…

Black Widow: Wouldn’t I?!

*Brief stare-off*

E: Fine! You win. I won’t sing MLP.

Black Widow: Thank you.

E: You’re welcome.

Black Widow: If you sing that, I’ll show him your current diary.

E Can’t anyone ask nicely?! *Sighs and shakes head* Kids these days. Fine. I’ll go. *walks off*

Director D: You never do ask nicely.

Black Widow: No, I don’t. Wait for it…

E: Wait a minute, what do you mean you’d show my boyfriend?!

Black Widow: There it is.


Alexa to everyone: *teleports a cookie cake through shaped like a heart with a note on it saying “e, email me/Vampi about what to tell everyone”*

Dr Hare: I’m just going to- *picks up the cake and starts walking away*

E: Harvey Hare, if you have a sugar high again I swear I’m going to pin you to the ground.

Dr Hare: Worth it.

Black Widow: Have you emailed Vampi yet?

E: I just got the gosh darn thing, of course not. Here, I’ll let you guys know.

*2 hours later*

E: *yells to the rest of the house* The AtG Squad wished us a Happy Valentine’s!

Black Widow: Great for them!

Dr Hare: Wish them one back!

E: I will, on it!


Kimiko to the Bard: Do you listen to EDM, and if so, what’s your favorite song?

Binary Bard: EDM. Electronic Dance Music?

E: Is it bad I really want to see Binary do the robot?

Dr Hare: I’d pay money to see that.

Binary Bard: I can still hear you both perfectly well you know!

E: You’re blowing my mind over here B! Just *mimes a mind blown*

Dr Hare: *laughs*

Binary Bard: Your answer is no, I currently don’t listen to EDM. Maybe someday.

E: I wonder how much of my pop music is secretly EDM.

Pop: What?

E: Never mind.


Vampi to E: do you read fanfiction dot net

E: I don’t read a ton of FanFics, especially after this fun Ninjago story I was reading turned into a total GreenFlame and not in a good way. Plus, they ruined Jay in ways I don’t want to go into. So not really…? I’m hoping to make a Wattpad at some point, especially since all my friends at school use it. And plus everyone in the Creative Writing Club. Which… is almost the same. Who isn’t in both groups? *Thinks* Oh right, Ms W. *Wrinkles nose* Anyways, um… short story no. Sorry.


estherli521 AKA Zippy Sky To e: since Kat made a clone of you *eyes gets bigger slowly* DOES THAT MEAN HUMAN CLONING IS FINALLY POSSIBLE??(sorry, Ima weird nerd)

E: I love weird nerds!

Dr Hare: Same!

E: Wait what

Dr Hare: Um… never mind.

E: Okie. Well, Kat didn’t make Liz, Liz is just a Dimensional abnormality, like I said earlier. However… Apparently Tech2 made a cloning device. However, again, that’s in another dimension, so I’m not sure if cloning is possible on Earth 442.

Dr Hare: It is.

E: Rly?

Dr Hare: Yeah, it’s just no one is allowed to do it, because it’s *makes finger quotes “unethical.”

E: Aw, I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok. Maybe next time.

E: Just so long as it’s not me.

Dr Hare: Why would I need a copy when I’ve got the original?

E: Aw, you’re sweet.

Dr Hare: Not as sweet as you.

E: *blushes* Aw… gosh, thanks Harvey.

Black Widow: Can I rename this AtV Flirting 101?

E: No, you can’t.

Black Widow: Maybe I will anyways.

E: Rude.


To dr hare: sorry bout that dare I gave e last ATV heard it was….. intense.Anyhow, there’s a big box full of pink carrots in front of your door. Why? Cuz I’m nice.

Dr Hare: Oh, thank you! *Whispers to E* Which one did she send?

E: *flushes* The one where… ya know. Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Yeah…

*Awkward pause*

Dr Hare: I’m… going to go grab those carrots. *walks off*

E: Ya know… I really really have anything against ‘intense’ Qs. I didn’t mind that too much. Wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Just sayin.

Black Widow: I knew it!

E: AAH! *falls off chair* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?!

Black Widow: Long enough. But I knew you liked it…

E: S-shut up! I’ll admit to no such thing!

Dr Hare: *comes back in, holding carrots* Wait… what’s going on?

E: *shrilly* NOTHING!

Black Widow: E here was telling me some interesting information.

E: I was not! You listened in!

Black Widow: Tomato tomato.

Dr Hare: … You know what, I don’t want to know.

E: Next Q it is!


To dr hare(again): you know rabbits aren’t vegetarians,right? This morning I saw a rabbit eat the beef jerky that I left out last night.

E: Ew, I don’t like jerky.

Dr Hare: Neither do I… Rabbits are vegetarian, although not all of them follow rules, just like humans.

E: What.

Dr Hare: Humans are Omnivorous, but some people are vegetarian.

E: What about pixies?

Dr Hare: Those… probably omnivores.

E: Phew, Ok, just checking.



E: Well crap.

Binary Bard: Why are you saying “Well crap,” you’re not even involved!

E: Well, she’s totally going to kill me now! Ugh… I’m going to go hide in my corner of solitude and write my will.

Binary Bard: OK, fair enough. So… answering the Q, sort of? We… well, she’s the one who helped break us out of jail after Erewhon, She’s… she’s kind of a long story. But no, as I’m thinking most of you are thinking, it’s not Princess Elyana, this is someone completely different. It’s also not Charlotte.

E: It’s also not anyone I know or anything!

Binary Bard: E, she’s not going to kill you!


Binary Bard: No, you’re not!

E: Be sure to tell the world I died bravely. Also, tell Harvey-

Dr Hare: Tell me what?

E: ._. Harvey, how do you keep doing this?

Dr Hare: Heightened hearing, sorry. I know you don’t like eavesdropping, so…

E: Oh. Appreciated.

Binary Bard: So what were you going to tell Hare, E

E: You’re not too much older than I can’t beat you up.

Dr Hare: Violence isn’t the answer El…

E: Ugh… fine. Wasn’t anything important anyways…


To Black widow: How are you so good at art? I can only ~~barely~~ draw when I’m watching YouTube tutorials XD

Black Widow: A lot of practice. I also don’t trust YouTube.

E: YouTub is fine. I get that you want to keep your art consistent, but geez.

Black Widow: I trust who I want.

E: Fine, I’m going to go ‘trust’ TheOdd1sOut. *walks off*

Black Widow: More drawing tips.  Practice. Don’t be afraid to ask for constructive criticism. Only constructive, if they’re just telling you that you suck, they’re doing it wrong. Practice. And remember, other people aren’t better than you, they just draw differently.

E: You sound like Kix. She never gives me a straight answer on my art.

Black Widow: It’s a real thing.

E: I know, but when I’m asking for art critiquing…

Black Widow: Fair enough.


To DD: who made you bald?

Director D: Genetics.

E: Ooh, genetics is a bad.

Director D: Is a what?

E: Bad. It’s bad. It’s a bad. I sometimes break the laws of grammar when I’m bored.

Director D: You must be bored a lot.

E: I’d be insulted, but you’re too accurate for words.

To Everyone:
Who do you think is pops biological parents?

E: *frowns* I’m not sure this is wise.

Black Widow: Why not?

E: Well, I don’t usually like to talk about that dimension cause… I don’t want Pop to feel home sick. And… Yeah. 

Pop: But Momma, this is my home!

E: Aw… *hugs him* You’re a sweetie Pop. I guess it’s up to you then. Do you want to answer?

Pop: Sure! But… what does biological mean?

Dr Hare: Your parents who gave birth to you. From your original dimension.

E: Like… not us. I mean me. Yeah.

Pop: Oh. I didn’t have any.

E: *spits out her drink* S’cuse what

Dr Hare: Pop, you didn’t have any parents?!

Pop: Nope!

E: … that’s not… wow, ok. That… that’s a thing.

Dr Hare: But who took care of you?

Pop: We all took care of ourselves, sort of. Some of us lived together for a while, but then one day… I ended up here!

E: *looks at Dr Hare* About that…

Dr Hare: So you didn’t have any parents?

Pop: Nope.

Dr Hare: Then how were you born?

Pop: What?

E: Harvey!

Dr Hare: What?!

E: *drags Dr Hare off to the side* So I haven’t given Pop ‘the talk’ yet…

Dr Hare: The talk?

E: The talk!

Dr Hare: Oh. *eyes widen* OH.

E: Yeah. Kinda sums it up.

Dr Hare: I’m so sorry.

E: It’s Ok, it happens. I’ll tell him when he’s a little older, but… well, now you know.

Pop: What are you guys talking about?

*Awkward silence*

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: Storks.

Pop: Oh, Ok. *walks off*

E: Storks?

Dr Hare: It was The Talk thing, I couldn’t think of anything better.

E: Still. Nice save.

Dr Hare: Thanks.


That only took forever and a day! I added the day part when I missed yesterday. Whoo. So I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves today! Random, I know, but Valentine’s was recently. I mean, it was Chocolate Sale day, (my bad) and while I personally didn’t get to go buy all of the chocolate, but I was still Ok throughout Valentine’s. Stressed. Ok. A mess. Perfectly fine. Well I don’t know, maybe I’m not a Valentine’s person, Ok?! I might just be doomed to be alone! (Where did I take this, cheese and crackers.) So putting out the info!

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, kiss, injury, timeline, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (Dirty Sinners), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (I am known by many names…) on Discord or whatever and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that from the first sentence. The main 6 7 (8?) people to ask are: Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, El, Elyana, Phineas and Ferb guys, come on, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game, and Heather, Dr Hare’s sister, who’s staying with us for now.(Or forever)  PLUS Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Since, you know, she’s in another dimension. Hence video calls. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. (Again, video calls.) You can ask about dreams(HI), candy canes(Merry freaking Christmas in 11 months), crushes, ships, hair, opinions, Poptropica, rocks(DO ROCKS), pancakes, experiences we’ve had, Webcomics, never have I ever games, Reality TV, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica(the game and the person, and yeah.)… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Or homework. Or holidays. Or drama(as in the kind people like, not theater). Then I’ll reschedule or something. (Or just be dead, whatever.) Ask away!


You know, to be honest, I really missed the AtV. You know those two weeks I didn’t post, because I was working on it with Kat? I mean, it was also so much fun that crossovers are forever my life, but I missed working on it during the week. And now I can! I… actually didn’t realize it until like Friday. And then it was interesting. I was going to post it yesterday, like I said, but I didn’t quite… have… all the Qs done. i.e most of the long ones. Plus this week has been kind of stressful! I don’t know why, but dang! I hope you all didn’t see my post on Luckily Bizarre. I deleted it only after a couple hours, because it was… kind of pathetic TBH. Anyways, it’s gone now, don’t worry about it if you didn’t see it, it was only up for 2 hours. It’s been an interesting week. I have a post I might publish about one of the highlights. Keywords are might post. I also had some family in town, that was nice. I’m honestly blabbering on at this point, I’m surprised you’re still reading it. If you are that is. If you are, post “shoe” in your comment. (sorry, now I’m curious!) Anyways, after all of that, I’m done. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Ask the Villains #41, Crossover Chaos and Candy Obsession!

Hey, I’m really sorry this is so late! If you can kindly pretend that this was posted the 13th? I’ll post a (late) Valentine’s Special if you do… Love y’all, thank you! Happy Single Appreciation Day! Here’s the other part of the crossover, hope you enjoy!

START HERE or else the rest doesn’t make sense!


Director D: Where did Elyana and the others go?

Heather: Good question, I was wondering the same thing… 


Heather: Oh no.

E: Guys, meet Whit, Harri, Danielle, Zander and Kat!

Kat: ‘Ello!

Harri: *waves* Hi.

Danielle: Um, sup.

Director D: *looks at her* Why do you look familiar?

Kat: *snickers*

Heather: Yeah, um, who’s this Harri and why does she look like my brother?

E: Well…

Whit: *smacks forehead* Ok, explanation time. Heather, Harri is technically your niece.

Heather: What.

E: From another dimension!

Whit: Technically.

Heather: Ah. That’s better, then.

Dr Hare: Hey!

Director D: And this is?

E: Your alternate dimensional daughter.

Kat: Yup.

Danielle: Who thankfully isn’t bald.

Director D: *sighs* It’s always about the hair…

E: You’re bald bro, whaddya expect.

Director D: Who is your mother, Danielle?

Danielle:  Um… I dunno. I believe it was some other villain. Medusa, maybe?

Director D: *raises an eyebrow* I’m not so sure about that one.

E: *snickers* D, you just want to know if you get married to your girlfriend, don’t you?

Director D: No. Kindly stop now.

E: Alright…

Kat: Ew! You guys!

E: *giggling* Sorry, anyways, yeah.

Heather: What’s going on?

E: AtV time!

Kat: YEAH!!

Sporty Boa: How big is the universe? (Editor note: I sorry it’s late! -E) 

Kat: Bigger than the earth.

Whit: Ha ha.

E: The question really is, does he mean universe as in sun, moon, etc, or the inter-dimensional universe?

Dr Hare: The second one is unknown, since we haven’t and won’t ever come close to exploring them all.

E: We’re too experienced.

Dr Hare: You have no idea.

Kat: Ah. We’ve been to quite a few dimensions. Whit, how many have we gotten to so far?

Whit: Uh, 317. Counting the one we went to in the future.

Kat: Oh, yeah. I liked that one. Sorry, will like.

E: Future. I never met future me. Lucky met future her and future me, but I wasn’t there. Current me, I mean.

Dr Hare: Do you ever think about the future, El? What could happen then?

E: Occasionally. Why do you ask?

Dr Hare: Oh, no reason.


estherli521 Everyone 1: candy eating contest starting…… Now!

Kat: WAIT, WHAT? *eyes light up*

Whit: I got the candy, I guess. * grabs a huge sack of candy.*

Harri: The candy isn’t for you, Kat, it’s for the villains.

Dr Hare: Well, since you’re here, I guess you’re participating.

Kat: YAY!!!!!

Whit: *smacks her forehead* Fine then.

Black Widow: This is going to be interesting…

Danielle: Ok then…

Pop: Can I join?

Dr Hare: Maybe you shouldn’t…

Kat: Naw, let him.

E: Alright, Pop can, that’d be fine.

Kat: YAY!

E: But Harvey can’t. Sorry man.

Dr Hare: It’s OK.

Whit: The number one rule of feeding Kat is: DON’t FEED KAT! Number two: ESPECIALLY NOT CANDY! But you guys seem to be rather ignorant about that so go ahead, give Kat all the candy in the world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Dr Hare: Um.. We probably ought to be told these things in advance. 

E: Maybe we need a list of things not to do. 

Kat: Naw, it’s fine!! *glares at Whit*

Whit: *shrugs*

Black Widow: Can we not. I don’t to have to deal with a dozen sugar pumped kids.

Zander: None of us are doing it with you guys, just Kat. Cuz we’re smart. And not addicted to candy.

Black Widow: I didn’t just mean you.

E: Rude.

Dani: Well at least you don’t have us to worry about. You have to worry about Kat. And probably E.

Black Widow: Ugh, fine. But I’m not dealing with the sugar buzz.

Dani: *shrugs* Fine by me.

E: Alright, let’s do this!

Kat: YEAH!

Whit: See, she’s on a sugar high already.

*five minutes later*

Kat: *puts a laffy-taffy in her mouth* 800! *pumps fist into the air* *collapses on the nearest couch*

E: *laying face down on the ground* This was a mistake.

Dr Hare: *holding her arm, checking her pulse* You made it to maybe 30.

E: Don’t judge me.

Whit: This happens alot.

Pop: I could keep going! Let’s do more! *jumps up and down*

Kat: *wakes up* YEAH!

*3 more minutes later*

Poptropica: This is fun!

E: I still can’t even move….

Kat: 1000!!

Dr Hare: Aren’t either of you going to stop?

Whit: I didn’t know Kat’s stomach was so big.

Kat: Neither did I! *Shoves some candy in her mouth*

Pop: Oh, I’m going to win! *eats some more*

*4 mins later*

Kat: 2500!

Whit: She’s going to regret this later. Why don’t we move on to the next Q before she eats any more candy.

Pop: Truce?

Kat: Pfft. Fine.

E: Thank you…

Dr Hare: I’ll get the next Q.


Everyone but pop :help I think I have a crush on pop what do I do

E: How old are you and what are your intentions toward my son.

Dr Hare: *Puts a hand on her shoulder* Oh really? That’s sweet. And it’s fine, he’s a cute kid.

Binary Bard: You two are such memes it’s funny.

Black Widow: Memes? Really?

Binary Bard: It’s like that cliche where the dad is questioning of the date, but the mom is super supportive of the whole thing. Just reversed.

E: I can hit you both from here! *sighs* Look, it’s fine you have a crush on my child, but I dunno if you’re going to be taking him on any dates until he’s older. Just saying.

Dr Hare: El….

E: What….

Dr Hare: You are 16, you know.

E: *mutters* Almost 17…

Dr Hare: Regardless. Don’t be too hard on the poor girl.

E: Fine… It’s OK that you like him tho. Crushes are fine. I do want to know who you are. And age.

Dr Hare: El, chill.

E: Fine.


Everyone except pop and james:Triple date! E with Harvey and Charlotte with mordred and directed d with his girlfriend.if you don’t do it I’ll kill u and if you do it I’ll give you all laser lipsticks so you can defend yourselfs, weaklings! (I didn’t let 

E: Hmm… Lazer lipsticks…  

Dr Hare: El!

E: Sorry! I know you guys aren’t weaklings, but I am!

Dr Hare: Don’t say that…

E: What, it’s true.

Black Widow: I ain’t going anywhere with Binary, he already has a girlfriend.

Binary Bard: Not really… But whatever gets me out of more forced dates, sure.

Director D: No.

E: Yes.

Director D: She is in another dimension.

E: Don’t care. I’ll call and her and see what she thinks! *pulls out phone*

Director D: Good luck.

E: *raises eyebrow* Ok… *calls*

Dr Hare: Dude, don’t bug her.

E: *pauses* Sent straight to voicemail. She’s working, isn’t she.

Director D: *smirks* You think you have the upper hand?

E: Rude. *sighs* We’ll get back to you on this.


To E: I need help. 

E: Sure! *sips water* Let’s do this!

Kat: Help with… what?

Help me by kissing Harvey. 

E: *spits water* WHOA WHAT



Kat: *sits on couch* I’m WAITING…

E: Are you NUTS?! I can’t just go kiss Harvey!!

Zander: *Chuckles*


Kat: *bambi chibi eyes* PWEAAAASE?

E: *bright red* Are you insane?! I am not going to go kiss Harvey!

Kat: Well, duh I’m insane! What did you think? But could you do it? For meeee?

PWEASE? CUZ if YOU don’t, I will!

Whit: Wait, you’ll WHAT?!?

E: Excuse me, what?!

Zander: *coughs* WHAT?

E: What was that?!

Kat: I said, if you won’t kiss Harvey, then I will! Are you deaf or what?

E: What the frigg is wrong with you!?

Harri: Kat, I don’t think you should-

Kat: Shush! So are you gonna do it, or what? *leans back on sofa*

E: *fuming* Is that blackmail….

Kat: No… Why the heck would I want to blackmail you?  It’s simple: If you don’t want to kiss Harvey, then I’ll do it for you! Simple as that!

E: *quietly* It was to me… *Shakes head* You’re not kissing him.

Kat: Wait, do you want to do it? If so then, be my guest.

E: I… I…

Kat: And dude, I’d prob’ly just kiss him on the cheek or something. But if you wanna do it…

E: *covers face* Why does this keep happening?!*stands up* I hate life, I hate myself and I hate these Qs RN

Harri: How bout we skip this q altogether. *trying to be helpful*

Kat: *groan* Fine. If E wants to.

E: *sighs* I gave my word…

Whit: I think Kat went crazy from the sugar. She probably wouldn’t have offered to kiss Harvey if she weren’t on an extreme sugar high.

Kat: *brightens up* So you wanna do it?!!?

E: *miserably* I said I’d do whatever dares I got… And this is a dare…

Kat: YAY! Or do you want me to get your clone?

Whit: Wait, E has a clone???

E: Why do you have a clone of me?

Kat: *looks down* Practice dummy?

E: Hey!

Whit: WHAT?Are you insane, Kat?

Kat: Well, duh.

E: Rude.

Kat: Brb. *a few seconds, comes back with E’s clone who is in full body armor.* I did’nt hurt her!

E: ._. Is that thing alive?!

Other E: Hi.

E: *screams like little girl*

Kat: Here: *takes off the clone’s armor.*

Other E: Sorry, did I scare you?

E: Maybe. I don’t usually meet exact copies of myself a lot.

Other E: Sorry ’bout that. My name’s Elizabeth. Nice to meet you. *holds out her hand*

E: *shakes it* Hi. I’m Elyana.

Dr Hare: *from other room* What’s going on in there?

E: ._. Uh oh.

Elizabeth: *grins* Cool! Oh my gosh, is that DOCTOR HARE?!? *eyes widen*

E: *calls* Fine! *Whispers to Elizabeth* Yes! Shh!

Elizabeth: *blushes* Sorry, I’ve just um, always wanted to meet Dr. Hare in person. I’m a

big fan of his work and stuff.

E: *raises eyebrows* That’s fine. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Elizabeth: Yeah? You’re really lucky! Kat’s a great friend, but sometimes she eats all my

halloween candy…

E: Yeah, he’s-

Dr Hare: *walks in* Ok, I heard screaming and- *stops* What on Poptropics…

Elizabeth: *gasps then grins. Runs over to Harvey and holds out her hand.* Hi! Nice to meet you finally in person! I’m Elizabeth! I’m a really big fan of your’s and I’m so glad to be meeting you!

Kat: That’s what I call enthusiasm.

E: Oh no.

Dr Hare: Um… Nice to meet you too. Are you an alternate dimensional version of El?

Elizabeth: No, I’m a… clone. *frowns and sighs.* Not very important.*Grins* But my wish came true! I finally got to meet you!

Dr Hare: That’s actually pretty cool. How were you created?

Elizabeth: *grins* Inter-dimensional rifts and stuff. I’m not from anywhere else though. I came from this dimension. But I’m a sort of Anomaly. Not s’posed to exist. Cool, huh?!?

Dr Hare: Huh. That’s funny. Adds up though.

E: I lost track of everything, what was the Q again?

Kat: YOU HAVE TO KISS HARVEY, REMEMBER? But I told you, if you don’t want to, Elizabeth could.

Elizabeth: *blushes* Really?

Dr Hare: I’m sorry, what?!

E: *goes red* OH RIGHT thanks a lot Kat

Elizabeth: *blushes again*

Kat: *grins* You’re very welcome. Any time!

Dr Hare: Um, I… *Goes pink* Ok, wow, um…

Kat: *leans back on couch again* OK, choose, E. You, or Elizabeth. C’mon, I’M WAITING….

Elizabeth: *backs away from Harvey, turning bright red*

E: *sighs* Elizabeth, I’m sorry, you seem really nice.

Elizabeth: ‘Sokay. Kat does this kind of stuff all the time. *shakes head* Always shipping people.

E: Preach it. And Harvey, sorry to you too.

Kat: *shrugs* I have no shame or guilt whatsoever.

Dr Hare: Sorry for what-

E: *grabs the front of his uniform, pulls him close* A dare’s a dare.

Kat: OOOOOH! I didn’t see that coming.

Dr Hare: *goes bright red* W-W-What are you…

E: *kisses him in the nose and lets him go* Sorry. Dare’s a dare.

Harri: *rolls on the floor laughing*

Kat: YEA BOI! *pulls a confetti machine out of nowhere and starts blasting people with confetti.*

Dani: What an interesting spectacle. *still eating popcorn*

Dr Hare: *even redder* W-W-What…

E: You have a cute stutter when you’re nervous. Now, if you all will excuse me… *Walks out*

Zander: *chuckles* That was unforgettable.

Elizabeth: *sitting in a corner on the ground reading a book. Sighs*

Kat: Hey, Liz, want some candy?

Elizabeth: *Brightens up* Sure! *Stands up*

Dr Hare: *hasn’t moved* I’m so confused…

Kat: Harvey, you deserve a candy. So does E. I can’t believe she took that dare. We’re still doing the crossover, remember?

Dr Hare: Yeah… But… She usually… Doesn’t…

Dr Hare: She… I… *Sits down in a daze* I wasn’t expecting that.

Kat: *pats him on the back* Welcome to the couch of confusion. Taffy? *holds out a taffy*

Dr Hare: *takes the taffy, still out of it* T-thanks So… Wait. She. Me.  I… I’m so confused…

Kat: So, anyway, someone, I can’t remember who, gave E a dare. And apparently a while back she promised she’d do every dare a person gave her, so she felt obligated to kiss you. Silly mortals.

Dr Hare: I… Got that part. It’s just… She usually has a way out of these things. If she doesn’t want to do a Q, she doesn’t, simple as that. If she could have gotten out… *rubs forehead* This is confusing.

Kat: Okay then, here’s the other part.

Dr Hare: Yeah?

Kat: So she got the dare, right, but she was all freaking out and stuttering or whatever, so I told her that if she was too nervous and didn’t want to kiss you, then I’d do it for her, right? So at that moment everyone was like “wait, WHAT?” because I think they’re all partially deaf. So anyway, E was all like, “The dare was for me, you’re not kissing him” and got all over-possessive of you and stuff, so I asked her if she wanted Elizabeth to do it instead, but she decided to brave it up and kiss you. *takes a deep breath* That’s the other part.

Dr Hare: *blinks* Oh. Wait, what do you mean “over-possessive?”

Kat: *elbows him* Ya know, like ‘NO YOU AIN’T GONNA KISS HARVEY! NOT ON MY WATCH! HE’S MINE!’ She didn’t say it out loud but she sure thought it. Oh, by the way, I’m a mind reader. Just one of the perks of being a superhero.

E: *from other room* I WAS NOT!

Dr Hare: Yeah, that really doesn’t sound like Elyana…

Kat: OK, fine I’m kidding. I can actually read minds tho. But you don’t exactly wanna know what I heard. I have reason to believe E hates my guts now.

Dr Hare: No, El doesn’t hate anyone. Not even Itch. I don’t have any idea what’s going on and why she’s declared war against him, but still.

Kat: People hate me a lot. Or at least my impulsiveness. *grabs a literal knife and throws it at the wall.*

Dr Hare: *doesn’t flinch* No, she’s not like that. She’s pretty used to teasing. And she’s pretty impulsive herself.

Kat: Harvey, you’re a good person. You deserve this $5 bill I found in the inter-dimensional tunnel. I believe it’s radioactive. Good for experimenting on.
Or something. I dunno. Just take it.

Dr Hare: Oh, thanks. But… Here’s my question.

Kat: Yep?

Dr Hare: Why… Well, why would she want to kiss me, even if it was only on the nose?

Kat: Well either it’s cuz I used reverse psychology to blackmail her into doing it, or it’s cuz she truly, genuinely likes you. Or something like that. I’d want to kiss you on the nose, but mainly just to see if it’s fuzzy so…

Dr Hare: It’s not… She already knows that already.

Kat: Yay! Now where did that bucket list go? *pulls it out of thin air* It’s called the ‘list of things I want to know before I die.’ Kinda self explanatory, if I say so my self. *checks something off*

Dr Hare: *pauses* Hang on, that doesn’t make any sense.

Kat: Why not?

Dr Hare: Not the bucket thing, the thing before about… You know.

Kat: Me blackmailing her, or her liking you? Cuz I think I blackmailed her very nicely. ‘Sokay, boy, I don’t think she likes you that way.

Dr Hare: Now I’m confused again. Does she like me or not?

Kat: As a friend, Harvey. Believe me, I’ve talked to her.

Dr Hare: I mean… More than that.

Kat: She likes you as a friend. I think that’s all.

Dr Hare: *almost disappointed* Oh.

Kat: No more, no less. Unless somehow…. I’m lying. *grins* I can’t believe you fell for that. Really sorry, I just had to do that.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

Kat: Well, Harvey, let me explain something. I like playing pranks on people. Especially pink people that E has a crush on.

Dr Hare: Well, Ok, fine, but… Wait, she has a crush on me?!

Kat: *grins* Do you understand now?

Dr Hare: But… There is no way. No way.

Kat: Sokay kid. I’d be confused if I found out, say, Zander had a crush on me. Hey, where did everyone go, anyway. Oh right. They went to my place for an ice cream break. They’ll be back.

Dr Hare: But… No way. Why would she like me?! Of the people she knows, why me?!

Kat: Nope! Don’t think about that right now. I don’t want your brain overloading and exploding on me. In the mean time, let me show you my other bucket list, called ‘Things I want to do before I die.’ *Pulls out bucket list.*

Dr Hare: That’s… Fine. We should probably do the next Q anyways.

Kat: Nope! We’re doing my bucket list. Until the others get back. There’s a certain one in here, one that I could probably do now if you help me.

Dr Hare: Maybe…

Kat: C’mon, please?

Dr Hare: Can you tell me what it is first?

Kat: Here. I found it.

Dr Hare: What is it?

Kat: Honestly, I just realized that I don’t actually need your help, I just need to *leans over and kisses him on the nose* do that. *checks something off on the paper.*

Dr Hare: *pulls back and covers nose* Does anyone else want to kiss me today?!

Kat: Oh, and by the way, I don’t like you that way. Whit just dared me to do it a while back so I just thought I’d-

Whit: *walks in* I didn’t dare you to do that!

Kat: Crap. There goes my excuse. Seriously Whit? I’m trying not to embarrass myself over here.

Dr Hare: *sighs* Never mind, don’t worry about it.

*Zander and Harri walk in*

Harri: Oh hi Kat! Hi Harvey! *pauses* Harvey, why is your face red? I thought you’d gotten over E kissing you? What did I miss?

Kat: Nothinglet’sjustmoveonnow,nextq

Dr Hare: Wish I knew.

Whit: E, come back in now, we’re doing the next Q!

E: *walks in* Got it, just been waiting.

Dr Hare: Oh thank goodness. I’m so confused I don’t even know where to begin.

Kat: *turns red* You didn’t hear anything in here, did you? Please tell me you didn’t hear anything.

E: Every word. Don’t worry about it Kat, it’s fine.

Kat: *stuffs bucket lists into her pockets* *muttering* I wish I could just crawl into a hole and die. *puts hands in pockets*

E: *smiles* Don’t worry Kat, I don’t mind. Lightly put, you’re one of the nicer Harvey Fangirls I’ve met. I don’t mind.

Kat: Aggh, I know you don’t mind, but I’m internally dying over here! *scoots away from Harvey* And Harvey Fangirls, excuse me WHAT?!? I am NOT a fangirl! Unless you count me fangirling over Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, Hunger Games, Harry Potter…

E: *laughs* Don’t worry about it, so are the best of us.

Kat: Well, yes I know that, but you mistook me for a ‘Harvey Fangirl’ Oh Kat. I am dead inside now.

E: Sorry.

Kat: *starts hyperventilating* My life is a mess. Say, does this couch recline? *collapses, falling off of the sofa*

Whit: Kay, just let her lie there for now. She’ll prob’ly wake up soon.  Next Q?

E: Fine by me.

Dr Hare: El?

E: Yeah?

Dr Hare: I think you’re one of the most confusing people I’ve ever met.

E: *smiles* Thank you! I’ll put the Q on.

Zander: What did Kat mean, ‘Harvey fangirl?’ Wait. Did Kat… do what she said she was gonna do if E didn’t you know….

Dr Hare: Yes.

E: *shrug* Guess it’s kiss Harvey on the nose day.

Harri: So it is. But I’ll just settle for this. *walks up to harvey and hugs him.* It might as well be your birthday, Harvey. Isn’t Valentine’s day coming up soon? Well no wonder, Eh?

Dr Hare: Thanks… No, it’s closer to El’s birthday….

E: Oh, you knew? I thought everyone forgot…

Kat: Really? When is your birthday? My friend’s b-day is tomorrow!

E: Oh, the 28th. I’m surprised anyone remembered

Kat: Cool! Mine’s in… wait… 138 days.

Dr Hare: We probably need do the next Q

E: Right, yeah, I’ll pull it up

Kat: Heh. Yeah, good idea.



E: Oh. Oops. This happens… Often.

Kat: Uh. I have no part in this. *slumps back on the couch. By the way, E, you missed one of my Qs too.

E: *sighs* Yeah… It happens a lot… I do a lot of Qs, and often, some get missed

Kat: Sokay, we can just squish it into the end or something, it’s fine.

E: Well, actually, I’m planning a “Lost Qs” special if all goes well…

Kat: Lol, ok then.

Whit: Soooo… next q?

E: Plans are made! So sorry Zippy, if I can call you that!

And yes, next Q!

Whit: Ok, cool.


To pop:stop calling e momma. its just weird cuz she’s only 6 years older than u.

Elizabeth: *walks in, yawning* Um E, I hope you don’t mind… I think I was sleeping in your bed. What are we doing now?

E: No prob Elizabeth. Just doing Qs.

Poptropica: I like calling her Momma tho!

E; Yeah, I know I’m closer to his age than I am to when half my favorite songs came out, but he’s my son.


Kat: Then you keep doing calling E ‘Momma’ Pop, ‘do what you love, love what you do.’ I know this is a weird example of that phrase, but this is AMERICA!! EQUAL RIGHTS, PEEPS!

E: *laughs* Fair enough.

Kat: Even tho E is a minor…. Ya know, never mind. EQUAL RIGHTS!

Poptropica: I could call you Mom if you wanted.

E: Babe, you can call me whatever you need to. As long as it’s nice.

Kat: Pfft. Still. EQUAL RIGHTS! You can call people whatever you want to, even if that name doesn’t relate to them. They might think you’re crazy but it don’t matter! EQUAL RIGHTS!

Whit: Ok, Kat, we get the point.

E: *laughs*

Kat: Fine. EQUA-

Whit: no.

Just no.

E: Man…. You guys crack me up. Huh, Pop isn’t even adopted under my name, legally speaking. Oh well.

Kat: *grins* It’s what we do! Say, do you have any more candy?

Whit: Yeah. True.

E: Not for you, you’ve had enough sugar.

Kat: Aww… PWEASE? *adorable bambi chibi eyes*

Whit: NO!

E: No.

Kat: Pfft. Pop? Can I have some candy? PWWWEEEEAAAAASEEE?

Poptropica: Well, if Momma says no…

Kat: OK then. WAIT! EQUAL RIGHTS! I CAN HAVE CANDY WHEN I WANT IT! *pulls a bag of candy out of thin air*


E: NO *grabs bag* You’ve had enough!

Kat: *gasps* bu-but… Ugh, fine. You can have it. Happy birthday. *pulls confetti machine out of air and blasts E with confetti.*


E: Oh. Thanks. *wipes it off eyes*

Kat: Sorry, happy EARLY BIRTHDAY! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! CAKE! *pulls cake through the portal* I made it for you.

E: Thank you! I really wasn’t expecting that….

Kat: But I feel obligated to eat some too.

E: Obviously.

Whit: *smacks forehead*

Poptropica: Ooh!


Harri: *looks up from book* WAIT, WHAT?!??

Dr Hare: *pokes head in* I heard carrots.

E: *laughs* You two are like vultures.


E: if you want to achieve villain status ask me for help. I’m a certified villain, codename the cloaked figure.check the story of my life out!

E: Hmm…. Tempting.

Dr Hare: El, no.

E: *laughs* Well, thing is, as much as I kid around, I don’t really want to be a villain. I mean, the others aren’t really villains. They’re reformed now. And I, well, never really was a villain in the first place. That’s OK tho. I don’t need to be, right?

Dr Hare: El’s fabulous the way she is.

E: Nah.

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Nah. Anyways, no world domination here. Many a joke about it, but no. Harvey and the others have been reformed for almost 2 years now.

Dr Hare: It’s just a year.  

E: I was close. Ish.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Ish.


Vampi: Well, now I know why it took so long.

E: Yes, because my life is pain.


Alex to DH: Nah, it’s fine. We can just make a clone of E to send to her dimension.

E: Ok, does everyone have a clone of me?!

Kat: Already done!

E: What the frigg is wrong with you people?!

Elizabeth: You guys forgot about me, eh? *grins*

E: Nope. And I like you. But if one more person makes a clone of me without permission…

Elizabeth: Technically, no one made me. I’m an ‘anomaly.’


E: Oh… That’s cool.

Dr Hare: Um…

E: If you’ve made one Harvey, so help me I’m never talking to you again.

Dr Hare: *goes red* No, no, nothing like that! I was just wondering who’s dimension we were talking about in the first place!

Liz: *raises eyebrow* Okay then. SO what exactly am I s’posed to do? I haven’t exactly read the AtVs before, so I’m confused…

E: Um… You talk.

That’s basically it.

Dr Hare: Sometimes there’s a a camera.

Liz: I’m sorry, but I’m still confused.

Camera? What?

E: Mostly, we just talk to that wall there, the 4th one. *points at cracked wall made of glass and held together my duct tape*

*wall shatters*

Dr Hare: Oops.

E: I’ll get the tape.

E: Don’t worry about it, the wall breaks a lot.

Liz: Oh. I can tell. The magic of duct tape, am I right?

E: Basically, yeah. Sometimes we is Elmer’s Glue tho.*use

Dr Hare: Or Gorilla Glue.

Liz: I’ve had my run-ins with glue so… no thanks.

E: Can I hear this story?

Liz: Uhhh…

Kat: C’mon, tell it! It’s funny!

Liz: But… fine.

Dr Hare: We won’t judge

Liz: OK, so I was um, I guess just hanging out, reading a book and the book split, right? So I grabbed a glue stick, cuz back then, I was way too courageous. Well, anyway, the glue bottle, almost magically split exactly in half and I got glue all over me. I think someone saw that happen, cuz the next day, I walked through a door, and… a bucket of Elmer’s glue fell on top of me.

Kat: Knocked her right out.

Liz: It isn’t funny, Kat!

E: Dude, don’t sweat it. You wanna hear the story of how I got glued to a mummy?


Whit: Um, maybe another time? Kat seems a little too excited bout this.

Kat: No! I wanna hear the story!

Whit: You sound like a five year old.

E: *laughs* It’s ok, I can tell it. So we, my mom and I, were making a costume for my play, I was a mummy, see, and we’re glueing strips of bandages to my pants. Then I decided to head to bed, but we couldn’t get it off, the glue had soaked right through and dried, glueing the pants to my leg. And that, boys and girls, is how I lost half my leg hair in one go.

Kat: Cool! I don’t have any leg hair.

Whit: Cuz you’re only 11, Kat.

Kat: True.

E: I’m blonde and blessed with hardly any, do I’m happy.

Kat: Ah.

E: Satisfaction. K, remind me of the Q?

Kat: “The wall” Liz had to say something?

Liz: Oh yeah. I still have no idea what to say to the wall.

E: Yup.

Dr Hare: Next Q?

E: Next Q.


Alex to E, about the previous question: Don’t ask. Long story.

E: -_- Of course it is.

Kat: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……………………………………………………

E: I don’t know anymore. Next Q?

Kat: OK!


Kimiko to everyone: Opinion on MMO video games? I do come from them, after all.

E: M M M M M M Os?

Kat: Massssssssiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeelllllyyyy mmmmmmuuuuuullltttttiiippplllaayyyerrrr gaaaaammmmeeesss. Stttuuuupppidddd sllooooww mmmmo.

Whit: Uh, Kat, what the heck is wrong with you?

Kat: Meeeeehhhh.

E: Um… Do we need to reboot Kat?

Whit: Yep. *Kicks kat*

Kat: Ow. I don’t think she meant actually BOOTING me.

E: *mutters* I was thinking slapping…

Dr Hare: El…

E: Hey, it usually works.

Kat: Indeed it does.

E: Yay robots. And people. And rabbit people.

Dr Hare: Thank you.

Kat: So anyway, massively multiplayer online games, or MMO games are pretty fun. I guess.

E: *embarrassed* I’ve… Never really played one. My mom didn’t want the other kids and I getting addicted so…

Dr Hare: That kind of does make sense…

E: My parents care about my future welfare. So no 1st person shooters either…

Kat: Same with my mom. Except I am incredibly skilled at minecraft.

E: Same, Minecraft appears to be the only exception. That’s interesting… Maybe we’re related.

Kat: LOL, that’d be funny. But who knows, eh? How ’bout we move onto the next Q?

E: Fine by me.


Vampi to BW: If you wanna know what The reference was, it’s Black Widowmaker.

Kat: THE REFERENCE!!!! DUN, DUN, DUN….. wait-what reference?

E: I don’t- WAIT A SEC! It’s Overwatch! It’s flippin Overwatch! I finally understood one of Vampi’s references! Right?

Dr Hare: Yeah.


Kat: OH! I like Overwatch! Yeah!

E: I haven’t played it, but my friends do! And I hear about it. Often.

Kat: Yeah, Overwatch is a good game! Next Q? Or should we gush over how wonderful Overwatch is?

E: XD, probably next Q.

Whit: Yeah, good idea.

Whit: I don’t want to turn into a nerd as well.

E: Too late for me. Wait, wasn’t that Wid’s Q? Where is she?

Kat: Pfft. Who knows.

Dr Hare: She went to get food, I think.

Kat: Ohh. Mind if I yell at her?

E: Yes… That might just be the last thing you do.


Whit: *cups hand over kat’s mouth* We want you to stay alive, Kat.

Kat:*muffled* But…

E: *laughs* Next Q then.


Vampi to the rest about the previous question: 15 points if you get the reference. E, you are allowed to ask your friends. Hint: based around the second word.

E: Already got it! *dabs* 15 points to Hufflepuff!


Itch to DH: Thanks for helping me out with the blackmail. E, don’t ask.

Kat: May I ask….?

E: -_- Itch…

Dr Hare: I’m confused…

E: Go ahead and ask about it Kat.

Kat: Uh, yeah. I’m confused as well. Ok, here goes: WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?

E: *nods* Well, you remember that AtV ages ago when Vampi’s squad and I first did a crossover?

Kat: Oh, yeah!

E: Yeah….

Kat: Well huh then.

Dr Hare: I don’t actually know what’s happening so…

Kat: Uh, me neither.

E: Um… Itch just has some highly-sensitive information he’s holding over my head…

Kat: Uh, what would that information be exactly?

E: … OK, out you go Harvey!

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: *shoves him out* OK! I’ll explain.

Kat: OK,, then! *leans back*

E: So… I kinda got pushed into admitting some things… I didn’t want to, but… yeah…

Kat: Ahh. I’ve done that once or twice.

E: … I ended up admitting who I had a crush on

Kat: Ahh, I’ve never done that.

E: yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. Many regrets.

Kat: Yeah.

E: *flushes* I’m never telling him, so…

Kat: Good idea. Next Q?

E: Maybe we should…



Kat: AGGHH! PHANTOM! Oh. Sorry.

Black Widow: *walks in* You need to tell him.

E: *flushes* NO GET OUT

Black Widow: Make me…


Kat: *grabs popcorn out of air*

Black Widow: You can’t just do nothing, OK?!

E: I can do what I want!!!

Kat: So, um, who are we referring to?

Black Widow: Good idea, HARE


Kat: Hey look! You guys could do a rhyming comedy!

E: Don’t jinx it.

Dr Hare: What’s going on in her?

E: *flushes* oh snickerdodles


E: it’s an expression…

Dr Hare: So… do I get to find out what the blackmail is?

Kat: Well I know that, but…WHERE?

Kat: YEAH! Um, what was the blackmail again?

Black Widow: There isn’t any…

E: Nothing… it’s just… um…


Dr Hare: Um… Ok.

Kat: YAY!

Dr Hare: El, you want to help?

E: *still flustered* Yeah… That’d be nice.

Kat: I’d help, but I’m too lazy….. Sorry?

E: It’s fine…

Dr Hare: Maybe El can finally tell me what it is.

E: I’ll think about it.

Kat: *whispering* She’s never gonna do it….

E: Nope!

Dr Hare: I did hear that you know.

E: *Flushes* Oh dangit.

Kat: *blinks* I was talking to you, Hare.

Dr Hare: She’s never going to what?


Kat: OKAYnevermindumletsmoveontothenextqkay????

E: -_- I hate everything RN

Kat: So….

E: I’m on it.

Liz: OK, good Idea.


E: I won’t…

Kat: Kay, good.


Itch to E: if you asked anyway, TAS will steal your memes.

E: I need my memes…. TAS, don’t do this to me.

Kat: #memesaremylife

E: Saaaaaaaaaaame!

Whit: *groan* Not the memes.


E: Nah, TAS wouldn’t do that to me… Would he?


Alexa to all: Which is better, Amazon Echo or Google Home?

E: Neeeeeither

Kat: Uh, GOOGLE HOME PEEPS, DUH! Ok, just kidding, I have no knowledge about either, so…

E: They’re all going to take over the world!



Dr Hare: We’ve already dealt with stormtroopers….


E: Hmm… Where’s B?

Whit: I dunno.

Dr Hare: He and Wid went to go grocery shopping.

Kat: Ahh.


Kat: Uh, WHAT other cyborgs?!?!

E: I used to pretend to be one, but…

Whit: I have an amazing face. And left arm. I can’t remember where I got this platinum arm….

E: The internet, I dunno

Whit: I think it was that war…

Kat: What war?

Whit: I shouldn’t go into details.

E: ._. Ok then.

Dr Hare: So… nobody is going to tell me what it is?

Whit: You mean the war?

Dr Hare: The blackmail.

E: No.

Whit: I was napping during that convo.

E: Next Q it is.


Fizzle To Everyone: Du yu knoe de wea?

E: I am da wae!

Kat: You wouldn’t beleive how many times a kid asked me that today at school. Uggh.


Kat: Weeeellll that’s settled then.

Dr Hare: I’m going to get you a T shirt that ways I am da wae.

E: I need a t shirt that says you are my way.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.

Kat: On it!

E: Wait, what

Whit: You ask for something, you get it. Especially if Kat’s around.

E: I was kidding. And referencing a comic. Yeah.

Whit: But still. Kat takes these things seriously.

E: I gathered.

Dr Hare: What comic?

E: Erm… never mind.

Whit: Next Q?

E: Neeeeeext Q.


To BB and BW: Did either of you have anything to do with those on-the-nose questions at the end of last AtV? (I’m not complaining. Their awkwardness is even starting to drive ME nuts.)

E: Hey!

Black Widow: You leave, this is our Q.

E: Fine…

Kat: Uh… Again, I’m gonna just sit here and let someone else talk…

Binary Bard: Not team Elyarvey then?

Kat: Elyarvey, eh?? MWAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Black Widow: We didn’t ask those Qs tho.

Kat: Pfft. Any excuse to ship people is a good one.

Binary Bard: *nods slowly* I’d say I could get behind that, but I’m not sure I can, so let’s go with Ok.

Kat: *grins* Kay then. Next q or did you guys wanna relive some akward silence?

*awkward silence*

Kat: A squirrel just died.

Black Widow: In conclusion,I hate you all.

Kat: ME?!

Black Widow: What. It’s not personal,I just don’t like people.

Kat: *sniffles* You… HATE m-mm-me? *bambi chibi eyes*

Binary Bard: No, no, she just says that.

Kat: *smacks her on the back* JustkiddingIdon’tcarebye.

Binary Bard: Um, ok.

Kat: *walks into kitchen* Hmm… *from kitchen:* Hey E, got any popcorn? Or junk food, for that matter?

E: I live here, that’s enough answer, isn’t it? Course there is.

Binary Bard: Next Q then.

Kat: YAYAYAY! Shut up, Bard.

Kat: *starts scouring the shelves/pantry*

Binary Bard: Hey!

E: Ooh, have B and Whit talked yet ’bout the date?

Kat: I’m a cruel lier, what can I say? And, no, I don’t think they have…

E: Hey, they were supposed to go on that date…


Whit: That’s perfectly fine, I don’t…. *blushing*

Binary Bard: O_O Wait, what?

E: *slides in* So…

Whit: No, *blushes* if he doesn’t want to…

Kat: What do you mean, he doesn’t want to?? *glares at Binary*

Binary Bard: ._.

E: Don’t pressure him Kat, just watch.

Binary Bard: I… I’m honestly good with whatever…

Kat: OK then, fine. *slumps back in couch*

Whit: *brightens up* Really?

Binary Bard: Yeah…

E: yay

Whit: *smiling* Thanks, then. When do you want to go? I can do whenever. You still want to see Spider man, right?

Binary Bard: Y-yeah

Whit: OK!

Kat: Geez, E, what are you, magical?

E: Wut did I do?

Kat: *gestures to Whit and Binary bard* That!

E: Oh, that? Nah, I’m just a ninja.

Kat: And I’m a cruel blackmailer. Also I wanted to see Homecoming again so…

E: Nah, you can’t be as bad as Itch.

Kat: Best movie EVER, right? I might just sneak along.

E: Definitely.

Kat: Bad as Itch? No, I don’t think I’m that bad. In fact, I’m worse.

E: Nah.

Kat: Yeah.

E: Nah.

Kat: It’s called “Using reverse psychology to make somebody, specifically somebody who’s name starts with an “E”, kiss someone else.

E: -_- Whatever, I would have had to do it anyways.

Kat: That was a good one. Highlight of my blackmailing career.

E: Whatever. Srsly tho, what am I forgetting?

Kat: Your guess is as good as mine. ADHD, peeps! That’s me! The living forgetting machine!

E: Legit same.

Black Widow: It was a double date.

E: Oh.


E: *silently curls up in a ball* Darnit.

Kat: I’m still coming along. #sixthwheelpeeps! Make me feel uncomfortable, kay? Oh wait, that’s physically impossible.

E: I can’t do this.

Kat: Maybe if I’m lucky enough, I can blackmail someone to coming with me and we can do a triple date! But who, though… *looks at Zander* Hmmm…

E: *shoves her at Zander* Go.

Zander: *reading a book* *looks up* Oh, hi Kat!

Kat: Hi! Do you wanna see Spiderman? Are you pathetically single? Do you like popcorn?

Zander: Uh, yes, sadly yes, and yes. What are you referring to?

E: *pulls out carrot* Time to watch this unfold.

Kat: *grins slyly* We have an extra ticket. Wanna come?

Zander: Well, duh, YEAH! Is this like a group thing?

E: *waves with carrot* Hi

Kat: *smiles* Totally! Yeah! Nothing else!

Zander: *grins* Then count me in!

Dr Hare: *comes in* Ok, who has- *looks at E* Of course.

E: Why hello! Fancy meeting you here!

Kat: *whispering to E* Boys. So inattentive. So, when are we doing the triple da- sorry, the “group thing”?

E: *whispers back* Are we any better?

Kat: *whispering* Uh, no. No we aren’t. But we’re gonna pretend we are.

E: Yup. I’ll call you bout the thing, I’m busy until… *Looks at hand, covered in pen* March. Yay.

Kat: OK!

Dr Hare: What are we talking about?

E: Em, well…

Kat: How E loved the cake I made!

E: Yes. It was a good cake. You want this? *Holds out the carrot*

Dr Hare: Um, sure, thanks. *takes it*


Dr Hare: For what?

Kat: The spontaneous foghorn sound? *suddenly a ship crashes through the wall* Totally my fault guys, sorry.

E: ._.

Black Widow: The landlord is going to have our hides.

Kat: I have huge lungs. When I get excited, people get.. ships.

Dr Hare: Right through the house.

E: If we’re lucky, it’ll go away. If we’re not, it won’t.

Dr Hare: Do you mean literally or… Who’s getting shipped here?

Kat: Uh, yeah. It’s both literally and… I may have shipped a very confused bunny, and a slightly annoyed bad liar. So, yeeaaah. #Ihaveweirdsuperpowers

Kat: If you want I can make it go away. But you have to give me candy, because I really liked shipping you two, and this ship is really pretty. See, it says “S.S. Elyarvey”!

E: …

Dr Hare: …

E: I have no words.

Kat: Sorry. I always forget that when I ship people, they literally get ships.

E: What do we do with it?

Kat: I think the S.S. Whitdred is in your backyard. Um, about getting rid of it.. technically I can’t. I can shrink it and stick it in a bottle.

E: That might be good.

Dr Hare: *Still speechless*

Kat: Okay then! *walks up to the ship and hugs the bow*

*The ship shrinks*

Kat: Fixed that problem!

Black Widow: Good. Still a hole, but good.

Whit: Wait, did you say, the ‘S.S. Whitdred?’

Kat: Uh, yeeeeaaaah. Why???

E: Huh. This’ll be interesting.

Liz: Uh, I can fix the wall.

Binary Bard: I’ll just… *Slides away*

Whit: Wait. Lemme pummel Kat first. YOU. DON’T. SHIP. ME!!!!

E: He’s already gone. Don’t worry about it anyways.

Whit: *blinks* I was, uh, talking to Kat. But I’d kinda like to pummel Binary Bard too.

E: Why, did he say something dumb?

Kat: No, she just likes pummeling people.

E: Ah.

Dr Hare: *still speechless*

E: Harvey? You ok?

Whit: Well, I don’t want him to think I like him. Pummeling is always the answer.

Kat: Yeah Hare, you still alive?

*no response*

E: *walks over to him and pokes him in the face* Bro, what even.

Whit: Ooh, can I pummel Hare?

Kat: *groans* No!

E: No, you may not.

Whit: Darn.

E: *snacks him cheek lightly* Oi, wake up.

Kat: Ooh! I wanna slap him! *slaps hare gently* Ha ha sucker, take that! You annoy me!

E: Hey! We’re not trying to hurt him.

Kat: I wasn’t!

E: Fair enough. Hmm… *Punches him on the arm* But the best time to smack someone is when the’re unconscious.


E: Darn. You do have a good point tho.

Kat: Dude, I think he’s dead. Well there goes that ship.

*the ship disappears*

E: He’s not dead. At least he’d better not be.

Kat: Who knows. Lets try this.

E: Tryyyyyy what.


E: *ducks* Holy snickersnack, Kat!

Kat: Sorry. I thought screaming that would wake him up. Didn’t know I could actually conjure stuff. *reaches into bucket and eats a pink carrot* MMM, yummy!

E: That’s kind of impressive. But I don’t think he can hear us. Maybe we need a different approach…

Kat: Ugggh. And I thought I was a deep sleeper. C’mon, HARVEY WAKE UP!

E: *pokes his cheek* I think he’s in shock.

Kat: Yeah, sorry about that.

E: It’s Ok, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Kat: Uh, so I’m not a doctor. Do you want me to grab Harri? I think she’s eating icecream.

E: No… I think we can do it ourselves… I’m trained in CPR if worst comes to worst

Kat: Ah… wait, what? Well, let’s hope not.

E: Let’s really hope not.

Kat: So… what do we do. Is he breathing?

E: Yes. First thing I checked.

Kat: OK then. His eyes are open. That’s kinda creepy.

E: Well he’s in shock.

Kat: I know, I just get easily nauseous.

E: I have an idea.

Kat: OK, doc. What is it?

E: Since when have I been Doc?

Kat: Since Harvey went unconscious.

E: Wouldn’t he be Doc?

Kat: Well yeah, but he can’t exactly operate on himself…

E: Fair enough. Well, I was thinking, if he’s in shock… Shouldn’t we shock him out of it?

Kat: So, for the moment, since you have more medical expertise than I do, you’re Doc. I’m “Unqualified nurse”

E: It’s fine. But we might be able to shock him out of it.


E: NO!

Kat: Sorry. I get excited easily.

E: I didn’t mean literally.

Kat: Oh, so you meant figuratively?

E: Yeah… Well, If I just… *Grabs Dr Hare’s face and pulls him towards her* Harvey!

Dr Hare: *instantly snaps out of it and goes pink* El!

E: Oh good, you’re alive.

Kat: Oh, geez, sorry Hare, you scared me.

Dr Hare: W-what’s going on?!

E: We thought you were dead. Nothing much.

Kat: Want a pink carrot? *holds one out to him*

Dr Hare: Um… Sure.

E: *lets go of him and steps back* Sorry, sorry. Desperate.

Kat: *blinks* So anyway, Hare, glad to have you back.

Dr Hare: Thanks… I’m still confused.

Kat: It’s my mad shipping skills. Don’t worry. Oh look! Liz fixed the wall!

E: Thank you Liz!

Liz: Yeah, totally, no problem!

Dr Hare: Um, ok. So what was El-

E: ANYWAYS we should probably hit the next Q!

Kat: Yeah, good idea. Sorry Hare, E’s in no obligation to tell you anything.

E: *staring at the ceiling* Yeah. Anyways.

Dr Hare: I… See.

Kat: *pats him on the back and grins* Nothing personal. I’d tell you, but E doesn’t want me to, so I’ll refrain.

E: *silently and awkwardly scoots away*

Kat: Ok, E whenever you’re ready, we can do the next Q!

E: Right now sounds good!


To LW: Do your friends ever prank you on April 1st?

E: Ooh-Kay, looks like I’m calling her.

Kat: Oooh. That’s a good Idea. I’m gonna prank her on april 1st. But how tho??

E: … That sounds dangerous.

Kat: Yeah, but so? I’ve done harder.

E: I mean like it would probably be safer to try and prank D. And… Um, wouldn’t recommend that.

Kat: I’ll do both then! Thanks for the idea! *grins*

E: Welp. Your blood is not on my hands. Hangon, let me call Lucky.

Kat: Blood? Haha! Foolish mortal, I do not bleed at the hands of winged beasts. Or bald ones, for that matter.

E: I’m more worried about his girlfriend.

Kat: Speaking of which, who is it?

E: Um… Well… You see…

Kat: *groan* Tell me.

E: … I kind of like living.

Kat: Is that so? *pulls out the knife she threw at the wall earlier*  I do hope you reconsider…

E: … Um, about that…

Kat: *sighs*

E: Either he says, or she says when she decides to show up. That’s what I agreed to, sorry.

Kat: Fine. *puts back the knife*

E: Thank you. *looks down at computer* Oh, hey Wing!

Lucky Wing: Hello E. Is everything ok?

E: Oh yeah. It’s all good over here. How are you?

Lucky Wing: I am fine. *squints* Do you have guests?

Kat: HOLA!

Lucky Wing: *jumps back* Oh my- So yes.

E: *laughs* Yup! This is Kat, she’s here for an AtV with her friends.

Liz: Hi!

E: Oh, and so is Liz.

Lucky Wing: Oh wow, you are crowded over there.

Kat: Yep.

E: We had a Q for ya, let me grabs it. “do your friends ever prank you on April 1st?”

Lucky Wing: *nodding* Oh goodness, I’m surprised I survived last year.

Kat: What happened? I love pranks! C’mon, tell me!

Lucky Wing: Well… I think Nice Coyote glued my entire living room to the celling.

E: I believe I still have that picture. She was very proud of herself.

Kat: WOAH! COOL! No one’s pranked me before. It’s very depressing.

E: Aww geez, I’m sorry.

Lucky Wing: Cheetah kidnapped one of my friends once for April Fool’s, it’s not always fun.

E: Wasn’t that last year?

Lucky Wing: Mmm hmm.

Kat: Huh. Anymore interesting pranks?

E: I got nothing.

Lucky Wing: Well… Mordred once did the bucket trick on me.

E: He’s not very original.

Kat: Pfft. The BUCKET trick? *yelling* WOW, MORDRED, JUST WOW!

Binary Bard: *from other room* What did I do?!

E: Nothing!

Lucky Wing: Oh dear. How are the Villains anyways?

E: They’re doing great, but we should talk about that later. I’ll recap you then.

Lucky Wing: Oh, alright.

Kat: So.. If that’s all the pranks people played on you… *runs out of room* *from other room* Thanks for the ideas! Bye!

E: If you play then on us…

Liz: *sigh* I think she just went through the portal. I’ll go get her. *walks out*

Lucky Wing: Oh dear.

E: Thanks Liz!

Liz: *comes back holding Kat*

Kat: You weren’t kidding when you said you had a death grip. Owch! Leggo!

Lucky Wing: What is her story?

E: Clone, dimensional stuff, fun.

Lucky Wing: Ah,I see. You have a lot of dimensional stuff.

E: Tell me about it… Hello again Kat. Fancy meeting you here.

Kat: Darnit. I was gonna go play some pranks on Carlos. He hasn’t paid me the money he owes me.

E: Maybe later. Thanks Lucky, I’ll call you later, mk?

Lucky Wing: Alright. Goodbye! *Hangs up*

Kat: Huh. Next Q?

E: *smiles* Good ol Wing. Yeah, I’ll grab it.


The Dolphin Violinist To Binary Bard: how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Kat: Oh geez.

Binary Bard: … Wasn’t this the first Q we did? Ever?

Whit: I know there’s a factual answer to this, but I can’t remember what. *continues muttering to herself*

E: It’s as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Kat: Exactly!

E: Science for the win! *High-fives Dr Hare*

Whit: But there’s still a fact-

Kat: Hush.

Whit: But-

Kat: Nuh uh.

E: What is it?

Whit: *sigh* I just forgot.

Dr Hare: Aw, ok.

Kat: You have ADHD too??

E: Who doesn’t have it.

Zander: Uh, me?

Dr Hare: *raises hand*

E: Never mind then.

Kat: Wait, E, you have ADHD too?

E: Yeah. OCD too. It’s… Interesting.

Kat: High five! Me too!

E: *high-fives her with a laugh* ADHD kids unite!

Kat: Exactly! WOOT WOOT! Sorry, I had to.

E: XD It’s fine.

Binary Bard: This all makes no sense.

Dr Hare: You get used to it.

Kat: I’m assuming neither of you have ADHD.

Binary Bard: Don’t think so.

Dr Hare: Maybe. Not sure.

E: *shrugs* Makes sense.

Kat: Yeah. Hmm. I wonder if Harri has ADHD…

Dr Hare: I have no clue.

E: Harri is great, just sayin.

Kat: *yelling* Harri!

Harri: *from other room* Yeah?

Kat: C’mere!

Harri: *walks in* What?

E: Hi.

Dr Hare: Hello.

Harri: Oh, sup! So, what was it you wanted to ask me?

Kat: Do you have ADHD?

E: Long story.

Harri: Well, yeah. Yes I do.

E: Interesting. Wonder how that happened.

Dr Hare: *shrugs*

Harri: I can diagnose you guys if you want me too…

E: No, it’s ok, I know what I’ve got.

Dr Hare: I’m fine.

Binary Bard: I don’t want to know.

Harri: Geez, OK, guys.

E: Sorry.


Kat: Kay, so the AtD peeps have some pre-written questions they’d like to ask you.

E: Go for it.

Kat: OK, this one’s from Harri.

To DH: Do you have a workshop? How big is it? How often do you accidentally blow it up??

Harri: *blushes* Oh yeah, that one.

Dr Hare: I still have the warehouse on 24 Carrot, but here I have a lab here.

E: He made his room a lab, there’s barely enough room for a bed.

Dr Hare: There’s plenty of room!

E: There’s not.

Harri: Cool! You have to lemme see it sometime later!

E: I swear I spend most of my time in there.

Kat: Maybe if we come back.

E: I wouldn’t mind that too much. Just no literal frickin’ ships next time.

Liz: Yeah? I have a lab… but It’s Kat’s walk in closet.

Dr Hare: Respectable.

Kat: OK, I’ll try not to ship people.

E: I swear this man would work anywhere any time if he didn’t have to sleep.

Harri: Makes sense. I do it all the time.

E: And this is why you are like your father. Do you randomly fall asleep sometimes?

Dr Hare: Hey!

Kat: Sometimes she sleeps in my closet.

Dr Hare: That only happened once…

Harri: *flushes* Yeah, I guess I do.

E: *smiles* It’s OK, Harvey does it all the time.

Harri: But he just said he doesn’t…..?

Dr Hare: It only happened once.

E: Often.

Dr Hare: Once!

E: Often.

Kat: Next Kid-to-Parent Q?

E: Go for it.

Kat: K.

Kat: Next one’s from William.

To Black Widow: Plz don’t kill me….

Black Widow: I won’t murder him. Why would I murder him?

E: You are very intimidating child.

Kat: Oh wait. There’s more.

I know I’m a worthless disappointment, but I deserve to live! I have people to rob!

Black Widow: You’re not a worthless disappointment, you’re fine.

E: Ok then. Tell him he shall live.

Kat: Yeah, he’s pretty scared of you, Widow. OK, then.

Black Widow: I’m not that scary.

E: You literally scare everyone I introduce you to.

Kat: To him you are.

E: To everyone

Kat: Not to me, puny mortal! The Black Widow does not scare me!

E: *shrugs*

Black Widow: Whatever, I don’t care.

Kat: Darn, I was hoping you’d try to scare me.

Black Widow: Why bother.  I know how terrifying I am.

E: She got us free food once.

Kat: Pfft. Terrifying, are you? Puny mor- wait, you’re mortal, right, Widow?

Black Widow: *smiles evily* That’s for me to know.

E: ._. Sketchy.

Kat: Fine then, whatever. Next Q?

E: Go for it.

Kat: This one’s from Belle.


To Binary: Are you magnetic too, or is it just me? Cuz…I can’t…seem to get away from the fridge. *groans* I’m stuck.

E: Heh heh heh…

Binary Bard: Yes. Yes I am.

Kat: Makes sense. But sometimes I think she’s more attached to Carlos than metal stuff.

E: *giggles* I bet.

Kat: You’re kinda creeping me out. Why are you laughing like that?

E: It’s giggling.

Dr Hare: She does it a lot.

E: I do not…

Dr Hare: You do too.

E: Do not!

Dr Hare: Do too….

Kat: Often.

E: Do not!

Dr Hare: Do too.

E: Do not!

Kat: Ok, next Q?

E: Do not!

Dr Hare: Do too.

Kat: Hare’s right, E. Ya do too.

E: I do not!

Dr Hare: *laughs* HA!

Kat: Next Q is from Cassie. Cuz guyz, we all know that the pink bunny is right. Admit it E, you giggle alot.

E: I do not!

Dr Hare: *puts an arm around her* Just admit it….

E: Fine…


To Cap’n Crawfish: How many boats do you have, cuz I have… wait… excuse my lack of education…. 1….2….3…..4…..5! 5 ships, mate! What about you?

*Awkward silence*

E: Um. Where is Crawfish?

Dr Hare: I don’t know…

Kat: Who knows. I might have shipped him and that cute mermaid, but I don’t remember.

Can someone find him tho?

E: Wasn’t that Vampi?

Dr Hare: You are impossible. I haven’t seen Crawfish for nearly a week. 2. I thought you knew where he was.

E: Oh no.

Kat: Oh no, what? C’mon guys, the spontaneous oh nos are unessecary!

E: Oh no the Rulers are going to kill me! *shrugs off Dr Hare and runs off*

Dr Hare: That isn’t good…

Kat:And, no, I believe I shipped him with a different mermaid….

What isn’t good?!? My gosh!

Dr Hare: She’s… Well, I don’t know to be honest, but the fact that Crawfish is gone isn’t good.

Kat: Ya know, never mind. Next Q? Or do you guys wanna keep running around screaming?

Dr Hare: You’d better do the next Q… I’ll cover for El.

Kat: Kay then.


Kat: Let’s see here. Oh right. This one’s from Rhoda, to…. Widow. Huh.

Black Widow: Shoot.

To Widow: Here’s the first and only compliment I’m ever giving anyone: You’re probably a way better parent than my lame ol’ dad who got stuck in prison, and I kind of like you. We should hang out sometime. By the way, how many species of deadly spiders do you own? I have about fifty. I also have some rats, but I mainly just feed them to the spiders.

Black Widow: Hmm. I don’t own any right now, but I’d like to come see yours. And thank you for the compliment.

Kat: You’re welcome anytime.

Harri: Do you mean to come over? *whispering* Cuz she kinda freaks me out..

Kat: Nonsense!

E: Who, Wid or Rhonda?

Harri: *still whispering* Wid

E: *laughs* Don’t worry about it, she scares most people.

Harri: Ok then.

Kat: Next Q! From…well, me.
E: Sweet!
Kat: Sorry guys, I’m so selfish.
Dr Hare: It’s OK
Kay, from me to E: So about that AU version of you who tried to kill you, do you know her name? This is for a novel I decided to write. I just need her name.

E: … What.

Kat: Lemme rephrase that. A little while ago, you wrote us a Q talking about your AU versions, and one of them you said “went crazy and tried to kill (you).” Do you remember her name, by chance?

E: … When did I say that? *pulls out phone* Dang it, stupid parental controls…
Harvey! I’m using your computer!

Dr Hare: Wait, what?! No, hangon!

E: I’ll be quick, sorry! *Runs off*

Dr Hare: Uh… Oh…

Kat: Sokay, she’s not gonna end the world or anything.

Dr Hare: Well I forgot to delete my search history.

Kat: Oh. Yes, well that is rather bad.

Dr Hare: *starts flushing* Yes, yes it is.

Kat: I mean, depending on what you were doing, it could end the world.

Dr Hare: Well, it wasn’t anything evil or, well, dirty, but… well… um… *goes beet red*

Kat: What was it? It’s okay, I can keep a secret. And I won’t judge.

Dr Hare: Well… See, Valentine’s is coming up and… well… um…

Kat: Continue.

Dr Hare: *goes deep red* Um…

Kat: C’mon. If you tell me, I can get Whit to remotely wipe the search history before E reads it.

Whit: Glad to be of help.

Dr Hare: Well…. I haven’t had a Valentine’s with, well…. E, and….

Kat: Uh huh?

Dr Hare: And…. well…

Kat: Yeah? C’mon, don’t be embarrassed or anything, you can tell me.

Dr Hare: Nothing. It’s nothing.

Kat: And here I thought people trusted me *throws hands up in air and walks out.*

Dr Hare: It’s… not that, it’s just…

Kat: *starts rummaging through the junk food* *Peeks head out* Yeah?

Dr Hare: Well… I don’t want to… um… see…

Kat: Now I’m confused. *continues rummaging through junk food.*

Dr Hare: *sighs* Maybe you and Whit can help me.

Kat: Kay, cool. How can we help?

Whit: Happy to be of assistance.

Dr Hare: Well… Um… You know… You know El…

Kat: Yes, surprisingly, we do happen to know El.

Dr Hare: Well… yeah… But… well, I wanted to… um…

Kat: Do something special for her?

Dr Hare: Well… yeah. I wanted to.. give her… something… and… tell… her… um… well…

Whit: I have 50 dollars. What do you want to get her. Or did you want to make her something?

Dr Hare: Well, I wasn’t sure…

Kat: Yeah. You just tell us what you need and we’ll help in any way we can.

Dr Hare: I… I just wanted it to mean something, you know? And…

Kat: Yeah, I get what you mean. So, what stuff would mean something to her?

Dr Hare: I… well…

Kat: Maybe a necklace or bracelet engraved with something special?

E: *comes in* Found it!

Kat: No, we weren’t talking about anything, nope, none, nada.

E: … What.

Dr Hare: *beat red* Hi.

Kat: Uh, we were talking about gifts. What Hare is gonna give me for my birthday, cuz he’s nice that way.

Dr Hare: Yup.

E: I thought her birthday was in like 138 days or something?

Dr Hare: Yup. That’s what we’re talking about.

Kat: Exactly, I’m selfish that way.

E: *raises eyebrow* O…K?

Kat: So you found it right? The thing?

E: Oh, right! Yeah, I did! But… weird thing, OK? I didn’t put that Q.

Kat: … Then who friggin did? Cuz it said so, right there in the comments of # 7.

E: I don’t know…

Dr Hare: That isn’t good.

Kat: SO anyway… do you know her name or will I just have to make stuff up then?

E: This is sketchy. Make something up, I suppose.

Kat: Uggh, I hate doing that. Any suggestions for names that start with El?

E: Yeah, Eliza, Elizabeth, sorry Liz, hmm, let’s see… Sorry. I have all sorts of E names on my computer if you need them.

Kat: Well, yes, I kinda do. Go back to the computer room and print a page for me will you?

E: Yeah, sure.

Dr Hare: Um, the printer is disconnected. Is that OK?

E: I’ll handle it, don’t sweat it. Be back soon. *walks out*

Kat: Kay, so about the thing, what were your ideas?

Dr Hare: I wasn’t sure, that was the problem.

Kat: As I was saying, a bracelet would be really thoughtful. I know a jewelry person, who owes me. I could get him to make like a diamond encrusted bracelet with a message engrave on the inside.

Dr Hare: That could work.

Kat: I’m trying to think of other meaningful things that last, but that was the first thing that came to mind. So what were you thinking to have written on the inside?

Dr Hare: *goes quiet* I… Well…

Kat: You could write it down if you want. You don’t have to tell me.

Dr Hare: I just… I… Just… I want to tell her…

Kat: You like her? Or am I getting this all wrong? Because I do that a lot.

Dr Hare: *goes red again, but he slowly nods* I… She’s just… *Sighs* I don’t know…

Kat: OK then! I’ll get the bracelet, and Whit can emotionally train you to not stutter. Hey Liz, can you keep E distracted for the time being?

Liz: On it! *walks out*

Whit: Wait, I’m supposed to do WHAT NOW? OK, fine, nevermind.

Dr Hare: I just… She’s just… *Puts face in hands* I give up. I’m never going to be able to do this.

Kat: No, It’s fine! We’re not giving up on you! Be right back. And actually, Whit, don’t do anything, cuz It’s cute when he stutters. *walks through portal*

Dr Hare: *sighs* I’m going to screw this up, I just know it.

Whit: Naw, You’ll do great.

Dr Hare: I’m not too sure of that…

*2 minutes later*

Kat: *walks in.* Ok, Hare! I got the bracelet in this fancy box. I also had it custom made, so I hope you don’t mind that it has diamonds all over it. Is it too fancy or does it work? Anyway, It just says “Happy Valentine’s day, your friend Harvey”.

Dr Hare: *looks at it in surprise* It’s perfect.

Kat: Phew. That’s good, because I thought I overdid it.

Dr Hare: No, it’s great. But… Oh gosh. How am I supposed to… With… Oh gosh.

Kat: Oh gosh what? Please don’t tell me I did something wrong.

Dr Hare: No, no, but how am I supposed to… Actually… Oh goodness, what have I gotten myself into…

Kat: You could just set it on her bed when she isn’t around instead of telling her you like her to her face. If that works for you…

Dr Hare: I just… I… I want her to know, but… But..

Kat: How bout an automated voice recording. Just kidding, cuz that’d be creepy.

Dr Hare: Yeah, it would. I just… I just wish I could just… Tell her but… I…

Kat: Why can’t you?

Dr Hare: *goes beet red* How are you supposed to say that?!

Kat: I could tell you that I like you, why can’t you friggin’ tell E you like her?? Sorry. I’m overreacting. You just do what works for you.

Dr Hare: *covers face* I just… I’m frustrated, sorry.

Kat: It’s OK. I’m probably just pushing you too hard.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok… But… I’m going to turn into a stuttering wreak if I try. I already have tried, I never can.

Kat: Pink carrot? *Hands him one*

Dr Hare: Please. *takes it*

Kat: Yeah, I’m sorry I’m not much help. You could ask Whit, but when she’s around Binary, she’s a stuttering wreck as well.

Kat: But is there anything else we could help you with?

Dr Hare: True enough. I’m… Not sure.

Kat: OK.If you want, I dunno if this would help tho, you could practice on Liz. I know she’d understand.

Dr Hare: That’s… I’m not sure if I could even do it then.

Kat: But you don’t actually like Liz. How hard could it be? I dunno, you choose.

Dr Hare: I.. I… I don’t know.

E: *bangs open the door* Back, loud and proud. Apologies for getting distracted. *stops in the doorway* What’s wrong?

Kat: No, it’s fine. *hides the box* All good.

E: You sure?

Kat: Yeah. Harvey’s been laughing too much, that’s why his face is red. I have weird childhood stories, most of them ridiculously funny.

Dr Hare: … What?

E: -_- Ok, just tell me.

Kat: What, the stories, or the fact that I have a crush on Hare over here?

Dr Hare: Oh gosh. *puts head in hands again*

Kat: So, may I have the paper now?

E: Yeah, here… *Hands her the paper and sits down next to Dr Hare* You OK?

Kat: *whispering to Hare* Sorry. I didn’t know if you wanted me to tell her about the thing. That was the first thing that came to mind. Here you can have the box now. *Shoves it at him*

Dr Hare: *takes it* Thanks…

E: What is it?

Dr Hare: Long, long story.

E: We seem to be having a lot of those.

Dr Hare: Yeah..

Kat: Adios! I have matters to attend to. *walks out but hides behind a plant.*

E: Oh… I’m sorry. Here. *Offers him a hug*

Dr Hare: *leans his head against her shoulder* It’s been a long day.

E: I can tell.

Kat: *stands up* OK, I can’t take this any longer. Harvey just give her the box!

Dr Hare: *goes bright red and eyes widen* Oh no.

E: *looks at her, confused* What?

Kat: I’m sorry, did I make this moment awkward? I can’t say anything or I’ll spoil it.

Dr Hare: Maybe.

E: I’m so confused, what’s going on? What box?

Dr Hare: *sighs and pulls away* I… I got you something.

E: You did? Why?

Kat: Should I leave now? Darn. I feel like it’s a third wheel situation on steroids. Kay, bye! *walks out*

*awkward pause*

E: wat

Dr Hare: It’s… Nothing, don’t worry about it. Here. *hands her the box*

E: *takes it, confused* Ok, thanks?

Dr Hare: Open it.

E: Now?

Dr Hare: *nods*

E: *opens the box and takes out the bracelet* Oh wow! It’s beautiful!

Dr Hare: *smiles* You like it?

E: I love it! What’s the inscription say?

E: *reads it silently, then smiles* Aw, Harvey, I love it!

Dr Hare: You do?

E: Yes! It’s perfect! Thank you! *Hugs him*

*Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kat is shoving junk food into her pockets*

Dr Hare: *smiles* You’re welcome.

E: Oh gosh! *Pulls away* I didn’t get you anything!

Dr Hare: It’s ok-

E: Aw, now I feel really bad! *Sighs* This is, without a doubt, the sweetest thing I’ve ever received. I… I kinda owe you one, don’t I.

Dr Hare: It’s ok El.

E: Seriously tho, any way I can make it up to you? Any way at all?

Dr Hare: Um… Well…

Kat: *peeks her head in* You could give me candy! Just sayin’.

*tension breaks*

E: *laughs* Oh gosh!

Dr Hare: *smiles and gives her a thumbs up*

Kat: So, I have 2 Qs for you guys, that thankfully for you don’t involve my candy obsession.

E: Sounds great! *Puts on bracelet* Hit us with it!

Kat: Ok, the first one is: I did it i did it! I finished the fan art thing! Both the one where I drew the villains as cats, and then another one. They both turned out awesome, and I’ll get them to you soon!

E: Oh really?! That’s awesome!

Kat: Yeah! I need to find that spare camera though. I don’t have a very good scanner so I resort to other methods.

E: It’s ok, same.

Dr Hare: I don’t have anything good for that, that’s more El’s expertise.

E: Thank you.

Kat: Last Q. From me again. Heh heh.

E: Shoot, who’s it to?

Kat: Next Q:

DH: I’ve been calling you Harvey practically the whole crossover, cuz I forgot you didn’t want to be called that by people who aren’t your close friends. Sorry bout that. So since we technically aren’t friends, which do you prefer, Hare, or fuzzy bunny?

Kat: Honestly, the latter is kinda offending tho.

Dr Hare: Um… Hare is fine.

E: *looks away, low-key embarrassed*

Kat: OK, KOOL! PEEPS, WE ARE OFFICIALLY DONE! Unless you guys wanna ask us Qs.

E: *smiles* That’s fine, we’re good.

Kat: OK then WOOT WOOT! WE ARE DONE! YAY! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY GUYS! Oh! By the way, I got you each homemade chocolates! Be right back!

E: Ooh

Kat: *comes back in with a bag* Ok, here we go!

Kat: Here’s E’s, and Hare’s, and Pop’s and Widow’s, And D’s, and Binary’s….. Ok, there you go, guys! Happy Valentine’s day!

E: Oh wow! *takes it* Thank you so much!

E: Ok, any last words you guys?

Kat: Where’s that candy I was promised?

The end!


Dr Hare: El.

E: What?

Dr Hare: Why are you playing video games on my computer?

E: I’m not, I’m working.

Dr Hare: You’re playing Poptropica.

E: This is working. Ish.

Dr Hare: Uh huh.

E: Sorry. Do you need this?

Dr Hare: No, no, it’s fine. One thing, it’s Wednesday.

E: Yes, I had a test in History. Tomorrow is the memorization test for Mid-Life Dracula, what’s your point?

Dr Hare: Well, Monday was two days ago…

E: Didn’t I post something?

Dr Hare: No.

E: Oh. *snaps in front of her own face* My brain is not functioning.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, from what I’ve heard you’ve had a big week.

E: I didn’t post anything?

Dr Hare: Well, not really, but-

E: I didn’t post ANYTHING! *jumps out of the chair and runs off*

Dr Hare: … OK, fair enough. *sits down at computer* What’s this? *starts reading emails* Interesting… what’s this about a crossover?


(I’m sorry, AtV will be back next week! Love you all! Sorry bout all this!)