A very technical episode

Yes, this is completely canon for the AtV plot line. Yes, it does have a plot line. I know, it’s kind of shocking. It didn’t start with one. This is massively technical, but it does sort of explain the dimensional stuff going on. Sort of. Anyways, hope you enjoy!


*Somewhere in another dimension, far away*

Alexa: Alright, guys, status check. Itch?

Itch: Everything’s stable, only a small amount of dimensional imbalance, about .15%.

Alexa: That suffices. Tech?

Tech: Got more tech, and the large scale Duplicator is working fine.

Alexa: Great. Kimiko?

Kimiko: Currently busy. One last thing I gotta do. Can it wait?

Alexa: Grr… Fine. Cyree?

Cyree: Music launch across dimensions is a go.

Alexa: Great. I bet Alex is doing fine…

Alex: *portaling in* OHJEEZOHJEEZOHJEEZOHJEEZ… *out of breath* Never… Let Sequoyah… Help you out…

Alexa: Duly noted…

Itch: Uh-oh. Dimensional imbalance levels rising fast. Looks like someone’s coming over here!

Alexa: Oh, heck. Everyone, look busy!

Itch: Alright, the levels have stood still for a while… Readings show the target’s far out.

Alex: Great. Kimiko, can you and Tech help me out with Sequoyah for a bit? She’s having trouble giving LVS a tour of the dimensions.

*A pale blue portal opens up above the bed, spitting a blonde teenage girl out next to it*

Girl: Ack… Couldn’t have hit the bed…

Itch: Well, they were closer than I thought. The three of you helping out Kali can wait. Help us out here.

Alexa: *rushing over to the girl* You OK? Wait a minute…

Girl: Ow… *sits up, rubbing head*

Alexa: E? How’d you get here? Usually Itch picks you up!

E: Yeah. About that… where am I, exactly?

Alexa: Alex’s base, Dimension Earth-1D0.

E: Awesome. Can you do me a favor?

Kimiko: Whatever you need, Ms. Elyana.

Alexa: What’s up?

E: *grabs her hand* Make sure a Cyberman doesn’t get me. *collapses*

Alexa: Oh, for the love of… Cyree, Song of Healing.

Cyree: *clearing throat* Arattzattza ya ribiraririn raba rittan rindam denrandu waba rittatta parippari pariri ribiribi risutan denrandu yaba rindan tenran deiaroo waraba dubudubudubu deiebu ra rittan dinran denrandu tatatataduuduu deiabuu.

TAS: *rolls a 20-sided die and it lands on 14*

E: *twitches, but doesn’t wake up*

TAS: *sighs silently, then grabs a piece of pizza and a stick, repeatedly poking E with both*

*20 minutes pass*

TAS: *still poking a non-moving E with a stick*

Alexa: Well, while Tech drags E to the medical bay… and while TAS keeps poking E… let’s figure out why this is happening… Alex, can you contact Sequoyah with any theories?

Alex: Working on it… *into earpiece* Mmhmm… yep… that makes sense… alright. *to others* Dimensional rift, Sequoyah says. Our best bet would be to figure out what dimension all this is happening in.

Itch: On it. Tech, help me with calculations?
Tech: Sure.

*2 minutes, 37 seconds, and 18 milliseconds in exact time later*

Alex: Calculation check…

Tech: *to Itch* No, no, 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd, ya dolt. *to Alex* Still-

*shrill scream from medical bay*

Tech: *sighing* …working on it…

*Alexa, Tech, Cyree, Alex, and Kimiko rush over to the medical bay*

E: *Sitting up with her head in her hands* I’m fine. I’m fine.

Alex: Yeah, well, screaming contradicts that.

E: I’m fine.

Cyree: Tech, scan her.

Tech: On it.

E: I’m fine… just a nightmare. Don’t worry about me.

TAS: *comes in rolling another D20, it lands on 15*

Tech: Scan complete…

E: I don’t need a scan, don’t worry about it… *tries to get out of bed, but sits back down hard* Ow.

Alex: Like I said. Contradictions.

E: I’m fine.

TAS: *pulls out a whiteboard and draws on it, then turns it to reveal an X inside a circle
and the word “doubt” next to it*

E: I’m fine, I told you. I… just need a sec.

Tech: Anyway, my scan’s results: loss of energy. Apparently the jump she made expelled a bunch of energy.

TAS: *rushes out of the room and comes back with a pizza box, opening it as if to offer E a piece*

E: What, for me?

TAS: *nods in approval*

E: Oh. Thank you. *takes a slice and starts eating it, crust first* Thanks bro.

TAS: *slightly confused as to why she ate the crust first, but nods back as if to say “you’re welcome” anyway*

E: So what’s going on? I’m… K, I have no idea. How long was I out?

Alex: About… carry the five… 29 minutes. Long enough for TAS to poke you with a stick a bunch.

E: Ok then… That’s way better than last time… That was 12 hours. Did you guys do something? *takes another bite of pizza*

Alex: Had my bud Sequoyah theorize what’s happening. We’re thinking while my dimension’s versions of Tech, Michi, Cyree, and Kimiko are out, Sequoyah could join us and help us fix this.

E: I mean to me.

Kimiko: Ah, that. Well, we did drag you all the way from the main room to the medical bay… That’s basically it, other than TAS’s poking with a stick thing.

E: Oh. It’s just… 12 hours is very different than 9 minutes… Oh well, not that I’m complaining. *keeps eating pizza*

Itch: Wait, did you say 12 hours?!?

E: Yeah. That’s what Lucky told me at any rate. *finishes pizza* Don’t suppose I could grab another slice TAS…

TAS: *hands her the box*

Itch: Oh, geez… Well, the fact that the time shortened from 12 hours to nine minutes is fine, but… Well, our trip’s happening sooner than we all expected.

E: What trip?

Alexa: *sighing, facepalming* The most chaotic dimension travelling trip ever. Assuming you probably won’t want to join?

E: No, I probably shouldn’t… I… well, we were going to go grab lunch… but… Somehow… I ended up here. I… don’t actually know… how… I… oh no.

Alexa: What’s wrong?

E: Everything… I was with Harvey, we were talking… oh man, I hope he’s alright…

Itch: He’s probably fiiine…

E: He’s probably worried sick. Wonder if I could call him… *pats pockets absently*

Alexa: What, did you lose your phone?

E: *sighs* Left it in the lab more like. So much for that.

Tech: Hm, let’s see… *reaches deep into a utility bag, pulling out E’s phone*

E: *blinks* What witchcraft…

Tech: Spatial Utility Belt, allows me to grab anything from anywhere as long as I know what area it’s in.

E: I can’t decide if that’s really cool or just sketchy. Maybe both.

Alex: It’s one of the things my Tech gave her. Heck, my Tech even gave me glasses with another version of Cattomi inside.

E: Technology is fun. Most of the time.

Everyone else: Indeed.

Alexa: Anyway, you need help getting back to your dimension?

E: I… don’t know. *mutters* It’d help if I actually knew the dimensional chaos status… *sighs* I’ll call Harvey, he’ll know what to do.

Itch: Lemme just stop you right there. Regular calls can’t go through dimensions.

Tech: Hmm… Can I see your phone real quick?

E: *nervously* Mine runs calls through dimensions all the time. It’s what I use to call Lucky and NC.

Itch: *in unison with Tech* Well, assuming you only have ways to contact just those dimensions, along with your own, if we do a small bit of rewiring and add an app that Alex’s version of Tech coded, then you can contact not just those dimensions, but any dimension possible. *Itch and Tech notice they were just talking at the same time and attempt to say jinx first, but they keep saying it at the same time as well, eventually giving up*

E: *blinks* Sweet glory.

Tech: Anyway, permission to do what Itch and I were talking about?

E: I… mmph, fine, but no snooping.

Tech: *takes E’s phone, opens it up, moves a wire, closes it back, then unlocks her phone with a “secret admin code” and downloads the app, handing it back to her* Just FYI, you had a notification from YouTube. Didn’t read what it was.

E: Probably the new sub one from yesterday I forgot to deal with. *checks* Yeah, it is. I think.

Tech: Ah, alright. Now let’s hope the large-scale Duplicator’s bug fixed…

E: What happens if it’s not?

Tech: Let’s take a look see. *walks over to a room where a large ring is standing, flipping a switch and making an energy appear in the ring* Hey, TAS, mind tossing me a slice of pizza for a test run?

TAS: *throws her the box of pizza*

Tech: *throws the box of pizza through the energy, making two*

TAS: *runs over and catches them, giving Tech a thumbs up*

Tech: Alright. Alex, your iPod?

Alex: I got it. *Alex tosses the iPod through, catching and making a second, tossing the second one to Tech*

Tech: *catching the second iPod, plugging it into a computer and recoding it, then unplugging it from the computer, tossing it to E*

E: *awkwardly catches it left-handed* Awp! Oh, thanks.

Tech: No prob! Tech 2 made that for Alex, and I recoded it to where if you take it and select Home, it’ll take you to the last place you were at in your home dimension. Added Alexa’s place and this base on it as well. Need any help, I added Alexa’s number to your phone while I was downloading the app, and I’ll fix whatever it it you need.

Alexa: …too much explanation, Tech. -_-

Tech: Apologies. *bows in respect*

E: It’s fine… you didn’t see anything else on the phone, right?

Tech: Other than the YouTube notification, the app store and your wallpapers, no.

E: At, knew I shouldn’t have had a Draw the Squad background. Oh well. You sure about the iPod?

Tech: Yup. Need to add any dimensions on there, just select “IS Base” and look for me. If I’m not there, try “Alexa’s Humble Abode.” Otherwise, you’re great to go home.

E: *hesitant* I dunno… Technology is kind of…. Been… going haywire in my presence…

Tech: If you need, I think Tech 2 made an extra copy of N.E.P.H.R.I..

E: No, no, it’s fine. I’ll… *pockets phone and stares at iPod* Oh boy.

Tech: What is it?

E: I… It’s probably nothing. Here, let me… *pushes the button and nothing happens* Um… *pushes it again* Why is nothing happening…

Tech: Hm… Lemme take a closer look. *she grabs the iPod and opens it up* Oh. Right. I accidentally took out the battery. *Tech grabs a battery from her utility belt and puts it in, handing it back to her*

E: Oh, thanks. *takes and and pushes the button again* Still nothing.

Tech: That’s… Oddly peculiar. Alex, mind letting her try your glasses?

Alex: *takes off his glasses and hands them to her*

E: Um… Ok. *puts them on* What the heck…

Alex: Do you see a bunch of random information popping up?

E: Yes…

Alex: Hmm… Must have that effect only on dimensional travel-related items…

Tech: Which is odd… Even with those who have no access to stuff like this normally, and have no electricity, can make this work fine…

E: I’m not sure… *Takes off glasses and hands them back to Alex* I’m gonna call Harvey. If worst comes to worst he can pick me up, right?

Itch: We’ll have to move bases, since I REALLY do not want ANYONE getting the dimensional coordinates of our base.

E: You gave them to me. Ish.

Itch: You just guessed them. Plus the iPod doesn’t show it.

E: Fair enough and I honestly don’t care… Can I just call him now?

Itch: *sighing in anger and frustration* Sure…

E: Thank you… *pulls out phone* Sorry, I’m just… losing my mind over here. *calls the number and puts phone to ear*

Itch: *quietly mumbling* I am too with this dimensional stuff going on…

E: Welcome to my world. *to phone* Hello? Harvey? It’s El, I- *winces* Yes, I’m OK. I’m fine. No, I… yes, I’ll send you my dimensional coordinates. *pauses* You OK? No, I’m fine, it’s you I’m worried about now. No, I’m with the AtG peeps. I’m fine. Yes… Ok, see you soon then. *Hangs up* Wow. OK then. He’s coming, apparently.

Itch: Oh, juuuust great…

Alexa: Itch, shut your mouth or you’re getting you-know-who taken away.

E: *Sighs* I’mma go sit down, I’m getting dizzy… *sits on bed, hard*

Alexa: Dangit, not again. Cyree, Song of Healing again.

Cyree: *repeats the song of hearing*

TAS: *rolls another D20 and it lands on 20*

E: Oh that’s what you did earlier. Now it makes sense… Seriously tho, I’m fine…

Alexa: Making sure, making sure. Shouldn’t be dizzy anymore, though.

E: I’m fine… *rubs forehead* Just… stressed? Tired? More stressed and tired?

Alexa: Well, Cyree’s healing song usually fixes that. But if that’s the case, let me get Michi 2 on the phone.

Tech: She makes potions. They’re useful.

E: I’m fine….

Itch: *quietly mumbling again* If by fine you mean technically trapped in this dimension until Harvey infiltrates our base, then sure, I’ll believe you.

E: Itch, if you want to take me elsewhere, I haven’t done the coordinates. I understand privacy.

Itch: It’s fine. Just make sure Harvey deletes the coordinates. I don’t want him coming back here again.

Alexa: …You know what, I’m not going to talk about what I just remembered because Itch probably just remembered it as well.

E: I’ll just… I’ll tell him to delete the corrds.

Itch: Alright. In exchange, I have the package for him.

E: What… package…

Itch: You know… it starts with the letter D and contains something you may not like.

E: No. What is wrong with you.

Itch: TAS, victory song.

TAS: *eating a piece of duplicated pizza, dropping it in the box and playing Itch’s victory song*

E: -_- That’s just cruel.

Itch: You’re talking to a person who’s life is mean. I’ve only been nice on occasion, and it stresses me out HEAVILY to be nice.

E: Ok then. *shrugs* Don’t look at me, I don’t have anything interesting to say.

Alex: And now we just wait for your friend Harvey to get here.

E: Yeah… *texts something on phone* He should be here soon.

Alex: Alright.

(Sooner or later…)

*A blue-green portal opens up in the middle of the room and Dr Hare steps out*

Itch: *immediately turns himself invisible*

Dr Hare: Came as soon as I could… sorry it took so… long…

E: Harvey! *hugs him* Thank you!

Alexa: Hey, DH…

Dr Hare: Hi then. El, you OK?

E: I’m fine, I’m fine… *lets go of him* You?

Dr Hare: I’m fine.

Tech: Glad she is… And if you could find a way to make the iPod I gave her work when she’s using it, it’ll allow her to go to different dimensions without the loss of energy.

*E and Dr Hare exchange a look*

E: I… don’t know how I got here. I just somehow ended up in another dimension.

Dr Hare: And the only device that seems to work around her is this… *holds up a small device* The others ones have all shorted out.

Tech: Well, I wired it to where it doesn’t short out ever, so there’s that. Just don’t use her iPod for dimensional travelling. Or Itch will hurt you… *mumbling* or so he says.

Itch: *now visible, slinging around Thumb Chucks in his hands*

Dr Hare: ._. Duly noted…

E: Pls don’t threaten him. We usually don’t dimension travel if we can help it. Which… I can’t.

Itch: And I respect that, just… Don’t go crazy with it.

Dr Hare: We don’t…

E: I… just keep getting slung into random dimensions, I guess.

Dr Hare: *looks away* Anyways, yeah. We won’t use it if we can help it.

Tech: I will make the simple request that you find a way to make it work when E uses it, but otherwise, it’s for emergencies related to E’s accidental dimension travelling.

Dr Hare: I’ll try, yeah.

Alexa: For now, i guess this is a “see you all later” type deal?

E: I guess… Thank you all so much for letting me stay here, even for a few minutes…

Itch: *checks watch* An hour, actually. Took a while for Harvey to get here.

Dr Hare: Sorry…

E: It’s OK man…

Alexa: Anyway, it’s goodbye for now, I guess.

E: Yeah, thanks again.

Itch: Oh, that reminds me! *Itch throws a CD package at DH*

Dr Hare: *catches in awkwardly* Oh. What… what is it?

Itch: Remember that disk we keep talking about? This is yours.

Alex: Yeah, goodbye now.

E: *pales* Oh no.

Dr Hare: He is right, we need to go now or we’re trapped here for a while.

E: Ok, fine… See you guys!

*Dr Hare opens up the portal and he and El jump through*


*Meanwhile, back on Earth 442*

Binary Bard: They should get back soon…

Black Widow: Give them a minute, E talks a lot.

*The portal opens up and Dr Hare and E step through*

E: *breathes a sigh of relief* Oh hallelujah.

Black Widow: E, you’re back.

E: Yeah.

Binary Bard: Where were you?

E: I’m not sure… Another dimension.

Dr Hare: It was dimension 1D0, at least, according to them.

E: Isn’t that like an anime?

Black Widow: Don’t know, don’t care.

Binary Bard: Yeah, but where was she?

Dr Hare: I’m not sure. The gun didn’t actually use the coordinates, it was using El’s dimensional presence.

Binary Bard: That’s new.

E: *leans against couch* Yes, yes it is.

Black Widow: It all seems way too technical to me.

E: Probably is for most of our readers too.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: El, are you OK?

E: I’m fine, don’t worry about me.

Dr Hare: *takes her wrist, checking her pulse* Your heart is going about a mile a minute! You need to lay down.

E: I’m fine… * her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses*

Dr Hare: *Catches her* El!

Black Widow: What’s wrong with her?!

Dr Hare: Not sure, but… I’ll take her to her room, she should be OK… I hope.

Binary Bard: Yeah…

*Dr Hare picks E up and carries her away*

Binary Bard: That’s scary.

Black Widow: Yes. What’s going on with the dimensions?

Binary Bard: I’m sworn to secrecy, sorry.

Black Widow: Wonderful. The end of the world could be happening and I wouldn’t even know why.

Binary Bard: Sorry.


Plot twist, plot twists everywhere!

So I hope you guys liked that! Special thanks to Vampi and his gang for lending a hand! If you so desire, you may ask additional questions! Ye. Alright, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


38 thoughts on “A very technical episode

  1. Oi pizza and a stick 😅 if you wanted to wake me up from a coma, get a pound og chicken strips from Cane’s 😂

    Hmmm dimension jumping…..IS THIS A SECRET GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!

    P.S….this post saved me from the torture of Shakespeare 😅

    Questions for the atv (I’m late ik)
    Everyone: describe (in detail) the perfect sandwhich.

    Destinys Bounty or the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.

    Ireland or Scotland

    To E: if your dimension jumping, can you jump to a few dimensions and pick up some friends for me? 😅 Let’s see….Lloyd and the ninja, Hiccup, Toothless and the HTTYD gang, Star Wars (ORIGINAL) gang…..oh and if you can pick me up a sandwhich that’d be great. 😅😂

    (lol what’s wrong with me today)

    P.P.S. Did you know the Fold released a full Ninjago cd? 😄🎉🎊

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