Ask the Villains #63, Vampi’s Mind Draws A Blank

(But of course, today’s AtV is a crossover! Because I’m like that and I like crossovers. Today featuring Vampi and the Antics and Schematics AtG peeps!)

Starts here, clearly. Go ahead and click here, it even opens a new window!

Dr Hare: So… you’re telling me that no one’s seen E?! At all?!

Black Widow: I’m sure she’s fine.

Dr Hare: How?!

Black Widow: Since she send me a text saying she was fine and that she couldn’t get a hold of you.

Dr Hare: … You’re kidding.

Black Widow: Nope. I’d go charge your phone.

Dr Hare: I… I forgot…

Binary Bard: Hey, it happens to all of us.

Dr Hare: I guess, but-

*A portal appears behind the couch and several people spill out*

E: *sits up* I’m back!

Celeste: *sitting on the couch upon landing* Hmm… Impressive. I’m surprised how my clothes are still clean after that portal dive.

Leslie: You would be.

E: Priorities.

Binary Bard: What happened?!

E: A lot.

Vampi: She sneezed again. Wasn’t long. At most like 17 minutes.

Muse: Elyssa was trying to get a snail to race across a table in that amount of time.

Black Widow: I’m pretty sure that was longer than-  

Dr Hare: What, again?!

TAS: *staring Black Widow down*

Black Widow: *stares him down right back*

E: Anyways… Yeah. Just a little accidental jaunt through dimensions. Nothing major.

Vampi: Sorry it took so long. We did an episode of ATG while we were there.

Dr Hare: Oh. E, are you Ok? Did anything happen?

E: No, no, I’m fine.

Muse: She was in a daze and called TAS “honey” for whatever reason…

TAS: *wide-eyed in fear looking at E*

Muse: …which he’s still creeped out about… but otherwise nothing really happened.

E: Honey… that’s my sister’s nickname… Oh gosh, sorry TAS. Were you doing something annoying?

Vampi: He snorted in your ear. He calls it his “foolproof way of waking people up.”

E: And… that’d be why. Sorry TAS, I wasn’t being weird, I swear.

TAS: *still wide-eyed in fear*

Muse: *squinting towards him* Yep… looks like no matter what that basically scarred him for life.

E: *waves in front of him* Bro, you Ok?

TAS: *takes a few steps back, then runs in the opposite direction, crashing into something*

Muse: …Don’t worry, I’ll fix this. *walks in after him*

E: Sorry TAS…

Muse: *hums a tune softly in TAS’s ear*

TAS: *gets up like nothing happened and walks back, calm*

Muse: *walks in behind TAS* Fixed him up.

E: Sorry about that…

Muse: It’ll be fine. Basic mind wipe song. He doesn’t remember it happening at all.

Vampi: Anyway, besides the point, mind if we stay for an AtV session?

E: Makes sense.

Black Widow: You people have terrible priorities.

E: Deal.


Arleen to Robin: What’s your favorite ship? (Aside from the obvious)

Robin: You been aside from the blatantly obvious? *smirks* You’ve talked to the right girl for ships. Lucky and Avery are too cute, let me tell you, NC and her boyfriend are salty sweet, it’s adorable, and as for Cheetah…

Perfect Cheetah: -_- Choose your next words carefully.

Robin: … I ship it. *runs off*


Arleen to NC: Wait, blackmail? Isn’t that a bit much? o_o’

Nice Coyote: No worries, I didn’t actually mean it. I’m not that mean. You seem alright. Just don’t tell anyone who I’m dating.


Arleen to LW and Avery: Well… I think you two are kinda cute together.

Lucky Wing: *blushes* Oh. Thank you.

Avery: *pecks her on the cheek* Not as cute as Lucky though.

Lucky Wing: You’re sweet. Thank you Arleen.


Fizzson to E: Gardevoir is cool, but yeah. Don’t look it up. Ever.

E: *shudders* Oh yeah… I hate the wild world we live in sometimes.

Vampi: I’ve looked it up before.

E: Yeah, me too. That’s how I found Level 30 Psychiatry, but besides that… nothing good.

Vampi: Really? Google must’ve been glitching for you then. I looked it up once and all I found were details from Bulbapedia,, other various websites… even a Know your Meme page.

E: Oh. I was in images. *shudders* Never again.

Vampi: Even then, it still would be glitching… Are you sure you were on the right website?

E: Are you sure you were? It was

Vampi: …Yep. Google was DEFINITELY glitching for you. Or dimensional differences, but whatever.

E: Or you’re just lucky.


Fizzson to PC: Well, how about you tell us a bit about yourself?

Perfect Cheetah: Eh, not much to tell. My name is Perfect Cheetah, I’m 20 years old, part demon, I guess, and the rest… is none of your business. *smiles smugly* Bye now!


Arleen to the rulers: What’s your favorite Poptropica island?

Lucky Wing: I did like Mystery Train…

Avery: Counterfeit was awesome.

Robin: Je ne suis pas d’accord.

Nice Coyote: Spy Island, but I’m totally biased.

Neat Berry: I… I liked Shark Tooth… very educational.

Robin: Twisted Thicket for me. Just… gorgeous. So mystical. I love it.

Perfect Cheetah: Astroknights.

*Awkward pause*

Robin: *coughs not-so-subtly*

Perfect Cheetah: What?

Lucky Wing: Let’s move on…


Mimi to all: Uh… I also asked what y’all’s favorite songs were. ._.

E: Ooh. Sorry, that was my bad… I was a bit… rushed. My favorite songs are All of Me by John Legend and Clarity.

Dr Hare: I like This Town, but I’ve already said… so… yeah.

Vampi: I speak for TAS when I say any meme song, but personally I turn to orchestral rock. Thank goodness for the RWBY soundtrack.

Muse: EDM. Especially the Soulless series by ExileLord.

Celeste: Smooth jazz…Rosalina’s Comet Observatory by insaneintherainmusic is my go-to.

Leslie: Pocket machine covers. There’s one of Pumped Up Kicks that I jam to every once in a while.

Black Widow: Whatever, I’m not picky.

Binary Bard: Viva la Vida, Coldplay, I think.

E: … Where are Pop and Heather?

Dr Hare: Walmart.

E: On purpose?! Whatever, we’ll just keep going. Next Q?


Arleen to E: Oh, don’t say that, E! The date will go great, I’m sure of it. If you need any help, just ask me, okay?

Muse: Think I speak for Sakura, Charm, and a bunch more when I say we’ve got your back too.

E: Thank you… oh gosh, I’m so nervous! I’m going to mess this up so much…

Muse: Oop, hang on. Mind link with Sakura coming in… She says “don’t be, just stay calm and confident and you’ll be fine.”

Vampi: …I’ve never been on a date before but I can get behind that.

E: I’m about as confident as a melting marshmallow! I’m doomed…

Celeste: Being calm will just have to work then. There’s always the human nature of adaptation to turn to when things go wrong, of course.

E: You mean my natural ability to do something stupid… I’m going to die…

Leslie: You’re fiiine, you’re fiiine. Trust me, I’ve felt the same way going on dates and usually it was the guy that messed it all up.

Vampi: *cough*dimensional*cough*differences*cough*

E: No… I’m just stupid… Ooh, I’m going to mess up everything… why did I think this was a good idea…

Muse: Again, you’ll be fine. Next Q before you lose even MORE self-esteem.

E: Mmm.


Arleen to E Again: Well, of course you’re my best friend, E. You do a lot to support me… And I really appreciate that.

E: Aw… that’s really sweet, thanks. I didn’t think… I ain’t that good of a friend.

Muse: Nah, you definitely are.

Leslie: Me and Celeste may not know you, but we think you definitely have a friendly aura.

E: Aw, you guys! You’re too nice…

Celeste: I would assume it’s Vampi’s kindness aura rubbing off on us.

E: Thank you tho…


Despair to E: Oh gosh… That sounds… Horrible….

E: It kinda was… I don’t know if A quite regrets what she’s done, but she’s having some second thoughts. I dunno, it’s something.

Vampi: Pfft. Take her to Arisu. It’ll seem like a bad idea at the start, but A will definitely become nicer.

E: … No. That sounds like a terrible idea.

Vampi: That’s just what Arisu WANTS you to think.

E: I just mean moving A anywhere. I’m not sure how secure that stone is.

Vampi: When in doubt, TAS has proven to be a good host for anything.

E: That sounds like a worse idea.

Vampi: No, you have to hear the story. So what happened was before the dimensional Antics on the ATG happened… see what I did there… we tried making friends with this Crystal Gem from Steven Universe named Pyrope. He turned out to be a demon, and TAS stepped in front of all of us and got possessed by him. After a few hours Pyrope got so disgusted of him that he left and got sent back to his own dimension.

E: Wow. That’s impressive.

Muse: Exactly why it’s good to make TAS a target for anything.

TAS: *beats on his chest as if he were King Kong*

E: TAS, I’m taking you with me next time I sneeze…

TAS: *thumbs up*


E: Ah! Qs from you guys? Legit!

Vampi: Yup. Felt bad having not sent Qs last few episodes, video games have been occupying my time.

E: Can’t argue.

Vampi: Anyway, here they are.


TAS to all: i was mentioned last atv?

E: Rimshot.

TAS: 😀


Sakura and Charm to E: Wait, you tried writing a romance novel?

E: Right… should not have brought that up. *covers face* Regret.

Muse: Personally, Sakura and I would’ve loved to hear it… Dangit, Sakura’s love puns got into my speech.

E: *smiles weakly* Heh… well, the thing is… I’ve written more than one. The one I quoted… well… *mimes crumpling something into a ball, throwing it into the air, and turning an air-flamethrower on it* No good.

Muse: Trust me, I’ve seen Vampi type some love stories regarding a specific favorite character of his, and… Yours may probably be better.

Vampi: It was the ONE STORY, Muse.

Dr Hare: E, I’m sure it was fine-

E: No! No waaaay am I explaining it, nuh uh, nah to the ah to the no no no! It’s… *swallows* it… uh…

Vampi: Next Q. I think I speak for me and Harvey both as friends when I say I don’t want E to make herself embarrassed.

E: It… it just… it involves a previous crush… it’s nothing… nothing bad… Just…  *avoiding looking at Dr Hare*

Vampi: Still, next Q.

E: *embarrassed* Yeah…


Muse to E: Me, Vampi, and some of the rest of the ATG team are doing a battle of the bands thing against some of the AAaF members. Wanna be a judge?

E: *gasps* Really?!!

Muse: Yep. The ATG’s band is called The Muses, even though I’m judging and not playing.

E: Oh my gosh! You’d really want that?! Holy cow plant! I can’t believe this!

Vampi: Me and Fizz discussed it on Discord, actually. It was either you or one of Eyve’s friends that doesn’t get along with her at all.

E: … dang.

Vampi: We’re still working on the setlist of the Muses, actually.

E: Cool!

Vampi: Anyway, let’s just move this along before I start rambling like I always do.

E: Probably for the best, since you’ve asked the ramble queen…


Vampi to all: Everyone at this point has forgotten about the true battle royale game. Thoughts?

E: Which one is that?

Dr Hare What is that?


E: Vampi, I’ve probably seen all the .io games, I can’t keep track. Which one is, was that the dots or the snakes or the tanks?

Vampi: The snakes and tanks are self explanatory, those are and The dots are Agario.

E: Oh, Ok.

Dr Hare: I’m confused, what is it?

E: Sorry, I didn’t want to bring another game that might take over people’s lives. Again.

Vampi: Never again.

E: Nein.


TAS to all: *dances like Howard the alien*

E: … what. Also, why.

TAS: *just keeps dancing, the music still playing*

Black Widow: *cocks a tranquilizer gun*


Vampi: Muse, plan Howard.

Muse: Got it. *goes up to TAS and whispers “Despacito 2”*

TAS: *stops*

E: … Ok then! Moving on!


Celeste to all (both the Villains AND the Rulers): How’s your luck?

E: Dang. Vid call time! Someone set up the flat screen!

Black Widow: -_- Why.

E: Because!

*A few minutes later*

E: Hey guys!

Robin: Heeeellooooooo Earth!

Nice Coyote: Is that really what it looks like? Huh. A little disappointing.

E: -_- First off, this is literally just the apartment in a video call, second off, rude.

Avery: Hey everyone.

Dr Hare: *waves*

E: So the Q is “How’s your luck?”

Robin: Supernaturally insane.

Avery: *shrugs*

Dr Hare: Eh…

Binary Bard: I’ll give you a maybe.

Nice Coyote: What the heck does that mean?

Lucky Wing: Keep going.

Nice Coyote: Mine is Ok, I guess.

Neat Berry: I don’t know.

E and Lucky Wing: Terrible.

Black Widow: And there you go.


Belladonna to all: I found out Vampi has listened to P!ATD before. Does that make him part emo?

E: Pff, no. I listen to metal/rock sometimes, and I’m not Goth.

Muse: Are you talking Ballroom Blitz level rock or Chop Suey level rock?

E: I have no idea what Chop Suey is, actually, so no idea.

Muse: Do you know System of a Down?

E: I said sometimes. Just Jonathan Young and a couple others.

Muse: I disapprove.

E: Ouch. Rude.


Arleen to E: Wait… You’re gonna use that ray to make Harvey completely human, aren’t you?

E: … How did you… *sighs* That obvious, huh? I’m… I’m not sure if it’ll actually work… but… I… *sighs again* I just want him to be happy. And… it was worth a shot. Binary’s helping me out, I’m not as tech savvy as I wish I were. I just… *blushes* Harvey deserves to be happy. I’m not big on that word, but… if this is what he wants, I’m more than willing to help. I want the option to be available for him. I want him to be happy. *sighs* But… we’re still working on it. It’s hard to program DNA, and I’m not the most technical person. Honestly, if I didn’t have help, I’d have be electrocuted a long time ago. Gads,I’m useless. I just… *shrugs* I want… it’s a nice feeling to be happy. And… I want to help people feel that. Especially… especially… Harvey. *blushes* I… yeah… I’m done here.


Arleen to DH: E thinks that you think she’s a creep ‘cus she said she’d rather kiss you then do the pocky challenge. Could you comfort her, please?

Dr Hare: She what? E? She’s not a creep, that’s ridiculous! I… I’m going to go talk to her. *calls* El?

E: *pokes her head in* Yeah?

Dr Hare: We need to talk. Do you have a minute?

E: … yeah. Y-yeah,I have a second. *Sits down on the couch, smoothing her hair nervously* What’s up?

Dr Hare: I… So… that Q about the Pocky challenge…

E: Oh. *Turns bright red* OH.

Dr Hare: Yeah… I-

E: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say that I… I just got so flustered, I’m so sorry! I didn’t want… you…

Dr Hare: Hey hey, E, calm down, it’s Ok!

E: No, it’s not! I’m such an idiot, I shouldn’t have said anything! I’ve… I’ve ruined everything…

Dr Hare: E.

E: I should have never… I’m so stupid…

Dr Hare: E.

E: It was just so stupid! I shouldn’t have taken the Q! I-

Dr Hare: *grabs her shoulders* E.

E: *stops abruptly* Yeah?

Dr Hare: It’s Ok. You. Are. Fine. It’s Ok. And you’re not an idiot or stupid. I understand getting flustered. It happens, it’s perfectly fine.

E: B-but… I…

Dr Hare: It’s Ok. I… *pauses, then moves his hands* Sorry. You usually don’t like contact, sorry, I forgot for a second.

E: Harvey… thanks. Thanks for trying, I do appreciate it.

Dr Hare: Do you believe me though?

E: … I’m not sure.

Dr Hare: E, I’m serious. Don’t beat yourself up about this, it’s nothing major.

E: I… I’ll try.

Dr Hare: Listen, I…

E: No… I’m sorry, I just… I really do appreciate you trying.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. Just wish I could help more.

E: I… I don’t understand why…

Dr Hare: Why what?

E: … why people ship us. You’re… you’re too good for me.

Dr Hare: E, don’t be ridiculous.

E: I’m serious! You’re amazing, just so helpful… but… I’m just… whiny and annoying.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not.

E: But-

Dr Hare: No buts. You’re amazing, Ok?

E: If you say so. I just… That was a dumb thing for me to say. I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok El. Honestly, I’m kind of with you… I looked into it… and… it would have been pretty awkward if we had gone through with the challenge.

E: Yeah, but me yelling that I wanted to kiss you… *turns bright red* Gads, I’m an idiot.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Well… um… was it true?

E: … I… I… well… um… uh… I…

*Awkward pause*

Dr Hare: Um…

E: … *kisses him on the cheek* There! I’m done! Challenge fulfilled! Kiss granted! *glances at Dr Hare, a little nervously* Sort of. I’m out! *runs off*

Dr Hare: … *rubs his cheek, blushing* That… I don’t know what that was.


??? to E: Did it ever feel weird to you that you’re friends with a bunch of now-reformed villains from another world?

E: Hmm. Well, honestly? Yes. Would I ask for anything else? Nope! Honestly, these guys are some of the best people that ever happened to me! No regrets! I wouldn’t be where I was if it weren’t for them. Honestly, I’d probably have died a long time ago…


Vampi: Well, seems like that’s it. While E’s settling down the Villains, I’ll take the duty of doing the end slate. You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and basically anything rated PG to Elyana aka E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, we still have no idea what happened to Crawfish, Pop, Heather, Baymax, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Robin, Avery and Perfect Cheetah… I still have yet to meet them. Bet they’re a great bunch. Hope you enjoy! And if you don’t mind a little self-promotion, me, Muse, Celeste, Leslie, and TAS come from MY ask series Ask the Group over on Feel free to check us out, and without further ado, this has been Vampi. See ya’ll soon!

Itch: Portal’s ready. *Itch opens up a portal and the ATG crew step through*

E: *standing in the empty living room* … Whaddya mean settling down the Villains? I was just finishing up a personal… Oh never mind, this works. 


So I hope you guys enjoyed that! That’s it for me, I’m tired! G’night!


Ask the Villains #62, Flusterated

I’m sorry this is so late. I had a pretty rough day today. This did make me feel better though, I love the AtV. And you guys. You make this worth it. Hope you enjoy!


E: *limps into the apartment* Hey guys!

Dr Hare: E! *rushes over* What did you do? How bad is it? Are you Ok?

E: *confused* What? Oh! The limp? I just stepped on a rusty nail Saturday, it’s nothing major.

Dr Hare: Nothing major?!

E: Just a foot piercing. I’ll be fine.

Dr Hare: … E. You just put a hole in your foot.

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: *hugs her* Stop being so fragile…

E: I’m not fragile…

Dr Hare: Yes, you are sometimes.

E: It was just an accident… I didn’t see the board and there were like 3 nails sticking up. It was going to happen to someone. Better me than one of the little cousins.

Dr Hare: … *pulls away* You’re too selfless. You’re going to get seriously hurt one of these days.

E: I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. I’m just one gal.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but you’re important.

E: No, I’m not.

Dr Hare: Yes, you are! *puts his hands on her shoulders* E, you’re extremely important!

E: Nah.

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: I… listen, Harvey, it’s Ok. I’m fine. *smiles* Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

Dr Hare: You… right. *puts his hands down* Right, sorry. That was probably overstepping.

E: *hugs him* No, you’re fine. You’re too sweet, thank you for caring so much.

Dr Hare: *surprised* Oh. Thanks.

E: No problem. *pulls away* Anyways… we’d better-

Black Widow: *walks in* Come on you two, we just started.

E: *blushes* Wid…

Dr Hare: *turns pink* Please…


Dolphin Violinist for all:
How do you pass time when its midnight and your still waiting an hour for your clothes to be dry?

Binary Bard: Work on something.

E: Listen to an audiobook.

Dr Hare: Keep active, or you’ll fall asleep.

Black Widow: Coffee.

Heather: Or Red Bull.

Pop: I’m not allowed to stay up that late.

Director D: Ladies and gentlemen, the lunatics I live with.


Run down the street yelling the Sonic X theme song.

E: The Sonic what?

(I’ve never actually heard of Sonic X. I did watch the Sonic the Hedgehog show at one point, but it got weird and I stopped watching it, blah blah blah. End of the day… I have no idea what I’m doing.)



E: Heh heh… no, I haven’t seen hardly anything past season 2. Sorry. I just… I dunno. They didn’t have the same magic after Season 2 for me. Also… well, there was another reason, but… I ain’t getting into that right now. Because… look, just, no. Just no.


If you could design a dragon, what breed (or your own), powers, name, backstory?

E: Um… can I get back to you on this? I’m planning on rewatching the HTTYD movies. Maybe reread the series. I dunno. Probably not at the same time.


Choose a ninja weapon, any weapon

E: How about a sword?

Pop: Throwing stars!

Dr Hare: Nunchucks.

Binary Bard: Staff.

Black Widow: I don’t need weapons.


E: That’s hardcore.


El tell this joke(s):

E: Okie. Lemme give this a shot. *calls* Hey guy-uys!


E: What is a Dolphins favorite country?

Binary Bard: What?

E: Finland!

Heather: Why. 


E: What party game do dolphins like to play?

Pop: What?

E: Salmon says!

Dr Hare: *chuckles*

Black Widow: -_- Why.


The AAaF peeps


Arleen to BW: What can I say? I think you’re just a really cool person.

Black Widow: Alright, it’s your funeral.


Arleen to Avery: ._. How did you NOT know about E and Hare’s crushes on each other? Just… How?

Avery: Hey, in my defense, I’m not in as much contact with those guys as Luck is. I haven’t seen them face to face in over a year. Plus, it’s usually just E who does video calls. I haven’t talked to Hare in ages. He’s alright… better now that he’s reformed. From what I’ve heard, they are really made for each other. But I don’t know, it’s been a while. I’ll let you guys judge that.

Robin: And your sis.

Avery: You ship everything.

Robin: Haters gonna hate.


Arleen to NC: Pffft… How would you even get revenge that way? I already already admit to having a boyfriend.

Nice Coyote: Teasing you about having a boyfriend? Please, I’m more mature than that.

E: Um…

Nice Coyote: I was thinking blackmail.


Nice Coyote: I’m kidding! Don’t worry, I save that for my worst enemies.

E: And Robin.

Nice Coyote: Of course.


Arleen to LW: Wait, Avery’s actually your boyfriend?

Lucky Wing: *sighs* Yes. He is. I’m not embarrassed about it per say, but… I get a lot of… what is the word… pressure? I think so… I get a lot of pressure from the press, so I don’t don’t like talking about it. I do really love him, honest, just… sick of being teased, I guess.

E: I know that feeling.

Robin: Maybe if you’d DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT


Lucky Wing: -_- Please excuse me as I go break up a yelling contest between a shipping bird and a flustered and frustrated pixie.



Arleen to E: No thanks. I like Lucian just as he is. Regardless, I’ll keep that in mind if I ever need to make an animal human.

E: *double thumbs up* Okie dokie! Keep in mind, it’s still a work in progress. We’re working on it for… well, never mind, that’s not important. Anyways, lemme know! We’re hoping to get it done before the end of August, but honestly, that’s if nothing huge goes wrong. Like it always does. We’ll see.


Fizzson to all: This is kind of a generic question, but… What would you do with a million dollars?

E: Be freaking rich.

Pop: Buy candy!

Black Widow: Make money off the initial payment.

Dr Hare: Set money aside for the future.

Binary Bard: Create a bunch of stuff with it.


Fizzson to DH: Oh, I’ve seen E angry a couple times. Not much, but I have seen it.

Dr Hare: I don’t think so. I’ve seen her irritated and flustered before, definitely annoyed at times, but never actually angry. Not even when she was a kid… she hates fighting, seriously. Just hates it. Unless you did something to tick her off, big time. Which I don’t think you have, but… I wouldn’t want that.


Arleen to all: What’s your favorite Pokemon? (If anyone besides E and Pop know what Pokemon is)

E: I like Gardevoir. Don’t put it in the search engine, you’ll regret it.

Pop: I like Castform!

Black Widow: Meh. Don’t play Pokemon.

Binary Bard: Klink.

Dr Hare: Buneary.

E: *giggles* Bunny.

Dr Hare: Oh, be quiet. 


Fizzson to PC: Lemme guess, you’re the half a ruler people keep talking about?

Perfect Cheetah: Yup. *blows a bubble with her gum* Problem?


Mimi to all: Favorite song and song genre?

Dr Hare: *shrugs* Pop?

E: I like pop music, I suppose… nowadays, everything is just so dark and all the songs are about abusive relationships and I’m annoyed. Older pop music, I guess. Plus I’m just very done with country.

Pop: I am Pop!

*Rimshot sound*

Dr Hare and Pop: ._.

E: Who let TAS in here?


Despair to E: Alright… Thank you so much for the support, E… I look forward to the date.

E: No problem. I’m always willing to help you out! Even… if it means swallowing my pride sometimes. What little pride I have, that is.


Arleen to E: You mean after all this time of everyone else trying to get you and Harvey on a date, Despair just asks and you do it?! I… Freakin’… Uugggghhh….

E: *flushes* It’s just as friends! Nothing more! And it’s just one date, it’s not that big a deal! *mutters* It’s just one date. Just the one. *pauses* Oh gosh… I… Am I supposed to wear a skirt?! Is this formal?! Oh my gosh, I haven’t even thought about it… I… oh no… I asked him. On a date. I asked my crush out. On a date.*starts hyperventilating* What was I thinking?! This is such a mistake, I’m going to ruin everything!


Arleen to BW: Can you believe how EASY it was to get E on a date this whole time?! I just… I need to sit down….

Black Widow: Yeah, you need to sit down? You seen E?


??? to DH: S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you! 24-Carrot was lots of fun, even if it was a little easy.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, I tend to hear that a lot.

E: I didn’t think so.

Dr Hare: You weren’t even there.

E: I was for some of it. I liked it.

Dr Hare: I’m… I’m honestly just glad no one got hurt.

E: Yeah. Look, let’s not worry about that. The past is the past for a reason, it’s the future that counts.

Dr Hare: … wow. That was impressive.

E: Thanks. I try, sometimes.

Dr Hare: Is that from something?

E: Just… a little something I wrote. I tried to write a romance, it didn’t turn out, but… good quote. At least I think so.

Dr Hare: I thought it was awesome. You’re really a great writer.

E: *flushes* T-thanks.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome.

E: I… look, just… yeah. Just remember you’re awesome, Ok?

Dr Hare: Alright. You too, Ok?

E: Yeah…


E: That’s it, I’m out. You’re too cute, I can’t concentrate. *walks off, flustered*

Dr Hare: *blushes red* W-what?!


Arleen to E: I won’t tell Harvey. Just… Be careful with A, alright? I don’t wanna lose my best friend again….

E: Thank you, I… I don’t want him to worry. And I’m plenty careful. *pauses* Ok, fair enough, I’m not. But… I’m careful where others are concerned. I want the others to be safe. *pauses again* Wait a second… I’m your best friend?! *pauses* Aw… thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me.


Despair to E: Oh…? What kind of hard past did A have…?

E: Well… I promised I wouldn’t say too much, but… she… her life before becoming an eidolon was really hard, and even when she was an eidolon, she didn’t agree with the other eidolons, didn’t follow Mother Geia, and was eventually kicked out just for thinking of herself as an individual. But… I’m not the first person she’s possessed. The other ones… well… they… not all of them got her out. *quiet for a minute* Right. Anyways, I… I’m being as safe as I can. She’s doing a little better, I think… I’ll do what I can. Thanks guys.


Fizzson to E: When you’re done with talking with A, just let me know. I have a friend who could keep an eye on her stone.

E: I’m fine. We’re fine. Nothing is gonna happen, it’s going to be fine. But I’ll keep you posted. Violet’s good at her job, but… I really don’t know where she’s at. So… I’ll get back to you. Thanks tho.


Arleen to E: Wait a minute, you’d KISS Harvey over doing the Pocky challenge?! I sent that Q to mess with you, but I wasn’t expecting a reaction like THAT. o_o

E: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ha ha ha… *buries her face in her hands* Regret. Regret regret regret regret REGRET! I’m such an idiot… I really didn’t mean to blurt that out in front of him… or at all… I… I just… *fiddles with her bracelet, blushing* I… I’d rather just kiss him, not have a weird half kiss. I’ve… *turns red* I’ve never even kissed anyone before. I… I wanted to save it… I just… I don’t know… I regret saying it… Harvey probably thinks I’m a psycho now… go ask him if you wanna know what he thinks of this, but… he probably thinks I’m a creep… I probably ruined everything. *puts her face in her hands again* just before the date too… why do I have to ruin everything…



I… Yeah, I don’t have a conclusion. Sorry guys. You’re the best. I did actually step on a rusty nail and it hurt. After I stopped laughing like a lunch. I have pictures, but I’ll post them on Lucille Bizarre if I can. I also might post something about how I have no idea how to life or how to deal with the entirely of males my age. Because HELP!

Anyways, that’s it. Bye guys, love y’all!


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Robin, Avery and Perfect Cheetah. Hope you enjoy!

Ask the Villains #61, featuring Black Widow

Also technically featuring the AAaF peeps, since Fizz was the only one who sent Qs.

I’m so sorry this is late! I was working on this until I fell asleep, but no dice…

So this is the only Summer of Villains post this summer, because I’m overwhelmed, see previous post, blah blah blah. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


OH YEAH Just a warning, this post might cover some stuff, like smoking and death. It’s not bad, I just thought it’d be fair to warn you in case someone complained.


Arleen to BW: Have I ever told you you’re my favorite villain? ‘Cus you are.

Black Widow: For real? Thanks, I guess. I’m not sure why.


Fizzson to BW: What was your childhood like?

Black Widow: Terrible. We were so poor, especially after Mom died… I was 6 years old, I never knew her well, but… she smoked, got emphysema. *quiet for a minute* Anyways, my dad raised me and Cadence. He was a great dad, still is. But we basically had nothing.

Mimi to BW: Why did you become a villain in the first place?

Black Widow: I got sick of it. I got sick of being so poor and decided to do something about it. I didn’t make the best decisions.


Arleen to BW: Favorite art piece by another artist?

Black Widow: I like a lot of art, what can I say?


Mimi to BW: How would you react if your sister ever wanted to reform?

Black Widow: Yeah. Like that’s going to happen. I realize the scene with the meteor may not have been her and that she was brainwashed, but still. But if she actually decided to reform… I’d try to talk to her and make-up, I guess. I doubt she’d let me though.


Fizzson to BW: What are your thoughts on the Rulers now that you’re reformed?

Black Widow: Meh. They’re alright, I guess. Except that girl Robin, I don’t like her.


Arleen to BW: Do you ever sell your art? If you do, how much does it usually sell for?

Black Widow: Those are confidential figures, but yes, I do sell my art.


Despair to BW: What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you…?

Black Widow: Well… after the whole totem business… we were all released from jail, since, well, there wasn’t, it blew up. And… we all escaped. The Rulers were right there, they could have stopped us. But didn’t. They let us go. I don’t know, it’s something.


Fizzson to everyone else: What do y’all think of Wid as a person?

E: I love Wid! She tolerates me.

Binary Bard: She’s great! And I’m not just saying that because she’d beat me up.

Dr Hare: She’ll always have your back, even if she’s a tease.

Pop: She’s the best aunt ever! Her and Aunty Heather!

Heather: She’s awesome!


E: Where did D… oh never mind.

(I have ruined other people’s English and I’m not sure if I should feel guilty or proud…)


Mimi to BW: If you could meet any one famous artist, which would it be and why?

Black Widow: I’ve always wanted to meet Van Gogh. He’s… eccentric.


Fizzson to BW: Do you have any hobbies besides art?

Black Widow: Well… I do like knitting.

E: Wait… for real?

Black Widow: No.


Arleen to BW: How did you get the job as chief of police?

Black Widow: Hard work and a few bribes. And… contacts. *puts a finger to her lips*


Fizzson to BW: Did you ever find out where the museum hid it’s greatest art?

Black Widow: No. Am I bitter? No. *pauses* Ok, fine, maybe a little.


Arleen to BW: Did you have to pay for all the art you destroyed when the rulers tried to catch you? If not, then who did?

Black Widow: Well, I’m not sure, but… it could have been paid for that spy agency, the one that what’s her name works at. Probably was.

E: I can go check if you want.

Black Widow: Meh, don’t bother.


Mimi to BW: Were your guards all thrown in jail along with you? Did any escape?

Black Widow: Probably. To be honest, I don’t think many of them know I’m alive. They don’t know my identity or anything. I ran a tight operation.


Fizzson to the rulers: How hard was it for you guys to defeat Black Widow?

Lucky Wing: It wasn’t too bad.

Robin: She-devil.

Perfect Cheetah: Leave me out of this.

Robin: Not what I meant.

Nice Coyote: Yeah, you think our rivalry is bad…

Avery: Yeah… Robin, you have a lot of rivalries.

Robin: Haters gonna hate.


Arleen to BW: How’s your right-hand man? Have you seen him since betraying him?

Black Widow: -_- No, I haven’t. I’m not sure I want to.

E: … I’ll just go.

Black Widow: What?

E: Nothing.

Black Widow: -_- What do you know?

E: Nothing! *runs away*

Black Widow: -_- I swear that girl knows just about everyone’s secrets.

E: No, just the convenient ones.


??? to BW: I can safely say you’re the toughest villain I’ve had to face so far. Granted, my only base for comparison is Hare right now, but still.

Black Widow: That’s not much of a comparison.

Dr Hare: Hey!

E: *pats him on the back* There there, I thought you were plenty tough.


And… That’s it! I’d add an aftermath, but… I’m at work, so I won’t. (I took a 2 minute bathroom break, Ok?) So yeah! I highly recommend you reread AtV #60 before sending Qs, because a lot happened there. See you all next time!


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

SoV and just me.

I… I’m sorry.

So I promised I was going to publish the Summer of Villains. But… I can’t. I’m so, so sorry.

I just can’t.

If anyone’s been talking to me the last week, you’ll know I’ve been worried about a lack of Qs, but that’s not it. I don’t have the motivation to continue the Summer of Villains. At least, not this Summer. I started working a part time job that’s taking a lot out of me. I mean, I love it, but still. (Also, what’s the cure for country music? Because help.) I’m also just kind of emotionally shot… I don’t know how to explain it. Well, I don’t know how to explain it without either sounding whiny or traumatizing someone. Let’s not. Anyways, I’ll be fine, I’ll pull though, I always do, but… I can’t do the SoV. Not yet. Not this year. Especially considering I’m going back to Washington in August. So much is happening…

Anyways, getting to the point. So I’m going to publish AtV #61 about Black Widow Wednesday. Then that’s it and we’re going to go back to normal Qs. Plot, well, I’ve got a couple things getting written up, I’ll publish those at some point. And… Above all, I’m just so, so sorry. I hate doing this to you guys, I really do, especially since you guys are so supportive… I love you guys, thank you for putting up with me. See you all Wednesday.

Ask the Villains #60, Shipping Material

(I’m so sorry it’s late guys! Also, when did we got 60?)

Hey guys! It’s me, how are you guys? Hope y’all are doing Ok. For me? It’s ruddy Monday, the start of my second day of work and for unknown reasons I want to cry. I need help lifeing, seriously. Anyways, besides that, I’m doing good. Work is pretty nice, I like it. I’ll probably do a post about it on Luckily Bizarre, my life blog. Then again, I probably won’t, who am I kidding. I can’t life. Anyways, enough about me talking about myself, ain’t nobody got time for that. I hope you enjoy!


Sporty Boa to Everyone: 1. Have any of you been keeping up with the World Cup?

Binary Bard: There’s a World Cup going on?

Dr Hare: I don’t know.

E: All my news notifications are about video games.

Black Widow: -_- I’m trapped in an apartment with a bunch of nerds.


2 Have any of you seen the Incredibles 2?

E: That’s out?

Pop: I really want to see it!

E: It’s out?!


3 Have you guys hit up any cool vacation spots this summer?

Pop: Yeah!

E: We’re hoping to go to the ocean some time, once I get outta work. Pop here loves water, but he’s never seen the sea.

Dr Hare: All of us are going there. It’s going to be awesome!

Black Widow: If we don’t all die in the next month.


4 Still no sign of the Director?

E: Oh, he’s just over- *turns* Where did he go?


5 Maybe… James is at the pet store? Getting a pet like we planned/suggested!

E: Ooh, I like that idea. Let’s go to the pet store y’all!

(I dunno when, but they are so going now)


Vampi and Co.
TAS to Robin: do u hav friend named captain falcon

Robin: … what.

E: Ah. Poptropica. Different pop culture.

Robin: Stop. I get enough puns from Avery.

E: Oops, didn’t see that one. Sorry. He’s from a video game, I’ll send ya a thing.

(Yay puns and chaos)


Vampi to all: I’m bored. Anime suggestions?

Black Widow: No.

Dr Hare: I watch sci fine mostly, sorry.

Binary Bard: I don’t watch a lot of TV.

Pop: What’s anime?

E: I don’t watch anime yet, but I hear Charlotte is good.

Black Widow: Excuse me?

E: You’re an anime Wid, congrats.

(I asked my cousin, she’s into anime and K-Pop and is attempting to get me into both.)


Celeste to all: It’s summer but it’s raining where the ATG’s held. What’s our luck like in your thoughts?

Black Widow: I’d say it sounds like Washington. Except that you don’t live in Washington. Washington came to you.

Dr Hare: I’m sorry, that sucks.

E: I haven’t been outside since the 4th… I’m not a big fan of outdoors rn. I’mma vampire. The 4th was fun tho!

Pop: Yeah! I really like sparklers and fireworks and all of that!

E: We were legal this time, don’t worry.


Meggy to all: Favorite anime themes?

E: Anime. Just anime. I dunno.

(I don’t really watch anime, sorry.)


IRL Vampi to E: In return for the totally-good questions you gave me, I give you mediocre Qs.

E: My Qs weren’t totally good, they kinda sucked. And your Qs are fine, don’t sweat it.


The AAaF peeps

Fizzson to all: Arleen’s coming to this heavily armed with shipping fuel. I apologize in advance.

*awkward silence*

E: To the corner of solitude!

Dr Hare: I’ll be in my lab…

Pop: Bring it on!

Black Widow: Well maybe if it’d help CERTAIN PEOPLE

Binary Bard: ._. *(probably) not involved*

Director D: I’m sure.


Arleen to LW, NC, and Avery: No shame in loving someone, peeps. Especially if you actually told them unlike certain OTHER people I could mention.

Nice Coyote: Heh… yeah…

Lucky Wing: I agree with that, but… it is still rather new to me. Sorry.

Avery: Who does she mean, “other people she should mention”?

Robin: Who’d ya think? Everyone’s favorite emotion denying pixie.

Avery: Oh… who’s E got a crush on?

Robin: *sighs* Oh brother of mine… You seriously didn’t notice?

Avery: No… who is he?

Robin: … how on Poptropica did you get a girlfriend.

Avery: Hey!

Nice Coyote: Well you don’t have a boyfriend, you’re not one to talk.

Robin: *shoots her a dirty look* And you are, Clara?

Nice Coyote: Ok, you know what?!  You-

Lucky Wing: Girls! Can we please not have a huge fight on E’s Q&A? Please leave be.

Robin and Nice Coyote: Fine.

Avery: Um… sorry. That was my bad.

Lucky Wing: No, it wasn’t. This happens a lot.

Avery: Yeah, but it was my fault this time. Who does E like?

Lucky Wing: Dr Hare.

Avery: Oh. *eyes widen* Oh… Yeah, that makes sense.

Robin: Doesn’t it?! He likes her too, it’s totally obvious.

Nice Coyote: They seriously need to get together.

Robin: Preach. *they fist bump*

Avery and Lucky Wing: …

Lucky Wing: I am confused.

Avery: I stopped questioning.


Arleen to NC: Hehe… I may have already known you had a boyfriend, and sent that Q to mess with you. >w<

Nice Coyote: Hey! Who told you I had a boyfriend?!

E: ._. Oh crap. *starts slamming on the “exit program” button*

Nice Coyote: E!

E: I didn’t do it! I accidentally let a couple hints slip and she figured it out I’m sorry!!! >-<

Nice Coyote: Ugh, fine. Whatever, I don’t care.

E: You’re also not allowed to go spy on Arleen to try and find revenge.

Nice Coyote: -_- K. Fine.

E: Sorry… I know your battle strategy, attack as thou hast been attacked. It ain’t bad.

Nice Coyote: Yeah yeah…

E: So is Ro dating anyone?

Nice Coyote: *smirks* Well, you see…


Arleen to LW: Huh. I wasn’t actually expecting you to have a boyfriend. What’s he like?

Lucky Wing: *blushes* Well… I do… he’s really nice, he’s sweet, caring, he’s funny, he likes a good adventure, he-

E: He’s 22 years old, his name is Avery and he’s sitting over there.

Avery: *looks up from a book* What?

Lucky Wing: *blushes redder* E!

E: Sorry man, I’m on a roll.


Arleen to NB: Well, if you ever meet someone you like, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you work through your shyness and tell them.

Neat Berry: Thank you. I… I appreciate it. But… I don’t like anyone like that right now. Thank you for offering.


Arleen to all: What are your thoughts on me having a sylveon for a boyfriend?

E: Honesty, everyone stopped questioning a long time ago. But… as weird as this may sound… B and I were working on a little device that turns animals into humans, or even hybrids into full humans! For… scientific reasons. You know. Anyways, just putting that out there, you don’t have to take it, but if ever you need such a thing… *winks* I gotchu covered.

(Human or Poptropican BTW, I just used human, but I meant both.)


Arleen to E and DH: Pocky challenge. Seth and Mimi did it. Now I wanna see you two do it.

E: *turns bright red* Are you KIDDING ME?!

Dr Hare: What’s the Pocky challenge?

E: I am NOT doing the Pocky challenge! Nuh uh!

Dr Hare: I’m really confused, what?

E: There is no way! I would rather straight up kiss Harvey than do the Pocky challenge, Ok?! *runs off in a flustered huff*

Dr Hare: Wait, what?! *turns fusha* What!?!

*no response*

Dr Hare: … *walks into the other room* Charlotte, what’s the Pocky challenge?

Black Widow: What did E do this time…


Fizzson to E: Oh geez. o_o Sorry, I didn’t even think about the “Horses go to the glue factory” thing. I was only thinking of the comedic implications…

E: AND THIS IS WHY I’M A BAD PERSON. Don’t be sorry, I should be sorry, I’m the bad person here. And I am sorry. Seriously, why everyone thinks I’m cool…


Riapsed to Avery: Well… I’d still be happy to put on a performance with you.

Avery: Well… I’m not much of an actor… Robin is more than me. I… sort of left that life. She might be willing. I’m sorry, maybe… maybe some other time?


Katrina to all: Who here likes cats? owo

E: Me! *holds up a small black and white cat* Meet Pipsqueak readers!

Pipsqueak: Mew.

Dr Hare: Pipsqueak? He’s here?

E: Yup! *hands the cat to Pop*

Pop: Aw, he’s so cute!

E: Now I’m going to call some people…

Black Widow: I like cats.

Binary Bard: They’re alright.

Director D: *shrugs*


Editor Fizz to E: Actually, I just remembered our number of crossovers off the top of my head… Surprising as that may be.

E: Nah, good memory is a good thing.

(I had to count, my memory is total trash.)


Fizzson to E again: Lucky Wing can get annoyed? Huh… That’s honestly harder to believe then YOU getting angry with someone…

E: Well, I say annoyed, but she was more like mildly irritated.

Dr Hare: Actually, I find E being mad more surprising. I’ve seen her irritated, frustrated or even so flustered she’s a bit snippish, but never truly angry…

E: Well… I dunno about that…

Dr Hare: Yeah. Trust me, I’ve seen Lucky mad and annoyed. Not at me, thankfully, but still. I don’t think E has a angry side.

E: I… thanks.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome.


Arleen to the rulers: What are your least favorite islands?

Robin and Avery: Monster Carnival.

Avery: Easy.

Nice Coyote: Mission Atlantis. Done.

Neat Berry: I didn’t like Arabian Nights much… but that may have been because we all had to dress like the locals…

Nice Coyote: Oh my gosh, never again.

Lucky Wing: Survival Island. I… *shudders* I do not like thinking about that.

Avery: *puts an arm around her* Hey, it’s Ok, you don’t have to.

Perfect Cheetah: Super Villain Island was the worst, dunno what you all are thinking.

Avery: When did you get here?

Perfect Cheetah: Just now.

Robin: Don’t question.

Nice Coyote: Welcome the chaos.


Arleen to the villains: So what happened to you all once your evil plans failed?

Black Widow: Jail.

Director D: Jail.

Binary Bard: Trapped in space.

Dr Hare: Launched into space.

E: … I’m calling the Rulers and telling them to get some variety and/or chill.


Despair to E: Um… E…? I kinda want to ask Fizz out… But I don’t know if I’ll have the courage to go out with him myself… Could you and Hare maybe go too…? I’d feel much more comfortable doing it if you did….

E: Oh absolutely!

Black Widow: Wait, what?

E: What?

Black Widow: You’re actually agreeing to this?!

E: Why not? If Despair needs a hand, I’m more than willing to help! I’m in!

Black Widow: You’re willing to ask out your crush.

E: *pauses* ._. Oh… *composes herself* Yeah, I guess. It’ll just be as friends, you know? It’ll be fine. Just friends.

Black Widow: -_- You can’t seriously be this dense.

E: We’re just friends! Besides, it’s for Despair and Fizz. They deserve to be happy. I can do them a favor.

Black Widow: Whatever. Just keep in mind you have to ask him. *walks off*

E: *pales* Oh. Oh no… Wid!


Arleen to E: Woah woah, wait. You’re TALKING to that crazy Eidolon?!

E: Well… um… you see… *bites her lip* Please don’t tell Harvey! I have no idea how he’d react! And he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had, Ok? I don’t want to hurt that relationship, even if it is just as friends. As for A… I… I was curious. I… I saw her entire life, but I don’t think it was on purpose. I think she was actually just strained and… I… well… I got curious. She had a hard past to be honest. But… that doesn’t excuse the things she’s done. Right now, we’re just talking. I’m not letting her manipulate me and I’m the only one talking to her. And… maybe she’ll think about things. I doubt it’ll happen, but I have been talking to her about stuff like not murdering my friends if she ever gets out and morals, human nature… but mostly we’ve talked about her. Hard past, like I said… but it’s what you do that makes you who you are, not what happens to you. *sighs* Anyways… I’m just trying to figure some things out.


E: … hey Harvey?

Dr Hare: *looks up from a small device* Hey E. What’s up?

E: I… Ok, so… I… they… people… life…

Dr Hare: Are… are you Ok?

E: I… *sighs* I’m fine. Despair wants ask Fizz on a date and I foolishly agreed to double and… I need a date. So… Do you feel like going?

Dr Hare: … me?

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: You’re asking me out.

E: Y-yeah. *flushes* Just as friends! Nothing weird, I just… I promised and I can’t go back on that…

Dr Hare: Oh. I… well…

E: Sorry… you can say no…

Dr Hare: No, it’s not that. *smiles* I’d love to go out with you. *flushes* To help Fizz and Despair, I mean.

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: Yeah.

*awkward silence*

E: I’ll… I’ll go call them.

Dr Hare: That… that’d be good.

E: Yeah… Ok, see you… *walks off*

Dr Hare: … El?

E: *pokes her head in* Yeah?

Dr Hare: I… thank you.

E: For what?

Dr Hare: Just… I… I don’t know how to say this but… I’m glad I’m going too. It’ll be fun.

E: … *smiles* Yeah. Me too. Thanks for being willing to help me with the stupid things I do. *leaves*

Dr Hare: … *goes back to what he was working on before, humming happily*


Yay! Cuteness! It’s what I’m paid to do. Well, I’m not paid for that. I’m paid to work in a gas station/farm/hardware store. Anyways, I have an important announcement!


A couple weeks ago, we mentioned something called the Summer of Villains! (Yes I know sucks, yes I named it, I suck at my job, ok? ;-; ) Each week, we’re going to showcase a member of the AtV squad, such as Black Widow or Heather or the such. You can ask them or people close to them whatever you want about that person! *Chants quickly* Changes-and-restrictions-may-apply-this-does-not-mean-Elarvey-is-happening-yet-y’all-have-to-wait-plus-plot-will-be-partially-postponed-we apologise-for-the-inconvenience. So yeah! We’re starting with…

Black Widow!

Wid is definitely one of my favorites, just because she’s an artist and the amount of sass this woman has… I love it. So you can ask her anything you want, or people in the AtV about her! You can ask other, unrelated Qs, but I will ask that you limit those. Go right ahead and I really hope you guys like this! Love you guys! Let’s see how this works! Bye guys!

Ask the Villains #59, WORK in progress

Aaaaaggghhhh I’m so freaking sorry this is so freaking late! I’m so so so sorry! Aah! This is what happens when I get a job… ;-; I hope you enjoy tho!


E: *rushes in* AtV TIME GUYS LET’S GO!!

Binary Bard: Um… I think you’re a little late. Isn’t it Tuesday?

E: I don’t wanna talk about it…


Dolphin Violinist to El and harvey (and maybe 3 more people) sing 18 by 1D

Dr Hare: Does anyone know 18?

E: *sings* Oh, she was just, 17! You know, what I mean! And the way she looked-

Black Widow: Can we not.

E: Oh come on, the Beatles were the best! They influenced Earth pop were like none other! These guys are the best!

Binary Bard: I think I’ve heard them…

E: Sorry, got us all sidetracked. Let’s move from 60s boy bands and onto early 2000s boy bands.

Dr Hare: So no one knows the song.

*awkward silence*

E: I think we all might have to listen to every 1D song we can find.

Black Widow: How about no.

(We’ll get back to you… sorry about this!)


Purple Claw to Black Widow: why do you steal art, when you can do art?

Black Widow: I don’t steal art anymore. I sell my own though, shockingly E’s town is a pretty good place for it.


Fizzson to E: Pinkie Pie in a glue factory. ._. I think the worst thing about that is it kinda makes sense for her.

E: Don’t agree with me! That’s makes my being a bad person worse! In all honesty glue factory would be the worst for all of them. Cause, you know, that’s where they send horses when they get too old or whatever. Like Animal Farm, you know? *pauses* Friendship is glue. *giggles* Ok, Ok, I need to stop, really bad.


Arleen to BW: If you don’t have a least favorite art style, do you have a favorite?

Black Widow: Realism I suppose. I don’t really care, I just do that I can for whatever I can.


Arleen to Robin: I’ve seen people call you bird or bird girl, which made me wonder… Are you actually a robin?

Robin: *sighs* No, I’m not. It’s just my name. I’m just a Poptropican with telekinetic powers. Funny you should mention though, since-

E: *appears on a nearby screen* RO!

Robin: *jumps* What the heck E?!

E: I set up a spoiler alarm. You know, to avoid spoilers.

Robin: … E, I worry about you.

E: Who doesn’t…

(Sorry to do that to you guys, but spoilers galore, via Robin, and I can’t have that. Happy fun time.)


Riapsed to Robin and Avery: Nice! Maybe we could put a performance on together sometime. 🙂

Robin: That sounds dangerous. We would probably end up breaking something. Or I would end up breaking things. Avery’s pretty calm.

Avery: I guess.

Robin: Anyways, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline, due to the fact that you seen nice, and that if anyone gets maimed and it’s our fault…


Arleen to the rulers: Just out of curiosity, are y’all in any relationships?

Lucky Wing: …

Nice Coyote: …

Avery: …

Neat Berry: Yes. *flushes* Not me, I’m too shy…

Robin: I’m not either, but lemme tell you, this 3?! Oh my gosh. They totally are! They-

Nice Coyote: *shoves Robin into the other room* Ok! Moving on to the next Q now!

Lucky Wing: Yes, please.


Fizzson to E again: We can see about Despair and Berry meeting at some point. It’d be the, what… 5th crossover we’ve planned at this point?

E: Yeah. I… I’ve given up at this point trying. The count is AtG: 3, AtD: 1, AAaF: 4, so… yeah, that is 5. Wow. Did you go back and count or something?

(Maybe it’s because nobody CONTACTS ME Ok not really, I talk to people a lot. But we seriously need a group chat with all of y’all, plus Esther from the AtS. I was setting one up, but I’m never on Discord anymore, so maybe just email, who knows. I need to get my life together. )


Fizzson to DH: Want me to send Ultia or Seth to see if they could speed up work on the dimensional ray?

Dr Hare: I don’t think so… I… it’s weird. I… *sighs* Sorry, I… something’s going on. You know how there was that problem with E using dimensional devices? It’s… still here. For whatever reason, this one is the only one that works. I’ve tried upgrading it, but I don’t understand why, or what component is affecting it… I’m looking into it. I’m just worried this is going to keep progressing to the point where I won’t be able to help her if she gets trapped in another dimension. And… to be honest? I’m… I’m really worried about it.


Fizzson to E again again: …I made a Ninjago reference, and it sailed past your head. How?

E: Y-you did?! Where?! What?! Hang on… I’ve been keeping notes from the older AtVs ever since the laptop incident… including the Qs, so… *reads off from phone* Oh. -_- What’s the best way to defeat an enemy… it’s patience. *pauses* In my defense, I’ve only seen that episode once! In 2012. *Sighs* Has it really been that long… I’m getting old…


Fizzson to E again AGAIN again: I meant Katrina. She was the “New character” who sent a Q last time, and you said… Something to her in a different language. (Sorry if that was confusing. I forgot there’s two Kats now.)

E: You know what’s really confusing? There’s 3. On Pop 13, Lucky’s dimension, there’s a gal, her name is Kat. I don’t know her, we’ve only met once, but Avery doesn’t like her that much and she annoys Lucky. And that’s saying somethin’. Point is, I like Incredible Kat and Katrina better. Getting to the point, I was just welcoming Katrina, direct translation is “Hello, I’m happy to meet you.” I’m… not good at hellos. Or goodbyes. I’m just really awkward when it comes to new people… just ask literally everyone here. Except Pop and Heather come to think of it… but that was different, Pop I was surprised, Heather, I was in shock because there was a literal Christmas tree trying to attack me. Hmm. Maybe I need to go into shock more often…

Dr Hare: No.


Arleen to all: Who here likes Pokemon?


Everyone else: ._.

Pop: I like it.


Mimi to all: On the subject of Pokemon, thoughts on lets go Pikachu and Eevee?

Pop: What is it?

E: Video game, it looks so good! I want you to play it, it looks great! In the meantime… I’m still playing Pokemon Go!

Pop: I like Pokemon Go! I get to outside and meet new people!

E: Yeah! One day, I shall be level 30, I swear…

(E is level 25, Pop is 21, my father is 41…)


Fizzson to DH again: Do you have any plans to bring back Crawfish? It’s been a while, so I thought I’d ask.

Dr Hare: Yeah, E was talking to me about that the other day. She knew where he was, then… we lost the laptop, and she lost all her files. I never saw it and-

E: And my memory is trash, yeah. I don’t remember hardly any of it. Sorry, this was your Q.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, it involves you too.

E: I’m the worst friend ever… I can’t help anyone, can I? *sighs* I’m sorry, I just… I dunno…

Dr Hare: Hey, no you’re not.

E: … Um. Harvey. I can barely find James with tech. I’m hopeless.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not E, you’re great.

E: I guess…

Dr Hare: E… I… listen, you’re… you’re doing the best you can. And that’s more than enough. You’re… you… I… *hugs her* You’re awesome. Don’t ever forget it.

E: *silent, staring at her shoes*

Dr Hare: El?

E: I… thank you. I… I just… I can’t seem to do anything right. I just wanna find my friend, but… I can’t do anything right.

Dr Hare: I… I know. We’ll find him, promise.

E: *hugs him back* Thanks. I… thank you.

Black Widow: -_- You two.

E and Dr Hare: How long have you been there?!

Black Widow: See what I have to put up with?!

E: Go away.


Incredible Kat to E:
1 Exactly. Picture it : “Dumb Ways to Die: Pinkie Pie Edition” (If you don’t know what dumb ways to die is, then light you, because.)

E: The fact that you’re all agreeing with me makes me realize that we are all really bad people.


2 The Power of Friendship!!! #everyanimeever

E: Seriously tho. I don’t even watch a ton of anime and I already know this. Friendship, ponies and anime.


3 No, E, that’s not the right answer. I’m surprised you didn’t answer correctly, because the correct answer is that fan art would win. Because paper cuts.

E: That’s… actually a pretty good point. I just meant… I’m not sure what I meant, to be honest. I… I was thinking about… someone in particular when I was answering that, ok? I… I don’t wanna talk about it…


To all:
1.Can I just say #KatKonfusion . BECAUSE.

E: Seriously though. I’m going insane.

(The really funny thing is that this Kat found an old pic of the Kat from P13 after I wrote the answer about it.)


2 Ever been to Lagoon? (in Utah)

E: Is Lagoon in Utah? Or are there multiple? Where the heck is it?! How many are there?! I’m so confused!

(No, not really.)



Oh, and one last Q…


Arleen to E and DH: So… What did you guys end up doing with the stone that has A?

E: I… um… well… you see… um…

Dr Hare: Well, we were trying to contact some people, but they haven’t gotten back to us.

E: That’s Violet… she tends to be… busy. Running-for-her-life-from-monsters. You know, same ol.

Dr Hare: So E’s holding onto it, she’s keeping it in a box, yes?

E: Y-yeah.

Dr Hare: What is it?

E: What?

Dr Hare: You’re hiding something.

E: No I’m not.

Dr Hare: El, what is it? Is something wrong?

E: I… no. Nothing is wrong, nothing bad is happening, it’s nothing dangerous, but… I… I’ll tell you later, promise.

Dr Hare: … oh.

E: I… I’m sorry. I’ll… I’ll go. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … E?



*Significantly later…*

E: *slams the door and leans against it, breathing hard* I. Am. So. Done. With. Today!

Binary Bard: Uh, hi.

E: Hi. Can you go to my work and burn it down so I don’t have to figure out if I go to work tomorrow?

Binary Bard: … no.

E: Dangit.

Black Widow: You got a job?

E: Yes.

Black Widow: Finally.

E: Ha ha, shut up.

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* Who the heck smells like shaving cream and citrus?

E: Me.

Dr Hare: Why…

E: *sighs* Frigging work. Did you know that there’s a switch to turn off a sliding door up on top?

Dr Hare: No, never thought about it.

Binary Bard: I kind of assumed so, but I didn’t know where.

E: You’re not allowed to do that Binary. I only got to because I worked there and I was cleaning windows. And doors, apparently. Logic.

Black Widow: I’ve never heard of that.

E: Me either. Where’s Pop at?

Dr Hare: He went to the park with a couple friends.

E: … Oh. Ok.

Dr Hare: You Ok?

E: Fine. I’m fine. Just… fine. I’ll be in my room. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … did I say something? Do something?

Black Widow: No, she’s just stressed because of work, her love life and the fact that she feels like she’s a terrible mother.

Dr Hare: Oh.

Binary Bard: Well, technically, you did say her love life, so…

Black Widow: Good catch.

Dr Hare: -_- Stop. Please.

Black Widow: Just give her some time.

Dr Hare: Alright… I… I just worry.

Binary Bard: She likes that about you.

Dr Hare: *blushes* S-shut up…

*Meanwhile, in E’s room*

I glanced around, making sure no one was nearby, then pulled a box out from under my bed. There was a small, smooth stone in it. I took the stone out and set it out on my bedside table.

E: Hi A. Rattle once if you can hear me.

*the stone shakes once*

E: Good. I’m back from work, so we’ve got more time to talk. I’ve got more questions for you…


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry and Robin. Hope you enjoy!