Ask the Villains #68, Worries and Plans

Hey guys, it’s me again. We still don’t have E back, but we figured we’d at least give you this AtV. Hope you guys like it.


Sporty Boa to DH: 1. You should get a bunny asap, it actually could help calm things down… Could.

Dr Hare: What is calm. Still, I am considering it. You know, when things aren’t totally chaos. I’ll get back to you.


2. What would you name your bun bun once you get it?

Dr Hare: Probably Clover. It’s a good name for a bunny. *looks around and sighs* Yeah, anyways.


To Everyone: 1. Plan on making some villain art for this month’s community creations?

Dr Hare: Um… I’m not much of a drawer, so… not really.

Black Widow: Maybe. Probably not.

Binary Bard: Nope.

Heather: Nah. I know Pop wanted to, so we’ll see.

(I wanna. So I probably will.)


2. Started attending a public high school for the first time, any advice moving forward? (Why am I getting school advice from villains?)

Black Widow: Be calm and give it your best shot.

Dr Hare: Be sure you hang around good people.

Heather: Make sure you’re caught up on all your homework.

Binary Bard: Stay in school.

(Honestly, I don’t know why you’re asking the Villains, but hey, we try to give good advice.)


Arleen to all: Now E’s kidnapped?! Ugh, that’s the last thing we need….

Dr Hare: Yeah… I’m honestly… Honestly pretty scared.

Black Widow: Honestly, I don’t think anyone could blame you. Mostly because I’m going to go in there and mess some ***s up.

Heather: Wid, please. Children read this.


Despair to DH: Oh gosh… I’m so sorry. I know how you feel all too well right now….

Dr Hare: Yeah… I… I honestly don’t know what to do. I mean, I’ve got a few things that might be able to help, but I almost doubt it would do anything… I’m kind of useless, aren’t I? I just…  I want E back…

Arleen to DH: Er… Does Pop know about what’s going on with E, or…?

Dr Hare: He… No, he doesn’t. I… I sent him to Kat’s as soon as I could. I… I really don’t want him scared or hurt by something like this. But… I can’t protect him forever. Heck, I couldn’t protect E. But… I’ve got to try.


Arleen to the Rulers: What’re your thoughts on all that’s been happening?

Avery: Not…. Not good.

Lucky Wing: But… I don’t know what we can do.

Nice Coyote: I’m coming over there and I’m going to crack some heads.

Robin: But-

Nice Coyote: And I’m bringing you with me because you know paranormal stuff.

Avery: But we have no way to get there.

Nice Coyote: Then someone call the bunny and tell him to get his fluffy face in gear and get us over there.

Neat Berry: Coyote, please calm down. You’ll get your blood pressure up again.

Lucky Wing: He’s trying, give him time.

Nice Coyote: … Fine. But Smiley, I’m coming after you. You have 5 days to redeem yourself. You’ve been warned.

Robin: Why 8 days?

Nice Coyote: Cause it sounded cool. Shut up.


Despair to everyone except DH: How’re the rest of you taking this stuff…?

Black Widow: Someone is going to die.

Heather: Honestly, it’s kind of terrifying, not going to lie.

Binary Bard: I have a ray gun. Don’t know how much help it will be, but here I am.


Arleen to BB: Got any tech that might help get everyone back?

Binary Bard: Um… I have a lot of stuff, but I don’t know if it’d work in this situation. Generally, I don’t work with demons…. Sorry Arleen. Wish I could help more…


to all: Completely unrelated question, but what’re y’all’s stances on Pineapple pizza?

Dr Hare: It’s alright. I know E was a big fan.

Black Widow: Ew.

Binary Bard: Never really had it.

Heather: You mean Hawaiian?


Arleen to DH: If carrot pizza were a thing, would you try it?

Dr Hare: I’ve already have had carrot pizza, and it’s pretty good.


Arleen to all: What’s the plan for rescuing E and the others?

Binary Bard: We don’t really have one.

Black Widow: Minus break some heads.

Dr Hare: We’re kind of going with everyone else. I… I can’t think of anything… I’m sorry.


Despair to all: First Fizz, then Vampi, now E… I’m not sure how much more stress I could take….

Dr Hare: Hey, I’m sure it’ll all work out. You’re doing great Despair. We’ll work this out.


??? to all: Good luck on saving E you guys. I have faith in you.

Dr Hare: Thank you. I just… I just hope we get there on time.




Dr Hare: *turns bright pink* Whoa, hold up! Did you miss the part where I said that I don’t think she sent that message?! And the part where whoever it was called me “cutie”? Honestly, I’m kinda worried about it. Because it might mean that someone hacked her account. Or she actually sent me that message and made me a WordPress. The first one is kind of more likely… I just don’t know what to do.


Kimiko to the Rulers: Guys, be glad you aren’t part of this dimensional chaos. Stay safe.
Nice Coyote: What is this “safe” you speak of.

Robin: You literally spent the last 3 days going into alleys and beating up gang members.

Nice Coyote: Hence my previous statement.

Lucky Wing: *coughs* Anyways, thank you Kimiko, we’re trying. Honestly, I almost wish I were involved. I wish I could help…

Avery: We all do Luck. But… *smiles sadly* there’s only so much we can do, isn’t there?

Neat Berry Yeah…


Regarding other posts:
TAS to all with an obligatory meme Q: why do I keep getting mail for pepe sylvia

Black Widow: H**l no. I refuse to do this.


TAS to all regarding the cheese Q: wrong, it’s nacho cheese
Pop: What’s a nacho?

Heather: And… I know what we’re doing tonight.


Kimiko to DH: The plan’s in the latest ATG episode. Future vision helped me out.
Dr Hare: Sounds good… I… I just hope things go well.


I don’t really have anything to end this, sorry. Sorry it’s so short… Feel free to send Qs. See you guys next time.


Trickery and Capture

E: *lying apathetically on living room floor* Gosh darn it. *calls* Harvey! Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* Yeah? E: How do I life? Dr Hare: Um… E: *sits up* Be in a musical, I said. It’ll be fun, I said. And here I am! Dr Hare: Is it fun? E: Heck yes. But also […]

via Trickery — Adventures of Arleen and Friends

Ok, so… We might be in trouble.

E was captured by an alternate Arleen, probably for Smiley’s master plan. I’m really worried about her, so I’m trying to set up a plan.

I guess I’m on charge of the AtV… I got a weird email the other night. I didn’t make this WordPress, but someone made me the account. Here’s the email.


I don’t think E sent that. Or the other Arleen. I’m looking into it…

Anyways, E’s not here, so… We’ll see what happens. Wish us luck.

Well, I’m an Idiot.

So, um…

Did you know I’ve had this blog 2 years now?

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I completely forgot. I totally forgot my own blogiversary. I only remembered it was today because WordPress told me. Mistakes were made. At any rate, I’ll see what I can do. Last year I did a poll and it was kinda lame. Mostly because I forgot to finish. Anyways, I’m thinking I’ll write something for y’all. I know now isn’t the best time, with so much going on in the Q&A community, but… whoops, life happened. So, in short…

What do you want to know about the AtV universe?

Ask me about something that happened and I’ll see if I can write it up. Do something like how two characters met or why this one thing happens, or whatever you can think of. (Also if you could send Qs to the AtV that would be great!) I’m gonna conclude, because not gonna lie, today sucked for me, I want it over, and I’m tired. G’night all. Happy bloggiversary to me! 🎉


PS, please enjoy a picture of Robin, who I drew for Inktober. (I’m really behind…)


Ask the Villains #67, Whoops.

Hey guys.

Yeah, I know, I’m sorry it’s so late. It’s been nearly a month, but I’m back. And I’ll keep things going, promise. I can work this. It’ll be constant. I got this. I’ve been swamped with practices, (we’re on crunch time) homework and the such. Althought I did discover that BTS is perfect for working on Homework. Also, the other thing that’s been eating up my time is a new(ish) character I’ve been working on. Not for the AtV, just for myself. I love her to pieces but I don’t know if I can include her in this. She’s a little… OP. She’s not as Mary Sue as she was in my first idea, but it’s still taking some work. I’ll get back to you on this.


Vampi to E: Even if you haven’t played Undertale, you at least have to have seen gameplay of it. Heck, I could tell you everything about Undertale and I’ve never played it!

E: I’m going to have to pass you up on that one. Because I do want to play it, I just have yet to. I’m getting there I know quite a bit, I just… well… need the time. I’ll ask for it for Christmas or something, who knows. I’ll get back to you on this.


Itch to DH: Yo, if you need an easier time fetching E from a dimension, I’ve got a portal room y’all can borrow.

Dr Hare: Thank you, I do appreciate that. But… I think she’ll be fine? Honestly, for now, I’m more concerned about how and why it happens… But really, thank you.


TAS to all who answered the cheese question: what kind of cheese, tho

E: *cries internally* 3 more months…

Pop: Cheddar!

Dr Hare: Mozzarella?

Black Widow: Don’t care.

Binary Bard: I don’t know.

Heather: Swiss, I guess.

E: Pizza. I miss pizza.


Not regarding post:
Muse and Scarlett to everyone: Life is Fun by TheOdd1sOut ft. Boyinaband. Give it a listen. Tell us what you think.


Dr Hare: E knows it.


Black Widow: Enjoy it while it lasts.

(I am a die hard Odd1sOut fan. DIE. HARD)


Vampi to anyone: So I heard that they made a Total Drama spinoff that also includes a character from that old show 6teen. I gave a few episodes a watch. Highly recommend. Cartoon Network, btw.

E: I’ll add it to the list. The loooooong list.


Zoe to E: Hiiiiii. You have a beautiful name. 😀

E: *blushes* Aw… Thank you. You do too. Mine is just kinda long, and I got so sick of it being mispronounce or mispelled, I just started going by E. It’s easier this way… Thank you tho! I love your name, it’s really cute.


Zoe to DH: Do you own any pet bunnies?

Dr Hare: Not yet. I’m hoping to get one once things calm down a little. Plus, we already have a cat for the time being. At least, until we send him back.

E: Which we should probably do, but at the same time…

Pipsqueak: Mew!

E: Case in point.


Zoe to BW: Do you like spiders? Why?

Black WIdow: I mean, I guess. I’m a little tired of this Q though.


Zoe to BB: What’s it like being a robot?

Binary Bard: Not too bad. It’s different, but I rather like it. It’s definitely better than being dead.


Zoe to everyone: Do you all think spirits are cool?

E: Yes. Unless they’re trying to kill you. Which is true for all creatures, living or otherwise. You’re way cool tho. And also not trying to kill me. Both good things.


Zoe to everyone again: Am I asking too many questions? I’ll stop now…

E: Pff, nah. No such thing as too many Qs.


Arleen to all: Hey guys! I’m back for real this time. Sorry to worry y’all.

E: I missed you! Please never be kidnapped again!

Dr Hare: Wait, what happened?

E: Weeeeeeeeeellllll…. Arleen got captured and a doppelganger took her place and it was a really bad day all around.

Dr Hare: Oh. *pauses* I need to set up better security now.

E: I’m thinking like the anti-death-eater measures.

Dr Hare: That makes sense. I’ll go set some stuff up.

E: Thank yu.


Arleen to A: You can talk out of that stone now? Geez, I really did miss a lot.

E: Yeah, you really did.

A: I mean, I guess. No one cares about me much.

E: Hush, I’m talking to you now. I don’t want the others to know, they might… Overreact. Harvey’s already worried that you’re going to get out if Violet doesn’t come and get you soon.

A: Who the h**l is Violet?

E: … Long story. Tell you later.


Fizzson to all: This has been kind of a subject at AAaF recently, so… What’re your guys’ thoughts on there being countless AU versions of yourselves?

Dr Hare: It’s pretty cool. Although…

E: *lets out an almost hysterical laugh* Are you kidding? I’ve been worried sick that something is going to happen and an evil version of one of us is gonna wreck us all! It just about happened to you guys! I’ve met good versions of us, like Ele and Lucky and the such, but I’m worried that… You know?

Black Widow: I haven’t met anyone yet.

Binary Bard: Same, really.

Heather: It’s pretty cool.

Pop: I wanna meet another me!

E: I want a million dollars.


Lucian to LW: Would you happen to have a lucky feather, from the wing of something? owo

Lucky Wing: No, not really… I mean, I do have wings… and I do have a raven’s feather up my memory chest. That has significant meaning to me. But no, Lucky Wing is my hero name, not my actual name. Well, it’s my middle name, that’s why I use it. Hope that answers your question.


Katrina to all: Favorite breed of cat, if chu have a favorite?

E: I love all cats.

Pop: You only have two.



Fizzson to the rulers: I’m assuming you all went to Superpower at some point. In which case, who among you got the power to fly and play superhero?

Lucky Wing: Ah, I was waiting for this one. *looks at Neat Berry* You are the scientist, would you like to explain?

Neat Berry: I… I guess… Well, we all were there that day, but only Lucky gained the power of flight. The rest of us got other powers, such as super strength for Coyote. It’s rather mysterious, I don’t really understand it.

Robin: Aren’t you an animal scientist?

Neat Berry: Yes.

Nice Coyote: Does that mean you could study Ro?

Robin: Rude.


Arleen to BB: Did you ever rebuild your giant mech after it was destroyed?

Binary Bard: Not that one in particular, but I have created smaller ones, if that counts for something.


Arleen to Heather: No one’s sent you a Q in a while. How’ve you been?

Heather: Pretty good! Nothing much has happened to me. Honestly, I sometimes think I have the most normal and boring life here. And I live with villains and my brother is a reformed villain. So yeah. Life is weird.


Fizzson to all: This was a fun question, so I’m asking it to you guys. If you were in a fantasy Rpg, what would your character class be?

Pop: Warrior!

E: … *walks over to the couch, picks up a blanket and covers herself with it*

Binary Bard: Bard warforged. *sighs* This is ridiculous.

Black Widow: Rogue.

Heather: Cleric, I think.

Dr Hare: I guess I’d be a wizard or something. E, why are you hiding?

E: *uncovers her head* Many reasons.

Binary Bard: Don’t you play D&D every Saturday?

E: Yes. Therein lies the problem.

Black Widow: Why? What do you play?

E: *Pauses* Well… everyone else on the Q&A blogs says I’d be likely to play a half-elf bard/rogue… And it it were me, I might be… But… In actuality…

Dr Hare: What?

E: … I’m not explaining until the 11 year old moldable son of mine leaves.

Pop: Aw… *walks off*

(Hey, just a warning, if you’re easily triggered or sensitive to violence, you should probably skip the rest of this Q. Just saying.)

(Oh,  and a good way to do that if to use the “find in page” button and put in congrats!)

E: Well… I play a mentally deranged Tiefling barbarian, who multiclassed into bard because she was folk hero.

Heather: When you say mentally deranged….

E: She… well, her name is Happy. She’s permanently happy.

Black Widow: Even when she’s killing people?

E: Especially when she’s killing people. She may have at one point jumped out a window and… used a couple of corpses as sock puppets.

*long pause*

Heather: Wow. She sounds… demented.

E: In my defense, I had failed 5 perception checks in a row and I needed to do something! And no, she’s not demented. Well, she is, but not on purpose. She’s almost got this innocent happiness, everything makes her happy! That’s just how she is.

Binary Bard: Aren’t tieflings supposed to be super demonic and… angsty, for lack of a better term?

E: Yes. She was created to be anti-stereotypical and hilarious. I succeeded for the record. Also, she was raised by elves, so she thinks she’s an elf.

Dr Hare: Wouldn’t she notice that she was aging faster than her family?

E: She’s oblivious.

Black Widow: Takes after her player.

E: I heard that.

Heather: Why do you play her?

E: She’s my favorite character I’ve ever played to be honest, she’s way fun to play. Always happy, super buff, not too bright and more than willing to do dumb things. Like, really dumb things. So much fun…

Black Widow: You’re demented.

E: A little bit. Maybe a lot bit.

Dr Hare: … I finally figured out why you were Ok with hanging out with us.

E: *grins* You’re welcome.

(Congrats! Honestly, you didn’t really miss much, so don’t sweat it.)


Fizzson to anyone who’s interested: What’s your favorite moment from a QnA, whether that be AtG, AtV, or AAaF?


Pop: Does this include Kat’s AtG?

E: Yeah, it does. I’m pretty sure it’s not on the list because it started back up pretty recently and I took forever on this AtV episode… So shoot guys.

Black Widow: When E here finally admitted to having a crush.

E: Shut it…

Binary Bard: I’m not sure to be honest.

Pop: When Kat threw me a birthday party!

E: When Despair told Fizz how she felt about him. It was so cute…

Dr Hare: I liked doing the crossovers.


E: That was easy.


The Dolphin Violinist: Do you wanna build a snowman?


(All I need to say here is this.)


Like animal crossing?

(Have yet to play, I’m sorry! Work in progress, I really wanna play it! Soon!)


Design an OC…GO!

(I decided to take this one on myself instead and am now designing one who will show up in the AtV one day. I’ll get back to you on this tomorrow.)  


Marvel or DC

All: Marvel.

Pop: And Batman.

E: And Batman.

(No Infinity War spoilers in the comments please, or I’ll be forced to delete the comment and hit you with a blow dart.)


Seen Big Hero 6 the Series?

E: Working on it… I really want to see it. It sounds amazing. It’s on the list.


DuckTales anyone?

E: *sighs* The list lengthens even more.


Fav video game? (ssbb 4 life)

E: I love Brawl! Although my favorite is still Pop for the time being.

Pop: Yay! My favorite is Mario Kart tho.

Dr Hare: Smash, I think.

Binary Bard: *shrugs* I don’t know, I like a lot of games.

Black Widow: Shockingly, I’m not a nerd, so I don’t really have one.

Heather: Mine is probably Mario Party tho.

*long pause*

Binary Bard: Doesn’t that one cause rioting in the streets and destruction of friendships?

Heather: Not if you play it with a bunch of good losers.

E: Can I come play with you?


What is your go to topping for sandwiches and pizza?

E: I like miracle whip.

Dr Hare: Really? Mayo is better.

E: Is not.

Dr Hare: It so is.

E: It so isn’t!

Dr Hare: No, it really is!

Pop: They’re both good. Stop arguing.

E: … Ok, that’s fair.

Black Widow: I swear these Qs are way too random…

Heather: I like pepperoni.

Pop: On pizza or sandwiches?

Heather: Both.

Dr Hare: Um… anyways, I do like carrots, I guess.


How does one go fast?

Pop: By running.


What does the fox say?


Dr Hare: How do you know all these songs?

E: This one my dad put on our playlist when I was 12. Also, I am fox, hear me roar.


Have you seen Rise of the Teenage Mutant ninja turtles? I highly suggest it, its actually quite good. 🐢

E: It’s on the list. At this point, I think I just need a sign that says “It’s on the list.” Because it is a long list.


Despair to all: Hi. So um… If you don’t know, I’m kinda leading the AAaF for a bit alongside Arleen. Fizz is… Kinda tied up at the moment. E can probably explain if you need her to….

E: Yeah, no kidding. So, Fizz and Vampi got abducted by Smiley recently and I am deeply concerned and we are setting up a retrieval squad as soon as physically possible.

Dr Hare: Holy cow… That’s not good.

Black Widow: … Bring it on.


Arleen to E: Hey, you okay? With Fizz being… Y’know… I can’t imagine you’re taking it too well either.

E: I… I’m fine. Really worried albeit, but… *swallows* It’ll be fine. I’m kind of worried that… That someone I care about will be next… Or I’ll be next… But I’m probably being ridiculous. I… I’ll be careful. It’ll be fine. We’ll find Smiley and it’ll all work out… *hands start shaking and she hides them behind her back* It’ll all work out.


Arleen to all: Coffee, tea, or both?

Dr Hare: Coffee.

Dr Hare: Tea.

Heather: Red bull.

E: Sugar. Because caffeine gives me headaches.

Black Widow: Coffee.

Director D: Tea, if you please.

E: Do you like it shaken, or stirred?

Director D: …

E: *finger guns*


Riapsed to E: How’s your acting career been going?

E: Pretty good! I’m in the chorus of Cinderella right now, plus I’m in a couple of one act plays, so that’s super fun! I love my job.


Arleen to DH: Do you still have the Rabbot, or any version of it?

Dr Hare: Yeah, I do, actually. It’s my van right now, namely because I want to keep low profile. As much as I love giant robots, I-

E: *zips over* You watch that show?

Dr Hare: What?

E: Megas XLR.

Dr Hare: No.

E: … Darn. It’s hard to find other people who watch a show from 2004 that you can’t find on Netflix or Hulu.

Dr Hare: … OK then.


Arleen to BW: What’s your thoughts on all the stuff that’s been happening lately?

Black Widow: My thoughts? Bring it. *sips coffee*


Mimi to all: Favorite song writer or singer?

(I’ll get back to you on this one.)


Smiley to all: Ȋ̸̯̹̅ẗ̶͚̳ ̷̳̕ḧ̴̪̦́a̸͓̋́s̷͚̆̃͜ ̷͎͈́͑b̴̺̚e̵̪̍̃g̸̢̰͑͂u̸͉̯̍͊n̸͓͉͊͆.̵̤̊͝ͅ.̶̣͑̄.̴̲̉̆ͅ ̵̛͔͕͠=̶̓͒ͅͅ)̶͕̗̎̈

E: *slams hands on table* You know what?! That’s it. I am coming after you, you three legged dog. You. Do. Not. Hurt my friends. NO ONE hurts my friends. It is on. You are so dead. *She stalks off*


Binary Bard: Note to never tick off E or hurt someone she cares about.

Pop: Yeah…


Incredible Kat to all: Why is every NPC in Poptropica like 20+, but pop is only 11??? CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

E: Conspiracies!

Pop: Huh?

Dr Hare: It’s because the game is 11 years old and Pop is a physical representation of the game, where as the people from the game are-

E: *puts a finger to his lips* Shh shh shh. Let the conspiracies happen.

Dr Hare: But-

E: Shh.


To Dr. Hare: RELATIONSHIP GOALS. You and E are so CUUUUTEEEEE. I ship it till the day I die.

Dr Hare: *blushes* Well, we really aren’t a couple. We’re… we’re just friends. She’s really… Really something. I honestly think… I think she’s amazing. I’d love to be in a relationship with her, but… I don’t know if she’d go for that. I can hope. Someday I’ll ask her, really, I will. But… She’s got a lot on her mind, I don’t think now is the time.


Black Widow: Human Anatomy tips?

Black Widow: Look at people. Practice. Practice a lot. Ask for help. Look at other people’s work. Get a teacher. Watch a video. Practice.

E: And hands are evil.


Binary Bard: K, so if you AREN’T afraid of doors, how about swivel doors? Cat doors? REFRIGERATOR DOORS???????

Binary Bard: … no.

E: What about ceiling fans?

Binary Bard: Uh, no.

E: Oh. Never mind then.

Binary Bard: Why do you ask?

E: Because I’m currently replacing all the ceiling fans with normal lights.

Binary Bard: Why?

E: Do you really want to know?

Binary Bard: I do now.

E: … sorry. *Leaves*


Pop: Hiya, kid! Air hug! I miss you!

Pop: I miss you too! You should come visit again! Momma, can Aunty Kat visit?

E: I don’t see why not. Except that I’m busy. And that’s minor. So yes.

Pop: Yay!


Heather: What’s your opinion on pie?

Heather: I like pie. What kind of pie?


Director D: Still bald, as usual, I’d assume. (I’m never going to stop teasing you, so don’t ask.)

Director D: Very well, then I shall come deal with you myself.



Captain Crawfish: Wait. Did you guys find him yet? I forgot.

E:  No, we haven’t. We thought we knew where he was, but we were wrong, so… that went great.

Dr Hare: I told you that you didn’t have to come.

E: Yes, but I wanted to. I don’t regret it.


E: Any new fandoms you’ve discovered? I need some more books to read.

E: Uh… I know you’ve read Percy Jackson, everyone’s heard of Harry Potter and y’all know I like Artemis Fowl… Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians is really good! I’ve only read the first book so far, but I love it. I hear very good things about Brandon Sanderson.


To all again: Anyone miss me? Of course you did, I’m amazing.

E: I missed you!

Black Widow: Who is this?

E: It’s Kat.

Black Widow: Oh. Ok.

E: -_- I quit life.


To all yet again: Halloween costumes? (What are you guys going as?)

Black Widow: A dead person. I’m going to hand out candy.

Binary Bard: I’m sticking with myself for now.

Pop: I want to be The Greatest Showman!

E: *whispers* Who’s going to tell him that movie isn’t even remotely historically accurate?

Dr Hare: I’m not going to tell him.

Director D: I am not dressing up.

Heather: I’m going to a party as a vampire. I’m cheap.

E: I’m going to be Rose Tyler, Harvey’s going to be the Tenth Doctor. Pop was going to be something from Doctor Who, but we couldn’t convince him. So yeah.

Binary Bard: So it’s a couple cosplay?

E: *turns bright pink* Is not! It’s just… just a Halloween thing we’re doing together because you guys wouldn’t dress up with us!

Black Widow: *smirks* You sure that’s the only reason?

E: Yes! *red* Y’all are the worst.


To all AGAIN: Duckies ftw!!!!! ;p

E: Duckies FTW! Were you reading the old AtR posts? Memo to self, burn those.


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to E and/or/preferably with Dr hare: Ok first off, I go to school now, yay! Back to point, I reeeaaallly ship my friend with her old crush and I am VERY sure she still likes him and her old crush likes her back. Also they’re my #2 OTP, my first being you two.

E: Welcome to chaos- I mean school! Aw, that’s sweet. Well, I definitely approve shipping.

Dr Hare: Did you read the last line?

E: I was getting there, why do you- *turns pink* OH.

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: … Bye. *runs off*

Dr Hare: Uh… Ok then. Thank you.


To all: Tomorrow I am going to a 3-day 2-nights field trip, fun and all, but NO PHONES ALLOWED. How can I survive?!

E: Bring a sketchbook and notebook and the such. Bring a deck of cards, always have cards.

Dr Hare: Didn’t you take your phone with you last time you went of one of these trips?
E: That was an accident.

Black Widow: She did that twice.

E: The second time wasn’t. But I never used it and I still had a ton of fun! Just try to enjoy yourself, I bet it’ll be great.



Dr Hare: *walks in* Guys, I’m home.

E: *looks up from the couch* Hi.

Dr Hare: *stops dead* E?!

E: Yes. Last I checked.

Dr Hare: I haven’t seen you in a week.

E: I know… I texted you, but… I’ve been really busy at practice, I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok. I-

E: What’s the silly nickname we came up for Pop?

Dr Hare: Uh, Poppie, why?

E: *breathes a sigh of relief* Ok, it’s the real you. I… I’ve been worried sick that…

Dr Hare: That a fake one of our friends is trying to get us to let our guard down? I know, I’ve been worrying about it too.

E: How come you didn’t ask me anything then?

Dr Hare: Because if it weren’t the real you, you wouldn’t have know about the nickname.

E: *smiles* That’s fair. Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult or anything, I just…

Dr Hare: It’s Ok to be worried something bad is going to happen. I’m worried about the same thing.

E: First Fizz, than Vampi… Who’s next?! Kat?! I’m going to hit someone with a freaking stove.

Dr Hare: Hey, we’ll figure it out, I’m sure. If we’re careful, it’ll be fine.

E: I hope so. Everything is on hold, I swear. What are we going to do…

Dr Hare: Same thing we always do. *offers her a hand* Fake it til we make it.

E: *smiles* You are the best. *takes his hand and stands up* Let’s go do something. It’s been so long since I’ve just gone and done something fun.

Dr Hare: *smiles* I’d like that.


There you go. You’ll see what’s going to happen next ssssssooooooooonnn *cackles* Honestly, what will probably happen is I’ll watch more BTS and never finish this stupid homework assignment. But whatever. Wish me luck.