Ask the Villains #21, Divisible by 3.

Update: Um, OK, so, there’s a couple of pictures missing and I didn’t realize it until now, but I can’t add them because I’m at ruddy school. I’ll try and add them at lunch! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Updated update: They have been added now. Sorry it took so long guys, it’s been hard to get my crap together. 

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Sorry this is out late, I honestly forgot it was Monday. Despite the soul-crushing feel of the school day. Yay.

Random Viewer: Aren’t you going to say something about the 10 year anniversary of your favorite-

*Covers Random Viewers mouth* Shh…. It’ll be OK…

Random Viewer: But-

SHH. I promise there will be one, but it’s clearly not coming out today. The reason it didn’t come out last week is because I had a crap ton of homework back up a semi on my face from the 2 DAYS I missed school. Not that I’m bitter. Anyways, let’s get down to business to the Qs!

DJAlexaHattomi: TO EVERYONE: QUOTE AS MANY MEMES AS YOU CAN. READY. SET. GO! should also add googling allowed this time, for extra meme-ality

E: Holy fridge. Um… Uh…

Black Widow: Guh, if this is another one of those answers where E and Dr Hare rattle off memes, I’m going to go insane

E: Well…

Binary Bard: Hey! I know memes too!

E: Um…

Dr Hare: Oh come on Wid, you know you like it!

E: Erm…

Director D: Can we please get this over with?

E: Uh…

Captain Crawfish: Aye, this be tiresome.

E: Alright! I get it! I’ll spill!

(Everyone looks at her)

E: It’s a lie, OK?!

Binary Bard: That’s a meme?

E: No! Maybe? I actually don’t know… Which is kind of the point! I don’t know a lot of memes, OK?! I only know one or two, and most of the time when a meme comes up, I just bluff my way through it! I don’t understand memes! I don’t know how they work! You now, being honest, if anyone knows a lot of memes in this house… It’s my brother.

Captain Crawfish: You have a brother?

E: Holy fridge James. How did you not know that?

Captain Crawfish: Lassy, kindly stop calling me that.

E: Kindly stop calling me Lassy. Anyways, yes I have a brother. Didn’t you see him… Oh right… You didn’t… Yeah, you haven’t met him. Yes, I have a brother. And he knows memes and plays video games. I have a picture. *Holds up picture of brown haired nerdy guy with glasses*

Binary Bard: He was the one we went with in Ripley’s, right?

E: Please never mention that place again, but yes.

Black Widow: I don’t get what you thought was so wrong with that place.

E: -_- Wid, pls. Anyways-

Director D: Hold on a moment… Did E’s brother remind you of anyone?

E: Uh… Myself, I guess? We don’t really look too alike, but-

Black Widow: Oh my G**! He looks like…

Captain Crawfish: He be like Binary!

Binary Bard: Wait, what?!

E: *pales* Aw fridge.

Binary Bard: You knew about this!?

E: Oh, right… I’m out! *Runs off*


Bendy Flyer To everyone: Favorite meme?

E: Bro! I hafta show them mine!

Dr Hare: You have a meme?

E: Lemme grab it! *Sprints out*

Dr Hare: You have a meme?!

Black Widow: This actually doesn’t surprise me.

E: *comes back in* Check out my masterpiece!


*long pause*

Dr Hare: That was not what I was expecting.

E: UiPE made this for me when I was just starting the community! That was a while ago, wow. I’m old… But yeah. There’s my meme face!

Binary Bard: But it isn’t a real meme…

E: Bruh. We just discussed this. IDC, this is fab.


To BB: Can I call you BBQ for now on? 😛

Binary Bard: No. Please just no.

E: Dude! It’s Kix!

Binary Bard: What?

E: Kix’s full online name is Kix Que! So my shipping friend calls get BBQ sometimes!

Binary Bard: Um… Thanks, now it sounds like a ship name.

E: ._. Oops. Time to go add that to the list of things I can’t ship.

Binary Bard: You’re that set?

E: I just want to live! DX *runs off*

Binary Bard: … I just want to meet this Kix!

Black Widow: Me too.


Kat girl to BW: Realistic art contest. Now.

Black Widow: I don’t usually draw people… I’m more of a-


Black Widow: Are you serous?

E: I can do this!

Black Widow: You draw anime style, Poptropican and whatever the heck this is!

D&D insanity

E: Fabulous, that’s what that is.

Black Widow: I would crush you…

E: Then let’s go!

(20 minutes later)

E: … Yeah, that was a mistake.

Black Widow: You ready to show each other?

E: -_- I hate you.

Black Widow: *smirks* I know.


BB: What’s your fave book? I like Percy Jackson.

Binary Bard: I’m not sure, actually. I read a lot so-

E: Artemis Fowl…

Binary Bard: I think we can guess E’s is.

E: You bet your boot-shanckles.

Binary Bard: I bet my what?

E: Ne’er mind.


CC: Do you actually know how to swim? Just wondering.

E: Can pirates swim?! Oh my heck I never thought of this! Most sailors way back when couldn’t, but could a pirate?!

Captain Crawfish: I… I can swim.

E: Awesome. I love hanging out with you guys, it makes me feel like I live in a fantasy world.


BW: Nice hair.

Black Widow: Why thank you.

E: I can’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

Black Widow: Same answer.

E: Fair point.


DD: Can you pleeeaaasssee give me a moustache? The stick on kind itch. ALOT.

Director D: What? I- *sighs* I don’t have magic hair powers, ok?! I’m not completely obsessed with hair!

E: Heh heh heh. I can help on the mustache thing though, shockingly.

Director D: Are you serious?

E: Yup, maybe. Harvey and I… Well, OK, mostly Harvey, were working in this hair growth gun, kind of for you, but it only kind of works.

Director D: Meaning?

E: Meaning we… He accidentally created a mustache ray? But it only works half the time and only on your upper lip.

Director D: I question how you spend your time.

E: Who doesn’t?


DH: Have you ever been to college?

Dr Hare: Yes, actually, I went to N.I.S.S. a little while back.

E: He graduated young BTW.

Dr Hare: This is true.

E: And I still hafta go to SCHOOL.

Dr Hare: And if you’re wondering, yes, I do sometimes help her with her homework occasionally, but usually she just does it herself.

E: When I actually do it you mean.

Dr Hare: Not that she’s bitter about it or anything.

E: Heaven forbid.


E: Have you ever dyed your hair? Just wondering (again)

E: Me? Nah, my hair’s always been naturally this shade. You know, blonde. Hmm…. Hey Harvey!

Dr Hare: *Looks up* Eh?

E: My hair. More sandy blonde or honey blonde?

Dr Hare: Um… Sandy.

E: Sandy blonde. It changes as the year goes round, so I can only do so much to keep track… I barely brush it as it is… But this frizz-ball is naturally blonde to answer your question.


LW: Your wings look a little small on you. ;P



E: I know all the scientific evidence of how she can have wings and how they can actually hold her weight! So-

Lucky Wing: Please no.


Everyone: I asked everyone a question, right?

Director D: You have now.

E: Well then.


Everyone: How awesome is the person that is me?

E: You is all the awesome!

Black Widow: I thought you were a grammer nerd E.

E: I’m trying to be funny Wid. Don’t ruin my thunder!

Dr Hare: Is that how that phrase goes?

E: No.


Haha! I am daring everyone to lick a tree

E: I licked a door once.

(Everyone looks at her)

E: What?!

Director D: Are you serous?

E: Yes! I have other friends outside this, OK? And they’re just as weird as you lot, if not weirder….

Binary Bard: What were you doing?

E: *mutters something under breath*

Captain Crawfish: What?

E: Truth or Dare, OK?!

Black Widow: Are you serious? We had to ban that game!

E: I couldn’t exactly say “my friend the ex-cat-burglar says I can’t play Truth or Dare because me and my other friends tend to blow up the house playing it,” Ok?! That sounds weird even to me! We didn’t destroy anything, though I… Never mind, tell ya guys later.

Dr Hare: ._. Dang E.

E: Yups.


(E is wrapping a bandage around her foot)

Dr Hare: Are you OK?

E: Me? I’m fine. Why?

Dr Hare: Um… You’re wrapping a bandage around your foot.

E: Oh that? Nah, just banged my toe good during school today, bent the nail back. Just before lunch ended. And it was bleeding during the first 5 minutes. And the girl in front of me gave me a disgusted look, but I’m already pretty sure she thinks I’m a freak, so whatever.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: I have weird stories. Seriously, I’m honestly shocked no one asked about the date. Grateful, but shocked.

Dr Hare: You’re probably going to get a question about what happened at Ripley’s.

E: Oh sonofamother. I’m only doing that one if someone makes me. i.e puts in a Q so I hafta tell. Anyways, rules?

Dr Hare: Rules.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall BURN you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, the moshmella, or the Admin.🌱 Also Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica. You can also ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, experiences we’ve had, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask whatever! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die, at which point I’ll probably come back as a ghost and make Kix do it. Because I’m like that. Ask away!

E: People do realize I actually modify that slightly ever time, right?

Dr Hare: *shrug*

E: Anyways! Hope you guys enjoyed that chaos! I’ll going to go crash now and hopefully wake up in less pain than I did today! It’s not much, just a million knots in my back due to stress, it just hurts. Often.

Dr Hare: You really do get more honest when you’re tired. In interesting ways.

E: I agree with that. So yeah! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: word count 1815 if you were wondering.


Ask the Villains 20, Being Us! Again!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So I’m actually getting this out before midnight guys! Aren’t you so proud of me?

Dr Hare: We’re proud of you El!


*proceeds to procrastinate posting until nearly 12 o clock*

Well crum.

Anyways, I thought I’d show you guys the preliminary to this week’s AtV. See, I shouldn’t be given ideas. (*Cough cough* Alexa) So I’mma show you some of today’s texts, cause I’ve had a bit of a crazy day.

AtV 20 texts all

-_- Yeah, it was an adventure. Anyways, let’s get to it!


DJAlexaHattomi To EVERYONE (except for E): Why choose a road of villainy? (If anyone needs counseling t get them away from villainy, I’m a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can’t teach tha- wait, wrong thing… if you can get the reference, +15 points, but no googling)

E: Why not me?!

Black Widow: Because you’re not and have never been a Villain.

E: But-

Black Widow: I’m so sorry you’re such a sweet and innocent person. Now will you please drop it?

E: I’m not really innocent… I’ve been on the Internet, haven’t I?!

Black Widow: -_- Out.

E: Fine… *Leaves, pouting.*

Black Widow: If you’re wondering cheeka, you don’t choose villainy, villainy chooses you.

Dr Hare: What.

Black Widow: That also might have just been me. Look, all I’m saying is that most of us became villains because we were fueled by revenge!

Director D: I would say that’s fair.

Binary Bard: You should do guest lectures on villainy.

Black Widow: Hmm. I kind of like the sound of that. Black Widow, Villainy Seminar.

Captain Crawfish: Don’t be giving her ideas lad.

Black Widow: Too late! I have plans!


to E AND to the question askers (so they doesn’t feel left out): why talk about all this date stuff, when this whole series was mainly to ask questions in the first place? This all confuses me as much as Confucius.

E: Yay I’m in this one! Finally! *Reads it again* Aw fridge.

Black Widow: *grins slyly* That reminds me El. How was your date with Dr Hare?

E: *flushes* My heck Wid. It was… fine…

Black Widow: That bad?

Dr Hare: We kind of kicked out of McDonald’s…

E: *buries face in hands* I’m so embarrassed…

Binary Bard: I officially want to hear this story.

E: No!

Dr Hare: *pauses* Alright then.

E: Uh… Anyways. This became kind of an ask/dare/whatever-you-so-desire… So… I’m not sure! Hey, you know what we should do for the 20th celebration?

Binary Bard: Do I want to know?

E: Give the askers the power to whatever the heck they want, even if it involves magics.

Binary Bard: I didn’t.

Director D: How about we wait until we do that, seeing as if we attempted that, you would undoubtedly overwork yourself to death.

E: Would not!

Dr Hare: Um…

E: Fine.

(So no, no magics just yet. Sorry guys.)


Bendy Flyer To Dr. Hare: You know that rabbits eat grass more, so do you ever eat grass?

Dr Hare: ._. No. I really don’t.

E: Have you ever tried…

Dr Hare: No…

E: *Grins* You should…

Dr Hare: E no.

E: E yes…

Dr Hare: *Shoots her a look* Why…

E: Because I can… *Overly innocent look*

Dr Hare: *Smiles and rolls eyes* What are you doing?

E: Being fab. You?

Dr Hare: Being confused.

E: Like a boss tho.

Dr Hare: Um… sure.

E: Like a baws!!

Dr Hare: :eyes closed laugh smile:


Binary Hawk To BB: I luv Javascript, but binary is a better code. Wouldn’t you agree? *cough* If you don’t I will blast you *cough*

Binary Bard: Er…

E: Isn’t JavaScript just an easier way to code said binary?

Binary Bard: I just want to know why she wants to blast me so bad.

E: Hmm. Um… The only reason I can think of is that you deserve or something.

Binary Bard: -_- Thank you, that was very helpful.

E: Sorry. They can’t all be brilliant.


To BB: I have it! I can blast your face off! *Grabs laser lipstick* Darn. It’s jammed. Uggh. Why did Kat have to use the lipstick part! It always messes up the laser sensor!!! I need… tweezers. Harriet!!! Where’s your first aid kit? No, I’m not dying! Oh, nevermind! You got lucky, cyberboy; But I will be back. *Flies off*

Binary Bard: O_o

E: I wanna lipstick taser. *Calls into the other room* Harvey! We should make a lipstick taser!

Binary Bard: Do you even use lipstick?

E: No, but I’d use the taser end!

Binary Bard: That alone scares me. Who’s Harriet?

E: Erm… *really fast* She’sHarvey’sDaughterInAnAlternateDimmesion?

Binary Bard: What?

Dr Hare: WHAT?!

E: ._.

Dr Hare: The… How?! HOW?!

Binary Bard: Who’s the mother?

E: Geez, why does everyone keep asking that? She… Harriet’s a test tube baby, literally, so there is no mom?

Dr Hare: What is happening?

E: We’re breaking the fourth wall soooooo much right now.

Binary Bard: You’re doing a Q&A, there is no 4th wall.

E: Fair enough.


Kat Girl To E*: Do you REALLY wanna be called potato?
*Potato girl. (Ur a super hero now)

E: Harvey! I’m a Potato hero!

Dr Hare: Are you sure you want to be proud of that…?

E: Why not?!

Dr Hare: Just trust the Bunny Boy, alright? Besides, aren’t you a marshmallow?

E: Oh yeah… *Pauses* Still wanna be a super hero.

Dr Hare: *laughs*


Fierce Flyer to everyone: does anyone have any special/hidden talents?

Captain Crawfish: I’m sneakier than I look. *Winks*

E: :sweat:

Black Widow: I speak French, and I’m a cat thief.

Director D: I prefer to keep those hidden, in case I need them later.

E: What the heck man?

Dr Hare: *shrugs* I can track scents.

E: I thought I had a good sense of smell, then I met this guy! I guess I’m pretty flexible…

Dr Hare: Can you do the splits?

E: I’m pretty close! I took Gymnastics a few years back, little known factoid there. But…

Dr Hare: But…?

E: I can’t touch my toes.

Black Widow: Seriously?

E: Yup. Haven’t been able to touch them since 2015.

Binary Bard: When did you take gymnastics?

E: I think it was 2013. Maybe. *Shrugs* That was forever ago. Always, onto you.

Binary Bard: Right. I guess I can easily hack into a computer or database simply by getting close enough.

E: Yeah, but then you pass out and we hafta make sure no one notices…

Black Widow: Have you done this?

E: No!

Dr Hare: No!

Binary Bard: No!


Black Widow: -_- I so don’t believe you.

Binary Bard: I’m not surprised. I didn’t believe me either.

E: Heh heh.


To DD: have a favorite gadget?

Director D: My bowtie grappling hook.


E: That it?

Director D: I’m done.

E: That it then.


To E: What’re your favorite things about the Poptropica Fandom?

E: Oh my heck, EVERYTHING! I would quite literally call this the perfect community. And I don’t use the word literally in vain.

Dr Hare: I can vouch for that!

E: Grammer nerd FTW! Anyways, everyone is really friendly and fun and polite and creative and just awesome in general! I’m honestly glad I found this community and that I was able to join it. You guys are… Some of the best things that have happened to me. *Wipes eyes* Gosh darn it, y’all gonna make me cry.


I love you guys, seriously. Anyways, this is my 20th AtV! That means… Wait a second… Binary!

Binary Bard: What?

E: There’s about 52 weeks in a year, right?

Binary Bard: Yeah.

E: Holy cow… There’s no way… Wouldn’t that mean we’ve been doing this for… *Calculates mentally* Dude! We’ve been doing this for 40% of a year!

Binary Bard: Um… OK?

E: That’s like 4.8 months, right?

Binary Bard: I think so. How are you doing all this math so fast?

E: I… *shrugs* I dunno. With my brain?

Binary Bard: You never cease to amaze me.

E: I don’t think that was a compliment, but thanks? So I feel like we should do a little something, IDK what. We’ll do a little more for the 26th one, I guess.

Binary Bard: *Shrugs*

Black Widow: I could show them some of the texts you and Dr Hare send each other.

E: Why are you even looking at those.

Dr Hare: Will people stop stealing my phone?! *grabs for it*

Black Widow: Nah ah ah! Not til I’ve had a look!

Dr Hare: I’m taller than you!

E: She plays a decent game of keep-away.

Black Widow: Using your nails was cheating.

E: Stealing my sketchbook throws all rules out the window Wid.

Black Widow: And look at this!

AtV 20 texts DH & E

E: Oh behold. The fact that I had an essay. And that I’m still in school. And like cookies. Congradu-freaking-lations.

Captain Crawfish: I just want t’know if he brought cookies.

E: He did as a matter of fact. Cause he’s a nice person.

Black Widow: Can we just admire the face that you make this way too easy.

E: You are not helping!

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall BURN you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, potato girl, or the Admin.🌱 Also Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica. You can also ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, water, Youtube, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask whatever! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die, at which point I’ll probably come back as a ghost and make Kix do it. Because I’m like that. Ask away!

E: Yeah… so now I’mma head to bed… I stayed up msging people and working on my essay after Harvey went home. *Shrug* Anyways, I’mma crash now! Also… expect something else this next week! There’s some good stuff I have planned! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


Extending the Contest!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Uh… so, this is rather self explanatory. I’m extending the header contest another week! It’s not because no one entered, promise. It’s cause… I only have 2 entries. Which I guess that is, kind of… But the entries I have thus far are really good!

If you have no idea what’s going on, here’s a link to the original post so I don’t have to explain it again. (I’m lazy, LOL.)

Header contest… Thing.

Anyways, feel free to enter now! New deadline is the 16th! Can’t wait to see the rest! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Ask the Villains #19, Um… Because!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Happy Labrador! Uh, I mean Labor day! Heh. 😅

Anyways, so I apologise in advance if any of these aren’t as funny as they usually are. I managed to catch a “cold.” A cold of eternal suffering maybe! Ugh, I’m going mad. (This is my 6th day, ych.) Right, so… 2 ze Qs!

(Also go check out my header contest pls thank you love you all!)



Friendly Whale: *holds up microphone at Harvey’s face*
Sir are you aware there’s a hurricane in texas named after you right now??

E: I was wondering when someone would notice that!

Dr Hare: I have a hurricane?!

E: That or *le gasp* YOU’VE BEEN USING IT AS A FRONT!

Dr Hare: *Cracks a smile* You caught me!

E: *laughs, then gets serious* Ok, in all honestly, it’s kind of freaky and I feel really bad for the people over there.

Dr Hare: Agreed.

E: Good luck to the people in need. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


DJKeikoYokoyama to Binary Bart Scott: Why did you choose binary over hexadecimal?

Binary Bard: Um… Alteration, I suppose…

E: *Silently googling* Hex… A… Pancakes?


Also to Binary Bart Scott: What’s your favorite programming language?

Binary Bard: I like JavaScript.

E: Which one is that?

Binary Bard: It’s a Programming language, like he said.

E: I know that. I do know some programming, genius. I’m just trying to remember where I used that one.

Binary Bard: You know programming?

E: Well, yeah. I haven’t done any in a while, but I do know it.

Binary Bard: …

E: What?

Binary Bard: Is there anything you don’t know?!

E: Advanced calculus, the actual plot of most horror movies, why people play FNAF and pretty much the entire 12th grade. Also the whole romance thing… I’ve been around, OK?Plus I’m a nerd.

Binary Bard: *sighs* And you seriously wonder why Dr Hare likes you.

E: Well I- Wait, what?!

Binary Bard: *sighs again* Nothing.

E: -_- Fine then.


To Black Widow: Why did you choose that name?

Black Widow: Because… It fit. I went through most of those names during my teenage years, when I was trying to make a name for myself and trying out several different things. I finally picked Black Widow and now I’m here.

E: In your nerdy friend’s basement. Answering weird questions. Sent in by kids. And teens. From cat knows where.

Black Widow: -_- Pretty much.


To Captain Crawfish: What were you before you became a captain?

Captain Crawfish: James.

E: *claps slowly* Well played Crawfish, well played.


Fierce Flyer to DH: Would you rather eat apples for a day or celery.

Dr Hare: I’d rather eat… Drumroll please…

E: Oh sweet glory.

Dr Hare: Carrots!

E: Harvey!

Dr Hare: What?!

E: You are ruddy predicable!

Dr Hare: And that’s how they like it.

E: … K, fair enough.


To CC: How’d you get that eyepatch?

Captain Crawfish: Did I answer this one yet?

E: *Pulls out tablet* Erm… 2nd one, you answered something very similar. But the real question is where did you get the eyepatch?

Captain Crawfish: Pirate Outpost?

E: I wouldn’t know, once I finished Skullduggery, I never played again. Sorry bro.

Captain Crawfish: *sighs* Whatever. I am used to it.

E: That actually doesn’t surprise me..  Sorry no one likes your island. Ok, correction. I can think of 2 people who live Skullduggery.

Captain Crawfish: Who?

E: My brother and youngest sister.

Captain Crawfish: Huh. And you don’t like it because…?

E: I spent an entire summer on it! 24 flippin videos!

Captain Crawfish: ._. Alright then.

E: Maybe I should have you do a Q with my sister… Hmm…


Captain Crawfish: Uh oh.


E: Cats or Dogs?

E: UM.

Dr Hare: You have a cat, so shouldn’t this be easy?


Dr Hare: What?

E: I love all animals!

Black Widow: Minus tarantulas. And mosquitoes…

E: Hush thy judging mouth.

Dr Hare: Do you like bunnies?

E: Well, yeah. Who doesn’t? Why do you ask?

Dr Hare: No reason.


BW: If you could travel to any country in the world what would it be?

Black Widow: France. I hear good things about it. Honestly, I’d just like to see Europe, but definitely France.

E: Le Frenchie!

Black Widow: I do know French you know.

E: … All I have is putting “Le” in front of random stuff. Which I picked up. From someone else. … Whoo.

Black Widow: -_- What even.

E: I don’t even know anymore.


Red Rider: G** D**N IT!!!! E AND DH GO ON A G** D**N DATE

(Yes I know they weren’t the worst words, weren’t even that bad by swearing standards, but the blog’s a swear-free zone, sorry.)

E: *Covers Dr Hare’s ears* Nu! Don’t swear! He has to remain an innocent bunny guys!

Dr Hare: What was the question?

E: INNOCENCE! Wait… *Uncovers* Sorry. Don’t worry about it.  She just wants us to go out.

Dr Hare: Oh, it’s that Red Rider.

E: *giggles* Yup, it’s my friend Red. Who’s more into my love life than I am.

Dr Hare: *smiles* But pretty much everyone is anyways.

E: I agree with that statement. So… we’re going out?

Dr Hare: Didn’t we agree to go on that double date?

E: Yeah, but I’m not sure when… So…

Dr Hare: I guess we’re going on two dates then.

E: ._. Ok then.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: You OK?

E: Fine!

(I’ll post it next week, probably. Sorry, it’ll be out soon!)


Maroon Popper to all: Where did you grow up?

Dr Hare: 24 Carrot.


Captain Crawfish: Skullduggery.

E: No way!

Binary Bard: Astroknights, I grew up with the King and Que-

E: Mind blown!

Binary Bard: -en. E, what are you-

Black Widow: Counterfeit…


Director D: …

E: SILENCE IS NOT A- Oh never mind. I need to stop being salty anyways.

Dr Hare: Yeah… That’d be good.

E: *sneezes* Sorry. Sick. Sleep. Stuff.


If you could visit any country in the world, which would it be?

Black Widow: Europe.

Binary Bard: Same.

Director D: England to be specific.

Captain Crawfish: The Caribbean.

E: Ireland, I suppose. Maybe Germany.

Dr Hare: Literally no preference!


E: Fair as anything.


Bendy Flyer: What do you think about cheesecake?

Black Widow: It’s pretty good.


Dr Hare: I prefer carrot cake, but cheesecake is good too!

E: … How did the potato location girl end up hanging with the carrot boy anyways?

Dr Hare: *Shrug*


Purple Claw to Dr Hare: (It’s a quote from his new fanfiction) 


Dr Hare: ._. What…

E: *holding back a laugh*

Dr Hare: I don’t get it.

E: *bursts out laughing* Oh my heck, you… That’s totally you Harvey.

Dr Hare: *Mystified* But… I didn’t say that…

E: *wipes eyes, chuckling* It’s… It’s the whole… Oh gosh, your face was priceless!

Dr Hare: ._. What….

E: Sorry. *Takes a deep breath* It’s PC’s story. He showed me the quote and asked me to show it to you and… Your face was perfect.

Dr Hare: Well… Good to know.

E: Wait, what?


Binary Hawk to Harvey: Why did you summon a hurricane and then name it after yourself? That’s like, too obvious. (Admit it, we all know you did it. I have evidence.) Honestly, I’m kinda impressed, because it’s better than the Great Carrot Depression, but what do you have against Texas?

Dr Hare: I like Texas! And the hurricane isn’t me!

E: Yeah, it’s not really your style m8.

Dr Hare: I don’t- Mate?

E: It’s what I call some of my close friends. Don’t worry about it.

Dr Hare: Alright then. But I wouldn’t call the hurricane “Harvey!” Not a ton of people know my first name. I only tell it to my close friends!

E: Oops.

Dr Hare: What?

E: I feel like a cheater, I found yours on your papers…

Dr Hare: Eh, I would have told you anyways.

E: Yay!

Dr Hare: *smiles* My point is, I would have called it something different.

E: Like Hurricane Bunny.

Dr Hare: Something like that.

E: Fun fact, did you know there’s a list of hurricane names that they use? They have a list of I-forget-how-many and they use the same list every 7 years.

Dr Hare: I didn’t, actually. Where did you learn that?

E: 3rd grade I think… And I did a little research a while back… Gosh, I know way too much useless information! What am I doing with my life?!

Dr Hare: *shrugs*

E: *coughs* Ignoring my insanity, can I question the Great Carrot Depression part? Cause I like that description.

Dr Hare: That was mostly because I needed fuel. Also partially because of revenge.

E: I knew it!

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: *sighs* My point is, the hurricane isn’t me. Besides, there are some cool people in Texas!

E: DJKeikoYokoyama… um… more people I can’t think of… I don’t actually know… I’m not really good at this…

Dr Hare: Anyways…

E: Anyways. You’re more of an “elaborate plan” villain. I think that’s the second on my list…

Dr Hare: You have a list?

E: *Pulls a piece of paper from her pocket.* Maybe Erm… Yeah, “2: Elaborate Plans; more into gadgets then killing.”

Dr Hare: You never cease to amaze me.

E: *looks up and smiles* Thank you!

Dr Hare: *taken aback* Welcome?



Who likes the Hunger Games? Or maybe Matched…. I love dystopian romance novels.

E: I’m not really into dystopian, they’re too dark for me. I like romances though!

Black Widow: Knew it.

E: Shut up, you like em too.

Black Widow: Do not.

E: Do too!

Binary Bard: What is happening.

E: -_- *Shoots Black Widow a look* Never mind. Anyways, I haven’t read the Hunger Games. Or watched the movies. Or… Anything. You guys?

Binary Bard: I’m still catching up on your books. But the Hunger Games sounds interesting…

E: There’s a lot of hype for it, but it seems way too brutal for me. I’m kind of a wimp…

Black Widow: You got through the Avengers movies alright.

E: Did you miss the part where I was freaking out during most of Iron Man 3?!

Dr Hare: She kind of almost knocked her chair over…

Captain Crawfish: She did knock over the chair when the accountant got shot.

E: Ok, ok fine! Shut up! I was scared.img_20170904_211728232.jpg

Director D: You have nothing to fear but-

E: Oh shut up.


On another topic, (genre) Who’s read Artemis Fowl? D might like it. just saying. So would BB.


Binary Bard: I enjoyed them.

E: They are the best books I have ever read. Not even kidding, I can read them over and over and over-

Black Widow: They were alright.

E: I didn’t know you read them.

Black Widow: You have the complete set, I got bored.

Director D: I have not read them yet.

E: Read. Them.


See, there are some upsides to El being on time guess!

She actually draws things.

And then gets distracted watching YouTube animations the whole night.

Way to be El.

Anyways! Hope you guys liked that post!

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, the potato, or the Admin.🌱 Also Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica. You can also ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, water, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask whatever! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die, at which point I’ll probably come back as a ghost and make Kix do it. Because I’m like that. Ask away!

And I should probably go sleep because A, I’m sick and B, I probably hafta go to school tomorrow. Bleh. BLEH. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Header contest… Thing.

Pinned in case anyone else wants to see this sucka. Because YES!

Update: I realized I didn’t include Picture references! Those are important! Shoot me off an email or Discord DM if you need one! I have any one you might need! (I have a lot…) 

ANOTHER Update! So I’ve extended the deadline to the 16th! Extending the Contest!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Ok, first off, my last post was my 100th (possibly 101) post on my blog! Whoo! I’ve come so far! But it doesn’t end here even. So I checked my notifications today…


Aw yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah! Wonder who the lucky sub is!


It’s… just a bot.

I don’t care. 😀

Also I hit 6000 hits! (Wow, hit hits? Redundancy much?) WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO this is epic.

And, the other day I was reading SB’s post about his logo and header just now. (Link, go read his post. Now human mortal.) The post was mostly about his logo, but it reminded me of my header. Which hasn’t changed in 9 months.

Dr Hare: 10 months!

Me: 10 months! Not helping!

Dr Hare: Sorry.

Anyways! So what do these things have to do with one another? Well my dear Viewer-chan*, everything!

Random viewer: But you’re older than most of us-

Irrelevant! Besides, you don’t see me calling my crush Senpai* or anything! It’s just me kidding around.

Viewer: … Wut.

Regardless!! So I’m going to make a new header for the blog! My current one is one I made with the Poptropica photo booth, soooooo… Ye.

Viewer: Dang.

Yeah, anyways, the point of this episode blog post is to announce that there’s gonna be some changes! Aka I’ll change the header and actually add the VIP tags and Nominated for Best Pop blog. Ya know, actually look semi-professional.

Something like that.

So do you guys want to send me some ideas? Just send me a sketch or even your own! I’ll show them all in a post next week and decide then! I know this seems a little ridiculous, but I think it’ll be fun! So I’m making this a contest!

Because that’s the normal thing to do.

“Official” rules and guidelines

  • The contest ends Saturday, September 9th 16th!
  • Keep it G rated or I’m not publishing. No blood, nothing inappropriate, no cussing.
  • I’d like the header to have Me (E) and Lucky. If you want to add more Poptropicans, go right ahead! Heck, you can even leave a couple Poptropicans blank and I could add in some details. (I have a couple OCs in reserve.) It’s up to you!
  • I’d recommend leaving a couple spots in the top right corner where I can add the VIP tags and the Award. You don’t have to, I can just add it over top. This point is rather pointless.
  • Send it me on Discord or shoot me off an email at . Don’t spam me with emails/msgs please. If I don’t respond right away, that doesn’t mean I won’t see it! Also, if you just spam me for no reason, I’m not accepting your entry. And I want to accept entries. So don’t spam.
  • If you don’t think you’re good at art, send it in anyways! If you really, really want me to, I’ll redraw it for you. (Though I bet it’s fabulous.)
  • Have fun. Or else.

So…  yeah, that’s it for the rules! Send in a submission whenever! In… the next couple weeks preferably!! You really should enter guys, this is gonna be crazy fun! In brief, other news, I might post something … different this month. See, I want to enter the Community Creations and I have an idea in mind. It’s a story and there will probably be a few pictures. I’ll explain more in the actual post, but I just feel like I probably ought to let you guys know. I honestly haven’t been doing a ton of posts recently, minus the AtV. Generally because I don’t even have time to write that until Monday night… (Sweat emoji) I need to reevaluate my life. Anyways, I’m a little more caught up as of late, so hopefully there will be more posts and more things for you guys to enjoy! So…. I should really end this post and go take care of myself… (I’m sick.) So yeah! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

*Senpai and (name)-chan basically means teacher, but sometimes has a romantic context. If you didn’t know. I don’t usually use it, but I was bored.

PS: Happy birthday to Red Rider!

Ask the Villains 18, Chaos Reigns

Edit: This is my 100th post! Holy cat! I’ll hafta find some way to celebrate later… Cause now I go sleep. XP

Hey guys Lucky Wing here! Look, I’d better cut to the chase, seeing as I drop a potato bazooka on my arm and manage to nearly cry.

It’s been an emotional day!



Purple Claw to the four totem villains: I’m probably going to write a fan-fiction about you guys after your totems got removed. It’ll be more of a literature and a sad story, any feedback of suggestions?

Binary Bard: Well that’s a new description.

Dr Hare: We are now the Totem Villains!

E: And El. And D.

Dr Hare: And El and D.

Black Widow: Nice save.

Dr Hare: Oh be quiet.

E: Anyways, to the Q. Answer y’all!

Black Widow: Eh, people write about us all the time. Go ahead.

Captain Crawfish: He asked for tips too lassie.

Black Widow: -_- The name is Black Widow. You’ve worked with me for years.

Captain Crawfish: I know that.

Black Widow: Then call me by my name!

Dr Hare: Um, anyways!

Binary Bard: We’d be honored to have you write a story about us.

Dr Hare: Can I question the sad part?

Black Widow: Our lives are sad. Get over it.

E: Am I in it? Like, IDK, maybe I’m an assistant or something. I just want a cameo…

Dr Hare: You’re still not used to us having a bunch of stories, are you.

E: … No…

Binary Bard: It isn’t all good, trust me.

E: I know. Anyways.

Dr Hare: Anyways anyways. So there’s gonna be a new story about us?

E: I’ll totally read it, you write sweet stores. I’m just complaining. Again.

Black Widow: *sarcastically* You?! Complain?! Never!

E: Oh hush.


DJKeikoYokoyama To everyone: what should my town name be in Animal Crossing

Dr Hare: Town of the Hare.

Black Widow: The Seductive Spider.

E: Uh… No.

Binary Bard: Astroknights.

Director D: BAD.

Captain Crawfish: Skullduggery.

E: Name it E-ville! Wait. Never mind, don’t do that! That’s a TERRIBLE name!

Dr Hare: *bursts out laughing*

E: *grins sheepishly* Heh. Meant to do that. (Nope.)


To Binary Bart Baker: attempt to do the longest “yea boii” ever

Binary Bard: I know no one by that name. *Speedwalks away*

E: Cheater.


 Black Widow: If you were a superhero instead of a supervillain, who would be your sidekick?

Black Widow: I dunno, my right hand man and I don’t work together anymore, so E, I guess.

Dr Hare: I thought she’d be my sidekick.

Black Widow: The question is to me though.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but still.

Black Widow: *smirks* Oh… I get it. You want to keep her to yourself.

Dr Hare: What do you… OH. *Flushes* What is wrong with you.

Black Widow: Everything Bunny Boy.


Maroon Popper To all:
– What do you feel about being asked so many questions by random people?

Director D: Eh, it isn’t so bad.

Black Widow: Ugh. Uuuuuuuugh….

Binary Bard: It’s alright.

Black Widow: UUUUUUUUUGH… OK, it isn’t too bad.

Captain Crawfish: It be an adventure.

Dr Hare: I like it!

E: This is WAY too much fun! Are you kidding?! I wouldn’t have met these guys for real if we hadn’t done this!

Black Widow: And heaven forbid if you hadn’t met your boyfriend.

E: *flushes* Harvey ain’t my boyfriend Wid! Ruddy. Freakin. Chill.

Black Widow: *smirks* Uh huh.

E: Will you drop it? It’s old! Stop your instant shipping?

Captain Crawfish: What about boats?

E: Wrong kind! Ugh, dropping it…


– Did you choose to take part in the AtV, or did E make you?

Captain Crawfish: Well… It was hard to say no.

Black Widow: *sighs* Many regrets.

Binary Bard: And we kind of owed her, since she didn’t get us arrested. Like 600 times.

Director D: Hmm.

Dr Hare: Plus El has puppy dog eyes.

E: I do?

Dr Hare: Yeah. Your eyes get all big and you stick out your bottom lip. You never noticed?

Black Widow: How much time do you spend staring at her face Harvey?

Dr Hare: *blushes* W-what?!


Black Widow: *smirks* Ain’t gonna happen.

E: -_- You suck.

Black Widow: I know.


– Pick a song that describes you and your life.

E: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh…

Dr Hare: Um, are you ok?

E: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh….

Dr Hare: … We’ll cover this next week.


– What’s your favourite food? (I know Dr Hare is going to say carrots, but never mind…)


E: *giggles* Never gets old.

Black Widow: I like Italian.

Binary Bard: *shrugs*

Director D: Spaghetti.

Captain Crawfish: Oranges.

E: I like food. How’s that?


Smart Flame To everyone: Have you been to Hogwarts?


Dr Hare: YEAH! *They high-five*

Black Widow: You have problems.

E: Ooh ooh! *Runs off and grabs an old, tattered wizard hat* Sorting Hat!

Binary Bard: Isn’t that A, a copyright infringement and B, a different universe?

E: Eh, screw it. *Drops it on his head*

Hat: Ravenclaw!

E: Called it!

Binary Bard: What?

E: *puts it on Black Widow* (In unison with hat) Slytherin!

Black Widow: -_- Whatever.

E: Slither slither! *Puts it on Director D* Bet here’s another slither!

Hat: Slytherin!

E: Nailed it! Time for the one I don’t know on! *Drops it on Captain Crawfish* Last one!

Hat: Gryffindor!


E: Wut.


To everyone: French Fries now.

Black Widow: -_- No.

Director D: Are we perchance missing a reference? Mayhaps this is an old joke?

Binary Bard: I don’t think so.

E: I like fries. Who else wants fries?


(At Wendy’s)

E: I’d like to order 6 fries!


To everyone: Fight cows now.

Black Widow: Again no.

Binary Bard: Why does this keep coming up?

Director D: Because Elyana infected people.

E: *holds up bazooka* AW YEA! *Tilts* Whoa- *falls over* Ow!

Dr Hare: Are you ok?!

E: Seeing as my arm is pinned under a potato bazooka, no. *Winces* Ow.

Dr Hare: *moves the bazooka* Told you this wasn’t smart.

E: I don’t care tho… *Stands up and wobbles* Never mind, started caring. Started caring real fast.

Black Widow: -_- Yay, medical attention.

Dr Hare: I’ll handle it, come on E, you’ll be fine.

E: Right. Ok. I’m in shock, aren’t I?

Dr Hare: Probably. (They leave)

Black Widow: … And they wonder why I ship it.

Captain Crawfish: Why do people keep mentioning boats?!


To DD: Is your bald head shiny?

Director D: No.

E: Really? Can I find out? *reaches for his hair*

Director D: *stops her hand* Don’t.

E: Neef. Please don’t break my hand. I’m already one down…

Director D: How did that work out?

E: *holds up other bandaged wrist* I just crushed it a bit, should be fine soon.

Director D: Good.

E: Thanks, but can I have my other hand now if I promise not to touch your hair?

Director D: *sighs* Very well, you may go.

E: Yay, I can live!

Director D: *rolls his eyes*


Kat Girl To E, the cow theorist: My world civ teacher hit a cow in the face while golfing, so ya might wanna arm yourself with a golf club. Very handy. *thumbs up*

E: I will keep this in mind, but my doctor says I can’t fight cows for a few days.

Binary Bard: Your doctor?

E: *points at Dr Hare*

Dr Hare: Hi.

Binary Bard: Should have known.

E: Oh hush before I hit you with a golf club.



Black Widow: NO.

E: Hoo boy.

Black Widow: You can ship all you want, but you are NOT shipping me, especially with this clown-

Binary Bard: Ow.

Black Widow: -who has another ship we’re trying to sail!

E: Heh heh heh. Morra for days guys.

Black Widow: How did the date turn out anyways?

E: Well… Technically haven’t gone… Long story, tell you later. Back to this?

Black Widow: It ain’t happening. I am drawing the line here.

E: Eh, ok.

Black Widow: Wait, really?

E: Well, I can’t really force you and I don’t really ship it, so… Yeah.

Black Widow: Phew. I mean… Yeah, ok.

E: Now if she ever asked about D and Wid…

Black Widow: -_- You suck.

E: 😋 Loves you too.


Sporty Boa To everyone besides DH: You would jump I a pool of…

Dr Hare: But… But… But… Why not me…

E: Sorry Harvey, it’s cause you’ll say carrots.

Dr Hare: *pouts, then walks off*

E: *winces* Ech… I’ll handle that later I guess. So… I’d honestly do Marshmallow Fluff because Marshmallow Fluff!

Director D: Just water please.

Black Widow: Oobleck, I don’t know.

Binary Bard: Uh… Jello?

Captain Crawfish: The water of the sea!

E: Uh, that’s just salt water.

Captain Crawfish: What be yer point?

E: … Pirate nerd.

Captain Crawfish: Hey!

E: *sprints off like the wind* OUT!


Everyone 1. Did any of you own a pet as a kid? If so, what was it’s name?

Black Widow: I had a tarantula when I was a kid.

E: *leans away from her* Why. What is wrong with you?

Black Widow: *smirks*

Binary Bard: Well, I had Merlin. Funny story, that’s why I turned him into a robot. Because… He died.


Dr Hare: Um… I probably shouldn’t mention Flopsee then…

E: No! Don’t make me cry guys! DX

Dr Hare: No, don’t cry! *Puts an arm around her* Don’t cry.

E: *sniffs* I’m not ready to even think about Smores dieing…

Dr Hare: Smores is young, she won’t die for a while.

Black Widow: OK, this is too sappy for me. Next Q.


What’s you’re favorite cereal?

Captain Crawfish: So help me if someone says Captain Crunch…

Black Widow: Captain Crunch.

Captain Crawfish: -_- Why.

Black Widow: For the Lassie comment earlier.

E: I don’t really like cereal. Also it’s your not you’re! (Everyone looks at her) I’m a grammer nerd. Deal.


To BB: If you had a time machine, would you go back in the past to fix your mistakes or go to the future??

Binary Bard: I would… I would… *Trails off and stares into space*

E: This is why he doesn’t get one.


It’s still Monday somewhere in the world. Like potatoes Idaho.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, the potato, or the Admin.🌱 Also Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica. You can also ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, water, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask whatever! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild, but don’t kill me, please. I have so much to live for… Probably…

Aaaaaaaand… I’m gonna go to bed now you guys. It’s late and I have school. My wrist is fine. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Sad announcements

No, I’m not dead!

Neither is Harvey!

You morbid humans.

Anyways, Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. I’ve had kind of a crazy day and have kind of bad news.

It’s called school.


OK, not really, I should probably explain at least a little. So if you didn’t know, I’m a high schooler. I’m a junior (Technically) and that means CHAOS. Like, more than my actual life I mean. It’s fun sometimes, but my Lucky Wing luck isn’t always good luck. My day kinda sucked today, but tomorrow is always better, right? I hope so. I just ranted out all my feelings in another blog post that I will probably never post. (When your day sucks so bad that your rant is over 500 words and your hand is pure pain. #RELATABLE) Anyways, I need to go sleep, but basically, what this means is that I’m not going to be on as much, I’ll be in class a lot. However, when I’m in off time, I’ll probably be more focused as a result. (But focused on what? IDK.) Anyways, sleep for me. I hafta wake up early. Lucky Wing signing out bai guys.


Ask the Villains 17, Fun with Trauma.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So, um, insane crazy day and second post in 3 hours. (Clawtropica) Anyways, I’m gonna cut straight to it since I need sleeps.


Purple Claw to Dr Hare: 

dr hare im ashamed of you this isn’t a diet.

where are all the carrots 😦

you’re grounded son

Dr Hare: 😕 Who is this?

Me: Purple Claw.

Dr Hare: Can I question the “Son” part?

Me: Sure.

Dr Hare: Please explain.

Me: Apparently you and Buren are his sons.

Dr Hare: Wait, Myron Van Buren?

Me: I do not speak of him.

Dr Hare: Why-

Me: *covers his mouth* Because he sucks. Nough said. Sorry PC.

Dr Hare: Mmph.


DJKeikoYokoyama to Binary Barter Kings: What are the limits of your technological knowledge?

Binary Bard: Is that a challenge?!

Me: Oh sweet glory.


DJKeikoYokoyama to Black Widow: What do you think of the nickname Spiderwoman?

Black Widow: -_- No.

Me: *sings/raps* Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does everything that a spider can.

Black Widow: Why.

Me: Because I’m gonna hopefully see Homecoming soon! Whooooooo! Wait, you haven’t gone by Spiderwoman before?

Black Widow: Um, no. Why would you think I had?

Me: *pulls out index card and reads* “The White Widow, the Sand Spider, the Twilight Tarantula, the Creepy Crawly Canvas Criminal, the Evil Eight-Legger, the Art Appropriating Arachnid and the Thief With a Thousand Names!” *Looks up* Because you’ve gone by quite a few.

Black Widow: -_- Why do you have a list of my old nicknames?

Me: Because I can.

Black Widow: You’re weird.

Me: I know.


To Director D: Why did you choose the letter D?

Director D: Because D is a superb letter.

Me: Also it’s what his name begins with.

Director D: *sighs* So help me Elyana, if you say my name, I will personally destroy everything you hold dear.

Me: 😐 Um…

Director D: That includes your sketchbooks.


Director D: Thank you.

Me: *clutches sketchbook and mumbles* Precious…


Sporty Boa to Everyone: Sup dudes and dudettes!

Dr Hare: The sky.

Binary Bard: The sun.

Me: Coupla clouds.

Black Widow: Birds.

Director D: I question you all.

Captain Crawfish: Argh.


Sporty Boa: What’s your favorite season?

Me: Haven’t we done this one? I feel like we have…

Dr Hare: I don’t think so.

Me: *Disturbed* Huh. I have to go check something really quick. *Sprints off*

Dr Hare: Um… Anyways, mine is spring.

Captain Crawfish: Fall.

Black Widow: Winter.

Binary Bard: Summer.

Director D: Autumn.

Me: *comes back, holding a binder* I was wrong! We haven’t done this Q yet, I was thinking of another Q & A. Whoops.

Binary Bard: How many have you ever done?

Me: Erm. *Thinks for a second* Done 2, made up my own for my characters for other stuff, nearly made a 4th… *Pause* In conclusion I have too much time on my hands.

Black Widow: Good conclusion.


Have you ever looked yourselves up on the internet?

Me: Um…




(Back to E)

Me: -_- Yeah, that’s just one example. And they still look themselves up sometimes. It’s slightly annoying TBH, especially since they’re from a kids game and, um… *Lowers voice* Little more innocent than you think.

Dr Hare: *from other room* Hey El, we found a story about us online!

Me: Um, cool!

Binary Bard: What’s Yaoi mean?

Me: O_O HOLY CRAP GUYS WAIT! Be back on a sec! *Runs off*

(And it was from that day on that I set up parental controls.)


Sporty Boa: If you had to dye your hair any color what would it be?

Black Widow: Black.

Me: I declare redundancy.

Captain Crawfish: Brown.

Director D: -_-

Me: Green or purple.

Dr Hare: Pink?

Me: It’s already pink though…

Dr Hare: Yeah, but it’s not actually dyed.

Me: Really?

Dr Hare: Well, yes. You see, the accident that turned me into a rabbit hybrid mutated my hair pigment genes as well as turning me into a rabbit.

Me: Ooh.

Black Widow: English please?

Me: His hair mutated pink.

Black Widow: You could have just said that.

Me: What’s the fun in that? 😜


Sporty Boa to CC: Do yo know any modern- day slang? like lit, dope, ect.? lol

Me: …

Captain Crawfish: What do”lit” and “dope” mean?

Me: Promise me you’ll never use the ones that are drug reference again and I’ll teach you modern day slang.

Captain Crawfish: 😐 Ok?

Me: Sounds great.


To DD: Ever thought of being a detective? Detective D sounds pretty cool!

Director D: Hmm. I never thought about this.

Me: You could be a Psychic Detective.

Director D: Beg pardon?

Me: 😐 PSYCH 4 LIFE! *runs off*

Director D: 😕 Alright then.


Red Rider: what is your opinion on the robot jibo? Look him up on HE’S SO CUTE I CANT EVEN I WANT ONE SO BAD!

Black Widow: Sounds cool.

Captain Crawfish: It reminds me a bit of Mordred here.

Binary Bard: I’m indispensable though. Right?

Director D: Mmm hmm.

Me: *eyes get really big slowly* I LOVE IT. CAN WE GET ONE.

Binary Bard: Says the girl who hates robots.

Me: No, I just don’t really get along with female ones. This is different.

Dr Hare: So how do you get along with male robots?

Me: *Blushes lightly* Generally fine. I don’t really like the male Siri,, but whatever. I like this Jibo!

Dr Hare: So, wait-

Me: *covers his mouth* LATER!

Black Widow: *smirking* Well this is interesting to watch.*



Kat Girl To BB:
1. Does Whitney scare you?

Binary Bard: No one scares the Binary Bard. Not even E, who’s hiding behind that chair. (Nothing happens) Um… Or not. Never mind. *Starts to walk off*

Me: *jumps up from behind a desk* RAWR!

Binary Bard: *jumps* Holy grommets! E!

Me: *laughs* Gotcha sucker!


2. What are the ups and downs of a metal face?

Binary Bard: Upsides are that it doesn’t hurt if something hits you in the face. Downsides are metal detectors and if it’s magnetic.

Me: Wait, it’s magnetic?! *Pulls a magnet out of her pocket and grins evilly*

Binary Bard: Don’t you dare.


3. What is your favorite invention?

Binary Bard: I would say the computer interface was extremely helpful when creating my inventions. I feel-

Me: Translation, computers are cool. You’re welcome.


To CC:
1. What do ya think about Pirates of the Caribbean?

Captain Crawfish: I haven’t been to the Caribbean yet, so I don’t know.

Me: … It’s a movie.

Captain Crawfish: Oh. *Pause* Argh.


2. Don’t you agree that people come up with ridiculously terrible pirate jokes?

Me: How do pirates know that they’re pirates?

Captain Crawfish: Because we plunder people and-

Me: Because they ARRRRRRRRR!!!!

Captain Crawfish: -_- Why.

Me: *sniggering*


3. Ever been to Hawai’i? 

Captain Crawfish: I’m currently in a landlocked state so, not yet.

Me: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?!

Captain Crawfish: A parrot?

Dr Hare: A carrot!

Me: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! *High-fives him*

Captain Crawfish: -_- I’m done.


To BW:
1. Who’s your favorite artist of all time?

Black Widow: Myself.

Me: Give an actual answer child.

Black Widow: I’m 9 years older than you.

Me: Answer.

Black Widow: *sighs* I like the classics, especially Da Vinci.

Me: Makes sense. Did you know he was an inventor too?

Black Widow: Kind of.

Me: *gasps* We should go meet him!

Black Widow: Meet who?

Me: Leonardo Da Vinci!

Black Widow: *crinkles nose* What, go to the PopArt Museum?

Me: No, back in time! I have an idea!

(Seconds later)

Lucky Wing (RoP): No, I will not let you use my pocket watch to travel back in time to meet a famous artist.

Black Widow: Aw…

Me: We won’t break the time-space continuum too much!


2. What is ur opinion on digital art?

Black Widow: It’s pretty cool. I’ve never done it, but I’m a traditional artist myself.

Me: Same, but I wanna drawing tablet!

Black Widow: *sighs* Comic strip artist.

Me: Paint fanatic.

Black Widow: What’s wrong with that?

Me: What’s wrong with comics?

Black Widow: … Fair enough.

Me: Thank you.


3. Who’s more annoying, BB, or DH?

Black Widow: Hare.

Dr Hare: *gasps overly dramatically* You don’t like me?!

Me: *echoes the gasp* How dare you!

Black Widow: -_- You know the only reason you’re not my pick is cause you’re not in the options.

Me: *does an even more dramatic gasp* HOW DARE!

Black Widow: -_- I’m done. *Walks off*


To DD:
1. Since the ‘turn everyone bald’ thing didn’t work, would you rather have hair than a toupee?

Director D: Yes.

Me: 😐

Director D: You think I like this?

Me: No.

Director D: Then I don’t understand your surprise.

Me: That was a little less composed than your usual self. Also please don’t kill me.

Director D: -_- Why would I kill you?

Me: Erm. I don’t know…. Just please don’t?

Director D: *sighs and pinches forehead* I… Just go. Just… Go.

Me: Out.


2. If you DID make everyone bald, what next? Facial hair on women?

Director D: Are you mocking me?

Me: Are you gonna make me bald?!

Director D: What?

Me: No, you’re gonna make me grow a beard! *Gasps* That’s your plan!

Director D: *raises eyebrows* What are you talking about?

Me: I want to keep my hair normal! Back off!

Director D: -_- *sighs* Next Q then.


3. Which is cooler, bowties or tuxedoes? (I opt for the first)

Director D: They are both “cool” in my opinion.

Me: Send you’ll probably never see me in either.

Director D: -_- Why.

Me: … I’mma girl tho…


To DH:
1. Is it OK if I write a book about you? ( This is the last time I unconsciously take a bet from my brother.)

Dr Hare: Uh, yeah! Sure! I’d be OK with that!

Me: *Peeks head up from behind couch* Am I in it?

Dr Hare: *pats her in the head* Sure.

Me: Yay.

(Random Harvey is random.)


2. What’s your favorite part about being a rabbit?

Dr Hare: Um… It’s honestly kind of a pain sometimes. I can’t really go out in public or eat meat and, you know, have freaking bunny ears.

Me: *walks by* But he’s still a cute smol bunny.

Dr Hare: … Cuteness factor.


3. When you turned into a rabbit, why pink?

Dr Hare: Well, I explained it earlier, it mutated the pigments, so now my hair is pink and eyes are baby blue.

Me: *playing video games* Your eyes are blue?!

Dr Hare: Yeah…

Me: Huh. It’s hard to tell with your goggles. So what color were they before?

Dr Hare: I had green eyes.

Me: *pause* Huh. That’s cute. *Flushes and drops remote* I MEAN COOL!

Dr Hare: ._.

Me: I’m going to go die of shame now. *Leaves quickly*

Dr Hare: Um, Ok?

(Awkward E is awkward.)

To E:
1. Is Lucky annoying? Cuz Whitney sure is.

Me: Nah, Lucky’s great. If anyone’s annoying in our relationship, it’s me. Anyways, she’s really sweet and helpful, even if she is a bit lost with technology.

Lucky Wing RoP: I’m not that bad…

Me: Sorry.


2. If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be, Harvey, or art? DUN DUN DUN………….

Dr Hare: That’s a weird question.

Me: Well I’d… *Pauses* Um… Holy cat… Harvey or art…. I can’t decide!!

Dr Hare: ._. Oh.

Me: I’m freaking out here! I can’t pick one or the other! I hafta have art AND Harvey! *Blushes* Holy cat that came out weird.

Dr Hare: *goes red* OH.

Me: I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’ll just leave ok sorry *runs off*

Dr Hare: *bright red* Um. Ok. Not sure what she picked. But OK then.


To LW:
1. If you could design a new island, what would it be like?

Lucky Wing RoP: Oh, I suppose I would create an island in which I would be able to adventure with my friends the whole time, as well as it would be intellectually stimulating.

Me: And people accuse me of talking weird.


2. Is E annoying? Cuz I sure am! *grin*

Lucky Wing RoP: Sometimes she can be, but for the most part, she’s rather fun to have around.

Me: Yay. I have a purpose.

Lucky Wing RoP: Please tell me it’s not being annoying.

Me: Um… No. Unless you want it to be.

Lucky Wing RoP: No.

Me: Ok.


Binary Hawk to BB: do you remember shooting me in the face with a laser gun? You’re lucky I haven’t pounded you yet. Most likely cuz punching a metal face hurts. I figured that one when I got mad at myself and almost dislocated my fingers….. Then I got a metal hand so…. meh……

Binary Bard: O_O WHOA WHAT DID I DO?!

Me: She just said. Please tell me you didn’t, I’m tired of this paperwork.

Binary Bard: Then maybe you shouldn’t have become a Villain-in-training.

Me: No regrets. So you shot a girl in the face with a laser?

Binary Bard: *head in hands* I have no memory of this.

Me: Hmm. Yay, more paperwork. My fav.

Binary Bard: So that’s why she became a villain.

Me: I no longer trust you or Harvey with lasers. I’m gonna go tell him that now.

Binary Bard: OK then. It


That was fun! And… Over 2000 words long. No complaints here.

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Ask the Villains 16, I… Don’t ask.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Um, so… Sorry this is out late again. I promise there’s a reason.




(I spent like 20 minutes on this pic alone. I was scared to ink. XD )





(A few minutes later)


Black Widow: You forgot, didn’t you?

Me: … Hush.


Yeah anyways… So I’ll just cut to the chase. Enjoy!


Red Rider to E: Wait what happen to that double date I asked for last month. E, I NEED THIS!!!!!

Me: 😐 Um. PW and I were emailing each other about it…*pulls out phone* She hasn’t e-mailed me in a while…. Oh no. O_O PW WAS KIDNAPPED BY COWS!

Binary Bard: Hoo boy.

Me: You hafta help me find her, genius!

Binary Bard: *sighs* Why do you-


Binary Bard: Why do you do this to me.

Me: Because I love watching you peeps suffer. *Grins* Meet me outside in ten seconds.

(Aka I’m sorry, it’ll come out as soon as I can get it to!)


DJKeikoYokoyama to Binary Bart Simpson: what’s your opinion on personal assistants (like Siri, Cortana, Alexa)?

Me: 😠

Binary Bard: They’re alright, but I’m more technologically advanced.

Me: I can’t decide whether to hate them or tolerate them.

Binary Bard: ._. What?

Me: I will go into my long and complicated relationship with female robots at another time.

Binary Bard: Wha-

Me: In the meantime… I SAY NOTHING! *runs off*

Binary Bard: I… Do I even want to know?

(I’m not sure you do Binary.)


To everyone: On a scale of one to chicken how many trees are in your area

Me: Purple.

Everyone else: ._.

Me: I have a lot of conversations like this on a daily basis.


Purple Claw to Dr Hare: which diet do u follow

Dr Hare: I… Just don’t eat meat. Haven’t since that one experiment went wrong.

Me: And now he’s a cute smol bunny.

Dr Hare: Why.

Me: Because I can.


Well, hope you liked that! It’s a little short this week, sorry guys! Send more Qs tho! Send all da Qs.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin.🍀 You can also ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, water, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask whatever! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild, but don’t kill me, please. I have so much to live for… Probably…

And… I’mma go to bed. I’m tired, it’s been a crazy day. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Ask the Villains #15,

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Aah I’m sorry it’s so late!! I was doing things all day!

Binary Bard: She played the guitar all day.

Me: It was only 3/4 of the day! I’m still sort of just starting, don’t judge!



Smart Flame to Black Widow and Binary Bard:  How’s Blinary Ward?

Black Widow: And that is…

Binary Bard: I have no idea.

Me: Nothing on Google.

Black Widow: Well then. Why did he-

Me: Aup! *Flushes suddenly* I just figured it out.

Binary Bard: What…

Black Widow: Explain.

Me: It’s a ship name. Pls don’t kill me.

Black Widow: -_- I’m done here. *Leaves*

Me: *waits until she’s really gone* Binary, You ladies man.

Binary Bard: The heck!

(To answer your question, it’s evidently not doing so well.)


Smart Flame to DD: Miranda sings is perfect for you, ever seen her?

Director D: Miranda who?

Me: I’ve listened to the Where my baes at and, um….

Director D: Where my what.

Me: Erm… Bae is supposed to mean boyfriend/girlfriend, but shorter and weirder.

Director D: Oh, so like you and Dr Hare?

Me: *flushes* No! Will everyone stop bringing that up?!

Director D: Probably not.

Me: -_- Whatever. You hafta do watch Miranda Sings now, ok?

Director D: -_- Fine.

(10 minutes later)

Director D: What did I just watch.

Me: Miranda Sings.

Director D: And this Smart Flame thinks she’s perfect for me.

Me: Apparently.

Director D: -_- *walks away*

Me: … Hope Smart has a bunker or something.


Smart Flame to Dr Hare: ELYANVEY is your life now, you must forever sit so I can remind you every second of it. If you don’t I’ll cut off all the carrots in your diet.

Dr Hare: Say what? But… I have work I need to go do…

Me: Da wha

Dr Hare: And I kind of need those carrots….

Me: -_- I need him to help me move stuff. *Sighs* I’ll give you your carrots Harvey.

Dr Hare: *ear twitches* So… I can move?

Me: Yeah, it’s boring without you.

Dr Hare: Um, Ok.


Smart Flame to all: Who/s the worst?

Me: It’s me!

Dr Hare: What?!

Me: I am the all time worst super Villain here. Don’t deny it.

Black Widow: She’s got a point.

Binary Bard: That was easy.

Me: I didn’t want another duel to the death in my living room.


Smart Flame to all again:  I am perfect (not) so give french fries. I need the, I need them. i need them right now, yeah, i need them right now, so don’t let me. don’t let me, don’t let me down, I think I’m losing my mind now.

Director D: What.

Me: *starts humming absently*

Captain Crawfish: What be that chaos?

Black Widow: I legit have no clue.

Binary Bard: That last part’s a song.

Dr Hare: That El is humming to.

Me: *looks up* Hmm?

Dr Hare: Never mind.


Sporty Boa to E: Would you rather live in the woods for a month or up in the mountains for 2 weeks?

Me: Hmm…. Well, technically, since I’m in Idaho, I technically already live on the mountains. But I get what you’re saying. Hmm…. Probably mountains, just cause I’m used to it and cause it’s shorter. But I’m done with trips and camps this summer. I’m just gonna chill.

Dr Hare: Um… You do know school-

Me: Doesn’t get to even be thought of til next week!

Dr Hare: That’s what you said last week.

Me: Crap, it’s Monday. *Sighs* I’ll be in the higher mountains. Call me when winter starts.


Sporty Boa to E: Would you rather go skydiving, or go on a crazy roller coaster?

Me: O_O What sort of devilish options are these?!

Dr Hare: *Laughs*

Me: Um…. Roller coaster I guess?! I can handle turns and all that but the drops….

Dr Hare: You survived those roller coasters we did in Oregon.


Dr Hare: ._. Calm down…


Dr Hare: This is why she couldn’t do the skydive one.

Me: OH GOOD HEAVENS NO. Ya know what, I’ll be in my corner now.


Sporty Boa to BW: Sorry about asking about your parents… I dare you to smile for the entire post 🙂

Black Widow: Eh, it’s fine. Why do I have to smile during the whole post?

Me: Because the almighty Questioners decree it! We must do as they command!

Black Widow: How about… no.

Me: How about… ye.

Black Widow: -_- Do you want me to smile like death does when it’s reaping a victim?

Me: ._. Never mind.


Sporty Boa: What would you guys do if you were lost in space?

Me: They’ve already been in space tho.

Black Widow: I haven’t. Neither has Crawfish.

Me: I meant the nerdy boys. And D.

Binary Bard: Hey!

Dr Hare: Eh, she’s got a point.

Me: What was it like out there?

Dr Hare: Black. Like you were trapped in an endless void.

Binary Bard: And you’re completely weightless, so add a lack of control.

Me: So my worst nightmare?

Binary Bard: *thinks* Yeah.

Me: Joy. So the conclusion is that we’d do pretty much the same thing we always do, except that I would be having a nervous breakdown the whole time?

Dr Hare: *laughs* Pretty much.


Sporty Boa: I dare all of you to do a dance for 1 minute! XD

Me: …*turns on radio* LET’S GO PEEPS!

Captain Crawfish: What-

Dr Hare: May I E?

Me: Huh? Oh! *Flushes* Sure!

Binary Bard: So we just dance?

Black Widow: -_- No. I do not dance.

Director D: I’ll be in the apartment.

Me: Y’all not very good at this!

Black Widow: Aw shut up and dance with your boyfriend!

(Long pause)

Me: I hate you Wid.

Black Widow: *smirks* Love you too E.


Fierce Flyer to DD: If you had a chance to become a hero would you?

Director D: … If it was beneficial to me in some way.

Me: It’s called being an Anti-Hero, if you were wondering!

Director D: A what.

Me: Author girl knows stuffs.


Fierce Flyer to DH: How high can you jump?

Dr Hare: Pretty high. Higher than El at least.

Me: Hey!


Fierce Flyer to CC: How many of your crew members did you force to walk the plank?

Captain Crawfish: -_- None of them. I’m not a bad Captain, just a pirate.

Me: And I’m a spaz.

Captain Crawfish: … So be it.


Fierce Flyer to DH: Why’d you go back to your evil ways in Poptropica Worlds!?

Dr Hare: Erm… I didn’t.

Me: Ooh ooh! Can I do the dimension lecture?! Please?!

Dr Hare: *smiles* Go ahead.

Me: So! There are several alternate dimensions of existence. Ours is Earth it whatever, Harvey’s is Poptropica. And then we have Poptropica Worlds. So it’s technically another form of Harvey here.

Dr Hare: End result is that I haven’t gone back to villainy, but there’s another form of me who is.

Me: And they’re both cute smol fuzzy bunnies.

Dr Hare: Hey! I’m an inch and a half taller than you!

Me: *laughs* I know, I know. Thanks for not being a villain though.

Dr Hare: Welcome.

Me: You know what we should do? Go to Poptropican World’s and meet alternate you!

Dr Hare: *laughs* We said we wouldn’t interfere…

Me: I won’t! We’ll just, you know, hang out, watch, see what happens. It’d be fun!

Dr Hare: Or dangerous.

Me: Or both!

Dr Hare: *laughs* Ok, ok, fine.

Me: Yay! XD



Me: *looks at Dr Hare* You wanna?

Dr Hare: *grins* Oh yeah.

Black Widow: No. Don’t you-


Black Widow: -_- I’m done. *Leaves*

Director D: This is childish.

Captain Crawfish: What is going on?

Binary Bard: Trains?


 DJSakuraStep to Binary Bart (not autocorrect): what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? (lucky, don’t Google it)

Me: Don’t Google it he says. NOW I WANNA GOOGLE IT!

Binary Bard: Well, the swallow-

Me: You know what happened the last time I was told not to Google something?! I did it anyways! Actually, I Googled it before he said not to so… Less guilty.

Binary Bard: *pinches forehead* E, why.

Me: Because it was a weird word and the way he used was weird!

Binary Bard: -_- You have weird conversations.

Me: Tell me about it.

(No I’m not explaining.)


Oh my heck I’m sorry I hafta to sleep now I’m tired plus this is nearly dead here’s the info:

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall burn you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Lucky Wing or the Admin.🍀 You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, Carrots, water, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica, basically, ask whatever! There really isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save extreme extremities. Go wild, but don’t kill me, please. I have so much to live for…

Ok now I am done time to sleep love you all LuckyWingSigningOutBAIGUYS!!