Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So, once again, I need to have an update. Don’t worry, everything is being posted and I’m doing pretty good! 2 ½ finals left and NO MORE HOMEWORK!! And there were screams of joy thereof in the land of Idaho. At least until next tri, then I’m screwed. But for now, I could just sing!

Anyways, to the point.

So I got the results for when I’m posting the ATVs, it’s Monday because 50% of people voted for it. (Ok, that’s only 4 people, but still.) Also, except something special this week. (Hopefully.) The results for the major poll thing I did for my birthday thing is coming at some point, hopefully soon, but I dunno when. Love you all, these results were great. If you haven’t done it, do it! And… Let’s see, what else? Oh right! You remember the play I did Wednesday? It went great and was a ton of fun! I was going to post a little story about it, but… Heh… I can’t post hardly anything about it without it not making sense or me getting sued. I don’t wanna be sued! DX It honestly wasn’t very good at all, and I’m really sorry, I did try! I’m planning on posting more stories, since the Community Creations this month is Heartwarming. And that’s not my strong suit. *Pause* Challenge accepted! XD Anyways, I should hit the sack, I’m tired as flip. I just feel bad for the story but turning out, but next one will be extra good! Compensation! There we go! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


Ask the Villains #29, Just 4 Kix

E: Ugh… *Opens door* SCHOOL SUCKS

Binary Bard: *Jumps* E!

E: What, it’s true.

Binary Bard: Well don’t shout it across the house!

E: But everyone knows I’m home with way. Win-Win.

Binary Bard: Not to the school systems…

E: *takes off backpack and dumps it by door* So is Harvey here?

Binary Bard: In his lab. I don’t know why you complain about me never leaving the house when he never does.

E: He does leave the house sometimes.

Binary Bard: Have you guys been secretly going out on dates?

E: Bruh. No. Why are you like this.

Binary Bard: It’s a fair assumption.

E: Not really… I’m gonna go talk to Harvey, get some actual conversing.

Binary Bard: Whatever.

E: Quiet you!

*E walks into Dr Hare’s lab*

E: Hey Harvey, whasup up?

Dr Hare: *Looks up and smiles at her* Hey El!

E: *smiles back* What are you working on?

Dr Hare: Just some maintenance on the Rabbot’s carburetor.

E: Is the Piston sticking again?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Oh…  Yeah, I got nothing. Well, Ok, how about this strange feeling like I’ve forgotten something extremely important?

Dr Hare: *thinks for a second* Well… Pop is at Scouts today… You finished that huge homework assignment…. It’s Tuesday so you’re not going to D&D or anything…

E: How do you know my own life more than I do?

Dr Hare: You talk about it a lot?

E: I… Oh.

*Awkward pause*

E: So… I- *her phone rings* Okie never mind… I’mma go take this real quick.

Dr Hare: Ok…

E: *walks out and answers the phone on the third ring* Hello?

Kix: Sup El?

E: Oh hey Kix. What’s… Oh crap! I knew I forgot something extremely important.

Kix: Yeah, we were going to hang out. Where are you?

E: I am… places.

Dr Hare: You figured out what you forgot then.

E: *waves at him distractedly*

Kix: You’re not at your house?

E: Nope.

Kix: *raises an eyebrow* Huh, well that explains why I can’t find you.

E: *Takes a deep breath* That would make it hard…

Kix: So where are you?

E: I’m… at a friends?

Kix: *frowns* I thought we were gonna hang out…

E: *pinches forehead* I screwed up again, dang it! Yeah, I’m really sorry I forgot! I… I don’t know, you want to come over here? You can meet these guys even.

Kix: *raises eyebrow again* Guys? Where are you?

E: Well…. I wasn’t lying when I said a friend’s….

Kix: Where?

E: We’re in the apartments over by that Subway, number 606. Cause that’s where they live.

Kix: Hm, alright. I’ll be right over.

E: K. *Hangs up* … DANGIT!

Dr Hare: *jumps*

*Minutes later, Kix is at the door. There’s a keep out sign and a little spider made of Popsicle sticks next to the bell*

Kix: *Looks around, sees the spider* -_- Seriously? *walks up and knocks*

Captain Crawfish: *opens the door*

Kix: *blinks at him*

Captain Crawfish: Hello?

Kix: *blinks at him again* Is El here?

Captain Crawfish: Arr, that she be lass. Come in. *moves aside to let her in*

Kix: *Raises an eyebrow before walking past him*

E: *From other room* Kixie Que! *runs in and hugs her*

Kix: Kixie? You make it sound like I’m a pixie.

E: Yes, you are now a pixie Kixie.

Kix: -_- *folds arms* You’re friends with a pirate?

E: Eh? Oh, James! Yeah, I am! Well he was a pirate, he’s kind of retired now.

Kix: Then why does he still dress like a pirate?

E: Because why not? He’s not the weirdest dressed one here, don’t worry.

Kix: *pauses* This worries me.

E: It shouldn’t, usually it’s me! You wanna snack?

Kix: Hm, sure, I guess.

E: Okie, come into the kitchen then! Welcome to my home away from home btw.

Kix: *pauses* Wait, you’ve got a house?

E: Minus where I live? Nah, the apartment belongs to these guys, but I’m here so much… *laughs*

Kix: I see.

E: *grins and opens fridge* Okie, we got some yogurt, I’m seeing cookies and I think some left over pizza.

Kix: Hm, cookies?

E: Chips Ahoy. Which involved some “clever” puns when we bought them. *pulls them out and shuts fridge*

Kix: Oh goodness, what kind of puns did you cook up E?

E: *smirks* Quite a few involving James… *Sits at the counter and sets the cookies down*

Kix: *sits across from her* Dang.

E: Because Chips AhOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!! *Laughs* It was fun.

Kix: Oh dear.

Dr Hare: *walks in with his sleeves rolled up* Hey E, did you- *stops abruptly*

Kix: *pauses and looks at him*

E: Hi Harvey!

Dr Hare: *silent for a minute* I’ll just… check the… thing again. *leaves*

E: …  Right, I forgot to tell him we were having company.

Kix: *folds arms a bit* You weren’t lying, you actually do know a guy in a pink bunny suit.

E: I know many people who do many and varied things. That was Harvey Hare, he’s a good friend.

Kix: *Sets chin in hand* Yeah, I could tell about how much you talk about him.

E: *flushes* N-not like that…

Kix: *raises an eyebrow* Huh? Not like what?

E: ._. *Puts head on counter* I’m done with life now.

Kix: *laughs*

E: *smiles and rubs back of neck* Anyways… You met James and Harvey… You still haven’t met B, Wid or D.

Kix: *narrows eyes* I dunno, this all seems a bit…weird, a little too weird…

E: Yeah… It’s a little crazy… Not gonna lie. You kinda get used to it, I guess.

Kix: *shrugs* I guess…

E: *sighs* And you haven’t even met Pop yet.

Kix: Who?

E: *silent for a moment* No one of importance as of this time?

Kix: *folds arms* K.

E: *little embarassed* It’s a little crazy, sorry. That’s usually why I keep it secret.

Kix: It’s fine. *looks at her, but doesn’t say anything*

E: What? Something on my nose?

Kix: Nah. *puts head down*

E: Okie dokie. *thinks for a second* Is it Monday?

Kix: I’m just tired.

E: Well, I do something Monday… *thinks* Bet you could help!

Kix: *looks at her*
Are you some sort of leech or something cause seriously, whenever I’m around you I always get so tired.

E: Yup, you discovered my secret. How could you.

Kix: I’m not that dumb El.

E: I know, I’m kidding. If I were a leech, I’d at least get energy back, right?

Kix: Fair enough.

E: That’d be nice! But do you wanna do some Qs with us? That should cheer you up!

Kix: Sure.

E: Hoo boy, get ready. This gets pretty intense.

Kix: Mk.

E: Awesome! *stands up* I’ll grab everyone, hold tight. *walks out*

Kix: *nods before leaning against the counter*

*Black Widow walks in, reading an article on her phone and opens the fridge*

Kix: *rubs her forehead and yawns*

Black Widow: *turns to look at her*

Kix: *Looks back and salutes* Sup?

Black Widow: Hi… Did you break in, cause I’m not paying for replacement locks.

Kix: *pauses* No… You think could break in? I can’t even break a glass window. *holds up thin arms*

Black Widow:  Eh, I meant jimmying the lock, sneaking in through a car, maybe from the ceiling. *Says all this like it’s the most normal thing in the world*

Kix: *shrugs* I’m not smart enough to be able to do that, but I am smart enough not to break into anyone’s home.

Black Widow: *smiles and picks up coffee* OK, I like you. What’s your name?

Kix: Just call me Kix.

Black Widow: *raises eyebrows* You’re the legendary Kix?

Kix: *snorts* Legendary? Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not a Pokemon.

Black Widow: You’re not a what?

E: *from other room* You have failed me Wid!

Kix: *pauses* I’m actually surprised you don’t know what that is, and yet you know El.

Black Widow: Eh, usually when she talks nerdy stuff, it isn’t to me. *smirks and sips coffee*

Kix: Hm, interesting.

Black Widow: Sure, let’s go with that. I’m Black Widow by the way.

Kix: I got that from El calling you Wid.

Black Widow: If I could have stopped it… *Sips coffee again*

Binary Bard: *walks in, sees Kix and stops* What.

Kix: *looks over at him*

Binary Bard: *waves* Please tell me you’re not Binary Hawk.

Kix: Not that I know of. *salutes him back*

Black Widow: Nah, this is Kix.

Kix: Sup?

Binary Bard: Oh, you’re E’s friend! Nice to finally meet you, I’m Binary Bard.

Kix: Binary? Oh…. I get it.

Black Widow: Yes, and the Bard thing. Very clever.

Binary Bard: Oh shut up.

Kix: You’re funny.

E: *walks back in with Dr Hare* Ok! Can’t find D and James is asleep! We are go!

Kix: :p Mk.

E: *pulls out phone* First Qs are from Alexa and his squad. Ready?

Kix: Ready.

TAS and Vampi: we dare everyone to eat detergent flavored pizza rolls and trombone spit hot pockets

E: *wrinkles nose* Ew.

Kix: Yeah, no. I don’t even like hot pockets.

E: *gags compulsively* Oh gosh…

Kix: I’m out!

E: I’m going to… *gags again* Oh glory! *throws phone to Dr Hare and runs off*

Dr Hare: *catches phone awkwardly* Oh carrots.

Binary Bard: What…

Dr Hare: She gets dry heaves. Gag reflex I guess.

Kix: Heh, you guys are funny.

Binary Bard: We try.

Dr Hare: Sure. *glances in the direction E went*

Black Widow: I’ll get her in a second. Next Q?

Binary Bard: Next Q I guess.

(BTW, this is completely true. If you so much as mention spit, throw up or take your gum out of your mouth, I will get the Dry Heaves. It’s not as bad as it once was, but if it’s done on purpose I tend to hurt people…. So… Yeah. -E who doesn’t know what she’s doing)


Alexa and Isaac: Do any of ya’ll watch CNN 10?

Black Widow: Nope.

Binary Bard: No.

Kix: Say what?

Dr Hare: I’ve never heard of it. *E walks back in, looking pale* You OK?

E: I’m… I’m fine. I’ve never… Waitasecond, I think my sister watches it.

Kix: *shrugs*

E: *rubs forehead* Sorry, little out of it today. It’s basically 10 minutes of information about a bunch of cool stuff, right? It’s for kids, but I’m not really one to talk… *looks around and smiles weakly*

Kix: *sneezes*

E: *Jumps a foot in the air* AAH!

Dr Hare: *flinches*

Kix: *blinks, looking at them* Geez, jumpy much?

E: *clutching heart* Oh my heck, Kix!

Dr Hare: You didn’t tell her the story?

E: *flushes* No! I… didn’t think…

Kix: *raises an eyebrow*

E: It’s… a long story and-

Black Widow: She sneezed herself to another dimension.

E: Wid!

Kix: *slowly smiles* Heheheheheheheheheheheh….

E: *pauses* You do know I’m not kidding, right?  Or, moreover, she’s not kidding.

Kix: I know, that’s what makes it so funny.

Black Widow; I approve of your friend choices E.

E: I hate you all. Minus Harvey, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Kix: XD

Black Widow: *coughs subtly* Riiiiiiiiiight….

E: *flushes* -_- Can it you. Next Q?

Dr Hare: Y-yeah.


Tech and FortLite: Are you guys ready for Christmas yet?

E: Oh, boi. Our friend JC set up his Christmas tree as soon as he got home from Trick or Treating with us.

Kix: Heh, my dad refuses to play any Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. My sister sings Let it Snow under her breath and BAM! Next day it’s frosted all over.

E: Dude, I’ve been playing Christmas songs since June!

Black Widow: What is wrong with you.

E: Everything.

Kix: *facepalms*

E: You can’t deny it, it is truth.

Kix: I can’t.

Dr Hare: E, not everything is wrong with you.

E: I guess I don’t have a eating disorder.

Dr Hare: Or murderous tenancies.

E: Not yet, you seen my school load tho?

Kix: Oh goodness.

Dr Hare: OK, fine. But not everything is wrong with you, OK?

E: Fine… I am ready for Christmas tho, but I hafta wear my turkey hat first. *winks*

Kix: El, Questions?

E: Many, mostly about life. What about you?

Kix: What?

E: What do you mean Questions, do you mean do the next, cause we usually say next Q….

Kix: -_- No, I meant potato.

E: Right here. *bows dramatically*

Kix: Heh. *sips whip cream*

Black Widow: I’m not even going to ask where you got that.


TAS: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kix: *points at the face* How do you even make that face on the keyboard?

E: You copy and paste it is i’m not mistaken. I think you can make that with a phone keyboard… do you not know the Lenny Face?

Kix: -_-

E: *Makes chibi eyes at her*

Kix: Wtw El? *sips whip cream again*

E: What the why not.

Kix: .-.

Black Widow: I see why you two are friends now.

E: Yup! *smiles*

Kix: It’s weird how some friendships last so long.

Dr Hare: How long-

E: Almost 10 years now!

Kix: Nine years.

E: 9 is almost 10.  It’ll be 10 this summer abouts.

Kix: Truuuue… We met around the end of the year, didn’t we?

E: Kix. I have no flipping idea.

Kix: I think we did, ow.

E: Ow?

Kix: *sticks out tongue* Yeah, that’s blood, huh?

E: I don’t think so…

Kix: No, I swallowed blood.

E: Oh. I got nothing.

Kix: I bit my tongue.

E: Don’t bite your tongue Kix. That hurts. You destrucive child.

Kix: I don’t do it on purpose!! It was subconscious, I guess.

E: I think we’re working on something to stop subconscious destructive habits… *Looks at Hare*

Dr Hare: *shrugs* Still a prototype. 

Kix: *Takes a long sip from whip cream*

E: ANYWAYS! Next Q is for… *Looks at phone* Me. And me alone.*Looks up* Y’all out! ‘Cept you Kix, you can stay, I guess.

Kix: *head falls onto counter*

E: Kix!

Kix: *doesn’t move* Wat?

E: -_- You’re going to be the death of me. Everyone out!


Whitney Hawk to E: Ooh, ooh! I have an Idea! Double date! E and Hare, me and Binary! YAYAYAYAYAY! (I was planning this all along, I actually have 4 tickets)

E: *flushes red* -_- Oh right.

Kix: *looks at her* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

E: S-shut up! I forgot about this part… Tho TBH I kinda saw this Q coming…

Kix: Hehehe… *coughs*

E: *Buries face in hands* Please don’t die while I’m having an internal crisis.

Kix: I’m not dying, I’m just sick.

E: Oh yeah…. I’m sorry, I think we have some medicine from last time was sick. Aka last week. *starts going through cabinets, hiding her face*

Kix: I’m fine…

E: Whatever! Go lie down, the couch is nice.

Kix: Mm.

E: Don’t make me physically move drag you there. Go child, we can answer Qs there.

Kix: Mm. *Doesn’t move*

E: Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixie, don’t make me come over there.

Kix: I’m fine. Now what’s this about dates?

E: Well… Whit, that’s B Hawk btw, had a thing for B, that being Binary Bard, she asked him out, I in short made him say yes and now she’s asking me to go out with Harvey. And I really wanna see Homecoming.

Kix: None of that made sense.

E: None of me makes sense, but no one comments on that.

Kix: I do.

E: Go lay down you reckless child.

Kix: Foine…

To Binary: Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. You’re too cute.

Binary Bard: Uh, thanks I guess?

E: And this is a wild fangirl in the wild. We will now observe it’s love call.

Kix: El, we’re Fangirls.

E: Oh yeah…

Binary Bard: You aren’t helping!

E: That’s my speciality!

Binary Bard: That’s not a word.

Kix: He has a point.

E: You’re both not helpful.

Binary Bard: Neither are you! Why are all these girls after me?! I’m not that into dating!

E: Cyborgs are attractive I guess.

Kix: *smirks at her* Depends on who you ask…

E: *blushes* S-shut up.

Binary Bard: What?

Kix: They don’t know about-

E: *covers her mouth* NOPE stopping you now!

Binary Bard: What…

E: I, ah… Previous crush?

Binary Bard: Wait…

E: NEXT Q! *sprints off*


E: *scrolling through posts* Huh. I wonder if anyone asked if our favorite colors.

Kix: *looks at her* That’s a weird thing to wonder.

E: I am the embodiment of weird. *scrolls through phone* Well, it doesn’t look like- WAIT.

Kix: What?

E: I missed a Q AW CRUM!

Kix: Oh goodness.

E: Kix, it’s from number 14! 14!!! 

Kix: So?

E: This is 29.

Kix: Oh.


Kix: I don’t wanna…

E: *sighs* Fine. Memo to self, make an AtV of lost Qs.

Kix: Oh goodness.

E: *starts scrolling again* OH MY HECK HOW MANY OF SHAY’S DID I MISS?!!

Kix: Stawp yelling!

E: Fine, but I’m an idiot.

Kix: No you’re not.

E: Lies.

Kix: Is that it?

E: I think so. You should go home and sleep.

Kix: I’m fine.

E: More lies! You shouldn’t lie to children!

Kix: You’re older than me!

E: Not mentally.

Kix: I’m mentally younger than you too.

E: More lies!

Kix: Oh goodness.


*The next day, E is typing on her phone*

Dr Hare: Um, hey.

E: *looks up* Hey Harvey. What’s up?

Dr Hare: Nothing much. Nice beanie.

E: *touches her hat absently* Oh, thanks.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. Did Kix get home last night?

E: Yup. Hate to make sick people do things, so yeah. Plus tonight’s gonna be… *Trails off and looks at her watch in shock*

Dr Hare: What is it?

E: My performance is tonight! *Shoves phone into pocket and grabs her backpack* Oh gosh, I gotta get home! You can still come, right?

Dr Hare: Yes, of course! It’s at 6, right?

E: Naturally. Can you polish up? There’s a poll I need and the rules, that’s it.

Dr Hare: Can do.

E: Thank you so much! You’re a life saver Harvey.

Dr Hare: Just glad to help.

E: Thank you! *smiles warmly at him and hurries out the door*

Dr Hare: *flushes, then looks around to make sure he’s alone, then breathes a sigh of relief* Dang. I mean, uh… Right, hi guys. So… What poll… Hang on, I’ll just be a sec… *Pulls out his phone and checks something* Oh, E did a poll on what day she should do these on. *Pauses* It feels so awkward to be talking to no one visible, let me tell you. I have no idea how El does this all the time. I’ll let her handle the poll later, it’ll be easier that way. So… Rules.

Binary Bard: If you’re done talking about your girlfriend, can you come help me with this?

Dr Hare: *flushes red* Mordred!

Binary Bard: What?

Dr Hare: I’m not talking about El and she’s not my girlfriend! I’m trying to finish the AtV!

Binary Bard: Yeah, ok, but I know you have a thing for her.

Dr Hare: I do not!

Binary Bard: Yeah ri-


If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, IDK whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall BURN DESTROY you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (I am known by many names…) on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, I dunno, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game who is currently living with me and the guys!  Plus Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. And ya know, while we’re at it, if you wanted to ask Kix something, I can pass it along. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, pancakes, experiences we’ve had, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Then I’ll reschedule or something. (I’mma mummy) Ask away!


So hey, it’s E again. The play went really well! I’m planning on sharing the story with y’all sometime soon, I hope you guys will like it! Plus, I’ve been taking every opportunity to write lately! (Yes even during class sometimes. Don’t follow my bad example!) I don’t know what it is, but November always seems to give me great ideas! (Which I usually throw into my NaNoWriMo, but this year I FORGOT) Plus the tri is ending really soon! Just gotta get though finals!


I’m gonna die.

Anyways, wish me luck! I’m off to bed, Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

AAH (Ack Awful Happenings)

My titles need help.

OK SO the AtV won’t be coming out today like I planned! I don’t know when it’ll come out TBH and my life is chaos.  Why? Many and varied reasons TBH… Well, I can give you a few if you want. I have a huge astrology assignment due TOMORROW and it makes up like 1/4 of the grade and I only kind of did it? I promise I worked on it, it was a Star Journal and I discovered I’m quite a few entries down! I’m also quite literally failing the class! (OK, it’s jumped from a D- to a C- cause I turned some late stuff in. It’s still my worst grade literally EVER and if I don’t turn in the assignment I’m in trouble!!) I’m getting… Ok grades in everything else. (Aka good grades by some miracle, how have I not failed everything. Just. How.) Also I was planning on having a guest appear in this week’s AtV, but they got sick! Like, really bad! And I dunno what I’m going to do, I might just finish it myself… I’m also, ya know, going though what woman call… Well, that’d involve some cussing. Woman get this, right? No? Everyone’s staring at me? Ok, that’s fine. I also have a play on Wednesday (You guys remember that? I mentioned it in an AtV, like I mention literally everything because that’s all I have time for, I swear.) and it’s been a bit stressful. I ended up getting in a arguement with Shu cause she’s in charge of makeup and hair for some of the actors, including me, and she wanted to do my hair straightened. I’m scared of those! Like, you put one of those near my head and I will shy away so bad…. Aah…. Anyways, I think we’re good now. (We’ll find out.) I don’t know what’s been happening, but my life has just been crazy as of late. I mean, my YouTube? I haven’t posted on there since Halloween abouts! (No, I’m not linking it RN, my last video was TERRIBLE.) Thankfully the Tri ends soon, so just another week and a half of stressing, then I’m in the clear!

*Eye twitches*

I dunno if I’m gonna make it.

So, there you go. I’ve been talking to my friends a lot these last few days and they can tell I’m stressed. That’s not good. I should be fine, I’m just a bit taunt RN. No, you won’t be able to make me mad, unless you decide to murder someone I like or something like that. (Or unless your my not-friend-who-turned-out-to-be-a-dipwad, I’m already plotting his demise…) So yeah. Crazy stuff happening.

Ugh, this kind of turned out to just be a rant, didn’t it? I’m really sorry. If you skipped the entire post and just read this, well, I’m not going to complain really. (Please don’t do that with other posts thanks) I’ll be fine guys, I’m just taunt. Taunt as a rubber band, but not quite ready to snap. (I hope) So… yeah. I love you guys, seriously. I don’t do this unless I have to and… I hate it when I do have to. But it’s been happening a lot. And this coming from the girl who honestly kind of wants to do the AtVs twice a week, but that ain’t happening any time soon. So yeah. Love you guys. Really. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Ask the Villains #28, Conclusion (Also part 3)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! By… Which I mean E the name stealer, but this is normal. So this is part 3/the AtV! Yeah, that’s what I meant by 2 and a half if you were wondering about that. So, technically it’s the end of this arch, (I think I’m using that right. Yeah, I am.) but it’s clearly not the end of the adventure!

Did I say clearly implying that you had read it already?

Yeah, my bad. I need sleep.



<————- Part One, Trick or Treat! 

<————- Part Two, Dr Eho? 

Part 3!

(Half a day later on Poptropica 13)

Zeus: Are you serious.

We were in Erewhon Prison, standing in front of Zeus the almighty’s “cell.” The old geezer had is arms crossed. I personally found him either mildly terrifying or irritating. I was never sure which.

Lucky Wing: I believe you owe me Zeus.

Zeus: No, I don’t.

Lucky Wing: I saved your life!

Zeus: That’s nice.

E: This isn’t going to work.

Lucky Wing: Yes, it is. This git doesn’t get to-

E: He can’t do it.


Zeus: Are you saying I’m not strong enough young lady?

That hadn’t been the angle I was going for, I was just miserable and wanted to go home. I missed Harvey. But maybe goading him on could work. At the very least I would find out if he even could do it.

E: There’s no point. We should probably talk to his brothers, since they’re more powerful and whatnot.

Zeus: How dare you…

Lucky Wing: *Catches on* I would bet that he couldn’t even send you anywhere.

Zeus: I can!

E: *skeptically* Can you?

Zeus: You aren’t goading me on.


Lucky Wing: We should have gotten Nice Coyote.

E: So, let’s get this straight, can you send me home without blowing up the universe?

Zeus: *grumpily* Yes…

E: *slams her hand against the glass* Then let’s make a deal.

(A day and a half later, on Earth 442)

*Dr Hare is still pacing agitated, stopping to look at monitors and type occasionally*

Binary Bard: *walks in* Uh…

Dr Hare: *looks up* What.

Binary Bard: Are you OK?

Dr Hare: *goes back to monitor* Fine.

Binary Bard: Are you sure? Have you even slept at all?

Dr Hare: *shakes head*

Binary Bard: Um… It’s been nearly 3 days.

Dr Hare: I know.

Binary Bard: Um… Then why don’t you sleep?

Dr Hare: I’m fine.

Binary Bard: Come on, we both know that isn’t true. It’s not your fault Harvey.

Dr Hare: *winces* I know.

Binary Bard: Then go to sleep.

Dr Hare: I’m fine…

Binary Bard: Don’t make me go get Charlotte.

Dr Hare: I’m- *doorbell rings*

Binary Bard: … Did you order pizza or something?

Dr Hare: No.

Binary Bard: Then who…

Dr Hare: *sighs, shrugs, walks over to the door and opens it*

*There is no one in sight, not even on the street*

Binary Bard: Did we get doorbell ditched?! Usually it’s one person and she’s… *Trails off, then changes the subject* Is there a package or something?

Dr Hare: No… I-

Suddenly, a swirling portal opened up above the lawn. A figure fell out. I jumped back in alarm and nearly slammed into Mordred. The figure got to their feet, coughing.

E: Why is it always on someone’s lawn?! Geez!

Binary Bard: E!

E: *looks over and nearly screams* Guys!

Binary Bard: I’m going to go tell Charlotte really fast! She’s been worried sick! *Runs off*

E: *comes over nervously* So… How long was I-

Dr Hare: *pulls her close and hugs her tightly*

E: *rather surprised, but almost pleased* D-did you miss me then?

Dr Hare: *muffled into her shoulder* Yes.

E: Oh gosh… *Hugs him back* I’m so, so, so sorry. I don’t know what happened, I just..  I don’t know.

Dr Hare: I’m… I’m just glad you’re alive.

E: So am I to be honest… *Pulls away gently* I’m so sorry, I just… I can’t help but feel like-

Poptropica: Momma! *Runs up and hugs her*

E: Pop! *Hugs him tight* Oh gosh… Sweetie, are you Ok?!

Poptropica: Are you?

E: *pulls away* I… *Looks up at Dr Hare* I think I am now.

Poptropica: Aw….

E: *flushes* Um, right. Let’s… Let’s go inside. I think it’s AtV time?

Dr Hare: Yeah… I’m just… Yeah.

E: *looks at him for a minute, then looks away, blushing* Right. Yeah.

Poptropica: Why are you covered in paint?

E: I made a deal. There are some very nicely painted statues on Mythology now.

Poptropica: What?

E: Long story.


(Pls note that some of these Qs were done before this chaos went down. Like the one about Popcorn by Binary Hawk, the iCarly one from Nephri, and the one on El Mustachio by Green Cheetah.)

Purple Claw to Binary Bard: Why is your ego so big? 😦 

Binary Bard: My ego isn’t big!

E: It’s bigger than mine at least.

Binary Bard: I have a normal sized ego!

E: I haven’t had a proper ego since 6th grade.

Binary Bard: E, why.

E: Because of life.

Binary Bard: O… ok then. Let’s pretend this is normal.

E: I always do.


Alexa and Alexa II to everyone: What would you do if you had doubles of yourselves?

E: Ha ha. Ha. Ow. After this last week and all man… I’ve met a few, but every one has slight differences. LW for instance, we haven’t introduced DT really, Ele’s another example, Evil me is… another example. Those are just the one’s I’ve met in the past. I saw Lucky recently, but I dunno, we might have to cut of dimensional travel for a while. Especially since I sneezed myself to another dimension recently.

Dr Hare: Yeah… I really did want to meet the other me on Poptropica Worlds though.

E: I dunno… I’m worried sick about this. I mean, even before all this stuff started up… Alexa blew up a whole universe!

Dr Hare: I didn’t hear this story.

E: That’s it to my knowledge. I don’t know how it happened… I’ve communicated to other forms of me before… And I’m pretty sure you have too!

Dr Hare: I have?!

E: It’s just a guess but… *thinks about it* No… no, that’s not it. You’re not another version of JC, I thought… Sweet mother of glory, maybe you haven’t!

Dr Hare: Who’s JC?

E: My friend. I have reference literally every one of the B squad this arch.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing. But how does this work… It doesn’t…

Dr Hare: *has a realization* No way…

E: What?

Dr Hare: I need to run some tests real quick. I- *tries to stand up from his chair and stumbles*

E: Holy cat, are you OK?!

Dr Hare: F-fine. I’m fine…

E: Harvey, you’re about to drop! Have you even slept?!

Dr Hare: Well, no, but-

E: Holy sweet mother of cats, sit back down!

Dr Hare: But-

E: It can wait! Sit down, please!

Dr Hare: *pauses, then sits down next to her on the couch*

E: Thank you. You didn’t sleep for 3 days?

Dr Hare: No…. I was worried…

E: *surprised* What, about me?

Dr Hare: Well… y-yeah.

E: Oh…

Dr Hare: You disappeared so fast… I thought maybe… You’d died.

E: Oh gosh, Harvey…. *puts an arm around him* I’m so sorry… It’s Ok now…

Dr Hare: I know… But… Please let’s never do that again.

E: Agreed.


Isaac and Isaac II to everyone: Who knows the TRUE significance of ninjas? (TAS: And not by ninjago standards)

E: Ouch. I am hurt.

Dr Hare: You do seem to like Ninjago.

E: You should have seen me when I was obsessed entirely.

Dr Hare: When was that?

E: Most of my teenage years. Anyways, I do know a little about them… Let’s see, Japanese. They were basically assassins. People didn’t entirely like them… Uh… maybe I don’t know as much as I thought.

Dr Hare: I have nothing.

E: Yup, me neither.


E: Where is everyone?

Dr Hare: Did they leave again?

E: Sweet glory… I’ll text them, I bet they’re hiding in the other room.

Dr Hare: Why…

E: That’s a good question. *raises voice* ISN’T THAT RIGHT GUYS.


E: They’re in there, I can hear Wid sniggering.

Dr Hare: I’m so confused.

E: I’ll kill them later, don’t sweat it.


Nephri to E: I found out if you get up early enough, nya, they play reruns of iCarly on Teen Nick. Would you be interested in watching that, nya?

E: Eh. I’ve heard about iCarly, but I’ve never been into those live-action Disney shows. Descendants is the exception.

Black Widow: Didn’t you watch Girl v Monster once?

E: How did you… Yeah, I did. Ok, the reason I didn’t like them is that they felt too… Fake. I know, they were acting, but it felt fake. It didn’t help that I could literally tell that 99.78% were done in a studio. I could tell, it was that bad.

Black Widow: You seem to be professional in this area.

E: Not even close. I just wanted it done right, I guess. I like cartoons better anyways.

Black Widow: Oh, I know.

E: Oh light you.


0b51d14n to Everyone: You do realize that meme bombs aren’t lethal. They just release access to 4chan. Now 4chan, 4chan is lethal. 


Dr Hare: *laughs weakly* You are not allowed near matches for the next looooooooong while. How do you even know what 4chan is?

E: I’ve been on the Interwebs about 2 years. It teaches you things.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Has it been 2 years? I think it has been…

Dr Hare: *leans against her* Probably…

E: *blushes* R-right. Hangonasecond, did they say we get no more 4chan or 4 chan will kill us?

Dr Hare: I don’t know and I hope we don’t have to deal with it today.

E: *smiles* We’ll worry about that later then.

Dr Hare: Thank you.

E: Welcome.


Binary Hawk to BB: 01000100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110000 01100011 01101111 01110010 01101110 00111111 00100000 01001010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110111 01101111 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110

Binary Bard: Yeah, who doesn’t like Popcorn?

E: Right. Date. Dangit.

Binary Bard: *sighs* Why are you trying to hook me up?

E: I just want you to leave the house bro. Stop being a wimp and go out, it won’t kill you.

Binary Bard: Says you, didn’t I supposedly blast her face off or something and now she wants to kill me?

E: That’s… A fair point. I’ll call her on truce. Don’t worry, she’s a nice person.

Binary Bard: Who wants to kill me.

E: Dude, it’s Spiderman Homecoming. You’re lucky I don’t sneak in with you!

Binary Bard: E, why.

E: I am Marvel Trash. Duh. I love Spidy.

Binary Bard: *sighs*

(Please note that this is [AAH] late! That’s my bad, sorry Green Cheetah! This happens sometimes when I’m tired and write these!) 

Green Cheetah To E: Why is El Mustachio Grande not a villain?

E: For the same reason E-ville isn’t. Cause I’m here! *laughs* Kidding! The real reason is… Well, I don’t really know him and, well, he’s in jail. And kinda scary.

Black Widow: You think El Mustachio is scary?

E: No, but you ever stared down the barrel of his gun with the thoughts of “This is it, I’m going to die at age 16 with nothing accomplished whatsoever,” and only saved by a well timed Wing?

Black Widow: I can’t say that I have. When did this happen?

E: A while ago…. He was trying to rob me.

Black Widow: I had deduced as much.

E: Green, if I can call you that, your answer is that I don’t really like him and he’s in another dimension. In jail. But you can totally ask him Qs, I can figure something out! I’m smrat like that.

Black Widow: “Smrat?”

E: Yup.

Black Widow: I don’t want to know…

E: I’mma weird human, don’t sweat it.




Black Widow walked in the room, looked at me and Harvey and smirked. I gave her a look.

E: Look, he finally fell asleep, I’m not going to stop him.

Black Widow: Uh huh. Plus I can’t imagine you having problems with him leaning against you.

E: S-shut up. He’s been going for 3 days.

Black Widow: Oh, I know. He’s been worrying about you nonstop.

E: *flushes* I… I…

Black Widow: I’m serious, this Bunny, *points at Dr Hare* is crazy about you.

E: *flushes deeper and looks away* I… I doubt it.

Black Widow: -_- You can’t seriously be this dense.

E: It’s just… I’ve been wrong before. Every single time. I don’t want to be wrong again and screw up my friendship with Harvey.

Black Widow: *silent for a while* Fine. But one day, you have to tell him. I’m not taking a no, you have to physically tell him that you like him. Ok?

E: I…

Director D: *walks in* Hello you 3. *Starts to walk away*

E: Your girlfriend says hello.

Director D: *freezes* Excuse me?

E: I… Well, long story, and I didn’t see her very long, but she wanted me to say hello for her.

Director D: *long pause* Very well. Good day to you all. *Leaves*

Black Widow: That was brilliant.

E: *smiles* Thanks. I try.


The wonderful glorious conclusion!


Hey, I was thinking.

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Doctor El (Part 2)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! And thus we are onto part 2! How many parts are there going to be?!!!

It’s 2 and a half, how’s that.

I’m not sure on exacts… XP But firstly before I post the story, I just want to thank you guys for all the comments I’ve been getting! Not going to lie, I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately, but I think I’m getting though it! You guys have been a serious help! I honestly love you guys. Seriously. Anyways, onto the epic story of epic epicness!

Doctor Eho? (Part 2 of the adventure)

(On Earth 442…)

*Dr Hare’s POV*

I paced the floor, agitated. There was no reason nor way this could have happened! So how could it have happened?! It made no sense! 

Dr Hare: Binary, did you run those tests?

Binary Bard: About 6 times. Nothing.

Dr Hare: Where could she have ended up?!

Black Widow: *walks in holding groceries and stops when she sees them* Spill.

Binary Bard: Charlotte, how do you do this to us.

Dr Hare: Nothing’s wrong. *Ear twitches*

Black Widow: Yeah right. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this agitated, Hare. *Pauses* Where’s E?

Binary Bard: She’s been gone over 12 hours.

Dr Hare: *puts head on hands* I… I don’t…

Black Widow: Oh g**, she’s gone?!

Binary Bard: *winces, but nods*

Black Widow: You’re sure this isn’t a prank or something?

Dr Hare: I would never-

Black Widow: Not you, but her.

Dr Hare: *shakes head* No, she was just… Gone.

Black Widow: How? Maybe there was a window open? Or a door?

Binary Bard: The door was open, but there was no window, plus, Hare was facing the door. There’s no way she could have snuck out or been removed without us knowing.

Dr Hare: She was just… Gone.

Black Widow: We could try and track her.

Binary Bard: Harvey, can you?

Black Widow: Does she even have a scent?

Dr Hare: Yes, it’s clover, game controllers and a faint bit of lavender.

*Pause, Black Widow and Binary Bard just look at him*

Dr Hare: My senses are heightened, Ok? It’s not just the ears.

Binary Bard: I am duly impressed.

Black Widow: You know her smell? *Smirks*

Dr Hare: *flushes* S-shut up.

Binary Bard: Later, we need to figure this out. We’ve ruled out most things, but we can’t be sure that it’s…

Black Widow: What?

Binary Bard: We think that…

Dr Hare: We think she’s in another dimension.

(Meanwhile, on Poptropica 13)

*E’s POV*

Ugh… Why did my head hurt so much? It was like my cranium was a giant mass of pain. Why was I so philosophical about this? Wait. Where was I? I opened my eyes and the headache subsided. I stared at the celling for a good three count, then sat up. Whoa. Spots swam in and out of my vision. Once I could see clearly, I took in my surroundings. I was on a couch. There was someone in a nearby chair, reading a book. Someone with bright green hair.

E: Lucky?

Lucky Wing: *looks up* Oh, E! Glad you’re awake!

E: Wha… Where…

Lucky Wing: Oh dear, lie back down!

E: No… I’m fine… Where… Where am I?

Lucky Wing: You’re in my apartment. *Waits for response, gets none and hurries on* On Home Island? Please tell me you did not lose your memory!

E: I… I didn’t… You’re slipping into heavy Arthurus.

Lucky Wing: Am I?

E: Yeah, dunno why… I’m fine.

Lucky Wing: Alright… We were worried sick.

E: How did I… Get here?

Lucky Wing: Oh, Scary Shark brought you over! You appeared on his lawn and passed out from what I heard.

E: I…I did?

Lucky Wing: Yes.

E: Oh.

Lucky Wing: He had to leave though. He says hi.

E: That’s nice of him… But… I don’t understand. How did I… I mean, this is another dimension entirely, how did I end up here?

Lucky Wing: I don’t know. Tell me everything that happened. To the best of your knowledge.

E: Well… *Takes a deep breath* So I was in Harvey’s lab, we were talking… My nose started twitching and… I sneezed.

Lucky Wing: You….  Sneezed?

E: Yeah. And next thing I knew… Well, I was somewhere else. Then my legs gave out and I musta passed out.

Lucky Wing: I hope you realize your language is atrocious.

E: I blame the fact that I am a teenager, on the internet went lives in Idaho.

Lucky Wing: Right. So you just appeared here?

E: I… I think so. What time is it, how long have I been out?

Lucky Wing: *shifts uncomfortably* Er… About 12 hours. It’s 10 am now.

E: What?! I’ve been gone that long?!

Lucky Wing: Do not worry. Doesn’t someone have a ray gun they can use to come and get you?

E: Yeah, but- *pales* They can’t come pick me up.

Lucky Wing: Oh dear… *Puts an arm around E* It will be alright… Calm down….

E: *sniffs* B-but I… The ray has a recharge time of 3 days, sometimes 4. And… We used it last night… And… Oh gosh….

Lucky Wing: Two days isn’t that long, is it?

E: No, you don’t understand! We… The dimensions are…. were… Something’s wrong with them. We met someone who was in the wrong dimension, had to send her back, here I am now… *Eyes well up with tears* And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get home again.

Lucky Wing: Oh El, I’m so sorry! *Hugs her* We’ll get you home, I promise.

E: *wipes eyes angerily*Why an I crying?! I hate… *Lets out a sob* crying.

Lucky Wing: Because you’re scared. And you don’t want go have to do this again. Also, I think the dimensional jump left you emotional overwhelmed.

E: *sniffs*Fair enough.

Lucky Wing: If it makes you feel better, we’ve missed you over here.

E: *takes a deep breath, trying to regain her composure* Really?

Lucky Wing: Absolutely. Perfect Cheetah still wants to hit you with a stick for the Valentine’s thing, whatever that is.

E: *laughs weakly* Right, the no thing.

Lucky Wing: I want to hear all about it. But first… *Pulls away from the hug* I have one idea that might get you home.

E: *wipes eyes* R-really?

Lucky Wing: Sure, if you can handle a blimp trip.

E: *makes a small squeak noise*

Lucky Wing: We’ll figure something out. Do you feel like talking to the thunder god himself?

E: That old geezer? He’s still locked up, right?

Lucky Wing: Blissfully, yes. If he weren’t… *Shudders* We will figure it out, promise. Ready?

E: *takes a shaky breath* Ready.



There you go! Couple things I’d like to address first! I’m sorry this one isn’t quite as long, I had some plans fall through on me for this, so there ya go. Another thing is, you all know that Lucky Wing and I are, well, different and the same. I use her name, often, but also interact with her sometimes. That’s her. I am E. There you go. Also, while we’re on that, Scary Shark isn’t my OC, he belongs to my friend Shrimpy, who I decided to throw a cameo. (This is your own fault Shrimpy, you were talking to me while I was writing. XD ) Because why not. (Don’t worry, y’all will get your own Cameos too.) So ye. My phone is dying and it’s almost tomorrow, oh gosh… Aah… Anyways, to sleep for me! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

<——— Part One, Trick or Treat! 

Part Three, Conclusion AtV Stuff————> 


Trick or Treat! (Part 1)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and this is NOT the AtV! Surprise! (Pls don’t hate me) So there a reason. This is, clearly, the trick or treating special y’all have been waiting for. But what is this “part 1” bit? Yup! It’s a full blown story! I mean, it’s not going to be long or anything. But the next couple days will contain stories from yours truly! *Bows dramatically* So here you go! So this is a new writing style I’ve been trying out. It’s a mix of the play style and just normal writing! Now, I wish I had this idea myself, but nope. I’m just stealing it off some other Poptropica fanfiction I read. Because it is BRILLIANT. Now we should-


Forgot to announce, the AtVs will be in Thursday this month, for Thanksgiving and all, plus I got a play going on Wednesday and Tuesdays are just chaos. This is fine. Anyways, enjoy the story of chaos!


(Halloween night…)

Poptropica: Where’s Momma?

Dr Hare: She said she was having some problems getting her costume so… Not sure. Did you put on the long johns?

Poptropica: Yes… They’re kinda unconfortable…

E: *walks in* It’s like 38 degrees outside, you’ll be glad for them. *Holds up pincers* How do I look?

Dr Hare: You look… grea-

Poptropica: Momma’s a crab!

E: Got that right kiddo! *ruffles his hair* Looking awesome you two! So… Are you guys ready?

Poptropica: Yup!

Dr Hare: Just about?

E: Are you going to try and wear the goggles?

Dr Hare: What? *Realizes he’s still wearing them* Oh, no! I just… I kinda need them too see.

E: Your googles are corrective lenses?

Dr Hare: Yeah. You didn’t know?

E: … This explains a lot.

Poptropica: What?

E: Your mother is a nerd. So… shall we?

Black Widow: *appears in doorway* Hold on just a moment. Did you put on makeup?

E: ._. Well crum.

Dr Hare: Uh…

E: I guess that running won’t work, huh.

Black Widow: Hold still you two. I’ll be quick…

Dr Hare: So this is how I die.

E: Add a we onto that and that sounds about right.

She was actually pretty quick. She didn’t do a lot with me, just some purple on the nose and forehead and she insisted on a little mascara. Pop didn’t need anything, since he was just being Cap. She had to powder Harvey blue all over his face.

Black Widow: There you are. You can go now.

E: Wow. Harvey, you look like you’re dying.

Dr Hare: Quiet you.

Poptropica: You ready to go?

E: Ready when you all are! How’s it all look?

Poptropica: Awesome!

Dr Hare: Very shiny.

E: *Laughs* Oh gosh!

Black Widow: Alright, you 3 get out of here, you’re going to be late.

E: Alright, come on team! Let’s head out!

We headed down the street, knocking at every door with a light on. The people inside seemed confused that an adult and a teenager were knocking at their door with a young Captain America, asking for candy, but they didn’t say anything. No one seemed to recognize me, minus Beans. She was observant that way.

E: Do I really look that bad?

Dr Hare: What? No.

E: Lies. I picked the wrong sort of costume, didn’t I. I don’t think anyone has recognized it yet.

Dr Hare: No, you look fine. I think it’s just, well, you’re not a giant crab.

E: That’s…. A fair point. But I would have hoped… *Sighs* Never mind. I tried.

Dr Hare: Well, you look very pretty in it.

E: Thank- Wait, what?!

Poptropica: Trick or Treat!

E; *completely flustered* Right, Trick or Treat!

Well that threw me off. He probably didn’t mean it romantically, probably just to be nice. That must have been it. He was just being nice. That made sense. I didn’t notice we were at the next house until Poptropica said his little chant again.

Poptropica: Trick or Treat!

Person at the door: Oh how darling! You’re all Disney!

Dr Hare: What?

E: *Whispers* Didn’t I tell you Disney owned Marvel?

Dr Hare: *Whispers back* No.

E: *Whispers back* Oh. Well now you know.

Person: You all must come inside!

E: *Nervously* No thanks ma’am, we have a party to go to after this!

Person: I insist! It won’t take long!

Poptropica: Can we?!

E: Ok… fine. But we need to be quick.

*they walk in*

Dr Hare: *whispers* Do you know them?

E: *whispers back* No! I don’t have the faintest idea and we have just walked into a stranger’s home!

Dr Hare: Oh.

Person: What was that?

E: Oh, nothing!

Dr Hare: We’re just admiring the house!

Person: Thank you!

E: No problem ma’am!

Person: Now, please sit down, there is someone who wants to talk to you. *leaves*

Dr Hare: Uh… you’re sure you don’t know these people?

E: Nope! *walks over to the window and opens it* There, now we can escape, right? In case… In case…

Poptropica: Momma, what’s wrong?

E: I… You guys can’t feel it?

Dr Hare: Feel what?

E: It’s… like… this tingling at the back of my neck? I usually feel it around you guys, mildly, but not this strong.

Poptropica: What?

E: It’s… probably nothing.

Person: Alright, here she is!

*Someone in a Slenderman mask comes in*

E: *screams loudly and dives behind the couch*

Dr Hare: … I don’t know her.

Poptropica: Are you OK Momma?

Person in mask: Momma? I thought… Elyana?

E: *slowly appears from behind couch* yes. That is me.

Person in mask: It’s me, Ele. *takes off mask*

E: … Wut.

Ele: … Uh…

Dr Hare: Aren’t you El?

E: E-L-E. Different person.

Dr Hare: But is she…

E: Real.

Ele: *laughs* Yup, I’m real, I promise.

E: But… how? I haven’t…. not in ages…

Ele: I know. It’s been pretty calm this last…. while.

E: No way. Just… how. How are you here?

Ele: I don’t know… I was just… And then… I don’t know.

E: Well crap.

Dr Hare: What is happening?

Poptropica: I’m confused.

E: Right! Sorry, Ele, this is Harvey and Pop. Guys, this is Ele. My… Old OC.

Dr Hare: Your old what?

Ele: OC?

E: Uh… we’re just going to pretend that stands for alternate form RN.

Ele: -_- It does no-

E: She’s… Ninjago. Oh, sweet glory.

Poptropica: What?

E: See, you know Miss Wing is another me?

Poptropica: Yeah.

E: Well, Ele here is another one. Who… I haven’t thought about in a while. I haven’t been a part of Ninjago in ages… where have you been?

Ele: I could ask you the same thing.

E: *blushes* I… there… I… you… Ok, enough of my blabbering, how did you get here?

Ele: *shrugs* I don’t know. One minute I was drawing up something, the next… Well, here I am.

E: No no no, how is this happening?

Dr Hare: What?

E: A person from an alternate dimension is here! I’m panicking!

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, we can just send her home, right?

E: But how did she get here?

Ele: E, calm down.


Dr Hare: Breathe, seriously. You’re going to pass out.

E: *breathing shakily* Ok. Ok. Calm!

Ele: I… I don’t know why I’m here. But if you could send me back… That’d be nice.

E: Y-yeah. Harvey has a ray gun thing… We can send you back.

Ele: Oh thank goodness. I was worried sick.

E: But how did she get her? Is something wrong?

Dr Hare: Let’s just send her home, we can worry about it later.

E: I… yeah, Ok. That makes sense, but…

Dr Hare: Why did you have a Slenderman costume?

Ele: Well, I actually ran into someone who knew you and she told me Elyana here loved Slenderman.

E: What, who- OMC It was Buggie, wasn’t it.

Ele: If she had short dark hair and wore a lot of black, then yes.

E: Buggie!

Dr Hare: Who is…

E: My shipping friend, bless her heart. Anyways, we should get… yeah.

Dr Hare: Yeah. One question though.

Ele: Shoot.

Dr Hare: Who was that woman? Who let us in?

Ele: Who?

E: I’m now getting creepy vibes. Thanks.

Ele: Kidding, she said her name was Tracy, she’s really nice. I just asked her to be as creepy as possible, just for kicks.

E: For Kix?

Ele and Dr Hare: What?

E: I’m making references that no one understands but me again. Carry on.

Ele: … OK, so yeah. If I could get back home…

E: Sure, we can take you with. We’re near the apartment anyways.

Ele: You live in an apartment?

E: Harvey does, I just visit often. Uh… *Looks around* Where’d Pop get to?

Ele: He’s handing out candy to the trick or treaters.

E: Oh, Ok. I’ll go grab him. *Leaves*


Ele: ‘Bout time she got a boyfriend.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Whoa whoa whoa! I’m not her boyfriend.

Ele: Oh. *Pause* Have you considered it at lea-

Dr Hare: Well, Yes, but- *Blushes* I mean no. I mean… *facepalms* I question life.

Ele: *grins* Aw whatever, I won’t press. *leans closer* Though I would recommend you hurry. Waiting doesn’t always end well, trust me.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: *Comes back in with Pop* Ok peeps! We should go, I have to go Trick or Treating with my friendos later!

Ele: With your what?

E: My language has deteriorated since we last spoke.

Ele: I noticed.

*20 minutes later….*

Ele: So this is the magical ray gun?

E: Yup! I kinda helped. As in barely.

Dr Hare: Don’t be modest, you helped quite a bit.

E: Don’t be modest yourself, you made the gosh darn thing.

Ele: As much as I hate to break up your cute little argument, can you send me home now?

E: *flushes* R-right. Yeah, we can.

Ele: Okie dokie.

Dr Hare: Which universe is hers?

E: I classified under purple, I think. Haven’t come up with a number. It’s been forever since I added that.

Ele: You color coded dimensions?

E: I’d forgotten how snarky you were.

Ele: It’s a gift.

Harvey pumped the handle and the portal opened with an explosion worthy of Thor and Captain America fighting. I was blasted back into a desk and Ele was sucked in. She looked perfectly calm. I supposed this was normal for her. But this wasn’t normal. This wasn’t how it usually went. Harvey was the only stationary thing in the room and he looked downright panicked. Finally, the portal shut off. Harvey dropped the gun in shock. Then he rushed over to me.

Dr Hare: Are you OK?!

E: Fine… *Rubs arm* I whacked my arm, but it’s fine. *Looks up at him* You’re bleeding.

Dr Hare: I am?

E: Yeah. *Lightly touches his forehead*

Dr Hare: *winces* Ow.

E: Sorry.

Dr Hare: You’re fine. *Sits down next to her. There’s a pause as they take in what happened.*

E: So…

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: I think we are totally screwed.

Dr Hare: Agreed. *Offers her a hand*

E: *Takes it and stands* Thanks.

Dr Hare: No problem.

E: That was pretty crazy…

E: Waitasecond, what time is it?

Dr Hare: Um… I don’t know. I don’t have a watch or anything.

E: Right. Where’s my watch?

Dr Hare: Uh… You left it in my workshop.

E: Dangit. I am forgetfuls. *Pulls out phone and blanches* Sweet mother of glory!

Dr Hare: What?

E: I told my friends I’d go Trick or Treating with them!

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Agh, I didn’t think this through! I’m so sorry, I can’t back out now! *runs hands through hair* I’m so sorry! I’ll come back to help, promise!

Dr Hare: No, it’s fine! You go have fun!

E: But I-

Dr Hare: Just go. Have fun. I’ll be fine. I can figure this out.

E: I… OK. *smiles at him warmly* Thank you. You’re a huge help.

Dr Hare: *flushes lightly* No problem.

E: Well, thanks. *Leaves*

Dr Hare: Oh gosh… *rubs cheeks* Oh gosh.

Binary Bard: *comes in from the other room* What? Did something happen? *sees the room* Dang, what exploded in here?

Dr Hare: Possibly a dimensional rift. Don’t know what’s causing it. *smiles lightly* Huh. E went to go meet up with her friends if you’re wondering.

Binary Bard: Did something happen between you two?

Dr Hare: No.

Binary Bard: *sigh* Ok, fine. Let’s try and fix the universe.

Dr Hare: Let’s try and fix the universe!


I walked into Harvey’s work shop. Papers were strewn everywhere, mostly on the floor. Harvey himself was sitting in the middle of all this chaos. I knocked lightly on his door.

E: Hey, I’m back.

Dr Hare: *Looks up and smiles at her* Hey El!

E: *smiles back lightly* Hi. Sorry I ditched.

Dr Hare: Seriously, it’s fine! How was it?

E: Lot of fun! Pretty crazy at the same time! But that’s normal for me and the peeps, right?

Dr Hare: Yeah. I haven’t really met your friends though.

E: Right. You haven’t. You should though, they are crazy.

Dr Hare: I know. Who’s Buggie anyways?

E: Shipping friend, she’s great. Completely insane, but great. I should introduce you to the peeps sometime, but at the same time I like the universe not blown up.

Dr Hare: Funny you should mention that. You have any thoughts on the stuff that’s been happening?

E: I… I’m not sure. It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it…

Dr Hare: Oh yeah, definitely. But we should be able to patch it up again, right?

E: Yeah, hopefully.

*Long pause*

E: So… Your hair is still blue.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Yeah, I kinda forgot to wash it out.

E: *touches his hair and pulls away fast* Wow. That is dusty.

Dr Hare: I have no idea what Widow used.

E: *coughs* Methinks sidewalk chalk.

Dr Hare: *chuckles* Nah. Hey, about earlier, did you-

E: *wrinkles up nose* Hangon… Ah… AhCHOO!

(Dr Hare’s POV)

I looked over at her, surprised. She didn’t usually sneeze that hard. But she wasn’t there. She wasn’t anywhere. She had simply disappeared.

Dr Hare: El? *No response* El?! *Panicking* Oh gosh! El!

Binary Bard: *looks though door* What’s wrong?

Dr Hare: She disappeared! She’s just… Gone!



Part 2 is coming soon! (Tomorrow hopefully)

Hope you guys enjoyed this chaos! Still accepting Qs for the AtV if you wanted to shoot something off btw! Till tomorrow, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


Part Two, Doctor El——> 


Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. You probably noticed I didn’t immediately respond to your comments on my usual super speedy fashion and haven’t posted the Trick or Treating thing yet. Why?

Because I was kidnapped by aliens.

JK, JK, though I was dragged out of town and didn’t have WiFi for about 24 hours, minus a spurt where I stole a phone from a family member for it’s hotspot. (Tip: Don’t do that.) So I guess… If you were in Boise yesterday, I was there. In a polka dotted dress and too-big hightops. (They were my mom’s, ok?) Big glasses, long blonde frizzy hair. That was me. Probably. Long story why, in short we were visiting family. Techno and I made a new friend. A little boy, my second cousin, technically. He loved us, seriously. Heaven knows why. Guess I’m interesting to kids. Techno definitely is. Anyways, so that’s happened. I got back maybe an hour ago, thankful for internet. (Had to check my Webcomics…) So… Yeah. I have plans, the Trick or Treat thing will come out soon, hopefully. That’s why I haven’t been responding to messages that may have been sent. (If you’re wondering, yes, I am thinking about particular people.) I have to crash now, since it’s like 11:30, but yeah. And now I go to sleep and tomorrow is Sunday so then I won’t be responding again. Whee. Now I gtg and I should probably go plug the phone in. It was having this hyper weird glitch where it wouldn’t turn off, but I could still use it, but whatever. It killed my gosh darn phone. It’s fine now, but ya know. So off to bed go I! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

Ask the Villains #27, Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Happy Halloween y’all! You ready for some of the spooky encounters with the Villains?!

Black Widow: No.

E: Light. You.


To Kat: To everyone: Do you realize you are giving out highly personal info and could be the victim of Identity theft? (Anything you say can and will be used against you)

Black Widow: That’s a pleasant way to start.

E: Shh…

Dr Hare: But-

E: Shh!

Dr Hare: I don’t-

E: *covers his mouth with both hands* SHH!

Dr Hare: *flushes and tries to move her hands* Wha-

E: We’re trying not to get your lovely identities stolen!

Black Widow: Who would steal the identities of 5 ragtag Villains?

E: And a 10 year old I’m trying not get arrested before he even hits teenage years!

Poptropica: What?

E: Nothing!

Black Widow: You do know this is bogus, right? No one’s actually stealing our identities.

E: Oh…

Binary Bard: It wasn’t obvious?

E: Sorry… I’m a little paranoid as far as online goes…

Binary Bard: We kinda noticed…

Black Widow: *smirks* You gonna take your hands off Hare now?

E: What? Oh… *Blushes and removes hands* Sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s fine… *Rubs mouth* You’re good.

E: Good, maybe. Gullible moron, yes.

Dr Hare: You’re not a gullible moron.

E: Yes I am. I’m a complete idiot sometimes.

Dr Hare: *sighs* Who isn’t occasionally.

E: Fair enough…


CC: Not THAT daughter, the other one from another dimension! Jeez, dude, ya need to keep track of your kids! ;p BTW Bonnie and I are pen pals. She’s a pretty cool person. Oh, and she’s mad you forgot to send her a B-day present. Just so you know. *HINT HINT*

Captain Crawfish: I… I… I thought…

E: Please tell me you only have 1 daughter.

Captain Crawfish: I thought I did.

E: Phew! Bullet dodged.

Captain Crawfish: I did send Bonnie a present though. Did she not get it?

E: I’mma go get a carrier pigeon.

Dr Hare: How are they pen pals through dimensions though?! That makes no sense!

E: How was I able to text my friends while in another universe? Weird crap happens bro. There are a couple medians.

Dr Hare: But… It makes no sense…

E: I dunno. Maybe they have a rift? Or a rift creator… Ooh.

Dr Hare: No more of that, please. 

E: Evil El got sorted out! Mostly. After leaving me with a few mental scars… And nearly killing us both…

Dr Hare: Never again. Please.

E: *Laughs* You got it Champ. *Punches him playfully on the arm* It’ll make our lives easier at any rate.

Dr Hare: *smiles sheepishly* Thanks.

Captain Crawfish: Evil El?

E: Less said the better…


BB: Can I borrow your laser bazooka? Pwetty pwease? *Adorable chibi Bambi eyes*

Binary Bard: No.


Binary Bard: Are you serious?! I’m not giving her a laser bazooka! She’d probably shoot me with it!

E: I dunno about that… *Smirks*

Binary Bard: wut.

E: Nothing. Honesty, it cracks me up how many fangirls you get. I mean, we have the suave spy, the Bad-A art thief, the pirate Captain…

Binary Bard: The bunny rabbit, but he’s already taken…

E: Quiet you. Look, just keep in mind you have fangirls. Many.

Binary Bard: Also you can be swayed by chibi eyes.

E: What.

Binary Bard: Is that why you’re so into Hare? Cause he’s got some mean chibi game.

E: I’m not that into Harvey… *Poink* HOLY CRAP I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT

Binary Bard: I knew it!

E: You misheard me! I said it weird!

Binary Bard: It’s too late now! I already heard it!

E: No you didn’t! You’re hallucinating!

Binary Bard: Uh huh. Sure.

E: No no no no no no this is a nightmare. You can’t know about this, it was bad enough when Wid found out….

Binary Bard: Oh, she knows too? That explains it…

E: This explains nothing! I do not have a crush on Harvey! It’s just… my heart messing with me again, I guess.

Binary Bard: *Taken aback* What?

E: Nothing. It’s… nothing. Look, there’s a reason I’m not doing anything. I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t want to hurt Harvey either, ok?

Binary Bard: ._.

E: Sorry, it’s weird. I’m… kind of secretly a mess 24/7?

Binary Bard: What even….

E: *Flushes* Long story. Don’t you dare tell Harvey I have a crush on him! It’s complicated enough as it is!

Binary Bard: OK, OK, geez.

(20 minutes later)

Dr Hare: What were you and E talking about eariler?

Binary Bard: Chibi. She apparently likes Chibi.

Dr Hare: Really?

Binary Bard: Well who doesn’t like Chibi?

Dr Hare: You.

Binary Bard: Fair enough.


DD: Why do you have a grey toupee? Why not something like a brown one? #youlooklikeanoldguy

Director D: -_- I don’t need to justify my decisions to you.

E: He wanted to look older than he was! You know, to look cool. Get street cred. The like.

Director D: E…

E: I guessed that one, actually. Was I right?

Director D: E.

E: Sorry.

Director D: Why did you never become a spy?

E: Because I’m a wimp with no upper body strength and Lucky did it, so there you go.

Director D: Ah. How are you two seperated anyways?

E: WELL… That’s rather complicated. See, Lucky Wing is a Poptropican from your dimension. I am merely another form of her and vise versa… Mostly.

Director D: Mostly?

E: Anyways, I use her name as my online persona most of the time, such as most of my blogging career and the entirety of my YouTube career. But she’s her own person and I’m mine. It’s a little weird, but there ya go.

Director D: Alright then.

E: *hums quietly* Am I good now? I should probably do the next Q.

Director D: Go ahead.

E: Okie! *Skips off*

Director D: How does she do it? She doesn't look like she has anything, and yet... She's even caused Dr Hare to... I need to invesigate further. 

E: *Poke shead in* You done monologuing? You’re up pretty soon.

Director D: *Starts* How did you…?

E: Guessed. I’m Lucky. *Giggles and leaves*

Director D: How.


DH: How long are your ears?

E: They’re… Hmm.

Dr Hare: I’d say they’re maybe… more than a foot… They’re…

E: *Grabs his arms and holds them up above his head* Wow. About the same.

Dr Hare: *Blushes* What are you-

E: Being scientific. How about you?

Dr Hare: Uh… nothing, currently.

E: Okie, good. Gimme a sec… *Let’s go of him arms and touches one his ears tentatively* Is it OK if I touch your ears?

Dr Hare: Yeah, sure.

E: Yay! *drags a chair over and sits him down in it* I have been dying to know about these.

Dr Hare: You have?

E: I’m a curious human. *touches his ears tentatively* You sure you don’t mind?

Dr Hare: Nope.

E: Alright. *Strokes the ear gently* Uh… It just went stiff… That normal?

Dr Hare: No. I mean yes.

E: Uh… Ok? I’mma measure them now.

Dr Hare: Ok…

E: *holds up a ruler* I’d say… About 3 feet each? Cool.

Dr Hare: T-thanks.

E: Are you OK?

Dr Hare: Uh… Cold.

E: Oh… I can lend you some long johns if you need them. You’re roughly my brother’s size.

Dr Hare: I’m fine, I’m fine.

E: You sure? It’s no trouble!

Dr Hare: It’s fine. I need to… Go… Something. *Stands up and leaves, flustered.*

E: What…

Black Widow: Il t’aime et tu l’as touché, duh.

E: Either that was a shipping comment for a jab, either way, light you.

Black Widow: He was totally flustered though.

E: He was not! Well, Ok, maybe, but not because I’m like, attractive or anything.

Black Widow: You’d be surprised.

E: I doubt it.


BW: Wanna be friends?

Black Widow: Who is this?

E: Kat.

Black Widow: I don’t know who that is.

E: Uh… You’d know her by… *Pulls out phone* Ah ha. She asked about… Realistic Art Contest… Potato… Cows.

Black Widow: Why.

E: She also asked about Digital art and which of the Sci Bros are more annoying.

Black Widow: *Grins* Oh, her. Right, Ok. I’ll tolerate her.

E: Awesome. Cause we MAY end up doing a crossover with her at some point and…. Erm. Yeah.

Black Widow: More people. Yay.

E: ._. One of them is your son.

Black Widow: *Pause* Excuse me?

E: It’s the dimensional thing, I promise! Please don’t kill me!

Black Widow: Ok… Because I definitely don’t have a kid and I think I’d know if I did!

E: *Facepalms* NEXT Q PLS

Black Widow: Thank you.


Pop: Who’s your favorite villain?

Poptropica: Um… I like all of them, honestly! But… I think Mister Harvey is my favorite! He’s really funny and he’s fun and I like being with him. He teaches me stuff about technology and let’s me watch him work. One time he told me I reminded him of Momma. *Pauses* I don’t know why he went all red after that though. I also like Aunty Charlotte, she gives me lollipops.

E: I give you Lollipops.

Poptropica: But you’re not a villain.

E: *sighs* No one takes me seriously.

Poptropica: But I like all the “Villains” anyways!


E: Even tho it wasn’t like a dare or anything, I’m gonna draw the villains as cats anyway.

E: So, technically, if someone draws art for me… And it’s for something like this… Does it quality as fanart?

Black Widow: What.

E: I has fanart!

Black Widow: Didn’t she send you that picture a while back?


Black Widow: Does the word “desperate” mean anything to you?

E: It means too much. Go for it man!


Lucky: Nice hair. Green suits you.

Lucky Wing: Oh, thank you.

E: Come on, your hair is awesome. I think we can talk about it.

Lucky Wing: How so?

E: Like the fact that it’s naturally that freaking color.

Lucky Wing: *Frowns* I told you to not-

E: Right! Sorry, sorry, language. My bad.

Lucky Wing RoP: I figured you, of all people…

E: I get it, I get it.


5h3Wh0H1d3s1n7h35h4d0w5 To Binary Bard: Have you ever been hacked before?

Binary Bard: Yes… *Shoots a look at Dr Hare and E*

E: *Giggles* No regrets.

Dr Hare: You need to upgrade your firewall B.

Binary Bard: I did.

E: Who makes their password ELYANAPurpleXYellow for cat’s sake?! You might as well make it WARMACHINEROX for crying out loud! You made it way too easy.

Binary Bard: I did not!

Dr Hare: Uh… you kinda did bro.

Binary Bard: I hate you all.

E: Love you too bro.


To E: TAS says you can do that question next week.

E: Thank you TAS. Hugs for you later. So the original Q was…

Dr Hare: *Coughs importantly* Everyone: console games vs handheld games vs pc games who wins -TAS

E: *Punches him playfully* You lil bugger!

Dr Hare: *Tips an imaginary hat* Thank you ma’am.

E: Oh pish. Let’s show the others then.

*Minutes later*

Black Widow: I don’t care.

Binary Bard: Console, if you please.

E: As a whole, I’m not that big into handheld, my exceptions being PvZ Heros and Pixel Dungeon.

Dr Hare: Did you ever finish it?

E: I did! I beat the freaking game! WHOOOOO! Anyways, sorry. Uh… Maybe we should have a contest and see. Like we split into groups and each one does just that got a week. Harvey and I claim dibs on video games!

Black Widow: Oh would you look at that. We’re out of time.

E: We don’t have a time limit Wid, we-

Black Widow: To the next Q then.


To E again: The whole “Nephri as a personal assistant” thing is actually a reference to the universe I come from. And V was talking about AI. Kinda like… Ugh, A says Bard won’t like this but… kinda like Siri or Cortana…

E: *pauses* Oh. I’ve heard of Alexa. The robot I mean. *Grumbles* Still don’t trust em.

Dr Hare: Why not?

E: Why not what.

Dr Hare: What do you have against robots?

E: Their plots of world domination. Seriously.

Dr Hare: Uh, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

E: I beg to differ.

Black Widow: Hang on a second… Does this have anything to do with the reason you stopped watching Ninjago?

E: *flushes suddenly* No!

Black Widow: I knew it! You did like him, didn’t you!

E: No! Maybe! Wid!

Dr Hare: I’m so confused.

E: I can’t decide whether to run or try and take down Widow rn.

Black Widow: Try it honey.

E: I hate you so much sometimes.

Dr Hare: Who in Ninjago?!

E: *Flushes deeper red* It’s not important! I’m over it! Mostly… Augh! *runs off*

Dr Hare: … What…

Black Widow: *Smirks* Just teasing her about an old crush. She still won’t admit it.

Dr Hare: But… what does it have to do with the Alexa robot?

Black Widow: I’m sworn to secrecy. *smirks again* I wonder… A Q would probably get her to explain though.

Dr Hare: Why…

Black Widow: Time to go see if I can use the Anon trick.

(No. No you can’t Wid. You dirty rotten bugger. -E the editor bound by a curse)


To Everyone: I’ve put meme bombs on everything beloved you own. They’ll only disarm if everyone says “thank mr skeltal” or “snoot boop”. >:D

*A beeping sound starts*

E: What the- Why?!

Black Widow: Are you serious?


Dr Hare: Holy carrots! E!


Dr Hare: For crying out loud, hold still!

Black Widow: Pff, like I hold anything dear to me.

Binary Bard: Uh… Your art?

Black Widow: ._. They wouldn’t dare…

Director D: Well, seeing as there is a bomb on Miss E as well, I supposed they would.

Poptropica: Is Momma gonna be alright Mister D? I’m worried.

Director D: She will be fine. *Takes a deep breath and says with a perfect straight face* Thank Mr Skeltal, snoot boop.

*The insistent beeping stops*

E: *stops slowly* What on Earth…

Dr Hare: What on Poptropica… Did you just meme D?!

Director D: I did what was necessary. Now, if you will excuse me. *Nods head to Poptropica and walks away*

*Stunned silence*

E: I… How… He…

Poptropica: Mister D is so cool!

Dr Hare: How did he do that?! And why?!

E: I thought he hated memes…

Captain Crawfish: We ne’r did find out what was rigged of his.

Binary Bard: True…

E: Oh… Everything just made sense.

*Meanwhile, in another dimension…*


Sry for quality. I 💙 this pic tho


Smart Flame: to everyone: Fight. The. Cows. NOW!

Black Widow: Yeah, no. *Walks away*


E: Daaaaaaaaaang.

Binary Bard: And we have been gifted by the Sass Queen.

E: I take it you’re used to this.

Binary Bard: I’ve worked with these people so long, they’re practically my siblings.

E: Evil siblings albeit.

Binary Bard: Who argue often.

Dr Hare: Ouch.

E: Truth. No wonder Pop calls you Uncle Mordred.

Binary Bard: Shut it you.

E: I think it’s cute.

Dr Hare: *Snickers*

Binary Bard: I hate you both.

E: One big happy family!


To everyone: Are your ears blessed by Adele yet?

E: I like Adele! I don’t listen to her a ton, since… I’m currently listening to Johnathan Young rock Disney and my own videos.

Dr Hare: You too?

E: Which one, the listening to Adele, the Johnathan Young or the my own vids?

Dr Hare: Uh… I meant yours.

E: You watch my videos?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Ooh. Didn’t know that. Sweet glory, I've said some WEIRD crap in those!

Binary Bard: I think I’ve heard her. Didn’t she write “Someone like you?”

E: Yeah. And Hello.

Black Widow: Hello?

E: *in a purposefully terrible, off key voice* Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiide!

Black Widow: Enough!

E: *giggles*


To BW: My cat is interested in a relationship *wink*

Black Widow: I’m not dating a cat. I’m single for a reason.

E: You know who you sound like?

Black Widow: A widow?

E: No. Well, maybe. But you sound like me.

Black Widow: You’re close to a relationship though.

E: *Flushes* Am not!

Black Widow: Mmm hmm.

E: Shut up. Just… shut up.

Black Widow: It’s going to happen…

E: I’m going to kill you…

(I decided to be nice and let her live though.)


To BB: My dog is interested in a relationship *wink*

Binary Bard: Uh… thanks for offering, but I’m not sure I can date a dog, sorry.

E: Plus B has aaaaaaaaaall the ships.

Binary Bard: -_- Why.

E: Why not bruh.


To Craw: Fries and a ship and you get a magic trick

Captain Crawfish: What. I can’t just get ye a ship mate.

E: I can! Smart Flame X Black Widow! Boom!

Captain Crawfish: What.

Black Widow: Why.

E: I was out of ideas.


To all: Eat ten gummy bears through your nose


Poptropica: Can I try?

E and Dr Hare: No.

Poptropica: Aw.


To all but E and Hare: Make those two a thing

Black Widow: *smirks* Already on it.

Binary Bard: Same.

*They bump fists*

Binary Bard: I mean, it’s cute, but I do have one concern.

Black Widow: He is older. By kind of a lot.

Binary Bard: No, it’s-

Black Widow: That he’s a rabbit? Don’t sweat that, E loves bunnies.

Binary Bard: You’re not helping.

Black Widow: Oops. Sorry.

Director D: Is it that they are from completely different dimensions?

Binary Bard: *Jumps* HOLY- D!

Black Widow: Is that even a concern? I mean, what about Binary and-

Binary Bard: Shut. Up.

Director D: I do not know. I am merely stating something.

E: What’s going on in here?

Black Widow: Nothing. James fell asleep and we’re trying to wake him up.

E: Ugh, Ok. See if you can wake him up before we head out. *Leaves*

Binary Bard: Does she know we’re not going with?

Black Widow: Apparently not. She will shortly.


To all but BW & BB: Make those two a thing

E: *winces* Nah. I can’t really see those too.

Dr Hare: You can’t ship that? You?

E: Whaddya mean?

Dr Hare: You’re the shipping queen.

E: Not really. Now my friendo Buggie… WHOO BOY.

Dr Hare: Do you want to know?

E: One time, a guy walked by and said hi to me, by name, and as soon as he was out of ear shot, she asked, loudly, if he was my boyfriend.

Dr Hare: Wow.

E: I still have no idea who the guy was. Perpetual concerns.

Dr Hare: Ok then.

E: Anyways, I don’t really ship B and Wid. Now and Wid…

Dr Hare: E!

E: I’m kidding, I’m kidding! D has a special someone. *snickers* Ship that so hard.

Dr Hare: See! Shipping queen.

E: *punches him* Oh hush it you!

Dr Hare: Where even is D?

E: I think he’s with Wid and B trying to wake up Crawfish.

Dr Hare: They’d better hurry, we’re going to be late!

E: I know, right? You go hurry them up, I’ll set up stuff.

White Hawk the cyborg of awesomeness to BB: 01000101 01110010 00101100 00100000 01110101 01101101 00101100 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100111 01101111 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101101 01100101 00111111 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110110 01101001 01100101 01110011 00100000 01100011 01110101 01111010 00100000 01001001 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01110100 01110111 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101001 01100011 01101011 01100101 01110100 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01010011 01110000 01101001 01100100 01100101 01110010 01101101 01100001 01101110 00111010 00100000 01001000 01101111 01101101 01100101 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110 00100000 01010011 01101111 01110101 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101100 00111111

Binary Bard: What.


Binary Bard: Shut up.

E: Does she know this is a different Binary Bard than the one in her dimension?

Binary Bard: I don’t know.

E: Well she does now. Let me… *Looks at phone* Ok. Wow. She already knew.

Binary Bard: What?!

E: Heh. She’s into you. As in this you.

Binary Bard: Are inter-dimensional relationships even legal?!

E: Bruh.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing.

Binary Bard: What…

E: Life. So… You going?

Binary Bard: I’m like 22.

E: She’s 17.

Binary Bard: That’s 4 years!

E: I hope you realize literally every argument you’ve used can be used against me X Harvey.

Binary Bard: Seriously?

E: Yup. So you’re going?

Binary Bard: Uh…

E: I’ll message her. *Pause* Oh, this is going to be good.

Binary Bard: Why are you like this.

E: Cause some of us need to get out of the house because I’m pretty sure they haven’t left since August.

Binary Bard: Have too!

E: Fine, September.

Binary Bard: Whatever happened to that double date?

E: Put on hold, I lost contact. Now… *shoves phone in pocket and grins* You are going to go see Homecoming with Whitney Hawk. I’ll contact her to set it up.

Binary Bard: I hate you.

E: Love you too buddy.


(So! I’m planning on doing the results from the poll soon, but there was one anonymous I figured we’d better take care of now!) 

So what are all you guys going to be for Halloween? 

E: I! I am being 3 things. 1, Mario, from Nintendo, that’s for school. My brother went as Luigi, it was epic.

Dr Hare: She came here in the Mario outfit, mustache and all.

E: And I looked fabulous. Anyways, I’ll get to 2 in sec, my 3rd is… Princess Peach! I’m going to be going Trick or Treating with my family and friends from school! My little sisters are going as Mario and Toad and I look almost like Peach so…

Binary Bard: You really do.

E: *Bows dramatically* Thank you for noticing.

Dr Hare: And we’re going as a group to take Pop!

Black Widow: About that…

E: Yes I’m going! I don’t care that I’m 16! I’m not exactly mature anyways… I’m not too old!

Binary Bard: We kind of are.

Black Widow: You know we’re like, actually adults right?

E: *Deflating* But…

Dr Hare: Hey, it’s Ok. I’m still coming! So is Pop!

Poptropica: We’re doing what?

E: Right! You don’t know what Trick or Treating is!

Dr Hare: He doesn’t!?

E: I kind of explained, but I didn’t have time to give him the full-

Dr Hare: He’s never been?!

E: Nope. They apparently didn’t have it where he came from.

Dr Hare: This needs to be remedied. Now.

E: You’re not going to his old dimension and blowing stuff up.

Dr Hare: *Pauses* Why not and how did you know.

E: Violence is not an answer to everything. And I know you, genius. You’re not entirely reformed, never have been. Heck, no one goes insta reformation. And you, Dr Harvey Hare, are quite a bit vengeful when you’re mad.

Dr Hare: That’s… True.

Black Widow: Elyana, you stalker you.

E: Not a stalker, just the kind of person who notices things about her friends.

Binary Bard: Especially close friends.

E: Quiet you.

Black Widow: *smirks* Anyways, I’m going to stay home and draw. The creepyness in the air is bleeding into me, you know?

E: You did not just-

Black Widow: I’m kidding! I just wanted to finish up Inktober for myself.

E: You did Inktober without me? I’m kinda hurt.

Black Widow: You said you weren’t doing it when I asked.

E: I had forgotten child. Why didn’t you ask before.

Dr Hare: ANYWAYS, since I guess El and I are the only ones dressing up, I’m going as Hades, from the Disney movie.

E: I’m going as a female, human Tomatoa. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it’s awesome.

Poptropica: And I’m going as Captain America!

E: We were all going to be Villains, but I couldn’t say no and he looks adorable in his costume.

Poptropica: Do not!

E: Right. Anyways, so we’re off to go trick or treating methinks! Let me go change and we’ll be off!

Black Widow: Oh right! Hang on, let me grab my things!

Dr Hare: I gotta go change too…

Poptropica: Me too.

Binary Bard: Are you guys basically saying I’m ending off?

E: Wha- Where did D go?!

Dr Hare: No idea.

E: That man is a ninja.

Binary Bard: Thanks guys.

E: I’mma go change while I still can! Be back!

Binary Bard: Ugh, fine.

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, IDK whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall BURN DESTROY you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (nicknamed “The Nøkken stole my sanity” on the PHB) on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, I dunno, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game who is currently living with me and the guys!  Plus Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, experiences we’ve had, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Then I’ll reschedule or something. (Happy Halloween y’all!) Ask away!


Maybe we should rename today’s AtV “We give B a hard time.” XD I have little else to say, it’s late, I’m just glad it’s still Tuesday TBH… Anyways, trick or treating was… A thing. I’ll publish something on it later, when it’s not 11:36 and my battery isn’t critical. So..  Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

(4348 words! Wow! Huh. Does anyone even care tho… Minus me I mean.)

Ask the Villains #26, Wake me up Inside

E *sitting on a solitary stool, staring at the wall* … Is this really number 26?

Dr Hare: *Sipping a milkshake* Hmm?

E: Has it really been over half a year since we started doing these?

Dr Hare: *pauses, then pulls out phone and looks at it* Um.

E: It totally is, isn’t it.

Dr Hare: Yes. Yes it is.


E: We totally should have done something last week.

Dr Hare: To be fair, you did have your 1 yr. *mutters something under breath* And I meant to get you something…

E: We went to dinner with the peeps, don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal.

Dr Hare: You’ve been blogging for a whole year! Why didn’t I think to… *Sighs* Sorry.

E: Honestly bro, I still haven’t gotten you anything special for your birthday.


Dr Hare: You were going to get me something special?

E: Yeah… But I’m currently broke and so busy I want to scream. So… it didn’t really happen. I’m really sorry.

Dr Hare: *touched* Oh.

E: Ooh, tell you what! I know it’s in a while, but why don’t you come to my Drama performance in November? We’re doing an awesome play! And a… less awesome play, but I think you’ll like em!

Dr Hare: That… That’d be nice! Will you be in both?

E: Shockingly, yes. I’m like, the only one, but my parts are a bit more minor… Anyways, I’ll pay for it, my treat!

Dr Hare: You don’t have to-

E: But I want to! Consider it a super late birthday present! *shoots him with finger guns and winks*

Dr Hare: Uh, alright.

E: *Grins* Awesome! I’m going to go run and start the AtV! *Jumps off stool and runs off*

Dr Hare: *watches her run off* Wow.

Binary Bard: She really is something, isn’t she Hare?

Dr Hare: Quiet you.


DJAlexa Hattomi to Binary Bard: Can you calculate a number bigger than infinity? -Itch

Binary Bard: Well… There isn’t one. Infinity it’s the largest number.

E: Can you calculate it though?

Binary Bard: It’s infinity. It’s not a number you punch into a calculator.

E: I know that genius. I’m just checking to make sure you’re not bluffin’.

Binary Bard: How do you know all this?

E: It’s called I pay attention in school. I spent a couple years in home school too, so I learned some weird stuff, as well as I have a nerdy brother who once spent half of a PE period discussing whether zero is a number or not.

Binary Bard: What do you do with your life?

E: I have no idea. But do you have any thoughts on how some infinitys are bigger than others?

Binary Bard: But that’s impossible. Infinity is just-

E: *Interrupts* Here. Harvey, help me out here.

Dr Hare: Uh, OK.

E: Well, there’s the infinity everyone thinks about, how numbers go on forever, right?

Binary Bard: Yeah.

E: So what about the infinity between numbers?

Dr Hare: *Catches on* Right! The infinite amount of numbers between 1 and 2 for instance! Like 2.3146… etcetera!

E: But it’s a lower number than the infinite infinity! There you go!

Binary Bard: ….

E: Uh… B?

Binary Bard: …

Dr Hare: I think we broke him.


Binary Bard: Error…

E: Ops.

Dr Hare: I’ll get the MaKey MaKey.

E: Sorry!

(Yes, this is all true! At least, I’m pretty darn sure. If it’s not, I blame my brother and my last year math teacher. So yay. ~E the edits)


Wid: If you weren’t named after a spider, what animal would you name yourself after? -Alexa

Black Widow: First off, please don’t call me Wid. Only close friends can call me that.

E: What about Charlotte?

Black Widow: -_- Get out.

E: I’m kidding! But seriously, I am curious.

Black Widow: That made no sense, but fine. I let the guys call me that occasionally.

E: What if you got a boyfriend or something, could he call you that?

Black Widow: I don’t see it likely, but maybe.

E: Can I call you that?

Black Widow: -_-

E: Ok then. Why do you let my child call you that but not me?!

Black Widow: Cause he’s cuter.

E: OK OW RUDE- Ok, fine, it’s true. Answer your Q.

Black Widow: Fine. I’ve always been a spider to be honest like. What else would I be?

E: You could be a cat.

Black Widow: I thought D was a cat.

E: Everyone’s a cat. You’re a cat, D’s a cat, Crawfish is a cat, Harvey is a… Bunny.

Black Widow: *raises eyebrows* And Binary is an owl.

E: And I’m a marshmallow.

Black Widow: You still make no sense.

E: I rarely do.

(Anyone else tempted to draw all the Villains as cats? Just me? Ok.)


E: If you could use Nephri as a personal assistant, would you? -Vampi

E: Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I.e. a lot. See, I can’t really have an assistant per say?

Dr Hare: Plumber wrench.

E: *Hands it to him* Cause, well, I am an assistant.

Dr Hare: Uh… spinny wrench.

E: Socket wrench?

Dr Hare: Yeah, that one.

E: *Hands it to him* Here ya go. So… yeah, I’m Harvey’s assistant, sort of. I actually… Well, it’s complicated. I was his assistant, quit, now I just kind of work with him. Different dimensions, different rules, I guess.

Dr Hare: We got along fine in my dimension!

E: Mostly.


Dr Hare: Sorry….

E: It’s fine, don’t worry about it, we got over it. Anyways, so, yeah, sorry Neph. I’m sure you’d be a great assistant, but I don’t need one RN.

Dr Hare: Honestly? We’re more like partners at this point.

E: Partners in crime?

Dr Hare: No.

E: Ye.

Dr Hare: I am retired.

E: I am not.

Dr Hare: You were never evil!

E: *fake gasps* How dare you say such a thing to she-who-must-not-be-named!

Dr Hare: *laughs* Give it up El.

E: *pouts* Fine…


Everyone: console games vs handheld games vs pc games who wins -TAS

E: ALL DA GAMES *looks at watch* Oop. Can I answer this next week?


Sporty Boa to CC: 1. How were you doing on that island you got abandoned on at the end of Skullduggerey island?

Captain Crawfish: Argh. I was doing fine. Had food, water. I couldn’t swim away, but I was fine.

E: Why didn’t you build a raft and sail away?

Captain Crawfish: I did.

E: Wait what.

Captain Crawfish: Aye, that’s where I was when they picked me up. *Sighs* And that’s when the problems kept on going.


Captain Crawfish: What?

E: Disney gets me places.


2. Would you rather lose your other leg or your other eye?

Captain Crawfish: Leg, methinks. It’s hard to be a pirate blind.

E: *starts sniggering* No eyed Pete.

Captain Crawfish: Who?

E: He’s… From Ninjago… I have a picture, gimme a sec. *Holds up phone*


Captain Crawfish: What?

E: I’m not very good at meming.


To BW: *Leans forward* How do you know the strange man from counterfeit??

Black Widow: He was my right hand man. Duh.

E: Wid!

Black Widow: What.

E: He means how did you meet?

Black Widow: Whatever.

E: So…

Black Widow: So what.

E: So how did you meet him?

Black Widow: Met at a bar.

E: What were you doing at a bar?!

Black Widow: Trying to set up an organization. I needed people.

E: And those people were in a bar.

Black Widow: Yes. Yes they were.

E: You aren’t very child friendly.

Black Widow: Reformed Villain honey.

E: *sticks out tongue* Whatever, just keep going.

Black Widow: Well, we worked together for a few years, maybe 6 or 7.

E: Your definition of a few is about half my lifetime. Why did you betray him then?

Black Widow: *sighs* Because he was giving information to your lot.

E: My lot? Bro, wrong person, I never did any adventuring.

Black Widow: Whatever.

E: Whatever whatever.

Black Widow: Are you done getting my life story yet?

E: Uh… *Smirks suddenly* Did you date him?

Black Widow: Get out.

E: But-

Black Widow: Out.

E: Leaving.


To BB: 1. How the heck did you get a castle fortress built on that planet?!

Binary Bard: It’s a long story.

E: I wanna know!

Binary Bard: I’ll tell you all another time.

E: Rude.


2. What’s your favorite planet in the solar system? (besides Earth)

Binary Bard: I’m not sure. I liked Glacies, but the castle fortress was my favorite.

E: You liked what.

Binary Bard: Glacies.

E: What.

Binary Bard: You know, the icy planet? It was -97 C, had ice piranhas, you know?

E: … OOOOOOOOOOOOOH….. The Ice Planet… Heh. I knew that.

Binary Bard: You didn’t know it had a name?

E: It never said in game…

Binary Bard: In game?

E: Yeah.

Binary Bard: *Sighs* Your dimensional existence raises a lot of questions.

E: Like how I play a video game that in another dimension is very similar to someone’s life? And that a physical representation of that very game is my child? Oh yeah, welcome to my world.

Binary Bard: H-how…

E: Well… Not sure, but it’s kinda… I’m technically a dimensional inconsistency as well as impossibility. So YAY CONFUSIONS

Binary Bard: Wha…

Dr Hare: Did you break him again?!

E: Dangit!


To Everyone: If you were stuck in the middle of a desert, would you rather have: Water, but no food or food but no water?

E: Water but no food, easy.

Binary Bard: I don’t need food as much as they do, since… Yeah.

Dr Hare: But… But carrots.

E: *laughs*

Black Widow: Water.

Captain Crawfish: *shrugs*


Director D; Why am I in this said desert?

E: You ticked someone off, so they ditched you there.

Director D: Who would leave me in the desert.

E: I can think of several people. Myself included occasionally.

Director D: *sighs* Fine. Water.

E: Hmm… Story idea!

Everyone else: No.


Black Widow: Where’s E?

Dr Hare: She had to run to Driver’s Ed. It’s her last day, acutally.

Black Widow: Then she can drive?! Hoo boy, I’m never going on the streets again.

Binary Bard: Doesn’t she still have drives?

Dr Hare: Yeah, so she’s not quite done.

Black Widow: So we’re safe for now.

Dr Hare: That’s mean. She’s a pretty good driver. Now her teacher is a bit of a scary guy.

Binary Bard: Was he the tall guy with the beard?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

Binary Bard: Oh yeah. He was scary.

Captain Crawfish: I’m tall. And have a beard.

Dr Hare: You met her teacher?

*There’s a knock on the door*

Muddled voice: Special delivery!

Binary Bard: There she is. *Opens the door*

*There’s a cake in front of the door with a note next to it*

Dr Hare: I don’t think that was E.

Binary Bard: Shut up.

E: *Walks over, humming* Oh hey guys. *Looks at cake* What’s this?

Black Widow: No idea.

E: *Opens letter and reads aloud*

“Happy Bloggiversary! Moana made a 4-layer cake, and each layer is a different flavor. Pretty sure the first is vanilla, then carrot cake for Dr. Hare, and a bunch more. Have fun! -Team MINTATIV”

E: Aw! That’s sweet of them!

Dr Hare: Ay. *They highfive*

Binary Bard: So we know who it’s from, that means it’s probably not poisoned, right?

E: Probably not.

Binary Bard: *wordlessly picks up cake and takes it inside*

E: Hey! You’d better share ya pig!

Dr Hare: Did they say carrot cake?

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: … I’ll be inside.

E: *Laughs* I see how it is!

(Ok, in all serousness, we all went in and had a slice. Dang those people know how to cook.)


E: *Sighs* I’m late. Again.

Poptropica: What do you mean/

E: It’s Wednesday. Again. I was gonna publish yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. Again. I just- *coughs* Ugh. Ow.

Poptropica: Momma, are you sick?

E: *Sniffs* A little bit. Anyways, sorry guys, I’ll get next weeks out on time at least. This is Halloween peeps!

Poptropica: Can I wear your cloak?

E: Let’s make you a costume instead. I have some ideas…. *Coughs again* Dangit dangit dangit.

Dr Hare: For the love of, E, go take a nap. Seriously.

E: Nu…

Dr Hare: Yes.

E: Fine…

Dr Hare: Thank you. You’re dead in your feet El, you’re going to pass out.

E: No I’m not…

Dr Hare: *raises eyebrow*

E: Fine, I’m gone. You two finish up then.

Poptropica: Is she going to die?

Dr Hare: No, it’s just a cold. Probably.

Poptropica: Why does she keep getting sick?

Dr Hare: No idea.

E: *from upstairs* Wish I knew!

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, IDK whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (or else we shall BURN DESTROY you), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (nicknamed CandE on the PHB) on Discord and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that. The main 6 people to ask are Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, Ele, Elyana, Momma, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game who is currently living with me and the guys!  Plus Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. You can ask about dreams, candy canes, crushes, ships, opinions, Poptropica, rocks, experiences we’ve had, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Then I’ll reschedule or something. (Random spoopy noises) Ask away!

Why do I keep getting sick anyways? UGH. Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

(Word count is (nojoke) 2345)

The final results!

A whole year and I STILL can’t write titles diddly-squat. 

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! We’ve had a ton of stuff going on at the blog, so now it’s time to finally post who won the header contest methinks! So, if you don’t know what’s going on….

Go read this post gosh darn it. The Winner… S?

So the results weren’t actually visible to the public, and I made it that way on purpose! It’s a bit more nerve wracking if you can see the whole thing if you ask me. If you didn’t know, the 3 people who entered were….


Whitney Hawk


Purple Claw


And Sporty Boa!

Thank you all for these amazing headers, but there can only be one winner! (Sadly) So… the results were pretty close, but one was in the lead for most of the time, even if not by much. And that winner was….

The suspense is killing me here.

The winner is PURPLE CLAW!!! Congrats my friendo! Your prize is… I didn’t have a prize, didn’t I? OK, I mean, minus the fact that I’m going to put it on the top of my blog for probably forever. So… Ye. Virtual hug for the PC. Also major congrats to Whit and Sporty! You guys actually TIED on second! That has literally never happened over here. (Albeit I haven’t done very many….) You guys will also get a prize! (Ish) I do use things like headers in other places too, like that poll I did Thursday! (Click the link if you haven’t done it. Don’t retake it if you have pls!) So I will be using those headers in various places, don’t worry! I will send you your virtual hugs shortly! Let me know when you want those! I’m sorry this post is short, but I’m working on homework today. Plus side I’ll be on Discord for most of the day to deliver the hugs. So… ye! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!