Ask the Villains #49, Shipping and video game madness

This AtV begins elsewhere! E had sneezed herself to another dimension (again, go figure) and the adventure begins… here!

AAaF #6, starring moi


Also, a warning: This AtV is a little bit darker than usual. I mean, not by much, but hi. Quick warning. It’s still very light-hearted, funny, and awkward, however, we talk about death, mention of depression (that one was me) and demons. However, I wrote most of this, and I’m the biggest namby-pamby wimp in the world, it should be fine. You shouldn’t read if you’re a total, total wimp. And I’m not saying I think you are, I just thought I’d warn you. Depression. Death. YAY.


Dr Hare: *pacing across the living room, nervously fidgeting with a pen*

Black Widow: *glances up from phone* Will you stop.

Dr Hare: Stop what?

Black Widow: Pacing. It’s not helping anything and it’s just annoying.

Dr Hare: Sorry, I’m just… worried, I guess.

Black Widow: I know, but you’re annoying me. Sit down.

Dr Hare: Fine… *sits down* I’m just… I’m worried.

Black Widow: She’s with Fizz, whoever the heck that is.

Dr Hare: You know who that is.

Black Widow: Oh right, green cat. How E keeps track of all this…

Dr Hare: *half smiles* True enough…

Black Widow: Just don’t worry about it. She’ll be here soon.

Dr Hare: I just can’t help it. Sorry.

Black Widow: That’s why I’m here. To snap you out of it.

Dr Hare: -_- Thanks.

Black Widow: Welcome.

Dr Hare: I was being sarcastic.

Black Widow: And I wasn’t.

Dr Hare: Helpful.

Black Widow: It distracted you, didn’t it?

Dr Hare: I guess…

*A portal opens up in the middle of the living room and a bunch of people spill out.*

Dr Hare: *jumps back* What on Earth?!

E: *sits up* Hi Harvey. I’m back. And I brought friends.

Fizzson: I don’t believe we’ve met face to face before. I’m E’s friend Fizz. The red-haired girl with the cat hoodie is Arleen, the smiling spirit-demon is Smiley, and the sad-looking white cat girl is Despair.

Arleen: Nice to see you! 😀

Despair: …Hello there…

Smiley: Greetings.

Dr Hare: Oh, um… Hello. I’m Dr Hare.

Black Widow: *looks up from her phone* Hey. Welcome to torture.

E: And that’s the fabulous Black Widow. Clearly.

Arleen: Well hi to you too, Widow. -_-

Fizzson: Anyways, should we start with the AtV?

Black Widow: It’s true.

E: You’re impossible. Yeah, let’s do the AtV!

Dr Hare: … Ok?

E: Come on, it’ll be fun!


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to E and Hare: you wanna watch another movie? Bought 4 tickets this time so Helen could come to help me film you- Errr I meant film the movie.

E: … Isn’t that illegal?

Arleen: Oh, totally… If that was the thing they were filming. 😏

E: What else would they be filming?

Dr Hare: Um…

Heather: Am I involved?

E: I’m really confused.

Arleen: Oh, don’t worry about it…

Fizzson: …You’re gonna be doing this the entire time we’re here, aren’t you?

Arleen: Try and stop me. >:)

E: … I’m lost.

Dr Hare: Just… Just don’t even bother.

E: *shrugs* Ok, works for me.


(I drew that, go me.)


To Heather: eh, it’s fine. I’m an insane bookworm too. I read like, all my sister’s SAT books and like all the books known to mankind that I find interesting.

E: The SAT books?! I did the SAT Tuesday, and it sucked! I love reading, but-

Heather: This is my question.

E: Oops, sorry.

Heather: I like reading fantasy, but I’ll read whatever. I read E’s SAT booklet.

E: What is wrong with you people.

Fizzson: I could write a list of books for you if you want. It would probably stretch halfway cross the block though…

Heather: Ooh! Please do!

E: Do it! I need more to read too!

Fizzson: I mean, I was kidding but alright. I’ll get back to ya on that.

E: Yay!

Heather: Thank you, I can’t wait!


To E: too drunk and you don’t even drink? Sounds like when I’m trying to finish the ATS in 2 in the morning while procrastinating like crazy.

E: That’s me. Just is. The “too drunk” thing has a story, but I can’t wait until the next AtS comes out, I’ve been looking forward to it!

Fizzson: Wait… Zippy Sky has a QnA series too?

E: Yeah, she started one up a little while ago. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but I follow it. And send all the Qs. Ever.

Fizzson: Well… Guess I should add that to my list of WordPress series to check out…

E: I’ll email you one after all this, they’re pretty good! I acutally sent in a Q last time and not only flubbed saying it, but flubbed trying to explain. I’m so skills…. *sighs* Next Q?

Fizzson: Yeah, next Q.


To E and Hare: ok, this is officially driving me insane. I’m just gonna scream at a pillow in a corner at how wonderfully oblivious you two are.

E: *flushes* Oh this is ruddy typical of how my day has been going.

Dr Hare: *blushes pink*

Arleen: Zippy isn’t the only one you’re driving nuts. -_-

E: *flushing* Hey! Just cause I… *Huffs* I just… Nch, this is overrated. I’m not obvious, nothing is obvious! Nothing… like… that is happening!

Arleen: You two are impossible…

Despair: …Oh dear.

Fizzson: Moving on…

E: *huffs again* I’m not impossible!

Dr Hare: El… please, just….

E: *sighs* Sorry, I just… I dunno…

Fizzson: Can we just move on please?

E: Sorry. I’m just an awkward derp, I guess.

Dr Hare: Next Q then…


E: Ah! These ones are from you guys!

Arleen to E: Aw, don’t say that about yourself, E. You’re a great person!

E: You’re sweet, but I’m really not. I’m just boring old El.

Arleen: I guess. You’re still a really good person though.

Fizzson: Indeed.

E: Nah, I’m not.

Dr Hare: Yes you are.

E: *Shrugs* Meh.

Arleen: You’re sounding like Eyve. Can’t you just take a compliment for once?

Dr Hare: No, she can’t.

E: Shut up, I can… I’m just bad at it….

Arleen: Well, you should practice it sometime.

E: It’s not like people compliment me a lot. Case in point, why would they?

Dr Hare: I try… It’s just…. *flushes* Never mind.

E: What?

Fizzson: Don’t worry about it E.

E: … Ok? Next Q, I guess.


Fizz to DH: Well, if you need help dealing with this, just let me know, alright? I know people who can help out.

Dr Hare: Dealing with… What?

Fizzson: Y’know… E’s recent dimensional weirdness? She got shot to our place for crying out loud, and seeing as how our place is literally always on the move, that’s kinda concerning.

Dr Hare: Oh. Yeah… That. I… It’s hard to know. I’m looking into it, but I don’t know… I don’t know what’s happening there. With her. I am worried about it… But… *Smiles half-heartedly* it’s fine, don’t worry about it.

Fizzson: If you say so, but if me, Seth, or anyone else I might know could help, just ask. I know lots of people, and they’ll all be willing to help if you need it.

Dr Hare: Thanks, but it’s fine, really.

Fizzson: You never know.


Arleen to Heather: What’s your favorite book?

Heather: Hmm… it’s hard to pick…

Fizzson: There are a lot of good books. :/

Arleen: I know, right? I don’t even know if I could pick a favorite. :T

Heather: I don’t know if I can pick, sorry. I like them all!

Arleen: That’s understandable. Books in general are just fantastic!

Fizzson: Agreed.

Despair: …I don’t read many books… But I really enjoy the ones I do read…

Heather: I love books.

E: I feel oddly secluded. I love reading, but I can’t think of anything.

Arleen: That’s alright. You don’t have to add something every time, E.

E: … That’s a fair point.

Heather: Next Q?

E: Sure.


Fizz to all: Those were some really good wishes. (Better then anything I could come up with, anyways.)

E: I agree with that. I didn’t really have a good one, but whatever.

Binary Bard: Thanks.

Fizzson: Well, yeah. Compared to everyone else’s wishes, yours was a little lackluster, but at the same time, I don’t really know what else you would wish for, so….

E: Clearly neither did I. Harvey had a good one tho.

Dr Hare: It wasn’t that good…

E: Pff, don’t be ridiculous, that was great.

Fizzson: C’mon dude. A stable future with the people you care about? That’s fantastic!

Arleen: I know what I’d wish for if I was given a wish. *Glares at Smiley*

Smiley: Understandable, I will admit.

E: *laughs* You’ve got a point there Arleen.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Thanks Fizz.


Smiley to DH: Your friend tells me I’m not allowed near you. She has reasonable concerns, I must admit.

Dr Hare: Yeah…

*Cellphone ringing.*

Fizzson: Sorry, I gotta take this. *Walks off*

Arleen: Don’t worry, Hare. Smiley can’t do much to you in his current state. Even if he could, I wouldn’t let him touch you.

E: Thanks Arleen. Just don’t wanna take chances, ya know?

Dr Hare: I’m fine…

Arleen: I get ya, E. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Smiley: The death of anyone in the AtV at this moment would prove… Counterproductive. Still, I can understand you all being cautious. I’m not exactly the most trustworthy being…

Arleen: At least you’re honest about it. -_-

E: It’s my job to keep people alive, I’m careful, sue me.

Arleen: Nothing wrong with being careful.

Fizzson: …I’m back. Sorry…

Arleen: You okay, Fizz? You look kinda… off-put about something.

Fizzson: I-it’s nothing… Don’t worry about it….

E: Fizz, what’s wrong?

Dr Hare: Can we help? I have some stuff in the lab.

Fizzson: Really, it should be fine… Let’s just move on, okay?

E: Alright… If you say so…

Dr Hare: Let us know if we can help, OK?

Fizzson: I will, Hare, don’t worry.

Dr Hare: Alright…

E: Because we never worry about things we can’t fix here at the AtV!

Smiley: Sounds about right to me.


Arleen to BB: I don’t think anyone’s sent a Q to just you in a while, so… How ya doing?

Binary Bard: Huh? Oh! Sorry about that, I was busy anyways. I’ve been looking into a job recently.

E: I try to help a little, since I know this town pretty well.

Arleen: You’re looking for a job, Binary? That’s cool. Any job in particular?

Binary Bard: Hopefully something in mechanics.

E: *giggles* Can you imagine the great Binary Bard working at McDonald’s?

Binary Bard: *smiles* Says the woman who’s probably going to get a job at Walmart.

E: Oh hush it….

Arleen: I haven’t even thought about getting a job. With a smiling spirit demon to look after, I don’t really have much time to consider any kinds of careers…

E: You’ve got a point. Do you have to, like, watch him forever? Or does he get sent back at a certain time or what?

Arleen: I’m watching him until I can find some other way to stop him from hurting the people I care about. Whether that means trapping him, destroying him, or something else….

E: Man… That’s pretty rough, I’m sorry man. Maybe we can help somehow? Lucky’s worked with ghosts and Robin knows her paranormal stuff.

Smiley: We’ve been over this. The things that work on ghosts such as seances and exorcism do not apply to me because I’m a demon with an incorporeal form, which is very different.

E: That’s why I brought up Ro. That woman has seen things…

Smiley: Hmm… Perhaps. I have not met this “Robin”, so I can neither confirm ‘nor deny her utility in this instance.

Arleen: We’ll worry about that later. I’m fine for now, and we have an AtV to finish.

E: Good point. I’ll grab the next Q.


Arleen to DH: You already know E likes you back ‘cus of the you-know-what, it’s just a matter of mustering up your courage and telling her your feelings. You can do it, Hare! We at AAaF have faith in you!

Dr Hare: *blushes* Oh-Ok, this… I can’t… well… um…

Arleen: C’mon, dude! What have you got to lose? It’s not like she’d say no.

Dr Hare: I… I’m not so sure…

Arleen: Well I am. The only reason E hasn’t asked you yet is because she doesn’t think you like her back, and she won’t listen to anyone tell her otherwise. No one… But you.

Dr Hare: I… I just… I don’t know… I can’t… Why would she…

Arleen: Because you’re the sweetest, coolest, most supportive guy a girl could ask for, and everyone… In AAaF, AtG, AtD, and even here in AtV… Knows you two are just perfect for each other. What E said on the disc was heartfelt… And right now, you’re the only one doubting it.

Dr Hare: *blushes* I… I don’t know about all that, but… I just… I don’t know… Why would she even want to… I’m no one special.

Arleen: Harvey… I have faith in you. Fizz has faith in you. Alexa has faith in you. Kat has faith in you… Just this once, can you have faith in yourself? Please?

Dr Hare: I… I don’t know… I… I guess I could try, but… No guarantees…

Arleen: Don’t worry, no matter what happens, me and all your friends will be right there to help ya through.

Dr Hare: I know… *Smiles* Thanks. I just… I just worry… That… I don’t know…

Arleen: You let nervousness and self doubt get the better of you. I know… I’ve been there….

Dr Hare: Well, maybe a little… I just..  I just don’t know what to do. About… Any of this, really.

Arleen: Just tell her how you feel. If not face-to-face, then through a love letter or note. I’ll help ya push through your doubt if you need it… You can do this, Hare… I know you can.

Dr Hare: *chuckles* That makes one of us… But… I guess… I could try now… If you wanted me to…

Arleen: I think you should. You might change your mind if you put it off for later. 😉

Dr Hare: *flushes* I’m not that bad…

Arleen: Well, y’know, just in case. HEY E!

E: *pokes her head in* Yeah Arleen? What’s up?

Dr Hare: … I’m having second thoughts right about now.

Arleen: (Don’t worry Hare, you got this!) Hare wants to tell you something.

E: Oh, ok. *walks in and leans against the couch* What’s up Harvey?

Dr Hare: *flushes* I… I… Um… *Looks at Arleen, asking for help* Well…

Arleen: (You’re an amazing person, Harvey. You can do this, you just have to believe in yourself!)

E: … Are you Ok there Harvey?

Dr Hare: I… I’m fine… I just… I… I just wanted to tell you… What I… Um… I…

Arleen: (I can’t tell her for you, she has to hear it from you to believe it. She thinks you’re amazing and would love to be with you Harvey… Please, just trust me.)

Dr Hare: I… I just wanted to say that… I think you’re… Just…

E: *tilts head* Spit it out Harvey, I’m not going to be insulted or anything.

Dr Hare: I… I know, it’s just… I… *Puts his head to his hands* Who am I kidding, I can’t do this.

E: … What? *Looks at Arleen, perplexed* What’s…

Arleen: Ooooohhh, I can’t TAKE this anymore! Harvey’s trying to say he likes you!

Dr Hare: *turns right red* Oh no…

E: … Um, yeah, we’re friends, right? Nothing’s changed, right?

Arleen: He’s trying to say he LIKE likes you! He’s been acting nervous about telling you ever since he got the disc. He always had some silly reason for himself to never tell you. Things like “No way she actually likes me.” Or “I’m not good enough for her.” And I am SICK of sitting on the sidelines and letting it happen because it’s that kind of self-doubt THAT GOT MY WOULD-BE BOYFRIEND KILLED!!!


E: *covers mouth in shock* Arleen, I… I had no idea… I’m so sorry!

Dr Hare: W-what….

Arleen: *Tearing up* … I met a guy named Thomas… I really loved him, but like Harvey, I was too nervous to tell him… I thought if he heard it coming from my stuttering mouth, there was no way he’d feel the same… I was desperate to tell him, but felt sure I couldn’t do it myself… That led me to ask help from the wrong people… *glares at Smiley* If I had just believed in myself… If I had the courage to tell him… Then maybe he’d *sniff* he’d still….

E: Oh Arleen… I’m so sorry, I had no idea… *Gently puts an hand on her shoulder* Oh gosh… Do… Do you want a hug? Would that help any?

Arleen: It would help if you two just got over your fears… That’s why it’s been so hard for me to sit at AAaF headquarters and watch you two be so nervous and awkward about confessing to each other… Refusing to be honest like this doesn’t save anyone’s feelings… If anything… It only drives you apart and causes you to make stupid mistakes… Before you know it, you lose the one person you care most about….

E: I… *Looks down* Yeah, I know. I really do. And… I’ve been trying but… I’m not sure. I struggle with the silliest things sometimes…

*The doorbell rings*

Dr Hare: I’ll grab it. I’ll be back. *squeezes E’s hand and walks off*

E: *turns red* … Well. Um. *Looks away* Sorry, you were saying.

Arleen: Please, don’t make the same mistakes I did. I know you’re scared, and I know Harvey’s nervous, but I’ve seen how you two act. You would be perfect for one another. Trust me… After what I’ve been through, I’d never steer you wrong.

E: I… Yeah, I know. *sighs* I just… I try, but I have no confidence, no idea what I’m doing, I’m 17! I just… *Puts her head in her hands* I made this all about me again. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…

Arleen: Don’t worry too much about me, E. After all, I’m with Toby now, and he’s a wonderful boyfriend… More so then I even deserve… Just promise me you’ll get better about this and be more open with your feelings, alright?

E: I’m glad you’re with Toby and yes, you do deserve good people in your life. Besides, we talk about me enough on this blog. Really.

Arleen: *chuckles* Fair enough… Let’s do the next Q. I held up the AtV long enough with all this emotional drama.

E: Arleen, I’m pretty sure all the AtV is… Is emotional drama. And comedy.

Arleen: Still, let’s move on.

E: Yeah sorry. Light hearted humor! Let’s do this!


Despair to all: Um…I know this sounds kinda weird coming from me… But… Do you have any relationship advice…?

E: Oh come on!

Binary Bard: Um… How about our visitors go first…

Despair: *Flushes* Oh dear…

Fizzson: Don’t look at me, I suck at this sorta stuff.

Arleen: I think I already gave my peace on this earlier, so…

Black Widow: I’m not doing it.

Binary Bard: Don’t look at me, I’m still lost.

E: *giggles* I know you are, despite being in a relationship…

Binary Bard: I am not!

Dr Hare: *laughs* Anyways…

Arleen: Is that all the Qs?

E: We’re maybe halfway though. Sorry man.

Black Widow: I’m surprised E hasn’t put in her two cents.

E: Ain’t nobody need to hear that Wid.

Arleen: Yeah, Widow. I think we all know E’s not really the best person to ask about this.

E: I do know a little bit… Like how to tell if a relationship is going South, how to ask a guy out, red flags, how to know when you need to get out, the like. What I don’t know is… How to tell of a guy likes you, what to do when you like a guy, and what I’m doing with my life. Yup. That’s what 17 years of cartoons, video games, older friends and webcomics taught me.

Arleen: That… Actually makes a lot of sense.

Despair: I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to bother any of you… I guess I shouldn’t have asked…

E: It makes too much sense if you ask me. And Despair, it’s Ok, we’re not bothered! It’s a good Q.

Despair: Oh, okay then….

Arleen: Come to think of it, why did you ask that in the first place, Despair?

Despair: *Turns red* U-um… Don’t worry about it….

E: You can feel us if you want. I don’t spread secrets, promise. Maybe we can help.

Despair: Maybe… I’d just rather not say it in front of… Certain people….

Dr Hare: I can step out a minute if you need me to.

Despair: N-no, not you Hare… It’s Fizzson, Smiley… And maybe Widow….

Fizzson: That’s fine. C’mon Smiley. *Walks out*

Smiley: Hmph. Very well… *Follows*

Black Widow: Eh, I don’t care. *walks off*

Binary Bard: I’ll just… *follows*

E: So what’s going on?

Despair: Um… I just… Well…

Arleen: Spit it out, Despair. What is it?

Despair: Oh… I don’t know… I… The thing is…

E: Go ahead Despair, we aren’t going to judge. This is a no judgement zone.

Despair: Alright… I… Kinda have… A crush… On Fizzson…

E: *nods* Good choice. He’s a nice guy.

Arleen: Yeah, he really is cool… I’m guessing you’re too nervous to tell him…

Despair: That and… He already has so much on his plate… He doesn’t need some silly notion of romance to worry about….

E: Nothing wrong with love chickadee. It wouldn’t hurt to maybe try.

Dr Hare: But what’s going on? Is something bad happening over at AAaF?

Despair: Oh no, there’s nothing wrong, Hare… It’s just… What with a QnA to run, loads of people to coordinate and look after… It just seems like he’s always busy with something… I’ll tell him… I just want it to be at a time when he’s not so busy… And when I have the courage….

E: Running a Q&A can be hard…

Dr Hare: And so can crushing on someone who runs a Q&A. Maybe we can help.

E: Waitasecond what?

Despair: Thanks a lot you guys… I would love the help, but I don’t wanna tell him right now… I want to wait until I’m good and ready, alright?

Dr Hare and E: *in unison* I can respect that.


E: Jinx.

Arleen: … You two just gave me a weird sense of déjà-vu. :/

E: Deja Vu? That never happens around here. What kind of deja vu?

Arleen: I don’t know. It just feels like I’ve already heard something like what you two did before…

Despair: … Fizzson jinxed you in the first post of AAaF, remember…?

Arleen: … Oh yeah, that’s it.

Despair: … Next Q then?

Dr Hare and E: *in unison* Sure.

E: Dang it!


TAS to everyone: bingo bongo donkey kongo

E: … What?

Fizzson: TAS and Elyssa sent the same Q to AAaF the other day. No one in my group really got it either.

E: It’s probably a meme.

Dr Hare: Or a funny reference to the Donkey Kong game.

E: Or maybe to his final smash in Brawl?

Fizzson: The possibilities are endless with those two…

E: With us or with TAS and Elyssa?

Fizzson: TAS… And Elyssa to a lesser extent.

E: Fair point, just checking.


Vampi to E: your poem topic is chicken nuggets, go.

E: Chicken nuggets huh? Hmm…

Arleen: That’s pretty random. Good luck, E.

E: Randomness is my
specialty, plus McDonald’s
Has a deal for 6.

Fizzson: … Wow.

Arleen: Wha-? Holy cow I just got that. O.O

E: *winks* Queen of the free verse and the haiku. I like haikus cause I’m good with syllable count.

Arleen: I can see that now.

Smiley: Impressive….

Dr Hare: *claps* Nicely done.

E: *bows dramatically* Thank you, thank you…

Arleen: You can be such a ham sometimes. XD

E: I prefer the term Drama Queen. *Giggles* I’m just a goof.

Arleen: Yeah XD


Cattomi to E: My sensors indicate that the ship user Vampi calls “Harvelyana” is growing stronger by the post, and I figured you should know that.


Arleen: Geez. With all the shipping related Qs here, I’m starting to feel a little bad for lashing out like I did. :T

E: Nah, don’t. Everyone has those moments Arleen, and it’s better that we get them out rather than keep it all inside.

Arleen: Yeah, I guess you’re right… Thanks E.

E: No problem. *Rereads Q* My good heavens… It’s not… We’re not… *Covers mouth* I don’t even know what to say here.

Arleen: I think I’ve pushed that particular ship enough today, so….

E: I think I’m going insane… *Sighs and sits down* I honestly have no idea how to handle this.

Arleen: I mean, I tried supporting Hare and giving him the courage he needed to tell you, but, well… You saw how that turned out.

E: I… I guess… I really wish I could ask him myself, but… I just…

Arleen: I could try and help you muster up the courage and ask him… But maybe not right now. We’ve already had enough of that kinda stuff for one day.

E: Yeah… *Looks at list and sighs* I’ll just answer the rest of the shipping Qs later, I don’t wanna torture you any more.

Arleen: What? You’re not torturing me E. It’s fine, just move on to the next Q.

E: Eehh… Alright. Before I move to the next Q, can I make a comment on the new ship name?

Arleen: Go ahead.

E: Thanks. Cause Harvelyana is a new one. Usually it’s Elarvey, or Harveyana if I’m talking about it, this one’s new.

Arleen: I prefer the old names. Other people are free to use the new one, but I’m gonna stick to Elyarvey.

E: I clearly get no choice in the matter. I’m still the only one who calls it Harveyana… *Flushes* But it’s not like I ship it or anything!

Arleen: XD Sure sure, let’s just move on.

E: *embarrassed* Yeah… I’m on it.


Tech to E: Need me to help fix that computer you shoved off the table?

E: Eh? Nah, it’s fine… Probably.

Dr Hare: Why are you so mean to my laptop…

E: Sorry… I’m an awkward klutz…

Arleen: Seth could probably help ya out if you need it.

Fizzson: Y-yeah… Seth… Heh heh…

Dr Hare: It’s fine, it’s reenforced heavy-duty. For multiple reasons.

E: Heh heh… Sorryloveyoubye *scoots off*

Fizzson: Um… Did she just say-?

Arleen: Probably only in a friend sort of way. You know how she is.

Dr Hare: No, she says that all the time. It’s just platonic.

Fizzson: Ah, that makes sense.

Dr Hare: *sighs* Yes. Yes it does.

Fizzson: Next Q, or are there no more Qs?

E: Next Q. We have so many more Fizz.

Dr Hare: Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.

E: *giggles*


Red Tomato to BW: Shoobedodadadadypolalapopopiladoop

Black Widow: … What.

Fizzson: that sounds kinda like a song, but I don’t recognize it. :/

Black Widow: … Yeah, whatever. *Walks off*

E: You’re impossible!

Arleen: Widow is a… Very special type of person, huh?

E: Sassy person who doesn’t wanna be here.

Arleen: Yeah, pretty much.


To BB: do you know Holmes and E.Vile? If you do say that they are R O B U T T S (in honor of former player TC)

E: I miss TC… Oh

Binary Bard: Um… I know Holmes, I met his and his inventor before he went corrupt… I’ve only heard of E. Vile., so… Um… I kind of know them.

Fizzson: I’ve never heard of those two. Are they Poptropica villains?

E: Yeah., just lesser known. Holmes is an computer AI that got corrupted, created a bunch of robots and enslaved all the Poptropicans on GS Island, until the Rulers used an override and reverted him to a previous version. E.Vile… I really don’t know too much about him, but he had a robot army and was going to take over, but the Rulers took out all the robots.

Binary Bard: I was the first robot villains by the way.

Fizzson: Huh… The more ya know.

E: Poptropica has a thrilling history, but I only know so much. I traveled with the Rulers for a while, and now, since I’m with the villains, I’m learning more every day!

Fizzson: I can imagine.



Dr Hare: Oh good heavens…


Arleen: Uh oh…


Dr Hare: … This seems like a bad idea…

E: No! You do not know da wae! You cannot see da queen!

Dr Hare: You have no idea what you’re saying, do you.

E: … No.

Fizzson: It’s fine. Eyve’s Yoyoh clan is just for fun anyway. It’s not seriously meant to kill off the Uganda Knuckles meme.

E: Phew. Besides, you can’t kill memes, they just die in their own legs.

Fizzson: True.

E: And scar you…


To myself: what am I even doing with my life

E: You are sending me humorous Qs and the like. Nothing wrong with that.

Arleen, Fizzson, & Despair: Agreed.

E: Jinx. Can you call jinx if you weren’t directly involved…? *Pauses* What am I doing with my life, geez…

Fizzson: I don’t think that’s how Jinxing works, and you’re doing all kinds of interesting things with your life.

E: Fair enough. And I’m not doing much, just coming by… Trying to do school… The AtV, I guess, but that’s not interesting because of me.

Fizzson: It’s still interesting, regardless. Anyways, next Q?

E: I suppose…


Dolphin Violinist 1. Spinjitzu or Airjitzu

E: I’m gonna say Spinjitzu, since I’m a seasons 0-2 die-hard.

Fizzson: Spinjitzu for me too. It’s just more iconic then airjitzu.

Arleen: Eh, I haven’t seen much Ninjago, so I don’t really have an opinion here.

Despair: … What’s Ninjago…?

Fizzson: Despair has never seen it to absolutely no one’s surprise.

E: Wait… Fizz, you’ve seen Ninjago?

Fizzson: Yes… Why do you ask?

E: … no reason. It’s not like I enjoy the show or that it was my major addiction for the past 6 years or anything…

Dr Hare: Sarcasm does not become you.

E: I beg to differ.

Smiley: Leave the sarcasm to the professionals, child.

E: I am the professional.

Dr Hare: … No.

E: Fine.

Fizzson: Though the addiction might’ve been a bit far, I can’t blame you for liking it. Ninjago’s a really good show.

E: Yeah, addiction defiantly was a bit far… I try and avoid talking about it, but whatever. I still like the show, although it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

Fizzson: That’s understandable.

E: Yeah… Anyways, my bratty childhood aside… Next Q?

Fizzson: Yeah, next Q.


2. Regular cake or bundt cake

E: All of the above pls.

Binary Bard: I wish we still had cake.

Dr Hare: For the last time, I didn’t eat it!

E: B, that was Pop and me…

Binary Bard: What?!

E: … Back to the Q then!

Fizzson: What’s a Bundt cake? I remember hearing that from Super Mario RPG, but I don’t actually know what it means.

E: It’s just a type of cake. I really don’t remember which one… I think that’s the one with the glaze and sort of a jello-esc mold… I dunno.

Fizzson: Sounds weird, but tasty. I haven’t tried it though, so I can’t exactly choose one over the other.

Arleen: Same.

E: You haven’t tried normal cake?!

Fizzson: What? No! I was saying I haven’t tried Bundt cake, so it’d be unfair to choose normal cake over that when I haven’t tried it. -_-

Arleen: I knew what Fizz meant. I was just agreeing with it.

E: Oooooh… That makes way more sense. Oh man, I’m really out of it today, sorry guys…

Fizzson: It’s fine. Next Q?

E: Yeah, sorry, sorry.


3. Jedi, Sith, or Grey (google if necessary)


Dr Hare: No.

E: Darn.

Fizzson: Jedi.

Arleen: Grey.

Smiley: Sith.

Despair: … I don’t know what any of that means….

E: Fizz, I’m putting you on get-Despair-to-watch-Star-Wars duty.

Fizzson: Oh believe me, this is just one to add to the list.

E: *smiles* Fair point. I’m… Probably a Jedi.

Binary Bard: Grey.

Black Widow: Grey.

Dr Hare: I’m not sure…

Director D: Sith.

E: *yelps and falls off the couch* WHEN YOU GET HERE

Arleen: D’s pretty good at showing up outta nowhere.

Fizzson: I’m guessing he didn’t want much to do with guests at the apartment.

Director D: He can also hear you. No, I was just occupied. Hello everyone.

Binary Bard: Um… Hi.

Dr Hare: I think El just died.

E: Ow…

Fizzson: Sorry, D. Also, hi.

Arleen: Nice to see ya!

Despair: …Hello…

Smiley: Greetings.

Director D: *nods* Anyways, I’m going out.

E: *sits up abruptly* What? You? Why? Where?

Director D: Yes, yes, because, tell you later. *walks out and shuts the door behind him*

E: … what the golden pizza…

Fizzson: You don’t think he’s finally going out with you-know-who, do you?

E: *smirks* Oh, they’ve been going out for a while. But… *Frowns* She’s in another dimension… What’s he up to?

Fizzson: Eh, we’ll find out at some point, I’m sure. For now, we have an AtV to get back to.

E: *uneasily* Yeah… I just hope he’s ok…

Dr Hare: He’s fine El, he can take care of himself.

E: Fair point.


4. Rebel, royal, or imperial

E: Um… Is the Star Wars or Ever After High?

Fizzson: Well, royals isn’t a Star Wars thing, so…

E: Well, Leia was a royal and Imperial definitely isn’t an Ever After High thing, so I dunno…

Fizzson: Let’s just assume this is a Discord thing… In which case, Rebels.

Arleen: Royals!

Smiley: Imperial… Which should come as no surprise.

Dr Hare: Rebel.

E: Probably forced Royal.

Binary Bard: Rebel, I guess.

Fizzson: That didn’t take long. Widow, are you gonna answer?

Black Widow: *shrugs* Rebel. Nothing special.

E: Who am I not surprised I’m the only royal in the AtV squad…

Fizzson: To be fair, you said forced royal.

E: Yeah… Cause I’m a wimp. I’m such a klutz they’d make me be a royal.

Fizzson: Well, next Q then?

E: Sure.

Dr Hare: Hang on. El, you’re not a wimp.

E: Yeah, I kinda am. I’m scared of mannequins, remember? Lifeless humanistic creatures.

Arleen: There are plenty of people scared of mannequins, E. That doesn’t necessarily make you a wimp!

E: And heights and small spaces and I can’t even lift a teaspoon. I have no stamina or strength and I have no powers in a world of super powers. I dunno, I just… I’m pretty sure that constitutes being a wimp.

Dr Hare: El…

Arleen: People are also afraid of heights and small spaces, I think you’re exaggerating about your stamina and strength, and I don’t have super powers either. Just because you’re not “Special” E, doesn’t mean you’re a wimp!

E: I… I suppose… I’m really just… Not…

Dr Hare: *puts his hand on hers* Hey, listen to Fizz and Arleen, K? You’re not a wimp.

E: I guess… *Sighs* I got us off track again, sorry, sorry.

Fizzson: Yeah. We should get back to the AtV.

E: Yeah… Sorry, sorry… I’ll grab the next Q…

Fizzson: No need to apologize, E. Let’s just move on.

E: A-alright, yeah…


5. Let’s play art class 😀 draw something that represents yourself.

E: … I’ve got paper and crayons in the other room.

Fizzson: I love to draw! 😀

Arleen: Sometimes I draw to express my emotions. It can be pretty relaxing sometimes.

Despair: … I actually draw a lot in my spare time….

E: I draw Chibis during 3/4s of the school day.

Binary Bard: 3/4ths?

E: I draw comics too.

Black Widow: I draw.

Binary Bard: I’m decent.

Dr Hare: I… Can’t draw.

Arleen: Aw, sure ya can, Hare! It doesn’t matter how good you are, what’s important is that you enjoy it! 🙂

Dr Hare: Mmm.

E: Come on man, it’ll be fun! I’ll help if you need it.

Dr Hare: I… I guess…

Fizzson: Yeah, let’s do this!

*14 minutes later…*

E: I just drew a little chibi of myself. Then a little comic me. Then… I got bored.

Black Widow: *holds up a very realistic picture of a black widow spider*

Binary Bard: I just drew an owl…

Arleen: I drew a palm tree.

Despair: …I drew a picture of Fizzson…

Arleen: Aw, that’s nice. What about you, Fizz?

Fizzson: *Shows a picture of an unfamiliar girl with silver hair and a purple dress*

Arleen: Who’s that?

Fizzson: I dunno. I just kinda thought it up, I haven’t actually met someone like this.

E: Wacky. She doesn’t look familiar to me either…

Arleen: Strange. What did Hare draw?

Dr Hare: Just… It’s nothing, really.

Fizzson: c’mon, show us Hare.

Arleen: Yeah. We won’t judge.

E: Come on, please?

Dr Hare: *embarrassed* Fine… *He flips his paper around to show a bunny rabbit sitting on a flower, with a blonde pixie drifting overhead*

Fizzson: I don’t know why you were so nervous, that looks good!

Arleen: Yeah. For all your worrying, you did a good job!

Dr Hare: It’s not that good…

E: You kidding?! That’s… Holy snap, that’s gorgeous!

Dr Hare: *blushes* Thanks.

Despair: … I see what you did there…

Dr Hare and E: *in unison* Who did what where?

Despair: It’s not important… You should just get the next Q….

E: Well, I guess I-

*Doorbell rings*

E: Oh cheese and crackers! I’ll be back guys. *Walks off*

Despair: … A blonde pixie with a bunny? Very cute… And clever….

Arleen: Wha-? O.O How did I not see that?

Dr Hare: … *Blushes* Well… You see… Um…

Despair: It’s okay… We won’t tell E… And it’s still an amazing drawing regardless…

Dr Hare: Thanks.

Binary Bard: *smirks* I’d forgotten about the pixie thing…

Dr Hare: *blushes* Shut up…

Despair: … Guess we really should do the next Q now, huh…?

Dr Hare: Yeah, I guess…

E: *stomps back in and sits in a huff* I swear, if those girl scouts come one more time…

Binary Bard: And… Next Q before somebody dies.


6. Pick an elemental power, any power 😉

E: Hmm…

Fizzson: Going off the four avatar elements, air.

Arleen: Fire!

Despair: Water or air… I can’t decide between the two….

Smiley: Earth or fire.

Arleen: You’ve answered a surprising number of these random Qs, Smiley.

Smiley: Boredom does that to a demon…

E: Ah, boredom. Motivation of the masses. At any rate, I’d be… Probably Earth, maybe water.

Dr Hare: Air, I guess.

Binary Bard: Fire maybe.

Black Widow: Earth.

Fizzson: That was fast. 😐 Guess we should move on…

E: Gotta go fast.


7. Mario kart or Super Smash Bros.

E: Pop would say Mario Kart if he were here, no surprise.

Fizzson: Smash bros.

Arleen: Mario Kart.

Smiley: Neither. I do not have interest in video games.

Despair: … I haven’t played either of them… Though I’d like to at some point….

E: Oh that’s right! We were gonna play video games! Are we still on for that?

Fizzson: About that… We might not have time for that anymore… I kinda wanna get back to AAaF ASAP.

E: What’s wrong?

Dr Hare: Is it that thing you can’t tell us about?

Fizzson: It’s not that I can’t tell you… I just don’t think you’d believe me if I did tell you….

E: We’ll try. Fizz, I live in the impossible, I’ll believe you.

Fizzson: Alright… You know how Seth is a spirit possessing a robot suit?

E: Yeaaaah?

Fizzson: Well… From that phone call I got earlier… I found out that… Seth isn’t actually dead… He’s still alive.

E: … Ok.

Fizzson: ._. Not the reaction I expected, but anyways… While Seth and I were talking, someone who wanted to kill him saw him, so he ran… I sent a friend to go get him somewhere safe, but I’m still worried about him….

E: That… Is real bad. I don’t blame you for being worried.

Fizzson: Yeah… I just hope my friend got to him in time…

E: Yeah… That’s… scary.

Dr Hare: I still can’t figure out the living spirit thing.

E: My brain refuses to compute it. But more pressing concerns… Fizz, if you need to go, I think that’s a perfectly normal reason.

Fizzson: I… I have faith in my friend, Ultia. She’ll make sure Seth is safe and sound. The anxiety is just kinda… Getting to me, y’know?

E: If anyone around here knows anxiety, it’s me. It’s pretty scary when stuff like that happens, I know. The offer still stands, if you need to go back, it’s OK.

Fizzson: It’s fine. Besides, we’ve only got like one other Q left anyways.

E: Yeah. Just let me know if you need anything, OK?

Fizzson: Alright… Thanks E. Anyways… You guys gonna answer this Q?

E: You’re welcome. Do you mean the current Q or the next one I’ve got on my phone here?

Fizzson: Current Q. None of the AtV crew answered it yet.

E: Squad.

Dr Hare: Anyways… I’m more partial to Smash, don’t tell Pop.

E: No preference, it just depends on who playing with.

Binary Bard: Both.

Black Widow: Meh.

Fizzson: Simple enough. Next Q?

E: I’m on it.


have you seen the final 2 episodes of season of ninjago? If so, REENACT IT PLEEAASSEEEEEEEEEEEEE *screams*

E: *giggles* Ah, season 2.

Fizzson: I don’t know it from heart like you probably do, and most of the AAaF team doesn’t know much about Ninjago in general.

E: *blushes, embarrassed* Um… In that case, let’s just skip…


Fizzson: Well, is that it then?

E: Yeah, that’s all of them.

Fizzson: In that case, I’m gonna go and check up on Seth. I don’t wanna ruin Despair’s fun, though, so she can stay here if she wants.

Despair: I don’t know… I do want to play video games with E… But I’m worried for Seth too…

Arleen: Just stay here and have fun, Despair. We’ll let you know if Seth’s okay when we find out, okay?

Despair: I…I….

Arleen: It’ll be fine, Despair. Seth’ll understand!

Despair: … Alright. I’ll stay.

E: Alright. *Smiles* I’m cool with whatever.

Fizzson: Then we’re off. *opens a portal back to AAaF* You heading back with me, Arleen?

Arleen: Yep! C’mon Smiley.

Smiley: Very well…

Fizzson: This was fun. We should do it again sometime, E… Preferably in a more controlled scenario then you sneezing to our place.

E: Agreed, agreed and couldn’t agree more.

Dr Hare: We should sort it out soon.

E: See you guys!

Fizzson: See ya around. *walks through portal*

Arleen: Bye, guys! *Follows Fizzson*

Smiley: Farewell… *Follows Arleen*

*The portal closes behind them*

E: Alright alright alright! *Turns to Despair* So, whatcha wanna play first?

Despair: Ooh, I don’t know… There are so many, I just don’t know if I could choose… Why don’t you choose? 🙂

E: Okie dokie! We’ll hafta wait until Pop gets back before Mario Kart, so how about… Smash Brawl?

Despair: Sounds good to me! *For a brief moment, Despair’s eyes turn from black with white pupils to white with black pupils*

E: *blinks* You Ok?

Despair: Yes, I’m fine… Why do you ask?

E: … Oh, nothing! Your eyes just flashed, it’s probably nothing, don’t worry about it. *Hands her a remote*

Despair: If you say so… Let’s do this!

E: (Something seems off… Time to do what I always do.) *smiles* Ok, let’s do this!

Despair: I’m so excited! 🙂 *Eyes flash again, for longer this time.*

E: Um… Despair, you sure you’re Ok?

Despair: Yeah, I’m fine… Though I feel much happier then I’m used to being. :/

E: Weird. That means you’re having a good time, right?

Despair: Yeah… Video gaming is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in a very… Very long time.

E: *smiles* I’m glad. *Calls* Harvey!

Dr Hare: *pokes his head inside* Yeah?

E: Wanna play?

Dr Hare: Sure?

E: Are you Ok with Harvey playing?

Despair: Of course. The more the merrier! 🙂

E: Awesome! *Holds out a remote to Dr Hare* Let’s do this!

Dr Hare: *takes it and smiles* Thanks.

E: K, Despair, you played this before?

Despair: No.

E: Mk, so you hold the remote like so… *Holds her Wiimote sideways* then you use the plus pad to move, that’s fairly straightforward. You push the 2 button to attack and 1 to use special moves, like ranged attacks. Each character has different moves and attacks. The button on the back shields, but if you shield too long, it does damages. You try and hit everyone else so they die and you have 3 lives. And don’t fall off the map, that kills you. Um… It’s mostly just learn as you go, so… *Jazz hands* Yay.

Despair: Okay then.. Let’s play.

E: Yup! *Turns on the Wii* You Ok with random, 5 minute time limit?

Despair: Sure!

E: Then let’s do this thing!



*Much later, Despair has gone home*

E: *tying her hair back in a ponytail* Man… that was intense.

Dr Hare: *pokes his head into the room* Sorry, were you talking to me?

E: *shrugs* Sure. I was just kind of thinking out loud, but I’d like someone to talk to.

Dr Hare: Sure. About what?

E: Um… *turns* How’s your day going?

Dr Hare: It’s going OK. You?

E: I’m breathing. That seems good.

Dr Hare: What’s wrong?

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: … That bad?

E: Fine… rough day after the AAaF squad left and just an all around intense day. Mistakes have been made and I’m overthinking everything possible.


Dr Hare: Even this conversation?

E: Harvey, you have no idea.

Dr Hare: Oh.

*Awkward silence*

E: Sorry, that was…. Something.

Dr Hare: It’s OK, don’t worry about it.

E: I suppose…

Dr Hare: Can I ask you something?

E: (Uh oh.) Go ahead.

Dr Hare: So… we’ve known each other a while…

E: *freezes* Y-yeah?

Dr Hare: And… No offense, but you talk a little different. It’s like… this mix of modern slang, Shakespeare, proper English and the occasional British term. Why?

E: … That’s it?

Dr Hare: *baffled* What?

E: Crap! Sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out that way! I just thought… *facepalms* I am a train wreck. Yeah, I do talk a little… weird.

Dr Hare: Why?

E: Well, I grew up in an American family with German roots, but my dad works with technical things, my mom’s big on English, has a degree, is also a writer, I listened to only Harry Potter books on audio books and read a bunch of British books, I like DanTDM’s voice, I’ve tried to imitate it a few times, now I’m big on Doctor Who… Most of the time when I’m using a British Term, I don’t even notice.

Dr Hare: Makes sense.

E: And the Shakespeare… Well, I started doing classes for it at age 13, started performing the plays at 14, been in it for the past 3 years. And the slang is cause of my gosh darn friends. Why are they like this?! I had impeccable English until I came back into the school system!

Dr Hare: *smiles* Right, I keep forgetting you homeschooled.

E: *sighs* Anyways, enough of my rambling…

Dr Hare: No, I like your rambling.

E: … At the risk of sounding rude, what is wrong with you.

Dr Hare: *laughs*

E: *grins* Sorry.

Dr Hare: Totally fine. Sometimes people need to talk. Besides, you needed to distract yourself.

E: Great, I’m friends with a psychiatrist.

Dr Hare: *makes a serious face* Tell me about your mother…

E: *laughs* Stop it, you’re the worst!

Dr Hare: *grins* You know it.

E: *shakes her head, still laughing* Good heavens. *sighs happily* Anyways, what were we talking about before this?

Dr Hare: Um… Homeschooling, I guess.

E: …I miss homeschooling. It was a lot less stressful, but… I missed my friends. Besides, I couldn’t graduate high school as it was. Even now… *waves hand* It’s ruddy complicated. Let’s not get into that.

Dr Hare: Why not?

E: Because it makes me want to break things.

Dr Hare: Ah.

E: *pauses* Waitasecond… I never finished the AtV, did I?

Dr Hare: Um….


Dr Hare: … You’re going to pass out, you know that, right?!


Dr Hare: That’s not a good thing!


I hope you liked this. Have a great day, because I am tired and this is already 8188 words. I’m going to actually take Arleen’s advice and sleep for once. So g’night!

PS: ALSO! Guess who missed a couple of Vampi’s Qs! *raises hand* I’m so sorry! I’ve been such a stress ball this week… I’ll throw them into next weeks, promise! Love you all, bai!


Ask the Villains #48, 2 rushed 4 u

*gives self slow clap for name*

Alt title: I’m too drunk for this and I don’t even drink.

I just got back from a long day of testing. And now I’m off to go someplace.

Eh, sleep is overrated. I hope you enjoy the AtV!


Estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to E: I dare you to read the poem that you wrote to everyone.

E: … no. No way. It was… eh. I write a little bit of poetry, but not a ton and for the majority of the time, it just sucks. I. Can’t. Rhyme. I mean, I can it’s for a rap battle, ish, but that’s it! *Sighs* But… I am kind of honor bound, aren’t I? *pauses, thinking* The one I was referring to was a poem I wrote about dreams… But I also entered it into a contest in my state… I mean, I never showed up at the ceremony, since NO ONE TOLD ME WHEN IT ACTUALLY WAS, but I won like 25 dollars off of it. I found that the other day, still in the envelope. I lose things. A lot. Point is… I don’t want to risk digital identity theft, so how about I go write a poem or something. It’s been a while, but… you know what, you guys give me a topic or two and I’ll try and write it up.


To E and DH: hey, you guys wanna watch a movie with me? *holds out tickets* wait…I only bought 2. Oh well. You guys can watch without me*smirks*

E: Aw, that’s sweet of you! What movie?

Dr Hare: Um… isn’t this a dat- *stops* Yeah. Yeah, that’d be fun!

E: What?

Dr Hare: What what.

E: You were saying something.

Dr Hare: No I wasn’t.

E: … Ok. I’m all for this, let’s do this!

Dr Hare: *smiles* Awesome!


To E and Hare: I’m going crazy. how can you not tell you guys like each other? Gosh, you two are too oblivious it’s annoying.

(FS4SR, [Filmed Separately for Sanity Reasons])

E: AH, no. Harvey wouldn’t… he couldn’t… There’s no way he feels that way about me. We’ve been over this guys. Why would he?


Dr Hare: *flushes* You guys are nice, but… I don’t know… It’s… it’s a lot to think about and I can’t… I just don’t know if I can… It’s… I don’t know… I’m scared, I guess. I’m sorry, I just… I can’t.

To Heather: if you could live in a book, what book would it be?

Heather: Oh… all of them. I’m such a bookworm, sorry!


(These Qs were all done via video calls. I pulled some strings. 😉 )

Red Tomato to Copy Cat: I heard from BW your name is Cadence. So I had a question, Do you rule over an empire of Crystal Ponies and do you have a baby named Flurry Heart?
Copy Cat: No, no and no.

E: That’s 3 NOs, but your name is totally Cadence.

Copy Cat: Whatever.


To Betty Jetty: You can fly right? Your hair is pink right? I am assuming you like ponies, and… TADA! I will now call you Pinky Dash. Now do a sonic PINKboom!

Betty Jetty: Do a what, exactly?

E: Have you ever seen MLP?

Betty Jetty: Have I ever seen what?

E: … this Q became rather redundant.


To Sir Rebral: If you were a pony, you would be a unicorn with a green aura. Also, are you a Brony?

Sir Rebral: Am I a what?

E: MLP fan.

Sir Rebral: What does that even stand for?

E: Never mind. I loved your work with Bashful Sword BTW.

Sir Rebral: With who?

E: … um… Oh no, we’re breaking up! It’s a disconnection! *Shoves laptop off table*


To Ratman: Has it ever occurred to you that your name sounds a lot like Batman? Now go save the world.

Ratman: Who?

E: Batman, vigilante, fights crime?

Ratman: … what.

E: Never mind.


To Crusher: How did you survive me, Lucky Wing, Slanted Fish and every other Poptropican in the universe squishing you with a magnet and a car?

Crusher: It didn’t hurt that much.

E: He had super powers at the time. Plus… Crusher, do you even remember this?

Crusher: A little. It’s a bit fuzzy.

E: Right… makes sense, considering. Who even fought you? It’s been a while.

Crusher: That blue haired chick.

E: Coyote? Makes sense, what with her super strength. Thanks for actually answering your Q Crusher.

Crusher: Welcome. 


To Speeding Spike: You are a purple and green baby dragon that lives with a bunch of ponies that can send messages to The Princess Celestia with green fire. Confirmed.

Speeding Spike: Ireallydunnowhatyou’retalkingaboutI’notadragonandIdon’tevenlikepurplebesidesIcan’tbreathefirethat’dbecoolthoughbutIdon’tlivewithponiesandwho’sthisprincesslady?

E: … what?


Fizz to E: You missed one of my Qs, but after going back and looking at it, I think you had a good reason to, so I’ll let it slide.

E: Yeah, I did, it was on purpose. l missed a Q with actual purpose, that might be a miracle. Anyways, it was about that contest on who Director D is dating, but I haven’t had a chance to sort that out yet. Nor have I come up with an actual prize. It’s… been a crazy week. It’ll happen sometime.

Arleen to E: I mean, I’m not actually under that much stress now. Sure I’m still a bit angry at Seth, but it’s pretty much died down at this point.

E: I’m glad. Trust me, I’ve been they’re and I don’t blame you for being mad.

Dr Hare: I’m not sure I believe you, I’ve never seen you mad.

E: You’re the worst! *Punches him playfully* My point is, I am real glad things are dying down for you. You’re a good person, who deserve a good life. Meanwhile, we all know where I’m going.

Dr Hare: Oh stop, you’re a perfectly good person.

E: Psh, don’t be ridiculous, I’m a terrible creature who’s probably going to end up alone forever because no one likes her.

Dr Hare: El, don’t joke about that.

E: I’m not.

Dr Hare: El…

E: What?

Dr Hare: I like you, Ok? *Flushes* I mean… we’re friends. And a lot of people like you. Me included.

E: Yeah, I suppose…

Dr Hare: Here. *Puts an arm around her* Just concentrate on the good, Ok?

E: I am… *sighs* Sorry, didn’t mean for all that… yeah.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, don’t worry about it.

E: *flushes and looks away* T-thanks…


Fizz to DH: Could you theoretically build something to regulate E’s accidental dimensional jumps? If so, I could send Seth and a couple other tech people to help make that a reality.

Dr Hare: We’re fine! Don’t worry about us!

Binary Bard: I call bull.

Dr Hare: Of course. Do you even know what means in full?

Binary Bard: Well, I heard Wid using it. It means lies.

Dr Hare: El won’t tell me what it stands for.

Binary Bard: I’m not surprised by that.

Dr Hare: My point is, we’re fine! We’ll handle this, don’t worry about us!

Binary Bard: -_- We’re screwed.

(He didn’t actually answer the question… -BB, the other editor who the actual editor doesn’t really know about)


Fizz to all: If you all were granted one wish, what would you wish for? (and no wishing for more wishes. We all know that’s cheating.)

E: Can I be a cheater?

Dr Hare: Um… no.

E: Darn. I would wish for… Animal transformation! Because I am a dork and Eve ruined me.

Binary Bard: Who the heck is Eve?

E: Eh… long story, tell y’all later. What’d your wish be?

Binary Bard: The ability to build whatever I want.

Dr Hare: That’s a good one. I think I’d want… hmm…

Black Widow: I’d want a trillion dollars.

E: Power corrupts Wid.

Black Widow: I wouldn’t spend it all at once. Duh.

E: … OK then.

Pop: I’d want World Peace!

Director D: *Shrugs*

E: Ladies and gentlemen, my son. Who’s a better human than I am.

Dr Hare: I guess I’d want… A safe, secure future with the people I love.

E: … That’s a good one.

Dr Hare: Thanks.

E: Is it too late to change mine?


Despair to all: … Last week was weird for me… How was it for you…?

E: Pure insanity. But that’s kinda normal… *huffs* Someone called my edgy for saying that the other day! I was kinda of annoyed, because I am insanity. Then… *sighs* it all went way downhill from there. That was off topic, sorry. Tho I do think your week was more interesting/weird than mine, considering.


Arleen to DH: If you want, I could come over and help you through your stuttering to talk to E about… Well, you-know-what.

Dr Hare: Help with stuttering might be good, but talk about what? We already talk about a lot, but… oh. *blushes* That makes more sense. I… Um… I… I don’t know if I can… I… I’ll… done*walks off, blushing furiously*

E: Did I hear something about Arleen coming over? Oh, no one’s in here. Psych .


Fizz to E and DH: I was just wondering what you did with the disc. Like, if you destroyed it or tossed it in a deep dark hole to never see the light of day, or something else equally dramatic. I don’t see why you’d be so nervous about that. :/

E: I’m not dramatic! Just desperate. And I got rid of it when Harvey wasn’t looking, it’s on a box under my bed. In the very, very back. The very very very back. The very very very very very- I think you get the picture. *sighs* I’m dramatic, who we kidding. I just… I can’t. And I’m always nervous, especially when… Waitasecond, this Q is for both of us! *Calls* HARVEY!

Dr Hare: *slams the door open* What?! Are you in danger?!

E: No, sorry. Just yelling, sorry. We got a Q.

Dr Hare: *clutching his heart* You scared me…

E: Sorry! I’m just used to yelling, I guess. Things you learn in the drama department.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Fair enough. What was the Q?

E: Oh, I… Never mind.

Dr Hare: What?

E: I… Never mind. It’s a bother. Come in, let’s go do the last Q.


Muddy Kid to everyone:
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

E: … NOPE! I did all my gym credits in the three Junior high classes I did, and those sucked! I’m out! *runs off*

Black Widow: You’re running now!

E: I’m running AWAY! There’s a difference!

Dr Hare: … She’s got a point.

Black Widow: You two are insufferable.

(Everyone was too done to actually do anything, so… Lazy villains are lazy)


And then a little bit of screaming.

By little I mean lot.

So I’m really sorry this is late! It’s been a crazy, crazy week and I am losing my mind. The Director D contest will be posted later, hopefully soon. I sincerely hope. Details are here! Yeet!

I asked some of my friends at my youth group to tell me something funny. They couldn’t think of anything, so I guess that’s it today. Except something like 8x awesomer than this! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

Ask the Villains #47, little to no explanation

Yesterday me: Maybe I’ll get the AtV out today!

Me today: -_- Um… wrong.

Sorry this is so late! I had two days of practice for SaS. I know what you’re thinking. “E, you’re an honest-to-Athena walk-on, you don’t even say anything.” My response is “Fine, you memorize my blocking.” Still, I like the peeps in theatre. I am really sorry this is late tho. I hope you enjoy regardless!


Fizzson to E: Guess who has green thumbs and finally made an attempt to catch up to the AtG! *Thumbs up* (Took me long enough, I know. -_-)

E: Congrats! The AtG is pretty long. It’s not AtV long, but still… Good luck. The AtG will always be more character heavy. Unless the Rulers come over, then we’re screwed.


Fizzson to DH: What’s the problem with E and should the AAaF crew be worried about it? ‘O.o

Dr Hare: Oh, that. It’s… it’s, well… *sighs* I’ll try not to be too technical, but no promises. *takes a deep breath, and lets it go* Ok. So we all know about El getting jettisoned to alternate dimensions, via sneezing. Usually, it’s somewhere close to her, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. P13 is one she’s always been fond of, the one with Alexa and Itch and everyone, they’re her good friends. The energy draining… I can’t help but wonder if the reason isn’t because of an outside force, like what I was originally thinking. Honesty, I have no way of knowing, but I’ll get back to you. Is El in danger? Well… To be honest? Yes. She’s in a lot of danger. And I’m worried. But… I don’t know if there’s anything I can do. I’m kind of scared. I’m doing my best, but… I just worry. She should be fine, but… Yeah .


Arleen to DD: I can’t believe no one’s asked you this yet, but… Shaken or stirred?

Director D: Shaken.

E: We do not support the drinking of alcohol, especially if under age! Live a good, clean, healthy life guys.


Fizzson to all: Any thoughts on My Little Pony?

Red Tomato to everyone: Do you guys like My Little Pony?

E: *sings* My Little Pony, My Little Pony…

Black Widow: Stop it.

E: Sorry. Wid doesn’t like MLP used to be a major fan, but I still like it. No one else has really seen it to my knowledge, so…


Arleen to E: My deal stands until you decide to actually ask Hare out. Look at it this way, now I’ll stop being in such a rush to get you two together ‘cus of what that would mean for me! Heh heh… *Sweating*

E: *flushes* No, I don’t wanna push you Arleen, you’re dealing with a lot of stress… as am I… I don’t want-

Black Widow: Question dodging.

E: S-shut up! Am not!

Black Widow: Then why don’t you go ask Hare out?

E: Because… because… l… I… Ooh! I just can’t! It’d be mortifying!

Black Widow: Says who?

E: Says me! I can’t do that! I’d pass out and die!

Black Widow: I doubt it.

E: That makes one of us! I just can’t!

Black Widow: Fine, I’ll go tell him.

E: What?! No! Wid!

Black Widow: Too late. *walks off*

E: No, Wid! *chases after her* You get back here!

Black Widow: Please, if you aren’t saying it, I am.

E: No, please don’t! I’ll confess to him someday, it’s just…

Black Widow: It’s just…

E: I… I don’t know. I’m used to rejection, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Plus, why would he like me? I’m nobody. I’m not important. Just El. Nothing special.

Black Widow: Um… you know he’s crazy about you, right? And you are special, we don’t get this ‘chummy’ with everyone.

E: Yeah, but… I… I dunno. I’ll tell him later, when I’m ready. And right now… not by a long shot. Thanks anyways. *Walks off*

Black Widow: … *Sighs* They just don’t get it. I try, but they just don’t. Maybe I should start sending in Qs…


Despair to E and Pop: … I’m really looking forward to playing games with you. It’s going to be fun.

E: I’m super pumped!

Pop: Me too! Can we play Mario Kart?

E: Kid, I can only lose so many times…

(Email me bro, I has plans)


Fizzson to E: K, so Eyve kinda created a tribe of people called de Yoyohs… and their purpose maaaay or may not be to kill the Uganda Knuckles tribe…

E: … Crap. Sucks to be me. TBH, I just do this for the laughs, I don’t know that much about the other people who talk about the way, so… if anyone’s had a bad experience, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. I just reference.


Arleen to LW: Knowing your friends, I can hardly even begin to imagine what April Fools must be like for you. ‘O_o

Lucky Wing: Pure chaos.

E: Ay… I can imagine.

Lucky Wing: It’s mostly just Coyote, but it’s partially Robin and… Coyote.

E: It’s all Coyote.

Lucky Wing: Yes, basically. 


Arleen to DH and E: So… That disc… What did’ja end up doing with it?

E: *internal screaming* Um. No. Can we not.

Dr Hare: I… um… uh…

Binary Bard: *sighs* We seem to have reached an impasse.

Black Widow: If you mean they’re both chicken.

E: I am not confirming, nor denying what happened on the disc!

Dr Hare: I… um… well…

E: *buries face in hands* I hate everything.

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: I’ll just go over here…

Dr Hare: Same. No, I mean… I’ll just go.

E: Yup!

*They both run off in different directions*

Black Widow: *rolls her eyes* Typical.


M to everyone: Great! First assignment, write a poem! Doesn’t matter what it’s about, we’ll all share next week!

E: I wrote a poem a while ago, but I ain’t sharing it, K?

Black Widow: Why?

E: Heh heh heh… it sucks, that’s why. I’m a writer, not a poet.

Dr Hare: I kind of want to hear it.

E: No. No way. Ain’t nooooo way.

Dr Hare: Please?

E: NOPE! *runs off*

Black Widow: It’s a romance poem, isn’t it.

E: *from her room* NO IT’S NOT!

Dr Hare: I guess we’ll get back to you.

(Quick PS so help me if this is anything like Doki Doki…)


Incredible Kat to Hare: I don’t exactly like romantic tropes either. The whole me+Zander thing was a dare *cough* command *cough* on behalf of one of my shipping crazy friends. *eye roll* It wasn’t my idea. I agree, we have too many of these tropes. I hate tropes. Every single friggin’ type.

E: *cackles evilly* I ship it. I like a good trope, but… that was kinda silly, everyone did that. Mostly everyone, that is. I liked your story tho.

Dr Hare: On the subject of shipping crazy friends, I would like to present… this entire Q&A.

E: *laughs* Ya know, my friend Meg was shipping me the other day.

Dr Hare: Meg?

E: Yeah, you know Meg.

Dr Hare: No.

E: Oh. I lied. She sits next to me in history, she’s in Sense and Sensibility with me as a walk-on, sound familiar?

Dr Hare: Little bit, but why was she shipping us?

E: What? Oh! No, she wasn’t shipping us, she doesn’t know you.

Dr Hare: What? Who was she…

E: TBH, I was kind of asking for it. As in literally asking her who she ships me with. So she shoots back with Thor.

Dr Hare: Thor?

E: Not the actual Thor, just someone in the Drama Department. He’s a huge nerd, in a good way. He’s got a fake Mjolnir, that’s why I’m calling him that. He actually has two…

Dr Hare: *unsettled* Um… What’s he like?

E: He’s a total goof. He’s a good kid, but I doubt we’d ever get together. He doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, I’m El besides, it wouldn’t ever happen. We’re just friends.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Why?

Dr Hare: Why what?

E: Why you askin’ genius. You seem a little too curious.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Well… I…

E: Oh gosh, please tell you don’t ship this too. I will run screaming.

Dr Hare: *laughs* No, nothing like that. I’m just curious, I like hearing about your school life.

E: Oh. It’s not that interesting.

Dr Hare: No, it is. And very different from here.

E: This is true. I’m trying to get Meg reading the AtV… But I still question everything. It’s a little embarrassing, the AtVs are putting a bit of me out there that I don’t usually show people.

Dr Hare: What do you mean?

E: I… I don’t know how to describe it. Just… how I interact with you guys… you, the others…

Dr Hare: Is something wrong with me?

E: What? No! Man, that came out wrong… I just… how do I put this… I… you’re perfect, and I’m just… I’m such a weirdo through all of this, it’s like… *sighs* Yeah.

Dr Hare: Hold up, I’m not perfect.

E: Yeah, you are.

Dr Hare: No way.

E: Yes way. You’re perfect Harvey, that’s just how you are. Anyways, I’ll get the next Q, I think we maimed this one. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … um… *calls after her* What’s that supposed to mean?!

E: I don’t know anymore!


Everyone: I’m such a big narcissist. I’d like you guys to tell me what you think of me, like, “You are so awesome!” or “Kat, you’re the lamest thing on this planet.” TBH, I think I’ve already asked this Q….Who cares. I like people’s opinions.

E: Nope, this is a new Q. I think. Kat, you’re awesome and you’re own kind of insanity and I love it! Go you!

(I just answered this one on my own, sorry) 


Black Widow: I didn’t know you were into graffiti. Emo.

Black Widow: Who said ever anything about graffiti?

E: Are you into graffiti?

Black Widow: No, boring. Besides, the cops cover graffiti within hours of it being put up.

E: … *facepalms* Wid, what did you do…

Black Widow: Nothing, I just tried to work with the police force.

E: … really?

Black Widow: No.

E: What.

Black Widow: April Fool’s.

E: Light you, that was 4 days ago.

Black Widow: Don’t care.


Binary Bard: Why are you afraid of doors? This is a problem. Villains aren’t s’posed to be scared of doors. Or electrocution.

E: I personally fear many things, that does include electrocution. Although not as bad as other things… 

Binary Bard: That’s why you’re not a Villain.

E: Rude.

Binary Bard: Everyone has something they fear, that’s normal. Also, who on Earth told you I don’t like doors? Doors are great.

Binary Bard: Long story.


Heather: What’s your favorite color? *crosses fingers* Please not pink…

Heather: It’s orange, why?

E: Yay, no character clone!

Heather: What?

E: Nothing.


Poptropica: I have neither. And yet I manage to be so incredibly good at Mario Kart.

Pop: Aw, I’m sorry! Mario Kart is a lot of fun! Maybe we should play together!

E: The apartment can only fit so many people kiddo.


Red Tomato (K) to BB: I dare you to create an army of robots and then have them fight me in a boxing cage.

Binary Bard: Um… how much do I get paid and do you want AIs or just remote control?

E: That’s Binary, asking the important questions in life.


To DH: What is your hair color? In my fan fiction it is brown.

Dr Hare: It’s pink. It used to be dirty blond, like El’s, but about 14 times darker.

E: My hair is gold, I think.

Dr Hare: Case in point.

E: Which case?

Dr Hare: It was about my hair color.

E: Ah. Then yup, pink all around y’all.


To DD: why did you want to make everybody bald? Were you trying to make a fashion statement?

Director D: Again? No, I was trying to put myself into power. We’ve been over this.


To BW: congrats! You are my favorite villian! Good luck with your DNA testing! P.S.I have feeling for your possible brother Joe! 😏-K

Black Widow: Thanks.

E: It’s not DNA, it’s just a website. But whatever.

Black Widow: You’re not helping.

E: I like when things are correct, Ok? Wid, Joe is your 3rd cousin, once removed.

Black Widow: Still don’t know who it is.

E: Nor do you care.

Black Widow: Yeah.

E: Don’t agree with my sarcastic remarks!

Black Widow: Meh.


Dolphin Ninja to all: fav movie?

E: Ooh! Pacific Rim for me!

Dr Hare: Pacific what?

E: You guys have to watch it.

Binary Bard: Um… Ok, but-

E: I’m going to go borrow it from my library, I know that it has it! I’ll be back! *Runs off*

Binary Bard: Isn’t this supposed to be for everyone?

Dr Hare: Considering the week she’s had, I’m surprised she even answered it.


One superpower?

E: Animal transformation.

Binary Bard: Flight.

Dr Hare: El took mine.

E: Sorry.

Black Widow: Art.

Director D: Invisibility.

Heather: The ability to delve into a book so much I become part of the story.

Pop: Magic! Like in Harry Potter!



E: Sure!

*20 minutes later*

Black Widow: You all are wimps.

E: No I’m not!

Dr Hare: El, you only ate one slice.

E: Why does this keep happening… you only ate… one… pie. Ugh.

Dr Hare: Sorry.

Binary Bard: Second isn’t that bad, I suppose. 

Pop: Do I get a trophy?


Start a fangirl war

E: *laughs* Well, I think that… No.

(Speaking as a professional Fangirl…)


CUPCAKE FIGHT!!!!!!!!! +Puppies!

(For the record, she {she, right? Gosh darn the fact that I hafta check, I suck at this} means the puppies are present, not being thrown. Not everyone is as sick and twisted as I am.)

E: This is a terrible idea. Can I video?!

Dr Hare: Oh good heavens.

Black Widow: We don’t even have any cupcakes, much less puppies.

Pop: *gasps* Mom, can we get a puppy!

E: Um… 😓 No, there’s no way we can take care of it z, sorry Pop.

Pop: Oh. *Pauses* Mister Harvey, can we-

E: Pop!

Dr Hare: Sorry kiddo… *ruffles his hair* I don’t dare go against your mom.

E: I’m not that scary.

Dr Hare: Still.

E: … wut.

(Um… we’ll get back to you)


*E is wandering around the living room, typing on her phone.*

Dr Hare: El, what are you-

E: Just a sec… *types one last thing* Done! *Collapses next to him on the couch* Finally!

Dr Hare: Finished the AtV?

E: Yeah… uuuuuuugh… *leans against him* I’m so tired.

Dr Hare: Maybe you should take a nap before you head home?

E: No way, I ain’t that tired. Besides, I can’t be here that long. I’ve got stuff to do.

Dr Hare: Like?

E: Hang with you guys for one. Relax for a second, although I doubt it’ll ever happen. Third, play video games.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Works for me.

E: Yeah… it’s been a crazy week. I’m sorry I haven’t been over more. Heck, I haven’t even come over since Monday. Dr Hare: You never did explain it.

E: Explain what?

Dr Hare: What… what you called me Sunday. I know you were over here for the Easter/prank post, but… you never explained…

E: What I… oh. *Pauses* I was hoping you’d forgotten.

Dr Hare: I can’t, it’s like I want to remem- *flushes* I mean, um.. uh… yeah. Could you… explain… please, I’m so confused.

E: I… I… I don’t know. Harvey, I just… I’m not sure. I just don’t… know… what… *sighs* I don’t know. It’s almost like a stranger is controlling my body as I’ve been going through the week. But… that’s really no excuse… *sighs* I guess… I just did. I just… Wanted to?

Dr Hare: Why?

E: Erm… Fair question. I… I… I just… I…

Dr Hare: I shouldn’t push, but… I just… *sighs* All I want to know is… d-did you mean it?

E: I… I can’t. Harvey, I can’t. I’m sorry, I just… I can’t! *Runs off*

Dr Hare: *Speechless* El?!

Black Widow: *walks in* No kidding she’s had a crazy week. I would have marked her down as least likely to pull an anime head-for-the-hills.

Dr Hare: I’m so very confused…


I think I’m just going to GTB now. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Ps: Get Fizz, if you see this, I’ll add the Qs sometime tomorrow, promise. It’s just probably going to be after school… And the job interview… So… Yeah. Have a nice day.

A few more announcements

In advance, please don’t hate me.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! I have just a couple of announcements I didn’t get to yesterday. However, I’m really glad everyone likes the last post and what I’m going to be doing for it!



😁 I love you guys.

Wait, where are you going? Come back!

Yes, sadly, most of yesterday’s post was a prank. But how much of it was?
That, ladies and gentlemen, was my real prank this year.


Let’s break this down. I am swapping to chibi! This is a permanent change, maybe. The art style might change mildly, but whatever. It’s going to be chibi forever a while.

However, making a DeviantArt for the chibi? That… Good question. Here’s how it goes down. I did not make a DeviantArt. However, I’ve had one for nearly… *Checks watch* 2 months? Yup. I’ve had a DA for Poptropica for 2 months. And didn’t say anything in my Poptropican blog. That being this. It’s nothing real special, plus a couple people already know. I don’t remember who, but I know some people do. Yay.

You want to know what was a total prank? I said the AtV was going to be every 2 weeks. I was bluffing! MWA HA HA HA HA-

You guys are seriously supportive tho. Like srsly, I genuinely feel a little bad for this.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Harvey was in on this. He is the best wingman. Ever.

Expect there is one thing I didn’t cover…




Will someone please tell me why I do these things to myself?

Black Widow: An explanation would be nice.

E: *screams* How long have you been standing there?!!

Black Widow: Long enough.

E: Are you freaking kidding me?! *Sighs* So you read the post? How friggin’ bored are you?

Black Widow: The fact that I’m even bothering says a lot. Explain.

E: *flushes* I… Well… I… I got caught up in the moment! I having a good time and I figured one more prank wouldn’t hurt. How is this even a prank?!

Black Widow: I was wondering about that.

E: I mean, come on! What do I say?! He even knows that I like him. *puts head on table miserably* I hate my life.

Black Widow: Personally, I think you should just get over it.

E: I can’t get over being an idiot Wid.

Black Widow: You’re not an idiot.

E: I’m not so sure.

Black Widow: If it bugs you so bad go apologize.

E: That… Does make sense.

Black Widow: I’ll go get him. *Walks off*

E: Wait… Wait a second, no, Wid!

And… I am forever doomed. So yeah, there we go! Everything is all sorted out now! Hope you guys thought this was funny and don’t hate me… So yeah! Lucky Wing signi-

Dr Hare: Hey El? Wid sent me in here to talk to you.

E: ._. Oh son of a mother child, Lucky Wing signing out bai guys!

Quick little PS: Ok, one thing’s for sure. I spent so long prepping this, the AtV isn’t coming out until Thursday. Because you guys need one more reason to want to hate me. Sorry, it’ll be out soon! Feel free to add Qs if you want!

Happy Easter y’all!

(Update, I fixed the 80 thousand typos, it should make a little more sense now.)

I’m not too late for the Easter party, right?

Aw, whatever.

And yes, I know that it’s Sunday and I don’t usually post Sundays, but I have some important announcements to make. So I made them with Harvey, because today is his day after all.


Dr Hare: Happy Easter guys.

Binary Bard: Happy Bunny day.

Dr Hare: Nah, just Easter. And April Fool’s day.

Binary Bard: *groans* I’m scared to go anywhere in the apartment, E’s probably trapped everything.

Dr Hare: *laughs* Nah, she hasn’t actually set up any traps this year.

Binary Bard: I haven’t actually seen her all weekend. Where is she, I thought she had spring break.

Dr Hare: She told me something about watching something with her family, but I don’t know. Mostly she was on about the break.

Binary Bard: If by mostly you mean she wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Eh, I don’t mind so much.

Binary Bard: I know you don’t. The fact that you haven’t proposed to her yet…

Dr Hare: *flushes* Mordred!

Binary Bard: Fine, whatever. Where are you going anyways?

Dr Hare: Just… To go check on El. She was taking about coming over for a post, but she’s not responding on her phone. I have a feeling she set it on “lowest-possible-without-being-on-vibrate-so-I-can-work-in-peace” again.

Binary Bard: Let me guess who came up with that name…

Dr Hare: Shouldn’t be hard. *slips on a cost* I should be back soon, I-


E: … Harvey?

Binary Bard: You just crushed him with a door.

E: Aw crap! You Ok?!

Dr Hare: Ow… I’m fine, I’m fine, don’t worry about me…

E: Your nose is bleeding! Oh gosh, I’m so, so sorry! Here, let me grab you a… *Shoves hands in pockets and pulls out a tissue* Here. Man, I am so sorry!

Dr Hare: *holds the tissue to his nose* I’m fine, really.

E: Gosh darn it, I’m jinxed… Oh, hey Binary.

Binary Bard: *waves* Hi. What brings you to this neck of the woods?

E: Minus accidentally hitting Harvey on the face with a door? Again, I’m so sorry…

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, calm down…

E: I’m so calm… *Sighs* I’m here cause I need Harvey for that post. Hare, you feel like doing an update post with me again? Just like last year?

Dr Hare: I would love to!

Binary Bard: I’m leave you both to it then. Too boring for me.


E: Okie! You ready for this?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Found a difference from last year.

Dr Hare: Hey, I was all for it last year! I was also all for driving you insane.

E: Then what’s changed?

Dr Hare: Hey!

E: *laughs* Just messing with you, sorry.

Dr Hare: *smiles* It’s Ok, tis the season.

E: Right. Ok, first announcement! If you can’t tell… I’m trying a new ata style for the AtV! It’s chibi, clearly. You like it?


Dr Hare: You Ok?

E: I am hunky dorry rn. *runs face* Anyways… This is just me trying something new, we’ll see how it turns out, but I have high hopes!

Dr Hare: I like this idea.

E: Me too! So I made a DeviantArt for it!

Dr Hare: Wow.

E: I know, right?! I was rather nervous about it, because I don’t actually like sharing my art that much…

Dr Hare: Your art looks great.

E: *smilessThanks. One more thing! Because drawing Chibi is impossibly hard for me, the AtV is now going to be only once every two weeks. I’m so sorry guys, it’s the only way.

Dr Hare: Oh. That’s… Ok. You’ll still come by, right?

E: Try and keep me out. Let’s see… Anything else?

Dr Hare: No new islands, Worlds had been out for nearly a year-

E: Whee!

Dr Hare: -the comic book series is finished, the creators don’t post much, at all, and… Yeah, I think that’s it.

E: Phew. *Looks at watch* I gotta run, I need to get home before dark.

Dr Hare: You can’t stay?

E: Sorry, I can’t. I’ll come by tomorrow, we might not be doing the AtV, but I like being here.

Dr Hare: Oh. Ok.

E: Cheer up, won’t be long. *kisses him on the cheek* Happy Easter babe! *Runs off*

Dr Hare: *flushes* Wait a second, what?! What!?


Hee hee hee.

Happy Bunny day guys.



Ask the Villains #46, Stutterhug (+Contest)

Stutterhug is also the name of a Webcomic on Taptastic that I’m rather fond of. (Also, PS, if you decide to go surfing that website… Um… Be careful. Very careful.)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So… It may or may not be 10:58 over here, but… My clarification of such things would be saddening, so carry on.


Dr Hare: El? El, we need to start the AtV! Where are… *Eat twitches* Hang on a sec… *He walks over to the guest room where E usually bunks and gently pushes the door open*

E: *singing into a hair brush, doesn’t notice him*

If you ask me how I’m doin’
I would say I’m doin’ just fine
I would lie and say that you’re not on my mind
But I go out
And I sit down
At a table set for two
And finally I’m forced to face the truth
No matter what I say
I’m, not over you

Dr Hare: Um… El?

E: *screams and drops the hair brush* Harvey!

Dr Hare: *flinches* Hi?

E: How… How long have you been standing there?

Dr Hare: Not very long. Sorry.

E: It’s… It’s Ok… Oh gosh, this is mortifying.

Dr Hare: You sounded nice.

E: *blushes* Oh. Thanks, I… I guess .

Dr Hare: No, really, you do. Were you singing about someone?

E: *turns the color of Kool aid* Um. *Sighs* This had been a reoccurring theme in the Q&As. First Kat and Zander, then Alexa and Cyree… Can we just pretend this never happened?

Dr Hare: Deal. I’m getting tired of romantic tropes.

E: I need original ideas.


M to everyone: Wanna join my literature club? 😀

E: Before we do this Q, I am going to take a moment to by irritated, I was going to use the name M for a story and now I’m beat to the punch. *pauses* Ok, I’m over it. I’ll go find the others!

*A couple minutes later…*

E: Gonna be lit at the literature club.

Black Widow: Stop now.

E: Okie… I wanna join! I love reading/writing!

Black Widow: Eh.

Binary Bard: Maybe.

Heather: I love reading, can I join?



Arleen to E: If you can get over your fear of rejection and ask Hare out, I’ll muster up my courage and ask Toby out.

E: ._. I hate half this Q.

Black Widow: Do it.

E: You kidding? No way!

Black Widow: You have to do it eventually.

E: Uuuuuuugh… we called a truce Wid.

Black Widow: I know. It’s just a date, you can handle it.

E: No way. I promised Harvey, Ok? Besides, she doesn’t mean just a date, she means… *flushes* I can’t do this… not now. Not ever.

Black Widow: For the love of… ok, every other week,I swear I give you a little lecture on why you should ask Hare out and I am done. You don’t seem to understand that it could potentially make you both really happy, fine.

E: Wid, why would he go out with a girl like me?

Black Widow: Because he thinks you’re attractive. And funny. And cute. And all around good, nice girl.

E: Pff, whatever.

Black Widow: He likes you.

E: I doubt it.

Black Widow: You’re wrong.

E: *groans* Stop…

Black Widow: Go! *Shoves her out of the room*

E: Aah! *Slams into Dr Hare*

Dr Hare: El! *Catches her* You Ok?

E: Um… *flushes* Sure.

Dr Hare: What happened?

E: Wid shoved me out here. With probable malicious intent and definite skill timing.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Never mind.

Dr Hare: Well, um… I’d better go.

E: I… Ok.

Dr Hare: Wait, was there something you needed to tell me?

E: … nope.

Fizz to BW: Maybe you should cut those two a bit of slack. I doubt anything’s gonna move forward with this disk stuff looming over them anyway.

Black Widow: Well, they resolved the disc. So maybe… I didn’t tease them if I didn’t think something good would come out of this. They just need to man up. Yes, including E, we discussed this last week.

Fizz to everyone: So how was your guys’ St. Patrick’s day?

E: I had an excellent Lucky day!

Binary Bard: You mean St Patrick’s Day?

E: You sound like Patrick, geez. He complained about it too.

Binary Bard: Somehow I’m not surprised.

E: That I claimed this day as my own or that I know someone named Patrick.

Binary Bard: Both.

E: Good answer.

Dr Hare: I had a pretty good day. Nothing major happened. I did take El out for lunch to celebrate her Channelversary.

E: That was so much fun! I was also videoing for 3 hours later, but still! Totally a blast!

Heather: I went down to the library, I suppose.

Black Widow: I followed certain people going out to lunch.

Dr Hare: You did what?!

Binary Bard: Nothing happened to me at least.

Despair to E: Um… I read the AtVs now, so it wasn’t hard to figure out… I just hope things work out for you….

E: That was fast. Wait, hard to figure out what… oh. *flushes* Um… thanks. Me too.

Arleen to everyone: Soooo… Anyone here got plans for Easter/April Fools? (Yeh. They both land on the same day this year. Weird right?)

E: *giggles* I was keeping track of that. Y’all are gonna get pranked so hard. Oh, hey Harvey!

Dr Hare: *flinches* What?!

E: You remember last year?

Dr Hare: I remember a lot of years, so yes. What exactly am I supposed to remember?

E: We did that Easter thing! Wow, that was forever ago… we did a Easter special, ish.

Dr Hare: Oh yeah, that.

E: We should do that again! That’d be so fun! In the meantime, I’m off to go prep to prank the wahoozi outta y’all. *Giggles, then skips off*

Heather: That’s forboding.

Dr Hare: Says the woman who doesn’t have to write a post with her.  

Fizz to E: Actually, my mom sometimes has dreams like that too.

E: Your mom is an alternate dimensional version of me?!

Dr Hare: El, why.

E: Because I can! I used to have dreams that predicted the future, still do, but nowadays it’s… wie sagt man… different. It’s not every night, but I’ll just be shot into the life of another version of me. It’s only temporary and I can’t affect their actions, but it’s scary sometimes! Many a time I’ve woken up in a cold sweat.

Dr Hare: El, can we… how long has this been going on?

E: Dunno, few weeks… why?

Dr Hare: Because that could be real bad?

E: Aw, come on Harvey, I’m sure it happens to people who travel dimensions all the time!

Dr Hare: El… I travelled most of those dimensions with you and I don’t have those dreams.

E: Oh… um… I.. uh… I’m sure it’s nothing…

Dr Hare: Just… let me know if anything happens, Ok?

E: *smiles weakly* I’ll be fine. I’m a big girl, right? Besides, what’s… what’s the worst that could happen? *Walks off*

Dr Hare: … Oh we are so screwed. She has no idea how much.

Smiley to E: This Soos… They sound like a… fascinating individual.

E: Oh, he is. He drove into a fast food restaurant once. Like, into the restaurant. He can’t even drive. He’s actually really cool and El, that being the version of me in his dimension, loves him to pieces, he’s practically her little brother. Her ghostly, been-dead-since-the-civil-war brother. This makes no sense.

Fizz to DH and BB: What’s your favorite gadget / invention?

Dr Hare: How do I pick? There’s so many cool things I’ve worked on in my life.

Binary Bard: Same, there’s so much.

E: I think… that I should stop intruding on other people’s Qs. *Walks off*

Binary Bard: She’s got a point.

Dr Hare: I like having her around for Qs.

Binary Bard: You would.

Dr Hare: Hey!

Binary Bard: I think my favorite invention is… secret. My work isn’t always legal.

Dr Hare: Fair point…

Despair to E (Again): You like me…? Thanks… I’m really not that good a person though….

E: Oh pish posh, I’m sure you are. Everyone is a good person deep down. Except… for like 231 people, approximately. I don’t think you’re one of them.

Arleen to Heather: So how do YOU feel in light of all this weirdness between E and Hare?

Heather: Blissfully uninvolved. I like E, I don’t see anything wrong with them dating, so I just kind of let it be. They’ll figure it out eventually.

Arleen to Lucky: You’re so lucky. You don’t need to wear green on St. Patrick’s day ‘cus your hair is already green. -_-

Lucky Wing: It is a blessing, since my friends are people like Nice Coyote.

E: Case in point.

Fizz to E (Again): Sorry. I just felt REALLY stupid for not figuring out who D’s dating sooner. -_-

E: You figured it out?! *Gasps* Yay! I may or may not have been dropping hints for weeks, so… whoo!

Director D: I doubt he figured out who it is.

E: *gasps* I have an idea! Announcement at the end of the AtV! *Runs off*

Director D: *sighs* I know for a fact that this is only going to result in more suffering for me.


To Everyone: 1. Which one of you would make the best president/leader?
*Awkward silence*

E: Nope! We’re not answering this Q because this would turn into Captain America Civil War faster than DC bursts into flames.

Sporty Boa to BB: When will flying cars be a thing?

Binary Bard: If ever, it probably won’t be me. I have more interesting things to work on. Which aren’t technically legal so…

To BW: Besides you, who do you think is the best at art?

Black Widow: Da Vinci.

E: Ooh. Nicely chosen.

To Pop: Do you want to come to pet store with D and CC? It’s going to be fun!

Pop: Please! Momma, can we get a puppy?

E: Um… no.

Pop: I’ll take care of it! It’ll be mine and I’ll pay for his food and yeah!

E: Babe, I don’t think the landlord will let us…

Pop: Please? I’ll even take it on walks.

E: I… I’ll think about it… Go talk to Harvey.

Dr Hare: Why is he talking to me?

E: I can’t say no to a cute face like that!

Dr Hare: You think I can?! It’s not like I can say no to you!

E: … Run that by me again?

Dr Hare: *flushes* Oh carrots. *runs off*

Pop: What just happened?

E: I have no idea.

To CC: 1. Do you think fish are underrated?

  1. Where the heck are you/ Where have you been!?! WE NEED TO GO TO THE PET STORE!!

E: … I’m compiling a list for Crawfish to answer when he gets back. I should message

To DD: I see you dodging my singing questions, must think you’re pretty slick… Which you’re kinda known for so… (It will happen eventually)

Director D: Contrary to common belief, I can sing. However, that is reserved for particular people.

E: *cough cough* I wonder who…

Director D: Are you quite done?

E: No.


Zippy Sky aka  to E: YAS! BACON 4 LIFE!!!!!

E: Yus! I love bacon! Harvey… isn’t, but…

Dr Hare: I’m vegetarian.

E: I know… I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, it’s not that important.

E: It’s Ok, I’ll always be there to eat your bacon.

Dr Hare: Thank you for that?

E: *grins* No problem.

Dr Hare: *laughs*

to hare and Mordred: dream invention?

Dr Hare: Do you mean the one we were trapped on in Erewhon or something we should invent?

Binary Bard: Ugh, hope it’s the latter.

Dr Hare: Yeah… Erewhon… wasn’t good.

E: I saved you from the ants, besides, it was just a dream, right?

Dr Hare: *shudders* Yeah… it was just a childish fear, but…

E: Bro, I’m the queen of those. Don’t worry about it! *Hugs him* It’s Ok to be scared! And to have fears! I’m a perfect example of that!

Dr Hare: *flushes* Thanks.

E: You’re welcome!

Binary Bard: You guys are impossible, hope you realize this.

E: Yeah yeah, I hear it all the time.


K to BW: Are you related to Joe Stockman by any chance?

Black Widow: Related to who now?

E: He was that guy on Virus Hunter, he got that one virus.

Black Widow: Very helpful E.

E: You’re welcome. That’s a no then?

Black Widow: Clearly.

E: Well then, I’ll run Family Search and get back to y’all next week.

K to Dr.Hare: do you like ranch dressing on your carrots?

Dr Hare: Not particularly.

E: Ranch? Bleh.

K to Binary Bard: did you turn Holmes evil?

Binary Bard: Did I turn who evil?

E: Heh heh… nope. *runs away*


to DD: ok so I finally gave up and looked the villans up, sooooo….HOW DID YOU ESCAPE FROM PRISON?
Director D: Didn’t we go over this?

E: If by “go over” you mean I said it and you threatened to have be removed as a national threat, yes.

Director D: It’s not my fault that you’re trying to give away national secrets.

E: *snaps* They’re not national secrets! I have been given permission by the current leader of the spy agency to do as benefits this Q&A! I check on a regular basis to see if I have clearance to share the information I’m sharing now! Get on with it, will ya?


E: This is how I die, isn’t it.

Director D: *mildly impressed* On the contrary. I’m surprised you had that in you.

E: *flushes* Actually… I just had a really crummy day. Moving on, please.

Director D: Very well. I was released due to a code blue, which required, among other things, my being released.

E: Actually… ah, never mind. Carry on.

Director D: That’s all, actually. Have a nice day E. *walks off*

E: …

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* What’s going on? Sorry, I shouldn’t interrupt, but I heard yelling…

E: I think… I just earned Director D’s respect.

To all: Top of te mornin to ya, do you believe in luck?🍀
E: *Irish accent* Aye, indeed I do lassie! *Winces and switches back to normal* Now I miss Crawfish…

Black Widow: So do a lot of us. And yes, luck is real.

Binary Bard: It’s better to depend on skill than luck.

E: I like luck.

Black Widow: Gambling is luck.

E: Yes, 1 out of 3000 is luck, but it’s also dumb. It could happen, but putting high amounts money into it, or heck, any money into it, that’s just ridiculous.

Black Widow: I see where you stand on gambling.

E: Highly against it, yes. I’m good at guessing games tho.

Binary Bard: That works.

To BW: speed draw Sonic the Hedgehog.

Black Widow: Excuse me, what?

E: … this is on you, good luck. *Runs off*

Black Widow: I do requests, not commissions. It’ll cost you 5 bucks.

Dr Hare: Isn’t that a little high…?

Black Widow: I’m charging extra for the fact that I haven’t heard the end of ‘da wae’ from E.


To DH: Of all the things in the world, how did you end up with half a rabbit brain? (And where’d they get a rabbit that wants to control the world😱😨)
Dr Hare: Half a… I don’t have half a rabbit brain!

E: Oh right, the wiki article. I’ve only read that about a million times.

Dr Hare: My brain is still my brain. It just has some… rabbit tendencies.

E: Cause you’re part rabbit.

Dr Hare: I’m maybe a ¼th rabbit. I’m not half.

E: Eh, it’s Ok Harvey. Things like this happen.

Dr Hare: It’s frustrating.

E: I know it is, but it’s not worth getting mad over. *takes his hand* I’ve seen you angry Harvey, it’s really not worth it. Let’s go help the others with their Qs.

Dr Hare: *blushes* I… Ok.

E: *unaware* Come on, it’ll be fun!

TO ALLL: Challenge time
I dare you to come up with a short story for an oc villan of mine 😆
Name: Jacon/Jace Surge (work in progress)
Appearance: well…I don’t have that much yet, has black hair with white streaks/lightning bolts. Wears all black (including that black coat thing that Nick Fury wears.)
What voice would sound like: basically sounds like Louis Tomlinson (google if you don’t know)
Who is he?
He is a tech wiz supervillan, Frenemy of my oc, A SPY, enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D, and basically a villan you love to hate. 😆

E: Oh, a villian! I’ve always had a soft spot for the villains! I’ll email you about this, I dunno if the AtV can take it.

Dr Hare: Well, the fourth wall is still standing…

E: Duct tape does it’s work! Now, dear readers, once I finish typing this up, we shall-

*Shattering noise*

Dr Hare: … Never mind.

E: Gosh darn it, we were doing so well.


*Urgent knocking on door*

Dr Hare: I’m coming, I’m coming, hold your horses…

I opened the door to see Elyana. She was wearing her normal jacket-over-a-T and jeans, it was the only way I recognized her. El had tied a black bandana over her hair, so only a few curls stuck out. She had left her glasses at home or something, because I could clearly see make-up. Out of all the girls knew, El was probably the least likely I would have expected to see wearing makeup. (Outside the theater, of course.) She looked good in it, but almost intimidating at the same time. Beautifully intimidating.

E: Are… Are you Ok?

Dr Hare: I’m fine, sorry, sorry. Um… Here, come in.

E: *smiles at him* Thanks. Is Wid here?

Dr Hare: Yeah, she’s in the back. Can I ask… Why are you wearing makeup?

E: Why am I… Gosh darn it! *Facepalms* So… Elsa.

Dr Hare: Frozen. Olaf. What?

E: I’m trying for a job. I know, finally, geez. Point is, the job is for an Elsa actress, it’s for a store or something. I’m really excited, and I hope I get it, but I probably won’t.

Dr Hare: Why not? You look perfect to me.

E: *flushes* T-thanks… But it’s the braces.

Dr Hare: Oh…

E: It’s fine. Anyways… Wid. Can’t talk.

Dr Hare: Ok, but what-

E: I’m so sorry, I’ll explain soon. Wish me luck. *Straightens jacket and walks off*

Dr Hare: … I’m so confused.



So for next week, we will be holding a contest! Since has apparently Fizz figured out who the fabulous Director D is dating, I want to see who has! I’m also not sure if Fizz is correct. We shall see. The first person to tell me who they think D is dating (and is correct) gets a prize! I’m not sure what prize, but I’ll figure it out. Second and third will also get a prize! You can email me or use Hangouts at or message me on Discord. Yes, you do need to contact me one of these ways, so I can keep track of this. 

This is a bad idea, isn’t it?

I regret everything.

Well, I shall sleep now, so Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

30 second rant

Update: I added the location now too. 

So I entered Poptropica today cause I needed the credits, ya know the drill. (It’s a side account I’m trying to up, don’t judge.) Anyways, I got this.


*eye twitches*

I got that. I own the freaking plushie. And now it’s free?! AAAAH


I’m actually not that mad, I just wanted to yell about something. Have a good day guys!

Bonus picture, this is mine

Hare Gamer


Found it.PNG

He looks like he’s either dying or trying to run away…


Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. So… I feel terrible, how are you guys doing? No, really, I want you to tell me how you’re doing in the comments. Like how your day’s been going down. Heck, I’ll go first! Ahem. My day is nothing like I’d hoped, and I wasn’t hoping for jack squat. I didn’t even get to go to school, which sounds ridiculous, who would want to go to school? Me right now. I don’t have a cold this time around, but I feel so nauseous… On the plus side, Plants vs Zombies Heroes. Only upside. Oh, and Big Jo updated. That was nice.

Yes, I’m done complaining now.

So… AtV. I really hope you guys like this, the squad and I put this together Saturday, I’m glad we did. So I hope you enjoy!

Zippy Sky

To director d: are you secretly dionysis?*gasps* is that how you escaped spy HQ?(sorry just reread the percy jackson series for the millionth time)

Director D: … what.

E: I love those books! But alas, he is not.

Director D: I never do get a normal day around here.

E: Same! I’m very used to it.


to binary bard; same my favorite colors are purple and gold too!!

Binary Bard: They’re the best!

E: I’m down with that.


to hare; uugghh how you feel bout the disk?

Dr Hare: I… I don’t know. I have no idea how to deal with this whatsoever. I… I know El knows, and that she knows I know… I have no idea what to do. Moving to Cryptids sounds good sometimes. If only. I’m… I know this sounds cowardly, but I’m almost trying to avoid her at this point. Maybe this’ll all blow over, right?

Binary Bard: You’re hurting the viewer’s souls right now.

Dr Hare: Honestly, right now I care more about my sense of dignity than their ship.

Binary Bard: Come on… you know she’s crazy about you.

Dr Hare: One date would probably fix that.

Binary Bard: I doubt it.

Dr Hare: I don’t.

Binary Bard: You never take a chance Hare! What’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: Do you want a list?

Binary Bard: I want you to man up.

Dr Hare: You’re no help.

Binary Bard: Doesn’t change what I said.

E: Ay! *Opens door* Why’s everyone yelling in here?

Binary Bard: Well you see…

E: You know what, never mind, I really don’t want to know. *walks off*

Dr Hare: *sighs with relief* Ok, phew. That was almost bad.

Binary Bard: I don’t see why. You just need to go tell her.

Dr Hare: What an I supposed to say?

Binary Bard: How about “Hey E, you look nice.” Water for response, “Hey, I was wondering, do you maybe want to go see a movie or something?” That easy.

Dr Hare: But, what if…

Binary Bard: If she says no, roll with it, although I doubt she will. Il

Dr Hare: I… well…

Binary Bard: Just go ask her out when you have a chance. Tell her when you need to. And you’re welcome. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … Ok… now what?


to E: speaking of the disk, please don’t hate me….

E: If I’m mad at anyone, I’m mad at Itch. I don’t usually get mad, but, oh wait, I’m mad at Itch right now. Light you Itch.

Black Widow: Well, now Hare knows.

E: Don’t push it Wid. I can still… something.

Black Widow: Uh huh. So I’ve noticed you’re avoiding Hare.

E: *flushes* No I’m not!

Black Widow: Yeah, right.

E: Ok fine, maybe I am! What else do you expect me to do?!

Black Widow: Man up.

E: I’m female.

Black Widow: You’re still wimping out.

E: Touche. Look, there’s no way he would like me back. I screwed up and now he probably feels really awkward about it. I don’t wanna make it worse either. You know?

Black Widow: Congratulations, you got a 50 percent on your perception.

E: What?

Black Widow: How many times do I have to spell this out for you? He likes you! And he likes you a lot! He’s just really shy when it comes to this sort of thing!

E: But why… why me?! I’m nobody.

Black Widow: Not to him.

E: I… whatever. I… I can’t do this right now. I’ll be in my room if anyone needs me.

Black Widow: Hey Hare, E needs you-


(Itch, if you’re reading this, hi. I don’t really care anymore so… whoo hoo.)


to everyone:top three favorite snacks?

Black Widow: Eh.

Dr Hare: Carrots, pink carrots and… celery, I guess.

Binary Bard: I don’t really snack.

E: Potato chips, candy and BACON!

Black Widow: You’re going to have a heart attack.

E: Worth!


Dolphin Violinist Ok ok not Seeing Blind then ok..(its so good though…nice and clean) how about you (E) and Dr. Hare sing the WEEKEND WHIP (or Ninja-Go) (or Flicker)😄😄😄

E: Someone recommended that song to me Wednesday. Besides you I mean. I know some big 1D fans. Anyways, different songs… I love the Weekend Whip! I’ll get on that! Harvey and I can… *looks around* Oh. Right. *Sighs* I’m an idiot. I’ll get back to you on this, promise.


To E. I dare you to do a monologue/compilation of Loki’s best moments/quotes. 😆

E: What are you going to do, moisturize me?! No wait, that’s Doctor Who. The problem with Loki and me is that I’m Thor. My brother is Loki. 2019, trick or treating, yeet! Besides that, let’s get some quotes from my favorite manipulative god!

*20 minutes later*

E: Ok! So I found me some excellent quotes guys. *Coughs and straightens papers* This one isn’t by Loki, but I couldn’t resist! *In a deeper voice than usual* He is of Asgard and he is my brother! *normal voice* He killed eighty people in two days.*deeper* He’s adopted. *Giggles* Couldn’t resist. *Spreads arms and says on a voice richer than her usual* I am Loki, prince of Asgard. You will kneel to me. *Pauses* I have an army! *Masculine-ish voice* We have a Hulk. *Grins, normal* That’s just good. Ok, one that’s not from just the “Avengers” movie. Let’s see… *in the rich voice* There are no men like me. *Normal* Because… I’m female. Fun fact, Loki can turn female, both in the comics and original Norse mythology. I’m a bit of a mythology nerd. I love the Avengers, but it’s nothing like the real mythology. I say that with love. *rich, but livid voice* I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal! *Normal* I didn’t remember what part that was from, so tone of voice may be off. Well, I’m calling it there. *rich voice* Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim. *walks off*


To DD are you a real director, like a movie director?

Director D: I’m a spy director.

E: You were locked up for being a secret agent for the other side.

Director D: They never discharged me.

E: Yes, they did. You know the current director for crying out loud, we both do. 

Director D: They never said what I was a director of.

E: BAD disbanded.

Director D: Those aren’t the only two spy agencies in the world.

E: That’s not even likely, but goshn it D, why are you like this.


ALL OF YOU: dress up as the avengers (AND LOKI TOO) for the entire atv (don’t forget that “army” E 😂)

E: Yeet! But I’m not Loki so… D, you’re more like him, all brooding and what not.

Director D: Uh huh.

Binary Bard: I’m Iron Man, I take it?

E: Yeah. Duh .

Dr Hare: Um… I’m no Hawkeye or Thor, so Captain America or Hulk?

E: That’s down to you bro, although I’m thinking Hulk… You look kinda like Bryce Banner. 

Dr Hare: I do?

Black Widow: And let me guess who I would be…

E: *sarcastically* Oh, I have no idea. Wid, whoever will you be…

Dr Hare: *grins* I’m sure you don’t.

E: *giggles* Course not.

Pop: Can I be Spiderman?

E: Course kiddo! I think that leaves me at Hulk?

Dr Hare: I think you’re more like Cap.

E: I dunno, you seen me angry?

Binary Bard: You get angry?

E: … yes.

Black Widow: Really?

E: Yes, I would say that’s in the range of human emotions.

Dr Hare: I’ve never seen you mad. Ever.

E: In the 2 years we’ve known each other, you’ve never seen me angry?

Dr Hare: No.

E: … That… actually sounds pretty accurate.

Black Widow: This doesn’t surprise me. E: So… Cap it is, I guess. I’ll go find the costumes then.

(Someday soon, I shall draw this. Maybe soon. IDK.)


Go on a super scary rollercoaster.

E: NO! I did that enough this summer!

Binary Bard: That wasn’t scary.


Binary Bard: It wasn’t even 20 feet.


Binary Bard: It was a log plume.


Binary Bard: You’re a wimp.

E: S-shut up.


Eat sushi.

E: SUSHI! I know the perfect place!

*20 minutes later*

E: I got sidetracked, but here we go. *puts a box on the table*

Black Widow: That’s it?

E: It cost me 10 bucks.

Black Widow: Never mind then.

E: More for me!

Fav food.

Dr Hare: Carrots. This is no surprise.

(The thought of food makes me wanna be ill, so… I’ll get back to you, I guess.)


Ideal elemental power (can include special powers like gold, creation or destruction).

E: I wrote a story where the main character is an air elementalist. By story, I mean Ninjago Fanfic. It’s actually pretty good. Me personally, however, is probably water or earth. I’ll scared of heights.

Dr Hare: I think I’d be… air.

E: I can see that.

Binary Bard: Creation. Because Creation. What the heck is gold anyways?

E: Long story, educate you later.

Black Widow: Darkness.

E: Problem child. D?

Director D: Earth, I suppose.

E: That’s what NC said, fancy that. Anyways, we all know Crawfish would be water. That was easy.


If you had a ticket to the Avengers Infinity War premiere, which avenger or villain would you sit next to?

E: Spiderman.

Black Widow: Why Spiderman?

E: Why not Spiderman. I wish I could be Spiderman. New Spiderman, clearly. 

Black Widow: Pick a villain then.

E: It said or, but either Red Skull or Loki.

Black Widow: Um… Why Red Skull?

E: Because why wouldn’t I want to sit next to a homicidal Nazi with a skin problem?

Black Widow: …

E: Just making a point.

Black Widow: You have problems.

E: That was my other point.


Fizzlesnoofson to E: *Game show host voice* Your crush is now officially aware of how much you like him. HOW DO YOU FEEL?

E: Like running screaming for the hills. That was easy.

Pop: *gasps* Mister Harvey knows that you’re in love with him?!

E: Shh! Scream it a little louder why don’t you?!


E: Pop! *Covers his mouth* Did Kat teach you that it something, land!

Pop: Maybe.

E: Pop… I can’t tell Mister Harvey, Ok? It’s… it’s too much for this poor girl.

Pop: But you love him, why don’t you two “get together?”

E: Because… because… I dunno. I don’t think Mister Harvey likes me that way.

Pop: But he does! He loves you a lot.

E: Yeah, maybe like a friend, but-

Pop: Momma, trust me, I’ve seen how he looks at you. And how you look at him.

E: Eh?

Pop: So… if you get together with Mister Harvey, would you two kiss?

E: *flushes red* Pop!

Pop: What?

E: *buries face in hand* Ok… maybe, but we’re probably never getting together, no one in their right mind would date me.

Pop: He’s not though.

E: *laughs* Fair enough.


Fizz to E (Again): Ooh, lemme try the new asking privileges out! *Drops a container full of Loki minifigs at E’s feet* 😀

E: SCORE! *Picks them all up* I HAVE AN ARMY!! *Grins* I feel so freaking achieved right now.

(It’s not often I say this, but please feel free to abuse enjoy the new asking privileges.)


Arleen to DH: I was gonna ask “What’s on the disk” to get you to play it, but I guess I got beaten to the punch. XD

Dr Hare: Indeed you were. I almost wish this disc never existed. I… El’s acting so distant… I can’t even decide what to do. But yes, I now know what’s on the disc. I still have it, no idea what to do with it.


Fizz to Heather: *Drops a box of pink carrots in front of her when DH isn’t looking* For you! 🙂

Heather: Oh, thanks! *Takes one and takes a bite* Eh. It’s Ok, I guess. Hey Harvey!

Dr Hare: *pokes head in* What?

Heather: *hands him the box* Carrots.

Dr Hare: *gasps* YUS!


Despair to everyone: … Hello there….

E: Heya!

Dr Hare: Hi there!

Black Widow: Hey.

Director D: …

Binary Bard: Hello.

Heather: Hi.

Pop: Hello!


E: How are you?


Arleen to BW: Eeeeeeyy! The doctor’s finally got a clue! 😀

Black Widow: About time, though I doubt Hare has the guts to ask E out.

Dr Hare: Hey!

Black Widow: What, it’s true.

Dr Hare: … hmph.

Black Widow: Thought so.


Arleen to E: Don’t worry ’bout it now. I managed to hunt down Smiley just in time for the first AAAF.

E: Oh, that’s good! Good nothing bad happened. Unless it did. Then I’m sorry.


Despair to E: I’m confused… Did something exciting happen when I wasn’t watching…?

E: *laughs nervously* No, why would you think that? Everything’s going perfectly normal!

Black Widow: Uh huh.

E: Wid! I already kind of like Despair and I don’t want her finding out about this! *Mutters* I don’t want anyone finding out about this if I can avoid it.


Smiley to everyone: Just what kind of anti-ghost technology do you possess? I don’t intend to do something dastardly, I’m merely curious.

E: This partially directly involves me, so I’ll give my answer.

Black Widow: The entire English language just winced at that sentence.

E: Don’t make me go Lina Lamont on you. So… in an alternate dimension, I bunk with me friendo Buggie. However, due to circumstances we didn’t see coming, we, that is, they also have a friend who’s a ghost, his name being Soos.

Binary Bard: You mean like Gravity Falls?

E: It’s not like Gravity Falls!

Black Widow: How do you know so much about this…

E: Gravity Falls or this AU me? *Sighs* Accidental sneak peek into their lives… I have the occasional dream that gives be a direct window into another dimensional me’s life, I found out about it the other day.

Dr Hare: *drops the contraption he’s working on*

E: You Ok?

Dr Hare: *avoiding eye contact* Fine, sorry.

E: Is… is that not normal or something?

Dr Hare: Not usually… don’t worry about it.

E: I… ok.

Black Widow: *reading on her phone* You could cut the tension with a knife.

E: *flushes* Not helping!


Fizz to DH: Why’d you stop E from trying to bring back Crawfish? It needs to be done at some point!

Dr Hare: Yeah, but not if she gets herself killed! *Sighs* El is not as invincible as she thinks she is, especially when it comes to dimensional travel. I’m constantly worried she’s going to end up in some bizarre dimension and… *shakes head* Point being, I don’t want her rushing into another dimension where she can be in danger. Which she tends to do a lot of anyways. *Smiles* That girl is something else, let me tell you, good and bad.


Fizz to Copycat: So, how’s life treating ya?

E: I called Lucky, she’s setting up the call. *computer hums* There we go! Hello Copy!

Copy Cat: Who the heck are you?

E: I’m E. Hi. I run a Q&A for a blog, Betty Jetty was on it once?

Copy Cat: That was last April.

E: We’re still going strong. Ish. We’ve got Dr Hare, Binary Bard, Black Wid-

Black Widow: Well well well. Hello Copy.

Copy Cat: You can’t be serious.

E: Um… you two know each other?

Black Widow: Sisters.

Copy Cat: Blood, not by choice.

E: Oh. Awkward.

Black Widow: Pretty much. *sips coffee* What’s the Q?

E: Right, so Copy, how’s life treating you?

Copy Cat: Terrible, I’ve been in jail for nearly a year.

E: Well… you kinda did try and kill Lucky. And Avery. And basically everyone.

Copy Cat: I just wanted the frigging money.

E: Lucky has asthma.

Copy Cat: Oh.

E: Yeah… that sucked. Avery was telling me about it the other day. A smoke bomb? Not good for the system.

Black Widow: I thought you had asthma.

E: No, I don’t think so. Probably not.

Copy Cat: Charlotte, how are you out of jail?

Black Widow: Well Cadence, I’m reformed. E here is actually making sure I don’t ‘step out of line.’

E: First off, I’m only here to make sure nothing goes wrong, second, how the heck did you know that?!

Black Widow: Trade secret. *drinks coffee*

Copy Cat: Ugh, no one let us out. I’m trapped in here, alone in this stupid cell and Erewhon sucks!

E: I thought Berry came in every once in a while.

Copy Cat: Who?

E: Never mind.

Copy Cat: How do you know all this anyway?

E: Um… Trade secret. Oh no, we’re breaking up! Oh no!

Copy Cat: Hang on a second, you better-

E: Whoops! *Shoves laptop off desk and hits the power button* What a disaster.

Black Widow: I swear I can’t take you anywhere.

E: You’re not the first to say that.


Fizz to E: Wait. If DD’s with the current head of his old spy agency, and he’s from Lucky’s world… O.O Holy cow why didn’t I figure this out earlier?

E: But… D isn’t in charge, he just knows the gal who is, but… figure out what?

Director D: I see.

E: Figure out what?!

Director D: You’ll see soon enough, I suppose.



To Heather: You are my favorite person now. At least SOMEONE did their dare.

Heather: Oh, thank you! I try. I think the others didn’t do it because it was really crazy last week. E is the one who keeps this thing… alive. When she’s out, the AtV tends to get short-changed, at least a little. She’s hates it, but life happens, you just have to go with it.


To everyone else: GOSH, GUYS! CAN’T YOU TAKE A FRIGGIN’ DARE?!?! I hate you guys now! I was counting on seeing Widow do the Macarena! Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to make Will do it. MWAHAHAHA!!! (I’m a psychopath)

E: Don’t hate them! If you’re going to hate anyone, hate me, it’s my fault the dares weren’t all the way done, really.

Dr Hare: It’s not that big a deal, right?

E: Also, don’t torture poor Will, he has so much to live for.

Black Widow: The Macarena is dumb.

E: I can do a great Macarena girl, don’t get me started. *doing the Macarena* Hey…. Macarena! *Dabs*

Dr Hare: *laughs*

Black Widow: That was also dumb.

E: I am fabulous. But I don’t wanna do it with toothpaste, that stinks.


To Lucky: You didn’t have to memorize the Declaration??!?!? Lucky! -_- Things get confusing when one word means two different things. And for your information, Micky Mouse is the most annoying made up character on the planet.

E: In my opinion, Lucky is the best name, but I’m biased. A lot.

Lucky Wing: Um… I’m in another dimension.

E: You’ve never even heard of Mickey Mouse, have you?

Lucky Wing: Who?

E: You know, I’m not than willing to do accents…

Binary Bard: Then go around MY neighborhood and do it! I’m sure THEY won’t mind.

Binary Bard: … no.


Director D: Who cares if you have a toothbrush or not! You probably need a new one anyway! JUST DO IT!!!!

Director D: I am not held by Elyana’s petty deals.

E: I’m not petty, I’m just really good at my job.


E: You could borrow MY lawnmower! Oh, wait, mine’s explosive. You could borrow my FRIEND’S lawnmower!

E: Your friend would be foolish enough to let me use their lawnmower? Girl, if so, call me.


Hare: -_- I is disappointed.

Dr Hare: I was kind of busy… sorry. Plus, I do have a sense of dignity you know.

E: Dignity, always dignity.

Dr Hare: … What.

E: Oh crap, I’m not supposed to be here. *runs away*

Dr Hare: … I’m so lost.


Wid: Why not? C’mon, for me? Oh, wait, you hate me. Darnit.

Black Widow: I don’t hate anyone. I just have a mural disinterest for people.

E: Somehow, I’m not surprised.


E and Hare: I dare you two to….hmmm….CONFESS YOUR FRIGGIN’ FEELINGS! And maybe go on a date. That’d work, too. I DARE YOU! NOW DO IT! Cuz I said so. Rawr.

*Awkward silence*

E: I want to not be here.

Dr Hare: Um… awkward truce?

E: Awkward truce!

*They both run off in separate directions*

(We’ll get back to you when the awkwardness of the disc wears off, I’ll actually redo this Q later. You can still send more romantically inclined Qs, but ain’t nopony confessing anything for a while…)


Pop: Worth a shot. I dare you to TRY and beat me at Mario Kart. Do you use a gaming console or a Nintendo Switch?

Pop: I use a Wii, I don’t have a Switch.

E: I wish we had one of those. There’s a kid in my math class who does. I saw him playing a Legends of Zelda game a while back. I was jelly. Oh, also Drac, that tall kid in Drama last tri. And all my cousins. *sighs* Now I’m sad.

Pop: Anyways… I’d love to play against you Miss Kat, but I would probably win. I win a lot.

E: Remind me to go enter a tournament with you.

Pop: Ok!


Everyone: I think I got everyone, right? Eh. If not, I’ll torture you next week. Kay? *grins*

E: I think so. Good luck.

Black Widow: I thought you said you were posting Elyanvey dares.

E: -_- She did.

Black Widow: Yeah, only one, and you ditched. Your readers aren’t even specific. They’re just like “Oh, you should… romantic something.” They aren’t good at this.

E: *flushing* Wid…

Black Widow: What, it’s true. All you people have done is kissed on the cheek. No one has asked for a full blown kiss.

E: Wid! The askers are entitled to ask what they want, Ok?!

Black Widow: It’s honestly your fault, since you usually dodge out of it.


Dr Hare: ._. This… is genuinely terrifying.

Binary Bard: I think Charlotte is trying to find out if E can get mad.

Dr Hare: She’s about to succeed if she’s not careful.

Binary Bard: Yeah… time to intercede.

Dr Hare: Before we all die, yes.


Chasing cars

Guess what I didn’t add! What’s going to happen about the disc!

Guess why I didn’t! Because I can’t think straight!


I hope you enjoyed that anyways. I tried, I really did. I wanted to give some closure, but I just can’t write. Maybe next week.

I’m too lazy to post the rules. And by too lazy, I mean too UGH. Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys .

Happy Lucky day!

I just barely remembered I didn’t put out a post, so enjoy this video.

Now you all can listen to my cringey lovely voice! I need to link my YouTub more…

Oh also, it’s Lucky day. Whoop! For… 6 more minutes. Yay. And now, I go!

*Falls on face*

I… Never said it was good luck.

Ask the Villains #44, 2 weeks in the making


Hey guys, Lucky Wing here and I…

I am so freaking sorry.

Usually when an AtV is late, it’s maybe a day or two. But this! A whole stinking week?! I mean, what the heck El?! That’s just dumb! I did actually have a good reason for not posting, my great grandfather passed away on Monday. He was a pretty awesome guy and I miss him a lot. However, he’s with his wife again and he wasn’t in any pain. His funeral was Saturday and it was a pretty light hearted occasion, just how he would have wanted it. I do miss him a lot, like I said, but he really is in a better place. (Wow, I really wasn’t planning on pouring out my soul today) Sad stuff aside, I just wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive of me and my work! I love doing the AtV and I worked on it a lot on the drive. So, simply put, thank you guys for allowing me to have this to work on. Besides, I couldn’t have asked for better friends! You guys really are the best.

PS, if you’ve been trying to contact me via Discord and/or DA, I’m sorry, I haven’t touched a computer in nearly a week. Also, I’m almost scared to get on… I sorry.

All that aside, hope you enjoy!


Sporty Boa to Everyone: If you all did own a pet, What would you name it?

E: Smores.

Dr Hare: Besides that.

E: I dunno then. I’m kind of a spur-of-the-moment namer.

Dr Hare: That you are.

Binary Bard: It honestly depends on the pet in question, gender of said pet, characteristics…

E: I vote we go to the pet shop and go look at pets. Maybe we should get Binary an owl.

Binary Bard: E, not funny.

E: *sighs* It’s not, sorry. I’m in a funk, I’m just not funny.

Dr Hare: I think you’re funny.

E: I think you’re cute, what’s your point? *Sighs* I’ll be in my room. *stands up and walks out*

Dr Hare: *blushing* Did… did she just…

Binary Bard: I have no idea what that was.


Favorite Winter Olympic Event? (Did someone ask that already?)

E: Nope, this one’s new. Right?

Black Widow: Yeah.

E: Sorry, sorry, I’m forgetting thing, so… I haven’t really seen any, have you guys?

Black Widow: No.

Binary Bard: Just a little.

Dr Hare: I was working on stuff.

Director D: Why bother?

Pop: Watch the what?

E: Ah.

Black Widow: This is a train wreck.

E: So’s my life. Quick question, does anyone actually know what curling is?


Binary Bard: I’ll go look it up then.

E: Yay.


Taco, Tortilla, Empanada, Burrito, or Quesadilla?

E: Quack-a-dilla?

Dr Hare: What?

Black Widow: I think everyone Spanish just died a little.

E: I’m kidding, I do know how to pronounce it.

Binary Bard: Uh huh.

E: I do too! It’s a quesadilla, I know this stuff.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok El, calm down.

E: I am so calm right now. Anyways, burrito, possibly taco.

Director D: No preference.

Black Widow: Tortilla.

Binary Bard: Quesadilla.

Dr Hare: Tortilla, I suppose.

E: What’s a empanada?


To DH and BB: 1. When did you first start making inventions?

Binary Bard: Since I was a kid.

Dr Hare: I was inventing since I can remember…

E: *shrugs* Ages.

Binary Bard: This wasn’t your Q.

E: No, but I’ve been running machinery since I was 18 months, when I got my first battle bot. And now I’m still running tech.

Dr Hare: Wow. That’s impressive.

E: Have I got a techie-guinea-pig resume or what?

Binary Bard: Most people don’t brag about stuff like that.

E: I’m not most people.

Binary Bard: True enough.


Have you ever thought of teaming up to create some kind of ultimate, robo, Kille- I mean, Kindness machine??

E: No killer robots in this house. Apartment. Same thing. We set up some rules when they moved in.

Dr Hare: We do team up on a lot of projects though.

Binary Bard: That we do.


To BW: 1. A place you’d like to visit other than France?

Black Widow: Counterfeit.

E: Wid…

Black Widow: Fine, Mystery Train.

E: Wid!


Favorite french food?

Black Widow: All of it.

E: Very helpful.


To CC: Hungry Bug is willing to donate his over-fed, unhealthy looking Angel fish to you, deal? Or no deal?

E: Uh oh.

Dr Hare: I can’t take care of it, can you take care of it?

E: I have a cat and turtle petwise, a new trimester school wise and I have a son. So no.

Dr Hare: We need Crawfish back.

E: Definitely.


To DD: 1. I bet you have an amazing singing voice D, come on… Sing! *Thinks of a song…* Got it! I dare you to sing a part of “Let it go” from Frozen! XD

Director D: Are you joking?

E: Let it goooooooooooooooooo!! LET IT GO!!!

Dr Hare: *covers her mouth* NO.

E: Mmmm hmmm hmmm!

Dr Hare: I know you ‘like that song,’ but you’re also going to make our viewers break things.

E: Mmm.

Dr Hare: D, you can keep going.

Director D: Whether I can sing or not is irrelevant.

E: *moves Dr Hare’s hand* Just answer the Q! This is what we get paid to do!

Dr Hare: We get paid?

E: We get good comments.

Director D: That’s not payment.

E: It is to me.

Director D: I’m not singing Frozen.

E: Ugh, Frozen was good tho. Well, it was OK, but it’s really fun to sing a song from it and to have a little girl’s eyes light up. Plus I have the sheet music! *Sighs happily* Good times.

Director D: We’re going to get sued for copyright infringement.

Dr Hare: The fact that we haven’t already of a miracle in and of itself.

E: Indeed.


Incredible Kat to Heather: OK, first of all, I is sorry. I have the memory span of an impatient five year old, and since you’re fairly new, my brain didn’t comprehend the fact that there was one more person. To be honest, I almost forgot Pop and Lucky.

Pop: Aw…

E: Lucky probably would have been excited.

Heather: It’s OK, it happens. I’m not usually around for the Qs, I’m usually  in the next room, reading. It’s a bit… Loud.

E: If by loud you mean I’m slowly going insane, yes.

Heather: It’s mostly you.

E: Fair point.

Heather: What I’m saying is that it’s alright, I don’t mind.

E: Ye.


Heather: (Again) I dare you to… Carry whoever is on your right around the room, then set them down in the bathtub and turn the water on cold. But if Pop is the person to your right, pick the person to your left. And if there isn’t someone standing to your right or left, pick the nearest person. Again, not Pop.

E: Why not Pop?

Pop: Hey!

Heather: Well E, looks like it’s you.

E: Ah nah. Ain’t no way. You aren’t dunking me anywhere.

Heather: The dare says.

E: Good luck. I have an iron defense, I’m unbeatable.

*5 minutes later…*

Dr Hare: Why are you all wet?

E: Hmph.


E: Go put on your PJs, (if you aren’t wearing them already) then run around the block with a lawnmower (preferably don’t turn it on), screaming “Kill the cows!” Kay?

E: That’s my secret Kat. I’m always wearing PJs.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not.

E: That’s my other secret. I’ll go change.

*2 minutes later*

E: *walks in, wearing Batman PJ pants* Do we even have a lawnmower?

Dr Hare: Um… good question.

Binary Bard: I thought you were a Marvel girl.

E: Huh? Oh, the pants. I am a Marvel girl, it’s just… I’m Batman.

Binary Bard: Ok then…

E: So… if there’s no lawnmower… *screams* KILL THE COWS! OK, I’m done. *walks off*

Dr Hare: I think I’m deaf now.

Binary Bard: Yeah, geez…

Dr Hare: What did you say?

Binary Bard: Of course. 


Hare: Go outside, and sing your favorite song as loud as you can while jumping around the perimeter of whatever building you are currently in.

Dr Hare: This Town isn’t a loud song.

E: Is that a challenge.

Dr Hare: No.

E: Aw…

Dr Hare: Also, I can’t go jump around the apartment, I’m in my suit.

E: *giggles* Bunny suit.

Dr Hare: It’s a suit.

E: It’s a cute suit.

Dr Hare: *flushes*W-what?!

E: It’s a bunny suit, ‘course it’s cute.

Dr Hare: Oh… thanks.

E: You’re welcome.


Binary Bard: Go around the block, ring the doorbell, and when they open the door, say ‘trick or treat!’ in a really demented cyberman voice.

Binary Bard: Um… we’re trying to keep the apartment and the landlord said no mentally scaring the other tenants.

E: Having met the landlord, this does not surprise me.


Director D: Use lipstick as war paint then put on your PJs, and go around the neighborhood asking for a toothbrush.

Director D: I have a toothbrush.

E: It’s a dare. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Director D: Good. No. *walks off*

E: Hey!


Pop: Try to take over the world.

E: He’s 10 years old!

Pop: I don’t wanna take over the world…

E: HE’S 10!

Dr Hare: El, please calm down…

E: I am so calm right now.

Pop: I’m not going to take over the world, if that’s Ok with you Miss Kat!

E: Phew.

Dr Hare: Told you.

E: I’m the nervous type, what can I say. Except you’re welcome…


Lucky: Hop around the room like a bunny while reciting the Declaration of Independence in a Mickey Mouse voice.

Lucky Wing: The declaration of what?

E: It’s an American thing.

Lucky Wing: Who is Mickey Mouse?

E: Maybe this was a bad idea.

Lucky Wing: Maybe someone should explain what’s going on.


Black widow: Do the macarena with your hands covered in toothpaste.

Black Widow: Yeah, no.

E: Did anyone actually do their dare?

Heather: Hi.

E: Minus Heather I mean.

Black Widow: Nope.

E: Rude.


Everyone: Kay, guys, if I missed anybody, (except Crawfish) please tell me, because everyone deserves to have to do something they don’t want to do.

E: Nope, you got everyone! Wonder what she’s going to do next week.

Black Widow: Oh, I know.

E: You do?

Black Widow: I used your WordPress and made a suggestion or too.

E: ._. WID!


Alexa to E: Bringing in a new character next ATG (when it comes back). How’s a half-demon detective girl sound?

E: *gives thumbs up* Go for it!

Dr Hare: I think this is late.

Black Widow: I know this is late.

E: I’ve had a heck of a week, Ok?


TAS to E: helo yes i hav takn ur mems hostag and de wil b deletd if u dun gibe mi pizza. emal vamp and i wil tel u how 2 sen pizzas 2 mi.

E: Already sent. Here’s the emails for the viewers. They’re… interesting?

The half-demon detective girl that Alexa was talking about to E: Does anybody here like Phoenix Wright?

E: Like it, haven’t played yet.

Dr Hare: Same with everyone else on the haven’t played part.

E: Sorry.


Tech to Binary Bard: Need any repairs or upgrades?

Binary Bard: I think I’m-

E: NOPE WE’RE GOOD! *laughs nervously* We’re good! Yeah! 

Binary Bard: E, what the heck.

E: Well… I may or may not have been threatened with death if anything in any way, shape or form happened to you or if you changed in any regard. 

Binary Bard: What.

E: In conclusion, I WANT TO LIVE *hides in corner*

Binary Bard: … who did you promise this to?!

E: A certain demoness I really don’t want P.O.ed with me.

Binary Bard: Ah.


Vampi to everyone: Eric Prydz. Call On Me. Listen to it and tell me what you guys think.

E: *Pulls out phone* I HAVE IDEAS

Dr Hare: *takes her phone* No way. Last time you did something like this, you about got yourself grounded.

E: Nuuuuuuuuuuu! *Flails towards her phone* My precious!

(We’ll get back to you on this.)


Fizzlesnoofson to E: Sorry about the repeat Q, even I can’t remember everything that’s already been asked. ‘-_-

E: It’s fine bro! I only remember because I did them all! And… I still don’t remember all of them. That’s fine too. I’m not that good. Anyways, I love repeat Qs! The villains have changed since they first arrived, not going to deny it! It’s a good change, mostly. I like that we can continue talking about this! Repeat Qs are good! If you guys ever can’t think of anything, go back to an old AtV, it could give you ideas! Although… *frowns* Don’t just copy and paste Qs from last week’s tho, that’s just annoying. I did have that happen once. Going back to get inspiration, that’s one thing. But this guy literally took the Qs from the AtV I had just published and posted them. I was simply confused. Anyways, yeah! You are forgiven!


To Pop: What’s your favorite Tv show?

Pop: Phineas and Ferb!

E: Yeah! *High-fives him* Nicely chosen my child!

Pop: *grins* Thank you!


To Pop: What’s your favorite movie?

Pop: I liked Wreck it Ralph. 

Dr Hare: There’s a sequel for that coming out at some point, I think. 

Pop: *gasps* Really?!

E: Oh, right. I… wasn’t going to tell him, just in case it was awful.

Pop: I bet it will be awesome! Momma, can we go?!

E: Of course! Secret’s out so… 

Dr Hare: *laughs* Road trip!

E: Whoop! 


To DD: Do you have a pet? (Even if it’s not a cat.)

Director D: No.

E: This needs to change. *Winks at camera*

Director D: E.

E: Not doing anything.


To Heather: Have you ever helped with any of Hare’s experiments or inventions?

Heather: Occasionally, but to be honest, that’s more of E’s thing. She’s his assistant after all.

E: Shh!

Heather: Oh! Sorry! Didn’t know that wasn’t public!

E: *facepalms* It’s ok…It is now, I guess. Whoo. 


To LW: What’s your favorite color? (Besides green, if that’s your favorite.)

E: Hello vid call my old friend…

Lucky Wing: My favorite color is actually blue, like my shirt. *looks down* So there you go. E, do you know why people keep thinking green is my favorite color?

E: Because if your hair and the fact that it’s one of my favorite colors.

Lucky Wing: Ah.


To CC: No, wait! He’s still missing. Sorry! X(

Dr Hare: It’s alright, it’s taking some getting used to.

E: And a lot of screaming.

Dr Hare: I told you… The Rulers like you, they’d never be mad. 

E: *flushes* I was nervous? Anxiety attack, I still get those. A lot.

Dr Hare: It’s ok, I understand.

E: Good. I want them to go away.

Dr Hare: *laughs*

E: *giggles quietly* On occasion I am humorous.

Dr Hare: Try all the time.

E: Nah, no way. That would honestly suck TBH… Then no one would ever take me seriously, even when I needed them to.

Dr Hare: Fine, every time you try to be funny.

E: Still a stretch.

Dr Hare: Nah.

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: Nah.

E: Yeah.

Black Widow: Are you two quite done flirting?!

E: Everything is flirting to you Wid!

Black Widow: No, you just flirt a lot.

E: Do not!

Black Widow: Do too.

Dr Hare: Um… Next question.


To E (Again): Lucky and friends are the Rulers you were so worried about? What gave you the idea THEY’D kill you over this?

E: I… Yeah, they are. Lucky, Robin, Avery, Neat Berry, Nice Coyote, sometimes Perfect Cheetah. And… Not sure, TBH, they’re always really nice. Now Perfect Cheetah, that might be pushing it.

Binary Bard: She likes you plenty.

E: She likes me plenty.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing important. Back to the point… It’s just… I’m nervous, it shows more when I get to stressed. I’m also always stressed. Lose-lose. I just hope that… I dunno. I’m nervous and I assume the worst. A lot.

Binary Bard: It honesty explains a lot.

E: S-shut up.

Binary Bard: Nothing wrong with it.

E: Assuming the worst? Really?

Binary Bard: You’ve just got to push through, I guess.

E: …

Binary Bard: What?

E: *punches him on the arm*

Binary Bard: What was that for?!

E: *grins* I forgot how much you remind me of my brother sometimes.

Binary Bard: *rubs arm* Do you punch him a lot?

E: I think that’s a redundant question.

Binary Bard: Fair enough…


Phew, that’s a lot of miscellaneous Qs! I’ll have Arleen’s for ya later today. She had to go catch that demon again. -_-

E: Nothing wrong with misc Qs. Smiley? *Nods* I feel bad for Arleen sometimes. Often.


esterli521 AKA Zippy Sky to everyone: favorite and least favorite colors?

Binary Bard: Purple, gold, and I don’t have a least favorite color.

Black Widow: Black, red, I don’t like pink.

Dr Hare: Pink, and yellow, I guess.

Director D: Gray and anything that’s not a similar color.

E: Um… Blue, green, yellow and purple are some of my favorites… and if I had to pick a least favorite, it’d be pink.

Dr Hare: *frowns* What don’t you like about pink?

E: It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just… not one I’m especially partial to.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Sorry. I mean… I don’t hate pink. I actually do like it quite a bit. I’m just… not. I do like pink things tho, sometimes.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, I’m not insulted.

E: Yay, I’m not insulting!


to everyone(again): favorite books/series?

E: Artemis Fowl for days!

Binary Bard: Didn’t you reread the series for the fourth time last week?

E: Two weeks ago, but I get your point.


to BB: is your girlfriend…Gretchen Grimlock?

Binary Bard: Definitely not.

E: *giggles*

Binary Bard: She doesn’t hear a word about this, you hear?

E: Who, Gretchie? Or your girlfriend?

Binary Bard: Both! She’s not even my girlfriend! It’s… complicated.

E: Oh, I know, she says the same thing every I ask her about this.

Binary Bard: You’re terrible.

E: Shamelessly.


to DD: how did you escape from spy HQ anyway?

Director D: That’s for me to know and you to wonder about.

E: *typing on laptop* The Rulers let him out when the agency was on Red Alert.

Director D: E…

E: Please, if you’d tried to claim you’d gotten out yourself, you’d have been shut down the moment NC showed up. Director D: E. Stop now.

E: Too far?

Director D: If you don’t want to be removed as a national threat, yes.

E: ._. Space Boy?

Director D: What?

E: Nevermind.


to E: how would you react if hare played the disk in front of you?

E: Well I didn’t pass out when I found out about it, so that’s a start… But I would either attempt to get rid of it, even if that meant stealing it, or I might just freeze up. Not like, Harvey level freeze up, just like, normally freeze up. Either way, the fact that he has it… Well, it’s not certain doom for the closest thing I’ve ever had to normal, it’s just really, really close. In conclusion, light this, I’m moving to Kansas.


to E(again): any luck finding crawfish?

E: Yes, ish. Cassie from the AtD squad said she’d seen him, so I’m going to try and go there. Right now. *picks up Dr Hare’s dimensional ray* This is heavy. Eh, whatever. Let’s go get him!

Dr Hare: *tackles her* NO!


to Harvey and Mordred and E: working on anything lately?

E: Are we ever?! Let me tell you, we’re working on some pretty boss stuff. So right now, we’re working on this-

Dr Hare: *covers her mouth* And… No. Binary Bard: Yeah, I don’t know if what we’re working on is legal.

E: Mmph!


The Dolphin Violinist 1. To Hare: I dare you to sing Seeing Blind (by the fabulous Niall Horan obvi) with E.

E: Seeing Blind?

Dr Hare: I don’t know if I’ve heard it.

E: Me neither…

Dr Hare: Do we know any other Niall Horan songs?

E: *pales* We don’t talk about ‘Slow Hands’ in this house.

Dr Hare: I don’t want to know.

E: No. You really don’t.


2. I dare all of you to sing Steal My Girl (or Act My Age *OR BOTH*) by One Direction in a nice Acapella style.

E: Yeet.

Dr Hare: You haven’t heard this one either, have you.

E: Nope. Can you do Acapella?

Dr Hare: Nope.

*Awkward silence*

E: Yay teamwork!



E: PANCAKE FIGHT! *Throws a pancake at Dr Hare*

*Awkward silence*

E: That was uneventful.

Black Widow: And now we’re out of pancakes.

E: Darn it.


4. One of you (idc which one) has to run around the block wearing a Giraffe costume yelling I’m a Giraffe.

E: I don’t have a giraffe costume.

Dr Hare: I bet DI has something.

E: I’m all for this.

*1 hour later*

Dr Hare: I didn’t even know you could get kicked out of a DI…

E: It’s not my fault that lady starting digging though the stuffed animals.

Binary Bard: It’s your fault you were in it.

E: Shut it Mordred.


5. One of you put on a potato costume and run around the block yelling ” I like chicken, AND POTATOES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD”. 😂😂😂😂😂

E: No, I won’t. World domination has never been my strong suit.

Dr Hare: You’re a marshmallow, not a potato.

E: Ugh, fine… Idaho is going to take over the world. Spread the word.

E: I dare you to march around with a wagon full of Loki legos yelling “I have an army!)

E: Hee hee hee… I like this idea. I’m gonna go buy some.

Dr Hare: Do you even have enough money for that?

E: Um… well…

Dr Hare: So, no?

E: *holds up a minifigure* I HAVE AN ARMY!

Dr Hare: *laughs* It works.


(I almost missed these, geez…)

Arleen to E: Guess who’s getting her own ask blog! 😀


Dr Hare: I’m scared to see what happens when Pop starts driving.

E: Basically just screaming.


Arleen to DH: Well, you’ve tried pink carrots now, sooo… What do ya think?

Dr Hare: They’re great.

E: I await the day I get my braces are removed so I may try one. He keeps talking them up.

Dr Hare: Sorry.

Arleen to Everyone: Out of curiosity, what’s everyone’s Zodiac signs?

E: Ah ha! Good question! I am a true-blue Pisces! Born a Pisces, live a Pisces, gonna die a Pisces!

Black Widow: Don’t we know it. I’m a Taurus.

E: So’s Kix, actually.

Black Widow: Great.

Binary Bard: Virgo.

Dr Hare: I’m, well, Libra.

E: … you guys all have the same sign as someone I know. Binary and my brother, Hare and my brony friend JC… this is weird.

Binary Bard: It’s not… if you know more than 12 people, it’s logical you would know most of the signs in your life.

E: … I’m going to to check to see if you’re an alter-dimension version of my brother.

Binary Bard: What.

Dr Hare: Having seen her brother, I can believe it.

Black Widow: And D?

E: Yeah… D, what’s your astrological sign?

Director D: None of your business.

E: Oh come on D, just tell us… please?

Director D: -_- No.

E: I can never get answers outta this guy.

Binary Bard: We gave up years ago.


Arleen to Heather: Do you think your brother looks kinda cute as a bunny?

Heather: You’re asking the woman who grew up with him, for better or worse. Yes, he is kind of cute as a bunny. However, if you really want to know how cute he is, go ahead and ask E.

E: Hey!


Arleen to E (Again): If you see a smiling gray spirit-like thing that can suck up negative energy, let me know. He got away from me again, and I’m supposed to keep him in check. -_-

E: Smiley. Looks like Soos. More evil. Can do.



Itch to DH: Yo, play that disc I gave you when E’s not around.


esterli521 AKA Zippy Sky to hare: the war E has against itch has something to do with the disk that itch gave you if
you want to know then play it.*runs before E comes*

Dr Hare: Everyone keeps mentioning the disc! Seriously, what is this important?! *Sighs* El is dropping Pop off at scouts, so… *plays disc*

Itch: *on recording* Yo hey, this is Itch. Harvey, this was said when your ears were destroyed back during the Nephri crossover, and I couldn’t help but record it to use against E. So, here ya go.

Dr Hare: What…?

E: *on recording* No! I don’t… know… if… *sighs* Ya know what?! Fine.
Female’s voice: *on recording* What, nya?
E: *on recording* Maybe I do have a crush on Harvey, but I’m not telling him, k?! Just no!
Itch: *on recording* Oh, I promise I won’t tell him. *Beep*

*stunned silence*

Dr Hare: Wait… what? *pulls out disc and stares at it in shock* This is from…. October? Yeah, October. Why… How… What… what is happening?!

Binary Bard: *pokes head in* Hey Hare, we need you for- *stops* You got the disc?!

Dr Hare: Y-yeah.

Binary Bard: Wow. Grommets and gears, it’s about time.

Dr Hare: *leans back, head in hands* Oh my gosh…

Binary Bard: Do you understand it now?

Dr Hare: There’s… there’s no way… there’s no way she can… that she could have…

Binary Bard: It was her, believe you me. Itch might be skilled, but he’s not good at replicating E’s voice. At least, I hope he isn’t.

Dr Hare: I… I don’t…

Binary Bard: *pats him on the back* It’s Ok, breathe.

Dr Hare: I’m breathing, I just can’t believe… that… she…

Binary Bard: Well you’d better. You remember all those times we told you E is head over heels for you and you didn’t believe us?

Dr Hare: Y-yes…

Binary Bard: Well, there you go.

Dr Hare: But… Oh gosh… what do I do?!

Binary Bard: Ask her out.

Dr Hare: I can’t do that!

Binary Bard: Why not? She’ll say yes, she totally likes you.

Dr Hare: I mean… I physically can’t ask her out.

Binary Bard: Oh.

Dr Hare: And… there’s no way… why would she like me of all people? She knows so many people at her school who are… well, normal!

Binary Bard: She doesn’t like normal. I thought this was obvious.

Dr Hare: Well, I suppose, but… There’s so many other people who are funnier, nicer, more attractive… *Sighs* Less nervous around her…

Binary Bard: I doubt she thinks that. She thinks your stutter is cute besides. You’re fine most of the time.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but the second I try and do something, anything sweet or romantic or anything I just… can’t. I’m a stuttering wreak.

Binary Bard: You just need confidence! She’ll totally say yes!

Dr Hare: I don’t see why…

E: What’s going on guys?

Dr Hare: *promptly falls out of his chair*

Binary Bard: That.

E: … what?

Binary Bard: Guess who got the disc.

E: The… disc. *eyes widen* Oh no.

Binary Bard: Yup.

E: Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. This cannot be happening.

Binary Bard: It can and it is.

E: I’m moving to Kansas.

Binary Bard: You can’t move to Kansas.

E: How about Narnia… *walks off*

Binary Bard: She’s gone.

Dr Hare: I’m staying here.

Binary Bard: You can’t hide under your desk forever. She does come in here. *Smirks* You know why…

Dr Hare: Yes, a lot of things are connecting, are you quite done?!

Binary Bard: No.

Dr Hare: Great. Can I just die here?

Binary Bard: Not worth it amigo. Sometimes it’s better to take the bull by the horns, trust me on this.

Dr Hare: I… I’ll try, but…

Binary Bard: There you go! I mean, come on, what’s the worst that could happen?!

Dr Hare: Do you want a list?


Just really quick, wanted to point out that you guys can now make things happen, like pizza appear or gender bends or mistletoe appear (waitasec, it’s March..) or whatever! You can’t force the peeps to do stuff, that’s a dare. But whatever. Go forth.

I feel like I write way too much here. That’s why I’m cutting it short today. Anything important, just look at the top bit. Says it all there. Besides, it’s already nearly five thousand (5000) words. I think I did good! I really hope you enjoyed all this! The AtV is going right back on schedule! I’m really sorry it’s late, I do my best. It’s a hard knock life… Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


PS: So I just wanted to cover how fun/insane my friends are. Today at lunch, Kix and I were talking about this RP and we got on the subject of Dr Hare. (Please note that Kix and Buggie are some of the select few I know IRL who know about this blog. At all.) So Kix says something along the lines of “I should try to draw him in casual wear.” and Buggie says “I still need to draw him looking hot.”

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends.