Dr. Hare has the map! Roleplay

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! You guys remember the Roleplay post i did a few days ago? i have Fierce Flyer and Red Rider who are ready to do it, i will do it with you guys soon! I’d just like to note, i can do it with multiple people! In case you wanted to do that! But first off, do you guys remember when the map update came to the app? No? Now i’m unhAPPy. *SNERK* ok, i don’t blame you, i wouldn’t remember if it wasn’t for this.

Rats, the map is on app!

“So?” i hear you shout. “What does that matter?” Well, as a joke, i said it was MY map that Dr. Hare stole! (Who am i kidding, i totally wanted this to happen!) Anyways, HappyHappy760, someone i didn’t know at the time, replied to my comment, continuing the roleplay. Yes, that is where i got the idea of doing these. Anywho, this is a little, silly skit that we wrote together. My text will be green, her’s is going to be blue. (If you’re in reader, i’d go to the actual page. you can’t see the color if you’re in the reader. So, the gist of this is, i wrote some, she wrote some. I hope you enjoy! It’s a bit (lot) long, sorry. But still good!

(please note that I did make this a little easier to read by adding who-said-what, so yes, it is a little different then the actual comment. But the story is the exact same. Thank you.)

Lucky Wing:Oh, THAT’S what happened to my map.
I’m gonna need that back now Dr. Hare.
Dr. Hare: No.
LW: Try me.
Dr. Hare: uh…
*fight ensues*

Dr. Hare: I shall call my awesome rabbot.
LW: I sent it to space, never to be found.


Little drawing I did for this. Because I can. XD

Dr. Hare: ARGH. That was the OLD Dr. Hare.

LW: Obviously you haven’t changed.
Dr. Hare: I wanna carrot…
LW: Don’t try to change the subject. GIVE ME THAT MAP.

Dr. Hare: I’ll give it to you for a carrot.
LW: …
Dr. Hare: You heard me.
i’m outta carrots. i ate them all.
Dr. Hare: WHAT?!?!?
LW:i got snacky! And we were watching TV!
Dr. Hare: i can no longer give you this map.
LW: That’s it!

(I forgot, Short Feather put in his bit! It’s just one bit, but it is important. Here it is!)

Cj shrink ray sets to grow, shoots carrot, puts dress on it, throws carrot, the love of my life drops nap I got it.

LW: Gimme da map or i will send you back to space the hard way!
Dr. Hare: i’ll trade you for a carrot.
*grabs the one themadfeather had*
Dr. Hare: *gasp* It’s amazing…
LW: Gimme.
Dr. Hare: no!
*they both run off, Lucky Wing chasing Dr. Hare*
LW: Get back here!
Dr. Hare: NEVER!!!

LW:*Starts to catch Dr. Hare and tears map out of hand*
Dr.Hare: HEY! Watch it! This bunny suit took the tailor guy three months to tailor!!!
LW: I don’t care! GIIMME THE MAP!
*Gets map back* Hooray!!
Dr.Hare: Then do you want your medallions back too?

LW: You give me the medallions or i will not be responsible the angony i will inflict apon you.
Dr. Hare: What?
LW: You’re supposed to be a doctor! *sigh* Give me and i won’t destroy you. How about that?
Dr. Hare: Meep! *runs off*
LW: GET BACK HERE! *tackles Hare*
Dr. Hare: Getoffame!
LW: Give me my medallions!!
Dr. Hare: Never!!

LW: *Runs after Dr. Hare*
Dr. Hare: By the way, if you want your battle rankings, I hid it on the home screen.
LW: But the home screen is gone, it’s replaced by home island!
Dr. Hare: That’s the point!!!
LW: ARGH. *Catches up to Dr. Hare and rips off ears*
Dr. Hare: That didn’t hurt you know. By the way, they automatically grow back. Remind me again, what is the date?
Dr. Hare: Guess.
LW: Home screen?
Dr. Hare: Bingo.

*3 hours later, Dr. Hare has a black eye and both are covered in bruises and their clother are ripped.)
LW: Ya know what? Let’s call it a truce, ok?
Dr. Hare: *Pant Pant* Sure. *passes out.*
LW:*gets medallions and map and everything* Well, now i’ll just…
*Captain Crawfish stuff steals from Lucky’s hands*
Captain Crawfish: You’ll never catch me!
LW: TRY ME OLD MAN!!! *runs after him*

CC: I shall take this medallions, and sell them for credits, for which I shall sell for credits, which I shall sell for doubloons!
LW: How do you sell money for money?
CC: You’re impossible. My plan is foolproof!
LW: Um, look over there!
Captain Crawfish: *Looks at the wall*
LW: *Steals stuff back*
LW: But I’m Lucky Wing!
CC: Just- GAH. *starts to chase Lucky*
CC: Man the Phoenix Warbird!!!
LW: I thought that was my ship.
CC: You’re not the only one that can sink a battle ship.

hold on, i don’t have a ship. Never mind. YOU AIN’T GONNA CATCH ME OLD MAN!!!
Wait… *stops, Captain Crawfish runs into her*
CC: Ow! What are those wings made out of, steel?
no… They’re just angel wings.
CC: Ow…
LW: Crawfish…
CC: CAPTAIN Crawfish.
LW: I don’t really care. Now, who told you that you could sell the medallions? These are worth WAY more than doubloons. Enough of these and you can rule all of Poptropica.
Captain Crawfish: Uh… Some guy in a cloak. He said he’d buy them from me.
LW: Oh no. Lemme guess who it was… *thunder rumbles* Nailed it.
Crawfish, i’m going to need your help. And Dr. Hare’s when he comes round. Ooh, and Black Widow’s and Binary Bard’s.
CC: *stands up* What makes you think we’ll help you?
LW: Well, you’re reformed, right?
CC: …
LW: And besides, we don’t do this, we’ll probibly all get destroyed. Do you you remember what happened when Zeus got your Totems?
CC: …
LW: Glad you’re willing! We can just use your ship?
CC: Why mine?
LW: Because you SUNK MINE!!

*suddenly all of the villains of poptropica show up*
Lucky Wing and Lucky Snowball start running and crash
LW.: Hi, I’m Wing.
Lucky Snowball: Hi, I’m Snowball, Nice to meet you.
LW.: You too. I think we run now.
LS.: That is a very, very good idea.
*both run*
Black Widow: Why did you guys leave…
Captain Crawfish: I thought the medallions and map were wanted…
Black Widow: I guess they thought Poptropica wasn’t worth saving.
*Both Luckys turn around realizing that the medallions gave the villains power*
LW: *Takes out cell phone*
Captain Crawfish: You’re texting… NOW?
LS: She’s texting every other Lucky in Poptropica.
Captain Crawfish: ???????
LS: They’re all behind you now.
LW: On my mark, start nomming the Crawfish!
*Captain Crawfish looks behind him.
Lots of Luckys. lots and lots of Luckys.*

LW: It’s sorta weird to go by Wing, but since there are so many…
Captain Crawfish: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?
LW: Well, do you think Zeus stands a chance?
Black Widow: We’re gonna be trampled.
*Dr Hare just stares*
Binary Bard: What made you think this was a good idea?
LW: Well… Honestly, it was your expressions.

*Zeus comes down from the clouds*
LW: Gee, alright old man.
LS: Well, you have been around for about two thousand years.
Zeus: Just… JUST BE QUIET.
Lucky (in the crowd):Zeus, got your bolts?
Zeus: Yeah, in my inventory
*checks inventory*
LW: Yeah, they’re in my inventory. You stole the stuff from me on Mythology Island, I steal stuff from you.
*Zeus’ face gets read and pops up*
LS: Ewww. Why do heads do that when they get mad?

LW: That is a very good question Snowball. Now Zeus! Just give up! I’ve already defeated you before!
Zeus: That wasn’t a fair fight!
LW: Are you kidding me? You are a god! i had godly powers!!! It was perfectly fair!
Zeus: Give me back my lighting bolts.
LW: OK. *starts throwing them at him*
Zeus: OW! Stop that!
LS: You said to give them back!
LW: Burn! *runs out* oh crumples.
Zeus: Now i will destroy you all into oblivion!
LW: How?
Zeus: You’re not the only person who steals things.
LW: You stole my microphone?!?
Zeus: Yes I- What? No! Why would i steal your microphone?
LW: Dunno. It’s pretty powerful.

Dang it i should not have said that.
Zeus: i- just no. I stole your jetpack! So now you can’t fly!
Lucky S: Uh… we both have wings.
Lucky W: HE failed his perception check.
Zeus: Stop making D&D references!
Lucky W: Never!
Zeus: Alright. I will destroy you now.
Lucky W: Maybe if we run into the crowd of Luckys we could confuse him.
Lucky S: You have bright green hair.
Lucky W: Oh. Right. How did i forget that?

Lucky S: I wish I had a just a dime every time you said that.
Lucky W: You would be a millionaire in five minutes.
Lucky S: *rolls eyes*
Zeus: I saw that you know. It’s pretty obvious considering the fact your eyes Pop (see what I did there :P) out of your head!
Lucky W:Maybe I should make a D&D reference…
Lucky S: Maybe I should make Monopoly references…
Zeus: NO! NO! NO! *throws lightning bolts at crowd of Lucky’s*
Lucky S: ATTACK!!!!!
Lucky W: Wait wait wait, we got the medallions and map. So why are we still here?
Lucky S: For no good reason.
Lucky W: That sounds like the kind of reason anybody on Poptropica would give. Works for me. *shrugs*
*Everybody noms Captain Crawfish*
Captain Crawfish: NO NO NO!!!!!! RAWFISH!!!! NOT CRAWFISH!!!!
*Every other villain gets scared and runs, including Zeus, who drops the microphone*
Zeus: Zeus… *drops mic* out.
Lucky S: Where did the Rawfi- sorry, Crawfish go?
Lucky W: He got nommed.
Lucky S: You know what, I don’t wanna know anymore…

Lucky W: i didn’t want to. *rubs eyes* but i do. i’m gonna go sit in the dark now… and eat chocolate. Because that’s what i do.

Lucky S: Well, I think I’m gonna go home now and ransack the cookie container. All this fighting villains makes me hungry.
Lucky S: Dang.

Well, that’s it! It’s pretty long! But what can I say, we worked on it for *checks* 20 DAYS!?!? *checks again* Oop, nope. 11 days. Then a late comment from me. My bad. Heh heh… Anyways! I hope you enjoyed this story! I’m going to leave before I add anymore to the 1820 words. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys! (1827 now. Oop, 1829. I’ll… I’ll just go.)

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