So um yeah it happened again.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! AAII HOW DID THIS HAPPEN

I sorry. So, um, I’m going out of town.

Random Viewer: Oh that’s cool. When is this?

Me: Wednesday.

Viewer: Oh. That’s not too bad.

Me: Um…. Try tomorrow.

Viewer: What?! Why didn’t you say anything?!

Me: Because I forgot! I told NO ONE! I didn’t even tell Kix and she’s my BFF. I tell her EVERYTHING.

Viewer: Everything?

Me: Oh yeah. So… I just had to throw everything together. I need to put out a Discord message, though I might just ask Kix to do it.

Viewer: Why didn’t you tell us before?

Me: BECAUSE I HAVE THE MEMORY OF A LEAKY SIEVE! Anyways, there are some really important things about this. I mean, I’m gonna be gone a full blown 2 weeks.

Viewer: WHOA! Why so long?!

Me: Because it’s my cousins are in Washington and I only get to see them once a year. But don’t worry! I will have WiFi and my computer! And phone I don’t really own! So I will respond to comments and posts, just not nearly as much! I’m still doing the AtV and all that! But… Ya know, don’t except my “3 seconds after it came out” comments that I usually have. 

Viewer: You have no life.

Me: And now I will have no life and will be busy too. It’ll be great. Anyways, I won’t be on Wednesday at all. Just expect that. 

Viewer: Why do you keep bolding your text?

Me: Because it’s uber important. Like, seriously important. On the plus side…. I won’t hafta deal my my screwy WiFi.

Viewer: Screwy WiFi?

Me: It’s been throwing me a lot of curve balls. Anyways, I hafta go. I still hafta pack my activity bag and I’m probably gonna need a good night’s sleep…. and it’s 11:30, so I’ve already failed…

Viewer: Geez E, you’re going on a lot of vacations.

Me: Tell me about it. They aren’t really vacations as much as trips so… Lawl. Anyways, you live in the West and you see a Blonde girl in a probably green shirt with bright green streaks in her hair, wave to me! *Starts to walk off*

Viewer: You have green streaks?! Since when!?

Me: Since today. I bought hair chalk! It’s seriously temporary, so they’ll wash out in a few days. Then I’ll probably do blue because I’m like that. Anyways, wave to me! Serously, I’d love to see you guys! Probably not talk, since I’ll probably be in a hurry, but wave! And I’m out! Lu-

Viewer: But what about your YouTube?

Me: I already did a vid. Can I go sleep now? Please?

Viewer: Yeah, I guess, but-