Huge Stuff Happening!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! So, besides my total lack of titles… Ya know what, just read. Please.

Me: *whistling happily and writing on the computer* Ooh look! Harvey, come here!

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* What?

Me: Your island is out on Pop Worlds!!!

Dr Hare: ._. What?

Me: 24 Carrot Island is now on Poptropica Worlds! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is so exciting!!

Dr Hare: Sweet! Have you done it yet?

Me: Nah, I’m gonna do it for my channel, same as ush. By my guess, I’ll probably put it out… *Glances at watch* Next Monday! Or Wednesday! We’ll see!

Dr Hare: Why do you keep looking at your watch for dates?

Me: Calendar feature, see? *Holds up watch*

Dr Hare: Nice. Anyways, have you seen this?

Me: Seen what.

Dr Hare: The Poppies results.

Me: Ooh! Clawtropica got in, didn’t it?! I nominated it and bet about 40 other people did too. I mean, I work there, so I’m kinda prejudice towards-

Dr Hare: Ele, you got in.

Me: ._. Like… into the Poppies?

Dr Hare: Yeah. Your blog is on there with Fierce Flyer, Smart Flame, Clawtropica…. Oh look, Thinknoodles!


Dr Hare: Yeah! Wow, that’s really impressive! Congratulations E!

Me: *softly* I can’t believe it. I… Cannot believe this. How… How did this happen…

Dr Hare: Your blog is pretty popular! Um, no pun intended. But it’s pretty awesome! You have 5000 hits now!.

Me: I have say what now?!

Dr Hare: You didn’t know? Well, it’s just barely 5000 today. Maybe we should throw a party.

Me: Maybe this is all a weird hallucination. Or, wait. I actually died in that Log Plumbe Roller Coaster Wednesday and this is heaven or something. Did you die too?

Dr Hare: E, I was on the ride with you and we didn’t die.

Me: I am suddenly having doubts.

Dr Hare: You screamed like a banshee through half the ride, we bought the pictures, then went to the next ride. We both lived.

Me: Ok, ok. Maybe I haven’t died. But HOW?!

Dr Hare: *shrug* People like your stuff. AtV is pretty popular.

Me: I-I’m gonna go lay down now. Before I pass out.

Dr Hare: Ok. *She leaves* And congrats BTW!

Me: Thanks.


So… yeah. My mind is blown. I honestly still can’t believe that I didn’t just get into the Poppies, I’ve also hit 5000 views. 5 freaking thousand views. Dang. Uh, so, I guess if you guys wanna vote for my blog, I would be really happy. It’d make my day better. Or, IDK, read more of my blog if you like it. I’m still just in shock… 5000…. Wow… Ok, time to go lay down. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.


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